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Got a Cannabis Addiction? Well, the Solution is More Cannabis Says a New Study
However, most people don’t realize that the cannabinoid receptors in the body as well as the opioid receptors found in the brain also do interact. The opioid receptors activate the dopamine pathway, which is known to be the reason why we find doing drugs so rewarding and addictive. But when the CB1 receptors are not activated, other stimulants such as booze and nicotine are no longer that rewarding.
The Entourage Effect: Amplify the Effects of CBD with these Terpenes
While you could go shopping for CBD isolate and mix it with a terpenoid-rich solution at home, this is a time-consuming technique. Instead, you might want to consider buying a broad spectrum CBD oil from a trusted online resource. The hard work is already done on your behalf when you buy this type of cannabis extract, since it blends not only terpenes with cannabinoids but also, with amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and plant flavonoids. It’s also important to understand how to effectively take the right dose of CBD.
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How to Solve the Diversity Issue within the Cannabis Industry
I don’t believe we should say “X % of cannabis businesses should be run by minorities”, but rather, we should pave the way for individuals within these neighborhoods to help out their peers. It’s the old adage of “teaching a man to fish”. Instead of trying to pay our way out of shame, we could enable these people to benefit their own communities by empowering them to implement sustainable businesses within their neighborhoods.
Study Explains Why Cannabis Affects People In “Radically Different” Ways
Even the state of your overall health will have an impact. That’s because a person who consumes pot recreationally will have a drastically different experience compared to someone who is consuming to treat an ailment or disease, since most of the time this is caused by an endocannabinoid deficiency.
How to Improve the Margins in Your Cannabis Business
Finding areas of your business where you can be more efficient?  How much is your phone bill a month for your business?  VoIP companies can now run business phone lines for a few dollars a month.  Is your website using chatbot and responses so that every person that comes to your website gets asked to join a list or fill out a form?  Are you trying to at least get a phone number to put them on a text alert-type phone notification list for specials and price discounts?  Can you covert potential customers to real customer at a 10% higher rate if you changed the “above the fold” section of your website or had more edibles and vape pen cartridges out front or by the exits in your store?
What Should You Do if Your Dog Gets High on Pot?
Lately I have been reading about the rise of dogs getting high on pot. In the vast majority of the cases, these doping canines get in contact with cannabis by accident. They decide to eat a leftover edible and in some cases, THC-infused shit (I kid you not), which might alarm some pet lovers out there.
Did You Know that Opioids can Cause Cancer?
A recent study in the Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research journal found that around half of MMJ patients have stopped medicating with benzodiazepines once replaced with cannabis. “We observed a significant number of patients who stopped taking their benzodiazepine medications once started on cannabis,” says lead researcher Chad Purcell.
How to Solve Oregon’s Cannabis Surplus Problem
Currently, this is a major problem for the State. They have issued too many licenses allowing numerous players to produce cannabis excessively. The current consumer to production ratio within state is creating a surplus that is driving down the retail prices of cannabis. Great for the consumer, bad for the industry.
How Legal Cannabis is Saving the United States’ National Forests
Thankfully, the rise of recreational cannabis legalization means that more people can now legally grow cannabis for adult use. A study published in the Ecological Economics journal, which is the first of its kind to delve deeper into the impact of adult use cannabis legalization on the state of our national forests, found that illegal cannabis grows on federal lands have dropped substantially after more states started legalizing it recreationally.
Why do Some Athletes Perform Better When They are Stoned?
As the legal climate of medicinal and recreational cannabis begins to change, so are the days of athletes who need to wring their hands in contrition and seek penance after failing a piss test for smoking the “devil’s lettuce.” Cannabis culture in sports has long carried within it the old school stigma of reefer madness and athletes throwing their careers away, but to be blunt, the reality of it all is this: lots of athletes use cannabis, and these days professional athletes across the country are speaking out in favor of the discredited herb.
How to Make Low-Sugar Vegan Cannabis-Infused Gummy Bears
Once the gummies have set, all that's left is to unmold them — or cut them into shape if you're using a sheet pan — and toss them in powdered sugar to coat. You'll want the sugar to keep the gummies from sticking together, because homemade recipes tend to be a little stickier than store-bought options.

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