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The Top 10 CBD Myths Exposed - Separating Facts from Fiction
The tedious work involved in sourcing for science-based facts to clarify these stories is a huge reason most potential users don't do the much-needed research. Most go along with the stories they've heard about CBD because it's the easiest option available and few who put in the work to get the right info most often than not find it difficult to really understand all the science talk.
Will Cannabis Stocks Ever Rise Again?
One, it’s cannabis, dummy.  The greatest single business opportunity of a lifetime is just beginning right in front of your eyes.  The cannabis market will be a trillion-dollar market soon when you include black, gray, and legal markets.  The entire world will be ditching some percentage of alcohol, tobacco, pharmaceutical medicines, and vitamins from their lives in order to spend money on cannabis.
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The Cannabis License Black Market - $50,000,000 for a Florida Seed to Sale License?
Florida is strictly a medical state for now, but it has enormous potential for recreational use.  A little over 300,000 patients have been approved for the Florida medical marijuana patient program and there are petitions being worked on now to add a recreational cannabis vote or amendment to the 2020 elections.
The Effect of Cannabis on Bone Health
According to a study done at the Tel Aviv University in 2017, researches found that when CBD (cannabidiol) was applied to a fracture, healing significantly occurred. The team of researchers later also discovered that cannabinoid compound reacting to the cannabinoid receptors in our bodies led to bone formation and the inhibition of bone loss.
The Weed Talk - How to Talk to Your Kids about Cannabis (Age Appropriate)
The next category of kids is more aware of what’s happening in the world around them. They see billboards promoting cannabis care or perhaps even have a few peers who have been introduced to the concept of cannabis. With this group, you’ll be able to elaborate a bit more about cannabis and consumption. You can talk more about how cannabis interacts with the body and specifically our “endocannabinoid system”. The endocannabinoid system only fully reaches maturity at age 25 (more or less).
How Legal Seafoods Jumped the Shark on Legalization
Pro Cannabis Media and got to sit down with Roger Berkowitz, founder and CEO of Legal Seafoods, to ask him all these questions and more!  Legal Seafoods ran a very successful marketing campaign around the Massachusetts recreational marijuana movement and Roger is a big proponent of CBD, hemp plastics, and how big brands need to be aware of what is on their customers’ minds. 
Rehabilitation Sheds for Veterans with PTSD
This is where Leo Oliveira and Matt Bernal, military veterans, found themselves. A life that seemed hopeless, full of anger and blame, shame and guilt. One day, while Matt and Leo hung out in the, back then, called “mancave”, a wood shed built in Leo’s backyard, came the idea of the creation of a reality TV show that would build mini homes for veterans with PTSD and teach fellow comrades how to become entrepreneurs.
Can Cannabis Really Treat Bipolar Disorder?
The complexity of Bipolar disease makes it quite hard to have a one-sided opinion. Each person has different experiences and even genetics plays a role. One review showed that marijuana can worsen manic symptoms in a person suffering from bipolar disorder. In some people suicide rates also increased, but it was not certain if it truly was cannabis-related. What was clear was that some people benefited from using cannabis and others not.
Do Cheech and Chong Need to Die for Cannabis Legalization to Happen?
In a way, all of us must forget the past in order to move forward in the future, but for Tommy Chong, the journey must be at least very ironic, if not painful.  Your movie characters are beloved and symbolic, yet at the same time the new cannabis culture says we are not like that, that does not symbolize cannabis users in anyway.  You are a king and you are shunned all in one breath.  Your business interests lie in full-scale legalization, yet your past is the symbol of what we all now deny represents us.
The Real Reasons Why Dispensaries Reduce Crime Rates in Neighborhoods
There are a number of reasons why Dispensaries can reduce crime rates. One of the first things we need to consider is that the “legal avenue” becomes far more attractive to most consumers. While the black market still exists, and a large portion of the market continues to buy from the street, the legal points of sale become more convenient over time.
Why the BIG Money is in Cannabis Derivatives
But it’s important to define “cannabis derivatives” in order to understand the scope of the marketplace in the future. A “cannabis derivative” is anything that is “non-flower”. Under this category we include, edibles, concentrates, infused beverages, vapables, and topical products.

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