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Stoner-friendly Activities in Oregon
Oregon is a wonderland for all kinds of cannabis enthusiasts: hippies, hipsters, nature lovers, party people, and so much more.
Should Medicating Parents Get In Trouble With Child Protective Services?
Some cannabis users decide to just stop cannabis consumption once they’ve become parents, although a new study has found that many don’t quit.
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How To Make Hash Butter Or Kief Butter
Hash and kief are extremely potent and concentrated forms of cannabis produced by extracting cannabis through screens or filter systems.
Best Munchies In Denver? Yep, We Know
There’s a ton of cannabis-friendly lodging options to choose from, as well as entertainment activities to enjoy especially when you’re buzzed.
Do You Need A College Degree To Get A Job In The Cannabis Industry?
The report says that the legalized cannabis industry can open up 250,000 jobs, and that’s counting the positions only in states that have legalized cannabis in one way or another.
Can Cannabis Reduce Obesity?
The researchers found that regular cannabis use, or participants who consumed cannabis within the last month, had lower fasting insulin levels as well as a lower risk for insulin resistance compared to those who never used the plant.
How Cannabis Helps With Schizophrenia and Other Neurological Disorders
Choosing the Cannabis strains, that has high CBD content, is the first step. CBD will suppress most of the effects of schizophrenia, safely and healthily, with no side effects.
Cannabis-infused Grilled Cheese Recipes
Here’s a basic recipe for classic cannabis-infused grilled cheese sandwich, and some recommendations you can use for variations.
America’s Top Cannabis Chefs
For cannabis enthusiasts who prefer to have food prepared by expert cannabis chefs is a fantastic way to medicate while consuming excellent food.
San Francisco’s Hippest Dispensaries
San Francisco, home of the cannabis legalization movement, is also home to some of the most unique and hip dispensaries you won’t find anywhere else.
What Is Cannabis Ruderalis?
The ruderalis hails from central and southeastern Russia, although it only results in poor yields and has a low THC content.

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