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Turning Dabs Into E Juice, Say What?
The process of turning dabs into e-juice is quite simple. Essentially, you can either make it in the microwave oven or on a conventional stove.
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How To Save 50% On All Your Marijuana Purchases
I would smoke $80 of weed in about two weeks, maybe a bit more. However, since I purchased my dabs I haven’t been able to reach even half of my original stash.
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The Top 3 Problems With Marijuana Edibles Right Now
Consumption of edible cannabis is on a rise, especially now that almost half of all the states has legalized marijuana.
Facebook Of Weed Passes 1,000,000 Members
Have you posted on the WeedFeed today?  You should be on there! We have been named one of the fastest growing startups in America.
Hemp, Inc Joins GanjaMan GO In Hemp Games
Hemp Inc. lets players build their own cannabis empire by growing and selling 20 different marijuana strains. To expand the business, players can also buy property and even interact with celebrity stoners
Order Your Weed By Touchscreen, No Wait? Yes, Please
Businesses simply need to install a Jane kiosk at the dispensary or retail shop so that customers can come in and press the touch screen or use the mobile app to place an order.
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How To Legally Get Weed Delivered To Your Front Door
This means that a patient doesn’t even have to go to a doctor’s office to get a cannabis recommendation. In some states you have the ability to have a video conference with your physician to get your recommendation.
Does Marijuana Cotton-Mouth Cause Cavities?
Cannabis-induced dry mouth happens because we have endocannabinoid receptors in the mouth.  These receptors, which are located in the floor of the mouth, act as a binding site for both the human and plant cannabinoids.
Pay The Police $50,000 A Year And You Might Get A Dispensary
The Boston Globe released a report that showed that a new dispensary license request comes with a hefty “sir charge” in order to be considered by local authorities.  The Boston Globe article, which you can read here, states the following.
Pokemon GO Screen Shots Leaked For US BONG Version
New Pokemon GO screen leaked for cannabis and marijuana fans.
Here Is Why Alcohol Is Legal and Marijuana Is Not
You want to peddle a refined substance that is directly responsible for a ballpark figure of around 3 million deaths worldwide per annum yet completely outlaw a 100% natural herb

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