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Is Cannabis a Better Investment Than Cryptocurrency Right Now?
Though both cannabis and cryptocurrency show good promise, cannabis will have to take the edge on being the better investment choice. The moves made in the industry already project legitimacy and assurance that investors need when seeking to commit to projects. Cannabis is sure to outpace cryptocurrency and with the opening of more legal markets, it can happen sooner than projected.
Mexico Moves Forward with Marijuana Regulation - Where Does It Stand Right Now?
As I predicted in early articles – Mexico is moving forward with their legalization efforts. Of course, my predictions had nothing to do with them moving forward with their cannabis initiatives – in fact, what I’m reporting about today relates to Medical Cannabis in Mexico – which after years of deliberations was finally published by Mexico’s Health Ministry last Tuesday.
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Marijuana Lean Startup - How the Cannabis Industry Pivots in the Face of Uncertainty
The cannabis industry is not one that is new to periods of uncertainties. Prior to the widespread wave of acceptance of the past couple of years, cannabis was mostly seen as a harmful narcotic drug. Although this is false it was the gospel at the time; thankfully we all now know the beneficial natural herb for what it truly is. The cannabis industry has faced really tough adversities and the industry survived these tough times through doggedness and resilience. The industry will also need such resilience with the recent turn of events following the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Is Hempcrete the Future of Construction?
The goal of becoming a climate-neutral economy by 2050 is very important to the EU and maximizing hempcrete is a great way of doing that. The 27-membered body sketched out a plan to achieve this goal called the Circular Economy Action Plan. Hempcrete falls in line with the objectives of this plan which includes minimizing resource and energy consumption and curtail waste generation. The construction industry accounts for 50% of extracted materials and over 35% of the waste generated in the EU. These are the targets the climate-neutral goal seeks to change which makes hempcrete a worthy venture for the EU construction industry.
Is It True That 25% of People Who Use Medical Cannabis Suffer from Severe Withdrawal if They Stop?
A recent article on Neuroscience News claims that 1 in 4 Medical marijuana consumers suffer from “Severe Withdrawal” when abstaining from the medicine. They also claim that 10% experience “worsening of symptoms” over 2-years as they continued to use cannabis. Now – if you’ve been reading my articles for some time now you’ll know what I’m about to do – OPEN UP A CAN OF STFU! On some bias science. Hell – I just wrote a bit about how the government funds “anti-cannabis” studies simply to push the narrative that cannabis is bad.
Will Cannabis Entrepreneurs Switch to Psychedelics?
Much like cannabis, the psychedelic sector is gradually growing day by day with different moves being made in the right direction. This has prompted many big investors to make the move into psychedelics. Growing acceptance and decriminalization by the government is also a factor pushing many into psychedelics with a big market ensured. Some big companies in the US are consciously making considerable moves towards the decriminalization of psychedelics. Examples are Revive Therapeutics, Champignon brand, Hollister Biosciences, etc.
The Death of the Last Marijuana Prohibitionist
Since Adelson’s passing – no other billionaire stepped up to fill the vacuum he left and as a result, we’re seeing more places win cannabis legislation – even in states that are primarily “conservative”. Now, with the rising of psychedelics as medicine – are we finally seeing an end to prohibition with the death of the last drug warrior?
Are Dispensary Pre-Rolls Made with Lower Quality Weed?
Trimming is not the only time that cannabis buds will shed shake. Dispensaries store cannabis in acrylic or glass jars.  If the dispensary has a wide assortment of flowers, those jars might be moving around all day.  As the buds move, more shake is created at the bottom of the jar. Dispensaries learned two things very quickly. First, that they never want to waste good cannabis.  And second, that a large number of people love pre-rolls.  But can’t seem to roll a joint with any degree of skill.  So, they began reducing, reusing, and weed-cycling naturally occurring shake into convenient pre-roll products for patients.
Could Strong Marijuana Strains Help Prevent ARDS with COVID-19?
This doesn’t mean that hitting your bong will shield you from COVID or taking high CBD products will protect you by any means. We have to remember that the research team is working with particular strains. These strains have their own unique cannabinoid profile with terpenoids and flavonoids. Out of thousands of strains, they are only focusing currently on 7 with three of them showing great potential.
Why Increased Hand Washing is Creating a New Market for CBD
The need for increased hand washing has the capacity of opening a new and string market for CBD. This is evident by the growth in sales of lotions by Cornbread Hemp, a CBD company. Cornbread Hemp has two CBD cream products for sale. This includes the 200mg CBD lotion for the skin and the 500mg CBD lotion for joint and muscle discomfort. The initial observation by the brand was that sales of the 500mg lotion doubled that of the 200mg lotion for the skin. This trend was observed despite the fact that the 500mg CBD cream was double the cost of the 200mg cream.
Why Amazon Will Suck at Selling Weed - Culture, Web-Traffic, and Margin Compression
Amazon’s culture is not complimentary to the marijuana industry’s roots and culture. Amazon will not have the lock on “internet retail traffic for weed”, as they do on so many other products and niches.  Margin compression will loom as a big problem for the industry, and for a company that looks for high margins to come in and make a profit on, Amazon may not like what they see in future cannabis margins and profits. If the marijuana vendor is seeing massive margin compression, how can Amazon also find decent margins in listing his product and hosting it in their shipping centers.  You can only bleed so much blood from a stone.

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