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Will Fido and Fluffy Get High? - Is Medical Cannabis for Dogs and Cats Worth a Shot?
Dogs and Cats are unable to consume the average joint that you do. An average roll has around 150mg of THC. This is more than enough to induce psychoactive effects in pets when inhaled passively. Enough reason to keep your medical-grade THC-filled stash far away from your pet's reach.
Subway vs. Budway - Brand Wars Part 2
Currently, most of these trademark infringements have been happening in Canada, and seeing that the Canadian Tradesmark Act shows a lot of favor to trademarks – it goes once more as a steady reminder that cannabis brands need to differentiate themselves from the market – not imitate.
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Cannabis Legalization Needs a New Superhero and It Can't Be an Old White Guy
If those things are what the face of cannabis legalization can’t be, who are those people that could be considered contenders to be the face of cannabis legalization?  Who are the hot prospects, the safe picks, and the “out of the box” ideas?  Just based on marketing surveys and common-sense advertising history, cannabis would want someone young, attractive, and has charisma.  The movement needs someone who can speak eloquently and not get irrational or emotional when challenged by Reefer Madness lunatics like Kevin Sabet.
Packing Heat with Weed - Should a Budtender Be Allowed to Carry a Gun?
Recently, a dispensary staff in Oklahoma was shot and killed by an armed robber, which is a sad occurrence that makes budtenders feel even more vulnerable. The story is changing now with budtenders no longer waiting for the government's protection: they maintain that they have a right to shoot anyone who attacks them. 
Illinois' Black Market Weed Problem Mimics That of California and Canada in This Way?
If you truly want to keep the black market as small as possible – the only way to do this is to make access to the legal market so easy and cost efficient that “anybody can do it”. The black market does not like to compete with “everyone” which is why you hardly hear of the “potato mafia” or the “carrot mafia” coming in to muscle you out of your home grown crops.
3 Cannabis-Infused Drink Concoctions to Beat the Summer Heat
In order to do most of these infusions, we’ll be using an alcohol based tincture. While you may have heard about the Green Dragon Tincture – the Ice Dragon follows the same principle, except you’re not going to be storing it at room temperature. Rather you’ll be using the cold to separate the trichomes with minimal chlorophyll seepage. This means that you get a smoother tincture than with the Green Dragon. Less “grassy” some say.
Is CBD Hurting Ibuprofen Sales? - Which One Works Better for Managing Pain?
Combining CBD with ibuprofen according to research is not a bad idea. Studies show that both compounds can be mixed without the risk of adverse effects. It depends on the user's tolerance and sensitivity to both drugs. Not all NSAIDs can be combined with CBD. Most especially naproxen and celecoxib; mixing either of these with CBD can be severe. To be safe, make sure you consult your doctor before mixing ibuprofen and CBD. This is because while there has been no proven interaction between both drugs, your body could have a personal reaction.
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Is Molasses the Secret Ingredient to Growing Big, Dank Cannabis Buds?
If you have a cannabis plant or farm, you will agree that it is a most prized possession. Because cannabis has become one of the most highly sought-after substances globally, you will always be ready to purchase whatever you need to improve the quality of your cannabis plant. Well, that particular “Thing” you need to add value to your cannabis plant is in your kitchen! Yes, it is, and we are talking about molasses, a kind of syrup containing vital minerals that will help your plant bloom. 
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What is Mushroom Coffee and How Do You Make It?
People adding mushrooms to their coffee are doing it to get an edge from the caffeine as well as feel the amazing and uplifting benefits of medicinal mushrooms. Their focus and energy levels are significantly increased when the coffee is taken. Not to mention the mental clarity and its boosted performance levels that occur while the coffee and mushroom materials are still in the body.
Powerhouse Infused-Water Company Alkaline88 Starts Healthy CBD Brand A88CBD
We really cater our products to functionality and taste. It’s what helped build Alkaline88 to what it is today. We took that same methodology to our CBD products. We make sure that all ingredients are carefully sourced and created. The CBD we use is extracted from premium, lab-tested hemp and contains no aftertaste or smell, so that our customers can truly enjoy the product. We also really value transparency. That’s why with any product you buy from A88CBD you’ll be able to find its certificate of analysis on the website and also be able to find an ingredient list. We’ll never sell you a product that claims to be something it isn’t and we provide products with only the highest quality ingredients.
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Can You Reuse Your Cannabis Soil Over and Over?
You don’t have to buy new soil whenever you want to plant cannabis plat in a pot. If the soil is disease and insect-infested, you can’t use it, but if it isn’t, you can reuse it. By revitalizing and reusing good old soil, you will be keeping your costs on growing cannabis low. Cannabis plants suck in a lot of nutrients with the help of soil microbes when they are planted. During the vegetative stage, they require nitrogen, and during the flowering stage, they need calcium and magnesium. So it is safe that after harvesting your cannabis, the plant may have taken all the nutrients in the soil.

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