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Japan Joins The Battle For Legal Weed
Japan’s secret history with marijuana is largely unknown by the rest of the world. Despite the strict laws that have been around, likely since before you were born,  there was actually a time when pot was part of Japanese culture
No Brainer News Of The Week : Pot Calms You Down, Alcohol Does Not
Scientific researchers have confirmed what we’ve thought all along: alcohol is much more harmful than marijuana.
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Stoner Horoscopes
As July comes to an end, don’t forget to spend some time focusing on yourself and relaxing with a bit of green in the sun during these summer months.
The Art Of Marijuana Microdosing
Microdosing is all about using smaller amounts of marijuana in order to enjoy its medicinal properties without getting stoned AF.
Colorado Water “Tainted” With THC – 50 Gallon Orders Coming In By The Second
Worst-case possible effects from short-term ingestion include impaired coordination that could affect the ability to drive, increased anxiety and psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations or paranoia.
Can Cannabis Treat Incontinence? Peeing Is Believing
A 2015 study discovered that a compound in marijuana known as CBG or cannabigerol can help people with bladder issues. The researchers tested the bladder contractility in both mouse and human specimens
Marijuana And Drug Tests At Work, Here Is The Scoop
What employees all over California need to know is this: even if pot becomes legal by year end, that doesn’t mean that drug use will be tolerated in the workplace.
The Benefits Of Cannabis For HIV/AIDS Patients
HIV medications are prescribed to reduce the viral load, which can then prevent the virus from reproducing in the body in order to preserve the immune system.
Cannakids, Cancer, and Kids, Because That Is How We Roll
It’s all education.  It’s all getting these patient stories to the public so that anybody can see with their own two eyes what a child looks like on and off cannabis when they’re going through these harsh treatments.
8 Celebrities Going All In On Legal Marijuana
These celebrities are definitely onto something. They know that money CAN grow on trees, alright.  The demand for medical marijuana is at a record high
Don’t Throw Out Your Cannabis Roots Just Yet
The cannabis root is the most underutilized and underestimated part of the plant. People don’t usually pay any attention to it, but it does have its share of purposes and benefits

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