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Become the Breeder Part 2: How to Make Your Own Autoflower Seeds Like a Boss!
For starters, you can harvest sooner. Unlike regular seeds or even feminized seeds that are constrained to photoperiod [light cycles] – autoflowers will bloom in a set period. Typically, these plants can be harvested between 8-10 weeks whereas regular strains can take more than 4 months. While you can’t keep an autoflower as a “Mother plant” – you can totally use it to consistently clone and maintain a good cycle. Additionally, the short growing period means you can technically get more crops per season.
5 Quick Tips for Finding a Good Dispensary
Regardless if you are someone who purchases cannabis for recreational use or medical use, you will need to choose a dispensary that is going to fulfil your requirements. You'll find that each dispensary you go to varies from location to location. You will want to find one that meets specific criteria when choosing to ensure you don't select one that is going to drain all of your hard-earned money. You want to look for the dispensary that gives you the most for your money when buying medical marijuana.
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What is the Best Marijuana License Plate? - Colorado Sets Records at RMV Auction
The license plates were all cannabis-themed and quite catchy. The list of the fourteen cannabis-themed license plates are; ISIT420, BONG, GREEN, HONEY, GANGA, HERB, INDICA, HASH, SATIVA, INDICA, GOTWAX, HAPPY, TEGRIDY (which refers to a fictional cannabis farm in Colorado) and STASH. All of these license plates make reference to the cannabis culture prompting marijuana enthusiasts to show their support. The Colorado Disability Funding Committee is an establishment that makes life easier for people who live in Colorado with disabilities to obtain and retain benefits.
What is the IRS 280E Tax Code and Why is It Killing the Marijuana Industry Right Now?
However, there is a cumbersome issue that bothers every cannabis entrepreneur in the country, regardless of their state's laws. This issue revolves around Section 280E, Tax code. This tax law has made running a canna business very hard for people who have no idea how to navigate around it. The IRS claims that all canna-businesses are illegitimate at the federal level, even though some states have legitimized it. Hence these businesses are unable to subtract most incurred expenses when filing their taxes except the cost of the products sold.
Got CBD? - The Top 5 Most Popular CBD Strains of This Year
High CBD strains are varieties of cannabis assumed to have a higher CBD content than THC. The ratio may be as high as 10:1, 5:1, 2:0, or more. These strains produce sedative highs, with very no intoxicating effects. There are also CBD strains with 2:1, 1:1 ratios, here little intoxicating effects are felt.
What is the Emerald Triangle? - Does the Best Weed in the World Really Grow There?
Located in the northern area of California—about 85 miles north of San Francisco to be precise— lies a lush and green mysterious locality that serves as the prime location for growing the best and highest amount of cannabis in the United States of America. Yes, that's the Emerald Triangle! In this article, you'll get to know about the amazing and also chilling truths of the tri-county Emerald Triangle; Its history, and what endears the area to cannabis farmers.
Potency Wars - Mainstream Media's New Battlefront in Marijuana Legalization
It’s not the first time I have written about this topic and I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be the last. There’s a new war brooding within the cannabis industry and it’s not about legality anymore. It’s solely about potency! Some lawmakers – people who obviously have never smoked cannabis and are proud of that fact – are pushing really hard to limit THC potency in legal products because of “reasons”. Don’t worry, I’ll get into those reasons a bit further down – but these lawmakers believe that they are doing a “service to society”.
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Using Cannabis for Sleep
Cannabis has been a known sedative for centuries, thanks to its relaxing properties. There are numerous studies that prove this point. On top of that, a survey conducted in 2019 where 1,000 people were polled revealed that ¾ of them used cannabis to help them sleep and said it was helpful. But for anyone who’s starting out in the world of cannabis, and for those who desperately want it to help them sleep, read on to help you better navigate dispensaries for the right product.
Luxury Cannabis Dispensaries, the New Trend in Canada Coming to the USA?
The products sold in these establishments are premium quality strains. These strains have been carefully cured, trimmed, graded, and packaged in a classy way. The new luxury cannabis dispensaries in Canada focus on producing and marketing only high-quality and lab-tested products. It delivers products that offer the consumers a very superior experience compared to the products sold in normal dispensaries or the black market.
The GMO Cannabis Strain (Garlic Mushroom Onions) - Such a Big Hit So Fast!
This potent strain induces a high that begins from the muscles around the eyes and spreads to other parts of the body making the whole body relaxed. The high is remarkable as it leaves you stoned but mentally aware and functional. It has sedative effects that do not leave the user couch-locked. Like most indica-dominant strains, it induces a euphoric and creative feeling in its user. Artists and writers say the GMO strain helps clear their creative block, reduces stress, and helps improve their focus.
Do Cannabis Legalization Efforts Reveal That Joe Biden is a Pawn for Big Pharma?
Biden is hiding behind the old smokescreen, “We need more research”. While this may have worked a decade ago – we have the research nowadays…and there is no need to keep it illegal on a federal level. Hell, the Covid vaccines were rushed and administered to the entire world within the matter of a year but decades of actual hard data “needs more research?”

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