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How to Keep Your Pet out of the Cemetery: What Happens If a Dog Eats Weed?
You're probably well aware of the fact that dogs shouldn't eat marijuana. However, knowing that dogs shouldn't eat marijuana doesn't necessarily mean that you prevented your dog from eating marijuana. In fact, more and more dogs seem to be getting into cannabis these days.
91% of Hospice Professionals Highly Recommend Cannabis
They found that 91% of survey participants support the use of cannabis in hospice care, and 90% of them said that they have entertained questions about cannabis use from patients. Meanwhile, 73% have admitted to caring for a patient who has used medical cannabis.
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What are the 5 Things that Everyone is Using CBD for Right Now?
There is countless research on CBD oil that has shown tremendously positive results so far, the oil can provide a safe, powerful and natural treatment for many common health issues and create an overall feeling of balance and well-being when taken as a daily supplement.
This is Your Last Warning - The End is Near for the Current Cannabis Industry
For example, if you remove cannabis from the CSA then the DEA will have no authority over the plant or it’s growth and transportation.  The FDA will have no authority over it as it is no longer any type of controlled substance.   The post office, a federal office, will have no authority over packages containing the plant and will have no legal ground to stop the packages.  If you remove cannabis from the CSA, you just made it beef jerky or grandma’s cookies going through the mail.
Can the Lunar Cycle Affect Your Cannabis Harvest?
It might sound like a myth, but farmers have been growing crops with the help of the moon for thousands of years and this has proven to result in healthier plants that have a greater chance of survival in the germination and seedling phase, as well as plants that are more resistant to diseases and produce larger harvests. This can be applied to cannabis growing too.
7 Benefits of an Herb Grinder
An herb grinder is one of the essential tools, especially for a marijuana smoker, but is it necessary?  Why does one need to grind up the cannabis in order to enjoy it exactly?  Are there cannabinoids released or altered by grinding the cannabis flower before smoking it?  These are all great questions and let's go over some of the benefits to using a grinder on your flower before you smoke it. 
Are You Still on the Fence about Cannabis Legalization?
While it’s true, there are more people in support of cannabis than ever before in modern history, it is also true that there still are a number of people who are still “on the fence” about casting their vote. Lately, I have come across a couple of articles relating to the “we still need more research” ethos that has been going on for the past forty plus years.
Which 4 States Will Be The LAST to Legalize Cannabis (It May Be Never)
Using information provided by websites like Norml and the Marijuana Policy Project, I decided to do some browsing and see what states seemed to be the least likely to legalize cannabis for recreational use, (if at all.) You may find it necessary to cross your fingers and throw a little shout-out to whatever deity it is you pray to; chances are that if your state is on this list, it’s going to be some time before you can waltz on down to your local dispensary and replenish your stash.
A Statement of Relief to Remedy a Statement of Concern
In a recent “Statement of Concern” released by over 40 Massachusetts doctors and scientists, they aimed to make the public aware of the “dangerous risks of commercial marijuana” which included things like addiction, cognitive impairment and mental illness.
You Don't Have to Like Cannabis to Support Federal Legalization
Why speak of this on a cannabis site? Because, for the past few decades, the dream has been suffering under the oppression of a ruling class that wasn’t so keen on simply relinquishing their power to the masses. And so, through political maneuvering and fear-based reprogramming, the “Free Individual” started giving away the freedoms that have been gained throughout the centuries.
Is Volcanic Ash the Reason Why the Emerald Triangle in California Grows the Best Weed in the World?
The West Coast of the United States is home to an 800 mile stretch that includes 13 volcanoes, most of which are found between Washington and Northern California. I guess it’s no wonder that California is referred to as the bread basket, being the largest producer of food in the US despite containing less than 4% of the farms in the country.

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