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What's the First Thing You Should Do When Weed is Federally Legalized?
In case you missed Green Rush LIVE this week, we sat down and asked industry legends like Bruce Linton, Deb Borchardt, Steve Andrews, Curt Dalton of, Jocelyn Sheltraw and David Rabinovitz about what they would do first if they new the date of cannabis legalization.  We picked March 1, 2022 as the “day of legalization” and asked the legends in each space what they would do 30 days before and the day of legalization for investments and such.  When America goes legalized green what is Bruce Linton going to do? He says, “Buy France!”, say what, Bruce?  Jocelyn Sheltraw from Headset breaks down whether we will see brands merging on the West Coast in order to compete with big MSO, Deb Borchardt looks at M&A on Wall Street at legalization gets closer, and David Rabinovitz looks at how social equity and economic empowerment candidate will fair with full legalization.
Sorry Surgeon General - There is Value in Locking People Up for Marijuana Use, Just Ask the Senate
You may have seen the headlines read, “Surgeon General says there is no value in locking people up for marijuana” thinking, “Wow, that’s a progressive stance!” However, it’s also empirically false.
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Top 5 Entertaining Activities to Try When You Are High
You’re surely familiar with those endorphins that kick in when you’ve completed an aerobics session or a run. They don’t call it a natural high for nothing! So what’s our point? Why would you need to get high when you’re already high? Imagine how top of the world you’d feel if you threw in some good quality marijuana after you’ve built up a sweat from exercise, yoga or any type of physical activity that triggers the ‘good’ hormones.
Maryland Plans Recreational Cannabis Vote in 2022 Elections
To show how serious they are with this 2022 goal, Maryland has instituted a workgroup to examine all aspects of cannabis legalization. By “All aspects” here, we mean the possession and buying of legal marijuana as well as licensing and oversight of the marijuana business. Taxes and the number of marijuana licenses to be issued by Maryland will also be studied.
Why are Black People Still Getting Arrested for Weed at Higher Rates Than White People Post Marijuana Legalization?
In other words, it’s time we rethink the way we police society. What constitutes as a crime and what is merely a means of the police exploiting vulnerable populations. Additionally, in order to curtail this racist trend – it is absolutely essential that the police do not have Qualified Immunity.
The Search for OG Ditch Weed and Why It Matters
When you mention “ditch weed”, you’re probably thinking of some scraggly weed you found growing on the side of the road. Other people call “ditch weed” – Wild Weed. But how wild is ditch weed really? The truth is, not that wild anymore.
Legalize Missouri - Cannabis Advocates File a Petition to Legalize Marijuana in Missouri
Thanks to a petition by Fair Access Missouri, the state is set to legalize cannabis soon. The focus for the state is on "Adult-use" marijuana which is also from the petition filed by the local coalition asking for an “Open-use market." The group believes that legal cannabis will boost the state's economy and create jobs, thus enabling prosperity and long-term revenue generation. Fair Access Missouri is set to file the petition at the Secretary of State's office later this week. 
Of Grams and Gropes - The Female Experience Within the Cannabis Industry
When it comes to the cannabis industry – apparently this holds true also. At least to a Reddit Post asking women in the cannabis industry about whether they have experienced sexual assault/harassment/ and general creepiness. While being creepy isn’t a crime like the other two mentioned within the post – it still is uncomfortable and not something you’d like to experience repeatedly.
Ending the Stigma - Why Medical and Recreational Users Need to Get Along
Marijuana can be standardized and federally legalized in the future, all cannabis-related shame and negative tags must be canceled, and the cannabis industry should welcome all its customers. Regardless of the customer's preference, high or low, they should be respected and accepted because we all have different reasons for taking cannabis.
Second Time a Charm? Tennessee Introduces a New Medical Marijuana Bill in the House
A Tennessee lawmaker introduced the legislature to the 2022 ballot, which will set the pace for a more solidified cannabis industry in the state. Rep. Bruce Griffey, who is a Republican from District 75, is sponsoring the bill, which is now called ‘House Bill 1634”.  The bill will need county election commissions that entail three cannabis-related questions. It is expected that the questions will be non-binding and also appear in November 2022 on the ballot.
There is a Koch in Cannabis - Conservative Billionaires Get Ready for Marijuana Legalization
With roughly 5-months to go before the end of 2021, can Charles Koch and his team of money bags convince enough politicians to vote yes for cannabis legalization? I mean – doesn’t that previous sentence just illustrate how little your representatives actually give a shit about YOUR opinion.

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