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How Cannabis Businesses Can Give Back To The Community
Tight margins or not, some inexpensive ways you can give back include offering group counseling, acupuncture and massage therapies, offering seminars and workshops on overall health and cannabis use, or just providing people with a space to gather a few times a month in your dispensary where they can share ideas and talk about cannabis.
Cannabis Marketing Predictions That Are Now Coming True
This leaves everything else up to us to create and the market is huge. It’s time to start getting creative and experiment with new products using cannabis as just another ingredient.
Have a Doctor or Dispensary call you
Sativa vs. Indica - Real Differences or Marketing Tactics All Along?
There are some new studies popping up that seems to completely shatter the very basic core of what we know about cannabis strains: sativa strains energize you and make you alert, while sedating indicas are used for relaxation and going to sleep.
Fentanyl Is Officially The USA’s Deadliest Drug (And Cannabis The Safest)
The report, released on Wednesday, assessed death certificates for overdoses from 2011 to 2016. Fentanyl was responsible for almost 29% of all overdose-related deaths for 2016, and in 2011 it accounted for just 4% of fatalities. Back then, oxycodone made up for 13% of all deadly drug overdoses.
THC vs. CBD - A Complete Guide
CBD and THC compounds exhibit the same molecular composition but different structures. Both contain twenty-one carbon atoms, thirty hydrogen atoms, and two oxygen atoms.
Garden Remedies Dispensary Selling Rick Simpson Oil and Cannahoney
Did you know that a Massachusetts dispensary is now selling Rick Simpson oil, cannabis-infused honey, and cannabis sugar and even bath salts?
3 Reasons To Take CBD Oil Before That Morning Cup of Coffee
We are suggesting that one simple addition to your morning could provide significant health and wellness benefits. Consider taking CBD oil before pouring your coffee.
The Mechanisms Of How Cannabis Affects Men And Women Differently Discovered in New Study
They analyzed how social and environmental factors play a role, combined with individual personality traits when it comes to one’s willingness to experiment with cannabis as well as consumption habits.
Why Vaping Cannabis Is Better For Your Wallet
The average cannabis user consumes between 3-7 grams of weed per week. The average joint has about .9 grams of bud in it. All in all, it’s about 8 joints per week on average or between 16-20 bowls per week depending on the smoking method.
What is your Stoner Elf On A Shelf Name?
Because even though it’s time for Christmas, Stoner Elves can never resist this – A good warm meal, a bit of jolly wine. Talking about life and what’s happening all the time. They love good company and are a barrel of laughs. They enjoy good music and share what they have.
The Cannabis Holiday Gift Guide 2018-19 Edition
After all, there’s no better gift than cannabis! We’ve rounded up some of the best products in the market today and found a ton of affordable choices for your loved ones, including those who have been naughty.

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