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Money Saving Marijuana Practices - How to Stretch Your Weed Stash Out
Most people have learned how to measure their consumption to make their weed last, however, sometimes there’s just too many ‘days for your monies’, meaning that at times you have to go to “extreme budgeting” when it comes to your habit. In today’s article, we’ll be talking about some “best practices” to help stretch your stash further, and allowing you to have “emergency tokes” for those rainy days you don’t have a stash.
Why did the FDA Secretly Fast Track a Synthetic CBD from Big Pharma?
On Monday morning, Zynerba Pharmaceuticals announced that they won the status for a transdermal CBD topical. The benefits of Fast Track status means that it shortens the time needed to review medications designed to treat conditions that aren’t responsive to conventional medications.
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CBD Gaining Popularity Among Elite Athletes
There’s no doubt that CBD is extremely beneficial for athletes in particular, thanks to its ability to speed up healing and recovery. After all, serious athletes face the issue of recovery every single day. But you don’t even have to be an athlete to appreciate the healing benefits of CBD: anyone who’s spent some time at a gym will tell you that sore muscles can be excruciating.
What is the Real Reason Law Enforcement Wants to Keep Marijuana Illegal?
Nonetheless, with weed illegal, cops have the excuse to do many things that would not be constitutionally allowed. However, this legal loophole allows them to act like Spetsnaz operatives, seize your property and deprive you of your liberty. At the same time, the illegality of cannabis inflated their arrest records, meaning that they received bigger grants from the Federal government.
CBD and Marijuana Facts You Should Know
The dried flower of the cannabis plant that we are used to calling marijuana has the mindblowing content of over 500 chemicals. Some of those have a mind-altering effect, others don't. Here are the main representatives of each kind. THC, which is short for delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol, enters your bloodstream from the lungs when you smoke pot. It is the main psychoactive agent, responsible for getting “high”.
Solving the Cannabis Carbon Emission Problem
Canada already has a few of these in operation which provides year-long growing potential, however with a significant reduction of power costs during summer times. Having these systems in the US would also drastically reduce the carbon emissions per grow by supplementing grow lights with natural sunlight.
Legalized Cannabis will Boost the Economy but it won't Solve the Debt Crisis
Cannabis legalization injects new resources and directs revenue streams back into the public coffers, however, it cannot compete with the out-of-control spending of the government. With subsidies, wars, unnecessary bureaucratic staffing and government regulators, the US economy bleeds more than it earns.
Does Legal Cannabis Mean More Available Cannabis?
It’s safe to say that teens are getting their weed-related products from the black market. Some might get it from their homes, however if we’re talking about kids buying vaping devices and THC oil, in the vast majority of the cases it will come from a black market player. Pre-legalization, all cannabis came from the black market. Adults then created the legal framework to purchase cannabis, and cannabis-related products without the fear of losing their freedom. One of the “rules” of this legal framework is “DON’T SELL TO KIDS”.
Taiwan’s People Want Legal Cannabis, But The Government Resists
According to Lee Chun-yi of the ruling party, Taiwanese legislators still have no interest in legalizing cannabis while the people in general have showed very little interest. “I think Taiwan basically is still a bit conservative, so to open that aspect of society now, I think society has no way of accepting it,” he says.
Hempcrete: Mother Nature’s Way Of Building Stronger, Non-Toxic Homes
Although there’s no doubt that CBD is a great addition to any wellness routine even if you aren’t sick, the hemp plant that it comes from is also an excellent eco-friendly alternative for many things…. Including making homes. As one of the world’s most versatile and sustainable materials, hemp is also an ultra-durable alternative to concrete, in a form known as hempcrete.
The Marijuana Workout – Why Everyone is Smoking Weed and Exercising, Now.
As it turns out, cannabis can help you get fit. In fact, a recent survey found that 80% (600 cannabis users) of people who consume cannabis use it before or after a workout. The hourly range is between 1-4 hours (before/after). For researchers, this was a shocking find. But is it really? Cannabis does help to increase the enjoyment of a workout, it also provides plenty of other medical benefits that is convenient for people working out.

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