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Your Guide To Companion Planting For Cannabis Plants
Companion planting is a gardening technique that cannabis growers also apply in order to enhance and maximize the growth of cannabis plants.
Cannabis Tech at CES - Consumer Electronics Show 2018
The Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the organization behind CES, doesn’t have any rules that prevent companies from exhibiting cannabis products during the show.
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28 Members of Congress Sue the DEA to Reschedule CBD
However, 28 members of Congress are requesting a federal appeals court to scrap this decision.
CBD For Nicotine Addiction
While there’s only one study to date studying the impact of CBD for nicotine addiction, the results are promising.
Ex DEA Agent Now a Successful Executive in the Cannabis Industry
Patrick Moen is managing director of Privateer Holdings, a Seattle-based cannabis investment firm.
How To
Cannabis and Yoga - Namaste or NamasNope?
Cannabis yoga classes aren’t allowed in Nevada yet, but you can still take regular yoga classes and get familiar with some of the beginner poses.
Majority of Americans Oppose Fed Crackdown on Cannabis Legalization
The findings revealed that 61% of respondents support legalization, a 4% increase from last year. Additionally, 37% of American adults surveyed said that cannabis shouldn’t be legal, 5% were undecided or refused to comment.
Personal Story
What are Charas? The Holy Resin of Mature Cannabis Buds
Charas is a variety of cannabis extract very similar to hash. It is handmade, and is thought to originate from regions of Asia, India, Pakistan, and Nepal.
Colorado Senator Gardner Presses Sessions About Cannabis Policy
It was no surprise that lawmakers from legal states especially Colorado were affected and responded with counterattacks to Sessions’ announcement last week.
Cannabis Strains For Bladder Cancer
However, there’s good news for cannabis users: studies show that regular cannabis users have a 45% decreased risk of developing bladder cancer.
Study Says More Pregnant California Women Using Pot
The study, which says that the rise in pot use has jumped from 4.2% in 2009, to 7.1% in 2016, revealed that Californian moms-to-be are turning to cannabis for relief from morning sickness or anxiety.

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