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5 Tips for Landing a Budtender Job
Cannabis dispensaries and other retail businesses require the help of a budtender, who act as the first point of contact for recreational and medical customers who walk into the front door. Budtenders are the face of a cannabis business; their work is essential in consulting with patients to help them make the right decisions when it comes to purchasing pot for their specific needs.
Cannabis Piracy - Copycat Cannabis Brands and What Can You Do About It?
I recently read a Forbes Article that spoke about “Cannabis Piracy” which prompted me to write this article. In essence, there are many brands within the cannabis space that are running into copycats. People who take their products, rebrand them and sell them as their own. Considering that the cannabis market is still fairly immature, the fact that ‘bad players’ will try to take advantage of other people’s work…is very prominent.
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CVS Ignores the DEA and Begins Selling CBD at 800 Stores With Curaleaf
California-based Medterra, a CBD brand, is also going to be selling their products in Curaleaf. Medterra is among the first CBD company to sell in CVS; they will be selling a topical cooling balm that is made from CBD as well as other ingredients. Medterra’s hemp-based CBD products come from hemp cultivated in Kentucky. They also make gel caps, isolates, and tinctures.
PotPurge Round 2- YouTube Begins Deleting Cannabis Videos, Again.
YouTube, or we should say Google, has turned their AI program back on their YouTube platform in order to get rid of any videos that could compromise their community standard rules.  This is not the first time YouTube has gone after online villains where cannabis-based channels and videos have been caught in the crossfire.  Let’s cover this subject in some basic questions.
US Customs and Border Protection Sued By Law Firm For Banning Canadian Cannabis Workers
Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, the sole plaintiff, asserts that citizens have the right to understand the rules and know how it will be implemented. They also say that various points of entry are operating under various rules. “CBP’s refusal to produce documents responsive to the FOIA requests has hampered the firm’s ability to participate as an informed citizen and to adequately represent its clients,” write McKay and Morley. The firm has clients involved in the cannabis industry in both Canada and the United States.
Alaska Paving the Way for Cannabis Clubs – First in the Nation
I’m not saying that cannabis-friendly establishments will generate that much, however, they will add a significant margin to the sale of cannabis. If it’s even remotely similar to the bars and taverns statistics, we could expect anywhere between a $10 billion - $20 billion per year market, that still hasn’t formed.
Why Cannabis Prohibition Puts Kids at Risk
If you think that keeping cannabis illegal would make it more difficult for kids to get a hold of it, you’re sorely mistaken. Just about anyone can find drugs if they wanted to, though it’s much more dangerous to keep cannabis in the black market because you never actually really know what goes into it.
Tips on Crafting Your Brand's Cannabis Story
What this means is that as cannabis companies, it’s important to understand how to change the way you present your story. People don’t buy statistics, they buy stories. While the cannabis industry was mostly poised to service the “counter-culture” during prohibition, the acceptance of marijuana on a wider-scale, means that the marketing has to adapt as well.
Support for Cannabis Legalization Soars to Record Highs Across All Age Brackets
The General Society Survey poll, one of the most respected and trusted in the country when it comes to monitoring support for legal cannabis since 1973, has revealed that a record-breaking 61% of the US population now believes cannabis should be made legal. The General Society Survey asks its participants if they believe cannabis should be made legal, although they don’t specify if they believe it should be legalized for medical or recreational use.
Why Studies Claiming That High THC Cannabis Causes Psychosis is Nothing but Reefer Madness
More importantly, before trying to tell people that cannabis use is linked to psychosis, researchers need to determine first who already is prone to psychosis or who has a problem, prior to their cannabis consumption. When you look at things this way, then people who have a greater risk for psychosis can be identified beforehand. The government can then use this information to craft public health campaigns that would educate those at risk, reducing the occurrence of cannabis-related psychotic episodes.
What is the Roach Challenge? #RoachChallenge
What’s it all about? The Roach Challenge is a test of endurance, and it gets more complicated the further along you go. The challenge was invented by people who had way too much time on their hands, and a significant stash. However, this could be done over the course of a year and would still be valid.

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