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Can Cannabis Treat Asthma?
When a person has an asthma attack, a chemical molecule, acetylcholine, normally responsible for maintaining muscle tone of the airways, also contributes to the contractions in asthma attacks. Traditional asthma medication blocks the molecule by preventing it to bind to the receptors. THC likewise does the same. It does not stop the molecule from binding, it prevents acetylcholine from being released. When THC is released through a vaporizer, it has almost immediate bronchial dilation effects without the risk of harmful smoke.
From Dealer to Hero - The Coronavirus Pandemic's Perspective on Pot Dealers
However, mainstream media always painted the pot dealer as this shady character that works for the cartels, sells “drugs to kids” and corrupts the innocent souls of the world through their drug pushing. This was until those who didn’t consume cannabis for recreational purposes, started to consume it for medical reasons. Then – the pot dealer suddenly became “the hero we deserve” who defies Johnny Law to bring much needed medicine to those who cannot go out to get it for themselves.
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Weed Talk NOW - THC for COVID-19, High Times IPO, Is Rec Essential, and NYC Witch Hunts
Is it medically essential or recreational essential and that's where the States have differed. Massachusetts claiming medical is essential. If they're open, you can sell, but if you're selling rec, you need to stop. And if you're only a rec shop, you cannot be open. And I feel for Kobie, having worked so hard in the years in the business. You get open for what? Maybe two weeks and then this happens. Again, I think it comes down to more that there's not a 200 person line at a liquor store like there are in rec dispensaries here in Mass. Did Governor Baker drag his feet and not get enough dispensaries open in the last two to three years? Absolutely. But we're living in the moment. We have to deal with a virus that's killing people. It would be nice to see a compromise here, maybe pickup only, like all these restaurants. Five guys. They're doing an order online. You wait in your car, someone can put it on your hood, whatever the system is.
Will the Legendary 4-20 be Cancelled This Year? Here is What We Can Do Instead!
We know that Denver’s annual 420 event was canceled due to the Corona Virus along with a slew of other ones. I don’t have the time or patience to go through every 420-event on the planet – so it will be the duty of each “Shmoker” to do their own localized research on whether or not the 420-event you were planning on going to is cancelled.
Does Cannabis Help with Hydrocephalus?
People suffering from hydrocephalus often have seizures as a side-effect. There is already a long list of positive outcomes where CBD is shown to be very effective in treating and reducing seizures. Both THC and CBD have anti-inflammatory properties and would be helpful to reduce inflammation in the brain. Both are also found to be effective in the treatment of nausea and vomiting.
Signs Your Endocannabinoid System (ECS) May Be Out of Whack
Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency was a theory posited by Dr. Russo back in 2001 in which he theorized that low endocannabinoid levels could be behind a range of chronic conditions such as IBS, fibromyalgia, migraines, and other treatment-resistant syndromes. Dr. Russo suggested that because these conditions are all developed over time, rather than congenitally, and that they could be a result of disturbances to the ECS. This also means there’s a possibility of reversing them.
Why are We Legalizing Hemp and Not Cannabis, or Both?
However – one thing that is quite disturbing is the trend of “legalizing CBD” and not THC. Essentially – lawmakers promise legalizing cannabis and only legalize hemp. But why is this? Why are we only legalizing CBD products but keeping THC as far away from people as possible?
You May Get 120 Seconds to Talk to Your Family for the Last Time, Be Ready
Before he was intubated and put on the ventilator, he was allowed a very quick, 2-minute phone call, where he was able to say goodnight to his children and express how scared he was, to me. He is allowed NO visitors. He is alone, and it is killing me.
A Guide to Marijuana Tinctures - The Rodney Dangerfield of Cannabis Products
Marijuana tinctures often referred to as the moonshine of marijuana, are without a doubt the least controversial of the different methods of consuming cannabis. They are also massively less popular compared to other methods like bongs, edibles, joints, blunts, dabs and so on even though they are just as potent. Contrary to what you might think, marijuana tinctures aren't new on the block, they were once the major form of medical cannabis utilized by the majority before the famous ban of 1937. Ever since then like most aspects of the cannabis industry they drifted into oblivion.
Ganja Theories - A World Without Politicians?
To establish the foundation for my argument, we need to travel back to the late 1800s where a Statistician by the name of Francis Galton asked roughly 800 attendees to guess the weight of an ox. When he counted up all the votes and established the median weight [ 1208 lbs] – he found that while there were predictions from all sides of the spectrum – the average of all of the votes were only 11 pounds off. In other words, the crowd was off by  .01% in their collective estimations.
Cannabis Packaging Trends for New Future Normal
Since the increasing legalization of cannabis, there has been a need for a regulation in terms of packaging as cannabis packaging all over the United States has to meet some minimum requirements such as the Child Resistant Packaging that came into effect by Jan 1st, 2020. Though individual states have their requirements, cannabis companies still have to meet up with the one set up by the Consumer Product Safety Commission while also keeping in mind the regulatory labeling that they have to meet up with before putting the products on the dispensary shelves. This means that those in charge of packaging need to allow space for these instructional labels on the packaging.

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