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The Famous Reef Dispensary, Las Vegas - Take The Private Tour
Are you going to Las Vegas soon and looking for a great dispensary close to the Strip?  Reef Dispensary, right behind Treasure Island, is the place to visit!
How To Be A Great Budtender - Sneak Peek Book Excerpt
When a patient says the name of a strain, tell them about it. When they say “alright I’ll go with that” You say “Okay and about how much are you thinking?”
Have a Doctor or Dispensary call you
The Million Dollar Marijuana Idea You Have
I’m sure there are many of you who have come up with some truly awe-inspiring “highdeas”.
Can Biblical Cannabis Defeat Satan? We Are About To Find Out
This request submitted to the attorney general is for a 60 mile, 9 day walk, during the Christmas and Hanukah season, for the use of biblical cannabis in saving the world.
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling...And Red.
The article goes on to mention that a whopping 77% of Irish voters wanted to see medical marijuana legalized, but unfortunately, there are no plans to allow recreational use in Ireland just yet.
Cannabis.Net App Is Now Live In Google Play
The cannabis app includes full mapping for the area around you, a full social network of cannabis buddies, and a full international blogging platform
So, You Want To Deliver Marijuana For A Living?
The marijuana industry continues to flourish: recreational and medical marijuana sales in states where weed is legal are increasing by the day as reported in the Marijuana Business Factbook.
Dear Mr. President, What I Learned From Giving Away Free Cannabis For A Year
I also want to say that despite all the benefits of cannabis, the most important aspect of legalization is the fact that cannabis saves lives.
6 Strains Coming Back From Extinction, Would You Smoke Them?
His widow, Anita Thompson, saved 6 different strains used by her late husband and is now working with cannabusinesses to reproduce them.
What Does #OverGrowTheGovernment Mean?
Whenever you have some seeds, just drop a few in a public garden or better yet, government property.
Long Beach Dispensaries Are Solid Gold Good Times
Long Beach dispensaries are often overshadowed by their largest cousin city to the north, Los Angeles, and also on the water cities like Santa Monica.

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