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5 National Crises Legal Marijuana Has a Good Shot at Fixing
Legalizing cannabis wouldn't only free up prison space and allow law enforcement to focus on more dangerous criminals. Treating marijuana like booze would improve everything from the economy to the environment. We should encourage lawmakers to free the weed, and here's why.
Cannabis Job Openings Pay 11% More Than Similar Jobs - Demand is Surging!
Seek greener pastures over at the cannabis industry, where salaries are 11% higher then the national median salary. There’s also a pretty good chance that you’ll get a job, considering that a new report from Glassdoor revealed that job openings jumped 76% in one year.
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Is Vaping a Trap for Addiction?
Vaping has been one of the most beneficial modern trends especially for smokers. It became an avenue for those with severe addiction or nicotine dependency to effectively manage their urges, and in some cases, even became a vehicle for cessation. But is vaping really an effective alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes or is it a gateway for minors and non-smokers to get into smoking?
William Barr Is The New Attorney General - Now What For Cannabis?
So while he said he would respect state cannabis laws, Barr also still supports criminalization of cannabis at the federal level. Using a hands-off approach despite the federally illegal status of cannabis is certainly still better than having Sessions on board. “I think it’s a mistake to back off on marijuana,” Barr said last month. “However, if we want a federal approach, if we want states to have their own laws, then let’s get there and let’s get there right away.”
Yocan's Newest Vaporizers and Why They Are Awesome
Overall, all new Yocan products are awesome because they are products of thinking outside of the box. The new Yocan devices are designed and are geared towards improving their product line and are geared towards the improvement of the general public consumer.
CBD Now Listed In USA Pharmaceutical Drug Directory For The First Time Ever
The PDR is a reference publication used by physicians as well as doctors, and even patients, to learn more about various pharmaceutical medications – and now, CBD, too. It’s a huge milestone for a CBD product to be listed in the publication for the first time ever, considering how widespread its use is.
Cannabis Marketing - Swag Out Your Cannabiz With Custom Stickers
The cannabis industry is quickly blossoming into a major money-making industry. The advent of ecommerce has made purchasing gear, gifts, and swag easier and safer than ever before. The only downside is, high quality customized cannabis supplies can do serious damage to your wallet.
CBD Startup Spotlight Shines on CBD'R US
With our branding skills, and by offering consumers 15 options of CBD Gummies, we felt we could dominate the market. Our line of gummies consists of, wedges, drops, slices, sour worms, sour gummy bears, and more. In addition, we partnered with one of the largest distributors who helped us introduce the brand to the market. This year we plan on introducing our vegan and sugar free gummy line, so stay tuned for that!
What Happens When the Banks Become Involved in the Cannabis Industry?
For starters, on the 13th of February of 2019, there will be a hearing to examine the difficulties that cannabis businesses face in entering into legitimate banking systems. The hearing will take place before a subcommittee of the House of Financial Service Committee.
Barney’s Is Opening A Luxury Head Shop In Beverly Hills
The launch makes Barney the first ever major retailer to enter the cannabis lifestyle industry. They will be offering a wide range of curated wellness products in beauty, home, jewelry, and much more. They will also have an exclusive partnership with Beboe, a cannabis brand.
Why the Global Prohibition of Marijuana is a Crime Against Humanity
However, what really piqued my interest wasn’t the story about governments recognizing their faults, but the fact that we as humanity came together to create an international policy that would advise people from using mind-altering substances, and then placing pressure on the global community to reinforce those standards.

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