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America’s Top Cannabis Chefs

by DanaSmith | 12:00am

For cannabis enthusiasts who prefer to have food prepared by expert cannabis chefs is a fantastic way to medicate while consuming excellent food.


San Francisco’s Hippest Dispensaries

by jsp1073 | Saturday Jun 24, 2017

San Francisco, home of the cannabis legalization movement, is also home to some of the most unique and hip dispensaries you won’t find anywhere else.


What Is Cannabis Ruderalis?

by DanaSmith | Saturday Jun 24, 2017

The ruderalis hails from central and southeastern Russia, although it only results in poor yields and has a low THC content.


What if Cannabis Was Legal Worldwide?

by Reginald Reefer | Friday Jun 23, 2017

Can you imagine a world where weed was never illegal? A world where you could walk into your favorite convenience store and purchase a joint or a blunt like you would beer or cigarettes?


How To Grow Cannabis From Your Phone?

by Nanci Chi-Town | Friday Jun 23, 2017

Cannabis.net talks to Mason Levy, founder and CEO of the WeGrow App, an interactive app using chat-bot technology to help you grow cannabis right at home.


Top 5 Cannabis Strains for Disk and Sciatica Back Pain

by DanaSmith | Friday Jun 23, 2017

It can be difficult to avoid disk and sciatica back pain especially if your job requires you to spend most of your time sitting on a desk.


How Does Cannabis Help Chemotherapy Patients Exactly?

by DanaSmith | Thursday Jun 22, 2017

Cancer and chemotherapy are one of the most widely used conditions which cannabis can help treat and manage.


Investors and Banks Agree, Trump Can't Stop The Cannabis Movement

by BehindTheWaves | Thursday Jun 22, 2017

The threat of the orange man on the green industry seems to be nothing more than that: a threat.

Personal Story

18 Grams For 18 Years?

by Reginald Reefer | Wednesday Jun 21, 2017

Today we’re focusing on the story of Gary Howard, a poor stoner who got busted in 2014 with 18 grams of weed.


Seth Green: A Cerebral Palsy Warrior For Cannabis As Medicine

by DanaSmith | Wednesday Jun 21, 2017

In a desperate attempt to live a healthy life, he began to turn to cannabis. His conditions have racked up serious medical bills, and he wants to contribute, to be a productive member of society.