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The Dry Herb Vaporizer Revolution is Coming - Nectar Platinum Review
A dry herb vaporizer is an alternative to smoking herbs. It is an electric device which heats up dry herb, weed and/or concentrates in an oven chamber, subsequently creating a vapour which can be inhaled. The oven chamber heats up the dry herb using convection or conduction, very similar to that of a kitchen oven, heating the weed, rather than setting it on fire. Dry herb vaporizers are very easy to use, portable, and maintain a lot of the strength and flavour of the dry herb.
How Many Cannabis Plants Can You Legally Grow in California with a Cannabis Card?
The legalization of recreational cannabis in the state of California was the biggest catalyst to fuel the rocket i.e cannabis cultivation. Unlike before when such practices were frowned on you can now legally grow weed in california if you have the proper documents. California mandates that everyone gets a cannabis card to have the legal freedom to grow a specified number of cannabis plants. 'Emphasis on specified number' because that's where it gets tricky; “how many marijuana plants can I grow in California with my cannabis card?” what are the penalties if I exceed the acceptable range? Read on to find out!
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Why is Matanuska Thunder XTRM Feminized the New Hot Strain for Cannabis Growers?
This special cannabis strain is so named to celebrate the Alaskan origin of the cannabis strain. This special strain is native to the valley grasslands of Matanuska in the North Atlantic. Most marijuana strains are already known to spring from tropical regions which is why this special strain is already peculiar due to its origin. Away from its snowy homeland, different cannabis seed companies have made strong moves towards growing Matanuska Thunder XRTM in different places. Sargamantha holds the honor of being the first cannabis seed company to breed and grow the special strain.
Sustainable Cannabis - How to Find It and Why You Need to Start Caring
Having said that, sustainable cannabis growing doesn’t just apply to big-name players and cannabis corporations, and doesn’t exclude the location of your grow whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Mom and pop setups and even cannabis startups can also do the same when it comes to their exhausts, grow lights, and fans. And no matter what the size of your grow op is, you can still have total control over the quality of nutrients you use on your plants, since many pesticides and packaged plant fertilizers are made with chemicals that are harmful to the environment.
Legalizing Cannabis Makes It Harder for Teens to Consume Marijuana Says New Study
One of the possible reasons for this is due to the fact that within legal establishments there is a definite age requirement that dispensaries and those operating within the cannabis industry are keen to respect. This incentive to continue to operate within the confines of the law has had a direct impact on youth consumption rates.
These 4 Red States Could Go Green in 2021 and Legalize Medical Marijuana
Each of the four States has peculiarities in terms of their road to legalization. Kansas already had two medical marijuana bills squashed last year. Nonetheless, the journey of West Virginia to medical marijuana legalization in 2017 leaves much to expect good news in Kansas too. Though the stakeholders in some of these states seem resilient with prohibition, they will have no choice in the face of a decision made by voters. This was the case of Mississippi where voters used the power of the ballot box to incorporate medical marijuana despite resistance from the legislature.
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How to Roll the Perfect Blunt - The Foolproof Guide
It should  be noted that a perfectly rolled blunt is just the beginning, to derive ultimate effects from your blunt use top quality wrappers, and most importantly pure potent cannabis. It is not enough to know how to roll the perfect blunt; you've got to stay alert and educated on the substances used in making your wrap, and the quality of weed you consume; high-quality organically grown cannabis is always recommended.
I Did Not Think Cannabis-Infused Beverages Would Be a Big Thing, Then LEVIA Showed Me the Light
LEVIA comes in 3 flavors or categories.  Achieve, a sativa blend, Celebrate is a hybrid blend, and Dream, an indica blended infused drink.  At 5mg I was curious about the effects, and sure enough, after trying each flavor, the THC kicks in within 20 minutes of drinking it. I got to ask a few questions after the product trial to Levia, and I was curious as to why 5mg and not a “standard dosage” of 10mg was in each can?  You can read their answer below in the interview section, but I figured it out myself.  Drinking is a social affair in our society, people tend to gather and have more than one drink at a setting or sitting.  Hence, a controllable 5mg dosage makes sense because you will probably be drinking 2 or 3 cans at a time over a period of time, or just socializing.
Atlanta Suspends Pre-Employment Drug Testing, Good News for Medical Marijuana Patients?
Atlanta used to be a place with no regard for medical cannabis patients, there were no definite laws to prevent discrimination. Luckily, the city recently made the first move to protect medical cannabis patients in the work sector. On January 19th, 2021, the city suspended such pre-employment practices for specific occupations with an executive order. The executive order exempts prospective employees from physical examination and describes the test as a “barrier” that disrupts the hiring process. The city of Atlanta suspending pre-employment drug testing is GREAT news for cannabis consumers. It was predicted that there'll be a lot of positive developments in 2021; well, so far so good!
What's the Main Difference Between Sun-Grown and Indoor Grown Marijuana?
One of the best things about cannabis is that there are so many strains that are grown both indoors and outdoors. Each of them delivers a unique experience for consumers, so there’s no such thing as a superior weed for everyone – it’s all dependent on what you like. But knowing the differences involved in each type of grow is helpful for people that are interested in learning how to grow their own cannabis.
Is Cannabis Good for Gut Health?
Experts also recommend CBD oil for gut health because it regulates appetite, which is great if the person suffers from consistent bloating caused by excessive eating. Speaking of excessive eating, sometimes the solution to your gut health challenges is simply eating the right portions. Therefore, we recommend eating 3-4 hours between meals and snacks on healthy foods for easy digestion and gastric clearance.

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