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19,000 US Cities Call For Cannabis Rescheduling
The National League of Cities (NLC), a major organization comprised of over 19,000 towns, cities, and villages throughout the United States, is urging the federal government to reschedule cannabis.
What is Charlotte's Web Oil and Where Can You Get It?
Famously known as “the girl who changed medical marijuana laws across America”, and "the most famous example of medicinal cannabis hemp use", Charlotte Figi’s story, although well documented, is sadly not unique.
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MJ BIZ CON 2018 - What You Need To Know
For those that don’t know the industry, MJ BIZ CON is the biggest cannabis show in the world, it is the “Super Bowl” of cannabis shows, and a must attend for most people in the industry.
Planet 13 Las Vegas - The Largest Dispensary in the World
Did you know that Planet 13 in Las Vegas is the largest cannabis dispensary in the world right now. The scary part is that as you can see on our private tour, they are going to be expanding and getting even bigger.
You Can Die If You’re Caught With Cannabis In Singapore, But These Businessmen Get Away With It
CannAcubed gets away with it in Singapore, how exactly? Well, they’re registered in Singapore as a biotech company, one that’s a “diversified cannabis company.” Their business is completely legal, as long as they conduct their business outside the country.
Epidiolex Now Available In The USA - 5 Things To Know
Epidiolex is designed to treat Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gestaut syndrome, two rare forms of childhood epilepsy. Coincidentally, pure CBD has also been shown to treat these same conditions.
Reefer Rant on Crazy People #NotTheNorm
The people I spoke about are not the norm. They are extreme examples of people who are insane. But nobody wants to report on the 35-year-old self-employed stoner mom that puts food on the table and educates her children about drugs.
Insys, Fentanyl Maker and Legalization Opponent, Now Wants To Make Money Off Cannabis
According to Insys Therapeutics President and CEO, Saeed Motahari, these financial results have led them no choice but to turn “INSYS into a leader in pharmaceutical cannabinoids and spray technology.” This would be part of their strategy to come up with alternative means of profit to recover from the opioid-related losses.
Colorado Cannabis Lessons 6 Years After Legalization
All in all, it’s good news. We’re not seeing an increase in crime, kids aren’t using more. The primordial fears of the prohibitionist can be put to rest. One thing this report affirms year after year, cannabis legalization works.
No THC Vapes And Concentrates Yet, Says Health Canada
Campbell adds that the black market will eventually start getting into the business of making oils, which have better value and potency. Concentrates are still not regulated, which makes it easy for the black market to profit from it.
Microdosing Cannabis - 5 Conditions When Less Is More
But how much cannabis is a microdose, exactly? Well, there is no wrong or right answer. It will depend largely on the individual, because cannabis affects everyone differently.

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