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Where Does Cannabis Originally Come From?
Cannabis is believed to have originated from the steppes of Central Asia, particularly the regions now known as southern Siberia and Mongolia, says author Barney Warf, who has written extensively about the origins of cannabis and how it found its way to the United States.
Cannabis Newbies Would Rather Consume Pot Than Beer New Study Says
The figures revealed that 27% would rather use a cannabis-based product as opposed to beer; figures which may be worrying to beverage manufacturers.
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15 Benefits of THC That You Didn't Know About and Why You Need it with CBD
However, THC has some really valuable medicinal benefits, some of which can outdo CBD. Yes, it gets you high, but that’s not all that THC is good for.
Can a Tourist Buy Legal Weed in Canada Now?
Some Canadian companies are gearing up for cannabis tourism by offering cannabis tours. Canna Tours, a startup based in British Columbia, revealed to Market Watch that they’ve seen a “massive” growth in bookings just within the last week, according to founder Gavin Surerus.
Canadian Recreational Cannabis Rules and Questions You Were Afraid To Ask
Midnight of October 17th, 2018 felt like nothing short of New Year: people were enduring cold weather to queue at dispensaries (and lines went round and round the block), car horns being honked, and people cheering throughout the nation as the first recreational dispensaries welcomed the public.
Trump's Marijuana Policy Coordination Committee Report Will Focus On These 3 Cannabis Problems
The efforts from the U.S government to dissuade the American people on the benefits of legalization is not only outdated, it’s a waste of taxpayer money. Come November, more States will opt in for legal marijuana and with it federal legalization will only speed up…not slow down.
UBC Researchers Discover 21 New Cannabinoids
The researchers extracted compounds from the plant and then used a UV spectrum to classify the findings. They didn’t expect to find 21 new compounds which resembled cannabinoids.
How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Cannabis
For the vast majority of cannabis users, they will never truly run into a problem with consuming weed. Most cannabis consumers tend to level out their consumption habits over time.
Canada Legalizes Recreational Marijuana - What You Need To Know Today
Blair disclosed the latest insights on adopting recreational use cannabis during the CTV Question Period. When asked about the biggest current challenge for the federal government, he says that: “It’s a process of implementation.”
Canadians Can Fly Domestic With Weed
You won’t be allowed to smoke pot in the air, and you can’t fly from home with cannabis even if it’s to a state that has legalized the drug, and it will still be illegal to ship cannabis in any amount across the border even if it comes with a medical prescription.
Soil Versus Hydroponics – What Should I Use To Grow Cannabis?
I always recommend first time growers to start with soil and to work their way up from there. While it’s not impossible to start with hydroponics, it’s a heavier initial investment and has a slightly longer learning curve.

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