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How to Use a Lux Meter to Increase Your Cannabis Plant Yields
With the knowledge of the amount of light entering the grow area, the grower is equipped with important information that helps him/her ensure the cultivation process is properly done. The use of the lux meter allows the grower to known the perfect spots in the grow area with an optimum amount of light needed to sustain and promote growth. It also allows the grower to know the blind spots of the grow room that is not getting enough light. This helps the grower to ensure that the plants all get equal access to light which in turn increase and maximizes the yield of the produce.
Medical Cannabis for Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy
There are many studies that show over the years that CBD specifically works effectively for seizures. The studies were not easy to fulfill due to the strict regulations, but studies done on those struggling from JME show great promise. The endocannabinoid system plays a significant role in the ictal (period of seizure) control and neuronal balance. Cannabis has the ability to reduce seizure frequencies.
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Discussing the Morality of Marijuana as Compared to Gay Porn and Wearing Animal Fur
Within this context – the fact that cannabis has reached mainstream approval indicates that the policies of prohibition will soon become an “immoral legislation” which will have to be addressed by the politicians. No matter their stonewalling – it is now a moral act to smoke marijuana.
Top 5 Mold Resistant Cannabis Strains
There are however strains of cannabis that are known to be resilient to mold and resist infection. Their ability to tolerate excess humidity and cool temperature while still promoting optimum yield has made such cannabis strains to be quite popular among growers. These strains are what growers employ to counter and avoid the problems of mold which has for long proven to be a big menace in the industry.
Is Cannabis a Tool for Creativity or a Crutch Against It?
Too much cannabis can be detrimental to the creative process – especially if it impedes you to access the flow state. However – In these instances, knowing your own tolerance levels will allow you to better judge how much and what strains you should smoke to edge you into the realm of “flow”.
Can CBD Speed Up Muscle Recovery?
To avoid muscle damage, reduce the pain, and manage the excess inflammation, numerous means have been used over time ranging from the use of ice baths to the use of analgesics such as NSAIDs and opioids. The goal of such modes of treatment however can also be achieved with cannabis or CBD to be more precise. Cannabis has long been posited to be of immense benefits medicinally and one of such ways with promise is the use of CBD to assist muscle recovery.
Should You Fertilize Your Cannabis Plants with Coconut Water?
Cannabis plants faced with extreme weather conditions such as high temperatures, heatwaves or droughts never develop properly. Such conditions give rise to thirsty and depleted plants which will require a substantial amount of water to ensure their sustainability. The use of watering cycles and chemical fertilizers is sure to produce a washing off effect which will be detrimental to the plant. This is where coconut water comes in. Coconut water can be used to provide hydration and fertilize the plant.
Ganja Theories - Is Cannabis Blocking Government Mind-Control Efforts?
“The effects of marijuana on the brain are not conducive to mind control, because it actually opens neuron pathways in the brain.  It expands thought.”  – Cathy O’Brien . If you don’t know who Cathy O’Brian is; she’s been very vocal about the CIA and their Mind Control Programs – specifically mentioning “Project Monarch” which she claims was the parent program to MK-ULTRA.
Weed Talk NEWS – Did the SEC Just End High Times' Dreams?
This week on Weed Talk NEWS we go behind the scenes of the SEC moving in on High Times, the NY 911 phone system getting marijuana reports, and the sinking of the MedMen ship continues.  Join the cast on Pro Cannabis Media as we talk weed, politics, and news.  In this week’s episode we have Debra Borchardt from Green Market Report, Phil Adams of Vote Pro Pot Podcast, Solomon Israel of Marijuana Business Daily, and Jimmy Young of Pro Cannabis Media.
Stronger Weed Doesn't Mean Stronger High - Agree or Disagree?
According to the study, a loss of balance was the most consistent short-term sign of performance impairment across all subjects. An 11 percent increase in sway during an eyes-closed balance test was observed right after subjects’ consumed the cannabis products. Balance returned to normal after the one-hour follow up suggesting this kind of balance test may be a more effective way to measure cannabis intoxication, similar to sobriety tests currently used to identify alcohol-impaired drivers, rather than assigning an arbitrary THC limit, which would have no bearing on a driver’s level of impairment.
The Pros and Cons of Growing Multiple Cannabis Strains in the Same Room
A lot of growers are used to growing one specific strain as it proves to be easier to manage for the grower because the strain has unity when it comes to flowering time, nutrient requirement, and amount of lightning required. However, there are a lot of benefits to be enjoyed if you dare to leave the comfort zone and delve into the field of growing more than one strain in a grow room.

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