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The Mechanisms Of How Cannabis Affects Men And Women Differently Discovered in New Study
They analyzed how social and environmental factors play a role, combined with individual personality traits when it comes to one’s willingness to experiment with cannabis as well as consumption habits.
Why Vaping Cannabis Is Better For Your Wallet
The average cannabis user consumes between 3-7 grams of weed per week. The average joint has about .9 grams of bud in it. All in all, it’s about 8 joints per week on average or between 16-20 bowls per week depending on the smoking method.
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What is your Stoner Elf On A Shelf Name?
Because even though it’s time for Christmas, Stoner Elves can never resist this – A good warm meal, a bit of jolly wine. Talking about life and what’s happening all the time. They love good company and are a barrel of laughs. They enjoy good music and share what they have.
The Cannabis Holiday Gift Guide 2018-19 Edition
After all, there’s no better gift than cannabis! We’ve rounded up some of the best products in the market today and found a ton of affordable choices for your loved ones, including those who have been naughty.
How Cannabis Elevates Real Estate Prices – Signs of the Times!
One would think that legalizing cannabis could have a negative impact on property sales within residential areas, however this is far from the truth. The reality is that when cannabis businesses open up in your neighborhood, it creates jobs.
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Cyber Security For The Cannabis Industry - Keep Your Business Safe From Hackers
Keep in mind that there’s no one-size fits all solution for keeping your business safe from cyber hacking. Each business has its own unique security needs.
Can You Develop a Tolerance to CBD?
CBD actually promotes enhanced receptor activity, resulting in you needing less CBD to achieve the same result; hence, the phrase reverse tolerance. This is why many people report needing less CBD after a few months of using it.
Surgeon General Warning - Cannabis’ Status as Schedule 1 Substance is Blocking Research
Jerome Adams, surgeon general of POTUS, recommended revisiting cannabis’s status in the US Controlled Substances Act of 1970 on Thursday, citing its impact on medical and scientific research.
What Happens When Cannabis Is No Longer Taboo?
Cannabis no longer is taboo. It’s something you can talk about in a conversation without having too much resistance. The vast majority of the people believe in medical cannabis; a great majority believes in recreational cannabis.
Marlboro Company Fuses $1.8 Billion Into Cannabis Company Cronos
Altria’s stock fell by 25% this year so far, but after they announced they would be tying the knot with Cronos, their stocks jumped 2% on Friday after early trading, while it sent Cronos shares soaring around 30%.
It’s Time To Clear The Smoke On Cannabis And Psychosis
Psychosis is usually linked to schizophrenia spectrum disorders. Oftentimes, the presence of psychotic behaviors makes the case for a schizophrenia diagnosis.

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