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Can Cannabis Treat Concussions? Athletes Want to Know
In simple terms, concussion refers to a traumatic injury to the brain. It majorly results from the effect of a hit to the head with brute force. It, however, can also occur from rapidly moving the head back and forth with force. This tends to cause twisting and bouncing of the brain when done with high frequency and intensity. The effect is chemical changes in the brain which can cause damage in brain cells.
Why You Shouldn't Wait for Cannabis to Be Legal Before You Start Growing It (And How Not to Get Caught)
This is probably the biggest hurdle for people to get over – where do I get seeds? Can I simply order them online? Wouldn’t they track me? In this case, I’d recommend finding someone to help you get seeds….even if you only have access to “bag seed”, you should grow it. If you properly grow a cannabis plant, you can increase its potency. I have taken some of the shittiest bag seeds on the planet and with enough care and attention, got a very decent smoke. I’m talking about cropping out average 8-10% on weed that was arguably a potent “hemp”.
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Everything You Need to Know about the Five New Cannabis Markets in America
The five new cannabis markets in the US are Arizona, Montana, Mississippi, New Jersey, and South Dakota. All five states recently legalized marijuana in one form or the other. In fact, South Dakota became the first state to legalize medical and recreational marijuana at the same time. In this article, I'll extensively analyze all you need to know about these new cannabis markets, and how to tap into this upward trajectory. Don't miss out on the opportunities the cannabis industry offers, it could be just what you need to turn things around.
Dan Bilzerian's Ignite Cannabis Company - Where Did It All Go Wrong?
which was first reported by Forbes. Ignite had a $22 million allocation for marketing, which was already twice as much as its yearly sales revenue. Guess where it all went? Throwing luxurious branded parties with tons of booze and sexy women. It also seems that the Ignite funds went to paying for Bilzerian’s publicly lavish lifestyle, including his private jets, booze, women, and parties to name a few.
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CBD Patch - The Ultimate Guide to CBD Transdermal Patches, Do You Need THC?
Transdermal patches usually contain preloaded and measured doses of CBD. This allows the dose to be easily controlled by the user compared to smoking, vaping, or edibles. The user controls quantity by removing the patch to stop release and adding a new one for higher doses.
You Don't End the War on Drugs by Legalizing Cannabis, You End it by Nullifying the CSA
Why is this an important distinction to make? Simply put, if we can say that legalizing cannabis is ending the war on drugs, then we’re simply lying to ourselves. Cocaine would still be illegal, so would heroin, LSD, Mescaline, you name it – whatever pharma isn’t peddling would be illegal. This would still create a large black market that would still require law enforcement to “combat it” in….wait for it…you guessed it….THE WAR ON DRUGS!
Is Heat-Not-Burn Technology the Next Big Thing in Cannabis?
The application of this technology into the cannabis industry has the potential of being the next big thing. With the prominence of edibles and the lack of much technological advancement for smoking after vapes, this new technology is good news for the industry. it has the potential of reducing the health risk cannabis smokers face while also improving the level of euphoria experienced.
Can CBD Shampoo Reduce the Severity of Scalp Inflammation and Dandruff?
The relationship between CBD and scalp inflammation was studied by a group of researchers from Italy and the United States. The basis of their research was to check the effect of cannabis-based shampoos in dealing with scalp inflammation. 50 subjects with scalp inflammation from psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis were given shampoos with 0.075% broad-spectrum CBD. The results from the research showed that the shampoo effectively reduced the degree of symptoms experienced by the subjects. Other works of research conducted on the subject also came to the conclusion that CBD is effective in dealing with the symptoms of scalp inflammation.
$93,000,000,000 - The Question is, Alex, How Big will the Legal Marijuana Market be in 2030?
The report states that medical cannabis makes up the biggest part of the market segment, taking up most of the revenue shares based on 2019 figures at 71%. This is attributed to the increasing adoption of cannabis as a legitimate alternative to pharmaceuticals, especially for treating life-threatening conditions including cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, and neurological disorders among others. There is also a rising demand for effective painkillers as well as chronic pain medications for the elderly, and this is where much product demand is expected to be seen.
Red, White, and Green – Why COVID-19 was the Best Thing to Ever Happen to the Marijuana Legalization Movement
The most important thing COVID-19 did for marijuana legalization was replace the current conservative, Republican president with a Democrat.  Not that Joe Biden is weed’s best friend, but if Trump won re-election there would be close to 0% chance of Federal marijuana policy change until 2024 at the earliest. This is the same president Trump who picked anti-pot Attorney General Jeff Sessions and thinks marijuana makes people dumb.  There is a strong case to be made that if COVID-19 doesn’t hit, Trump is an easy re-election winner in 2020.  The stock market was soaring to 30,000 or move under his watch and unemployment was hovering under 2% in America.  Love him or hate him, people vote with their pocketbook and ask themselves, “Am I better off or worse off than I was 4 years ago?”.  People love to see their IRA and pension fund balances going up, and with the Dow at 30,000 and unemployment at under 2%, does the idea of a “tax and spend Democrat” sound like a good choice?  If COVID-19 doesn’t hit, the odds at Trump getting re-elected are pretty good, and that would not have been good for cannabis.
Could Cannabis Eliminate the High-Cost and High-Stakes of Current Psoriasis Medicine?
Cannabinoids present in cannabis can play a huge role in controlling psoriasis. The endocannabinoid system plays a huge role in the life span of skin cells and their duration of maturation. The cannabinoids embedded in cannabis also work through this system which gives them the ability to affect the condition. CBD and THC are anti-psoriatic agents that help to reduce inflammation and immature expression of skin cells. This coupled with the immunosuppressive effects of cannabis makes it a very reasonable alternative for dealing with psoriasis. However, the elephant in the room is whether cannabis is a better means in comparison with the common anti-psoriatic agents.

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