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How Cannabis Promotes Homeostasis
The hypothalamus is the primary command post, which is responsible for identifying changes in the environment and acting in response to it by releasing hormones as well as neurotransmitters, which then allow cells and structures in the body to communicate.
European Marijuana News Update
Portugal’s parliament has just approved medical cannabis in a final vote from the committee for Health. The bills were drafted by the Left Bloc (BE) and PAN (Party for People, Animals, and Nature).
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Why Cannabis Smoke Won’t Give you Cancer
Essentially, this paragraph explains how the carcinogens within smoke gets converted and binds to specific genes and tumor suppressors. They also explain how THC inhibits some of the enzyme activity while nicotine activates some of the activity.
How To Find Good Quality Legal CBD Oil
According to federal laws, CBD is still classified as a Schedule 1 substance.  That could change within weeks as Senator McConnell's 2018 Hemp and Farm bill will legalize CBD from hemp at the Federal level, so stay tuned in the new few weeks for updates.
Why Did Trudeau Pick October 17th For Recreational Cannabis To Be Legal in Canada?
Bill Blair, the Canadian government’s right hand man for cannabis, told CTV’s Power Play that the date for legalization was prolonged following dialogue with provinces and territories.
Cannabis Industry To Create 340,000 Full-Time Jobs By 2022
A separate report from, a job postings site, stated that cannabis job posts saw a whopping 693% increase from the last quarter of 2016 to the last quarter of 2017. Most of the jobs were for California, Washington, and Colorado, not surprisingly.
Paris Opens First CBD Coffee Shops, French Government Shuts Them Down
These coffee shops have started sprouting throughout France, although customers can’t expect to get high from the trace contents of THC in it.
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How to Fix Any Vape Pen or Vaporizer Yourself
Vape batteries can be drained quick if not taken care of properly. Also, ensure the pen is charged and has not been left off for an extended period of time between uses.
Canada Becomes First G7 Country to Legalize Recreational Marijuana
The House of Commons and Senate just approved the Cannabis Act, fulfilling Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s 2015 campaign promise. Legal adult-use sales is set to start before summer ends.
Why The Bill That Could End Cannabis Prohibition Looks Just Like The One That Ended Alcohol Prohibition
You see, when alcohol prohibition was on the books, there was a similar dance between federal and state rights. Eventually, a bill was introduced that allowed states to legalize as “they see fit” without any federal interference.
Cannabinoid-Based Drug For Sleep Apnea spoke to Professor Yaron Dagan, who heads the Sleep Medicine Institute at Assuta. Prof. Dagan is leading the new double-blind study of Therapix Biosciences, Ltd., which is looking at using cannabinoids for the treatment of sleep apnea.

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