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Cannabis Marketing: How To Do Business Around The Law

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Cannabis Marketing: How To Do Business Around The Law

The issue of cannabis continues to be quite delicate in our country and the limits between legality and illegality are still a bit blurred. In this article, we will tell you all the facts about cannabis marketing and how you can do business by skirting the law on cannabis without breaking it. We also explain to you how in the US legal cannabis companies have the challenge of advertising their products while the federal government conceives them as drug traffickers.

Cannabis marketing bordering the law

In the United States, the large cannabis companies are immersed in a war to create quality brands and to be able to present all their products to traditional consumers, but it is really very difficult for them to be able to do marketing and advertise their products if they are on federal Sunday. drug dealers.

You cannot make these types of advertisements on Google and Facebook and even cannabis sellers have been expelled from the social network Instagram. Some examples of this in the media can be, for example, the refusal of CBS to broadcast an ad about medical marijuana in the Super Bowl or the banks' refusal to finance these types of companies.

The media and advertising only cover their backs because for the federals, marijuana is an illegal drug and that is why for companies it is so difficult to advertise since in our country the legal frameworks are not at all clear.

In the US, more and more states have been legalizing marijuana both at a medical and recreational level and that is why the market could multiply rapidly between now and 2030, but experts show that it will be very complicated if not that companies can get to market their products like tobacco companies or companies of liquor, beer or other alcoholic beverages do. Experts consider that there is a great stigma on marijuana since after decades of prohibition what would be needed for consumers would be a boost but people who have legal businesses find it practically impossible to reach these consumers.

For many years legal cannabis companies have used Instagram as a marketing medium to reach their clients and build strong brands, but currently, Instagram, which is already owned by Facebook, does not allow these companies to advertise, although it does allow the defence of the free marijuana. On the other hand, it is forbidden to promote the sale of cannabis in publications, including contact information, regardless of whether the company is in any country.

Many sellers continue to work on Instagram, both legal and black market, but most of them see their accounts being closed without much explanation and without warnings.

Some companies have seen their accounts disappear and after demonstrating to Instagram that their sale was legal they have managed to get them to return but really, what is extracted from all this is that the rules are not clear and therefore in this market each one makes their own rules and most companies are learning to do cannabis marketing or CBD marketing by skirting the law in order to continue working.

As it is still not possible to ship from one state to another, undoubtedly partnerships between companies are key in this sector. Other experts are dedicated to opening stores with physical locations to be able to sell their products and thus continue in the market while other sellers have chosen to put up print ads because television and Internet ads become impossible to publish.







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