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The Importance of Third Party Lab Testing for CBD Products
The first reason is simple safety and purity. Lab testing guarantees that any products that make it to market are free of impurities. The second reason is guaranteed potency. When CBD products are guaranteed potent, and certified as such but a third-party lab, they can be used properly for precise dosing. This helps users ensure they're getting enough but also prevents wasteful overuse.
How Do You Treat Cannabis Addiction? More Cannabis Says New Study!
According to Val Curran, from University College London, more cannabis is the solution. Well, not exactly. They ran a number of tests on a select group of individuals where they gave subjects CBD in different strengths and compared them to a control group that received a placebo. According to their findings, the magical sweet spot that had the highest effects in reducing symptoms and relapse was 400 Mg. The group that received 800 Mg didn’t perform as well as the 400 Mg Group. Both CBD groups performed better than the placebo.
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Will We See a Functional Marijuana Breathalyzer in 2020?
However, these behavioral tests aren’t accurate because ultimately the results are left to the criteria of the officer. This means it’s subjective at best and cannot be the “go-to” mechanism used in law enforcement. With the breathalyzer, we will have tests that actually determine whether you’ve smoked within the past three hours. No more “guessing” about your impairment, if you smoked within three hours prior to driving then you will get a ticket.
What Role Do Terpenes Play in the Cannabis Experience?
Terpenes consist of a set of relatively simple organic molecules that is present in all living organisms. If you walk through a rose garden, the delightful aroma of the roses is caused by terpenes. Basically, all smells and flavors in a plant are because of terpenes. Because terpenes are found in plants, many share the same terpenes. Terpenes are quite powerful.
Would Bruce Linton Go Back to Canopy Growth if They Wanted Him Back?
Which has happened in Canada. Now, I asked you in Jamaica on a viral video that millions have seen, "Would you still want to be the Canopy Growth CEO?" And you had kind of said yes. It was a moment in time with great people, with great energy. If Mr. Sands at Constellation called you up or left a message with Olivia and said, "Bruce, I made a terrible mistake. Please have him call me," without knowing anything about renumeration or what it's about, would you call them back and listen?
Sizing the Massachusetts Marijuana Market - How Big Will the Market Get?
With high levels of educational achievement in Colorado and Massachusetts, consideration must be given to student populations. Colorado's higher education system is composed of 87 colleges and universities while Massachusetts' higher education system is composed of 125 colleges and universities. While both states have a minimum legal age to purchase adult-use marijuana of 21 years old, there are still material levels of out-of-state college students whose age exceeds that threshold. In 2014, Massachusetts had approximately 172,600 college students.
Canada's 1st Weed Birthday Party - How Did the First Year of Legal Cannabis Go?
The Liberal government had intentions of weeding away the black market to stop organized crime at its roots, but current figures show that the black market is still very much alive and thriving. In fact, Statistics Canada says that only 29% of cannabis consumers obtain their pot from legal sources, while 4 in 10 Canadians disclosed that they still get at least some of their supply illegally.
Will MedMen Declare Bankruptcy Soon? Frank Segall Talks Distressed Debt
A lot of people think that MedMen could very well be the first to go, into some sort of a wind down dissolution. I would assume that, you know, there'd probably be some sort of a restructuring or sale in that situation. But you definitely ... we are definitely starting to see distressed opportunities.
CANNABIS INVENTORS NEEDED : Cannabis Machinery Outdated Due to Prohibition
However, Hemp is such a diverse plant that we wouldn’t want to dedicate our total global crops simply to feel better about our plastic. Rather, we should place a higher emphasis on recycling and reusing our current technology. We should sway from the one-use model. This would have a far greater impact than supplanting current plastic with hemp.
How Cannabis is Improving Men's Fertility Levels
Before the study began, they hypothesized that cannabis would have no impact on the fertility of either men or women, which was the same case in older, similar studies. However, the male subjects who reported smoking cannabis were found to have higher sperm counts compared to those who never used it. But take the findings with a pinch of salt: because scientists still know very little about how cannabis affects fertility, at most, what this study does say is that cannabis had no negative impact on men who were doing fertility treatments.
Could Cannabis Cause Hair Loss?
The production of new cells is vital for healthy hair growth. By studying the effect of THC on hair, scientists discovered that the prototypic endocannabinoid, AEA, and the cannabinoid, THC, stop human hair shaft elongation. It also induces apoptosis driven Catagen in vitro. In simple words, THC can influence the proper development and growth of human hair shaft and play its part in hair loss. 

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