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There Are Now More Cannabis Industry Workers In The USA Than Librarians And Pilots
According to a report by Calvin Hughes, the cannabis industry now employs more people than librarians and pilots. The figures only continue to grow. And we aren’t talking about minimum-wage jobs in the pot industry: many high-demand positions such as agriculture pros, retail managers, and extraction technicians are among those who earn competitive salaries and packages that are tempting enough to leave your corporate job for.
Dabbing Cannabis for Medical Relief - Is it Worth it?
I personally would recommend that the patient experiments with the different methods and considers what cannabinoids they are wasting from dabbing all the time. I personally find that CBD by itself can act as a pain-relieving agent.
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Tips For Buying High-Quality Hemp & Cannabis Products
Due to high demand, there are so many products in the market. This makes it hard for you to identify quality and legitimate product. This article will give you tips to help you identify high-quality hemp or cannabis products.
US Virgin Islands Legalize Medical Cannabis
The US Virgin Islands are now the latest US territory to legalize cannabis for medicinal purposes. The bill, signed into law by Governor Albert Bryan Jr., got the green light from Legislature by December 28.
Microdosing Cannabis is the Key to Great Sex Says New Study
Recently, researchers from Stanford conducted the biggest study known to date about cannabis and sex. They assessed sexual frequency among users and compared it to those who abstained.
How Did Canadians Spend $1.6 Billion on Weed in Just 90 Days?
That’s more than twice the amount they spent on medical marijuana the entire 2017. Statistics Canada says that in 2017, spending for legal cannabis was at $5.7 billion although most of this went to the black market. These figures place Canada as the third biggest legal cannabis market in the world.
Cannabis News Coming Out of Europe?
At the end of the month, a new industry event called the Future Cannabis Strategies Europe will be exploring the new trend that shows promising potential in the beauty industry. The trade event, which takes place in London, will feature several program segments that are dedicated solely to cosmetics, beauty, and personal care.
CBD vs Kratom – Which One is Better?
When you look at the potential downside of substances, CBD is obviously the victor. Not only is it a safer option, it won’t get you addicted. However, when we’re talking about quick relief for pain, Kratom seems to deliver a quicker and more profound response to extreme pain. This is the main reason why so many people turned to Kratom for their relief.
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How To Make Your Own Cannabis Bonsai
Many cannabis and plant enthusiasts find great fulfillment growing bonsais because it requires time and care, and the result, when done well, can be extremely satisfying. Bonsais are like tiny creatures; they look like trees and can live for a very long time.
CBD for Mood Disorders - Will It Really Help?
Perhaps, if your doctor prescribes you lithium for your order, you could suggest that you give a trial on CBD for a week or two before the that…it might work and you may not need an extreme solution as lithium.
Cannabis and Autism - What We Just Learned From The Biggest Study Ever
Tikun Olam just released the most comprehensive study on cannabis and kids with autism. sat down with Chief Science Officer of Tikun Olam, Dr. Annabelle Manalo to discuss the new study, what we learned, and where do we go now with cannabis and autism.

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