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The Boston Strangler – How Landlords Control Massachusetts Marijuana Licensing Now
That removes the landlord being able to pick and choose big cannabis companies with deep pockets over local applicants or SE and EE applicant who just don’t’ have funds or knowledge base yet to compete.  If you put the landlord after the provisional license, then applicants can shop locations and landlords have to take a tenant just like any other business model, as if a pizza shop or flower shop wanted to open in the same location in the building.
Why Do Cannabis Plants Turn Purple?
While many people claim that purps are more potent, the truth of the matter is that they aren’t. In fact, in some cases purple could be playing against potency. Considering that anthocyanins are there for protection, it could actually impede THC development. This doesn’t mean it’s less potent either. THC development has a lot to do with other environmental and genetic factors as well, meaning that despite a flavonoid accumulation, the THC production might go unhindered.
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Personal Story
I Am So Disappointed In You – And Other Reasons Why You Stopped Using Weed
“I came home one day and it was just my Dad, sitting at home, waiting for me to come in the door. He sat me down and said he understood why my brothers who were jocks were boozing and smoking weed, but why me?  I was a good student, going places in life, why are you smoking weed and doing hash?  I am so disappointed in you.”
CanEx Jamaica - A Weed Show in Jamaica, You had me at HELLO!
CanEx Jamaica Business Conference and Expo was started in 2016 when we realized that there was a great need in the market to connect people in Jamaica who wanted to pursue the legal cannabis market with experts, investors and various other stakeholders from around the world.  We have since expanded and enhanced our vision and now consider ourselves a global cannabis conference that takes place in Jamaica.
How To
How to Make Cannabis Infused Soap
What is cannabis soap? The skin is the largest of our organs, it keeps toxic substances out and lets certain substances pass through. The cannabinoids in marijuana can be absorbed through the skin when cannabis products are used topically.
I'm Not Lovin' It - McDonald's Starts Blocking Weed Sites
With Facebook to scared to allow breastfeeding support pages on the site, and McDonalds wanting to keep a family-friendly atmosphere, it is not shocking to hear weed and marijuana sites are being blocked.  The freelance writers around the world will have to get a VPN to bypass the settings and upload article or go find a more weed-friendly cannabis coffee shop or burger joint.
Cannabis Crowdfunding - QwikLeaf Cannabis Lockers Save Time and Money
Have you ever thought about crowdfunding your cannabis idea? got to sit down with QwikLeaf on how they came up with their cannabis business idea and why they decided to crowdfund the idea on Fundanna.  What is QwikLeaf?  Think "Amazon Lockers" for weed.  No more waiting in dispensary lines, no more hoping the cannabis store has your product in stock.  Just order and pay online and pick up your order when you want at a QwikLeaf locker.
What the Jeffrey Epstein Case Can Teach Us about Drug Law Policy Reform
It then starts making sense why “Drug Laws” are our number one concern in society, because as long as we’re arresting people getting high, the ultra-rich elitists can keep on raping children. For the past 45+ years, we have brought down the full force of the law on trying to stop people from smoking weed, yet our efforts in the human trafficking side of things were far more docile.
Do You Prefer Vaping Cannabis Oil or Smoking Cannabis Flower?
Aaaah, the age-old question within the cannabis community of is vaping cannabis oil as effective and enjoyable as smoking cannabis flower.  This is not a new debate but a recent post on The Green Rush brought to light some great comments and ideas for those arguing over which is better, vaping cannabis or smoking cannabis.
Introduction to Recreational Cannabis - What is in Your Weedbox?
With more people opting to try cannabis for the first time in their lives, I believe it’s important to provide resources for them to ‘know what they are doing’. Today, we’re going to be looking at the basic utensils used by cannabis consumers. Things, that if you want to start smoking weed, will simply make your life easier. Some people store these items in a box, hence the “Weedbox” reference.
How To
How to Make Your Own THC Pills (DIY Instructions)
The easiest way to make THC pills is to grind your cannabis flower with oil of your choice to make a paste. This is the simplest method but it will not make high-potency pills and they probably won’t last as long without the rest of the plant material, plus it’s difficult to get your paste mix into the empty capsules.

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