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Smoking Cannabis Flower May be the Best Way to Combat Chronic Pain Says New Medical Study
However, researchers have found that smoking flower could be the most efficient way to medicate for pain. A recent study conducted by researchers from the University of New Mexico revealed that pain patients have a better chance of efficiently managing pain when smoking flower compared to the other forms of cannabis consumption. The findings state that “whole cannabis flower was associated with greater pain relief than were other types of products.” They also add that “higher tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels were the strongest predictors of analgesia and side effects prevalence across the five pain categories.”
Could Cannabis Heighten a Protein's Ability to Fight Viruses and Inflammation?
ZBP1 is a unique protein that has a special ability to defend against viruses. The protein is activated when it senses Z-nucleic acids which is an unusual form of genetic material. The activation of this protein leads to the death of cells and inflammation. Z-nucleic acid is a special cellular genetic material with double-stranded DAN and RBA molecules. It also has a special left-handed double helix structure
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Kris Krane's Challenge to a Former DEA Agent is a Great Way to Start 2021
Kris Krane recently had one of his articles published on Forbes. If you’re not sure who Kris Krane is, he was one of the founders of Students for Sensible Drug Policy. He’s been a long standing cannabis advocate and have debated DEA agents about their drug policies. In other words, Kris and people like him are the reason that so many of us can experience legal cannabis where we live. He also is a cofounder of 4Front – a firm that helps invest into legal cannabis enterprises.
What is a Percolator Bong and What are the Best Ones on the Market?
A percolator bong or a water pipe as it is commonly called is a type of glass bong that helps to diffuse cannabis smoke making it easier to inhale the smoke. This basic definition of what a percolator bong is doesn’t fully capture the scope of what a percolator bong is. There are different types of percolator bong but they all contain “percs” which helps to make them distinct. A perc is a small glass contraption that water passes through thereby creating a filter. A perc is usually at the base of the bong or in the tube.
Marijuana Jobs (NOW HIRING) According to Cannabis Job Boards and Recruiters
Jobs in cannabis extraction require special training, even laboratory experience and science degrees. That’s because flammable solvents, high-pressure systems, and the like all of which must be operated in strict, controlled conditions or else you run the risk of fire and other disasters. So it’s no surprise that one must have technical skills to handle these jobs, and they usually pay more than the average cannabis job.
Could Cannabis Beat Big Pharma to a Cure for Alzheimer's?
THC and CBD are known to have a neuroprotective activity that can help to slow down the degenerative process. Dr. Russo explains that THC on its own is effective in dealing with night agitation. This action is also present in CBD as it helps to get rid of sleep disturbances. This means that both cannabinoids are effective in promoting sleep and improving the quality of life of the patients. These are some of the major aspects of the life of patients of Alzheimer’s that are greatly affected.
How the Cannabis Industry is Pushing the Boundaries of Digital Payments
The cannabis industry is a growing market and as a growing market, it is stretching its wings to bigger horizons needed for a functioning market structure. One of those horizons is in the place of financial structures. It is not just enough for the product to be in demand by consumers there are necessary structures and strategies that must be put in place to ensure the forward movement of the market. This, however, is a special problem faced by the cannabis industry because it lacks major players like Amazon that can boost delivery and payment structures.
What is the Most Crucial Skill to Look for in a Master Cannabis Grower?
If you ask any experienced grower what is one of the most important skills to master when growing cannabis they will probably give you a long list of things – however, I think most can agree that PATIENCE is a virtue that really benefits the bottom-line of growing cannabis.
Cannabis was the #1 Gift Given This Holiday Season According to New Surveys
They found that among the various cannabis products available, flowers, edibles, and pre-rolls were the most popular. A majority of the 630 survey participants also said they were going to replace alcohol for cannabis during holiday merry-making. Additionally, 71.2% of respondents said they would be giving bud to their friends while 65.2% would be gifting family members, while 40.8% said they were giving to their significant others.
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5 Ways That You Can Mess Up Your Home Cannabis Grow Real Fast
Cultivating cannabis at home can be challenging. But with some practice and attention to the specific growing needs of the strain, you can produce your own medical cannabis indoors. Reddit has several forums for novice growers with great advice from experienced cultivators. It is a lot of work to home-grow cannabis. But once you have set-up your equipment and understand the growth methods, you will be successful. Remember to check with your state marijuana laws regarding how many ounces of home-grown cannabis you are permitted to possess. Know your limit (and stay within it) to avoid problems and happy growing!
Why You Should Replace Your Cotton Face Mask with a Hemp Face Mask
One advantage that has helped to propagate the use of cotton as a face mask material is the substantial breathability available within the fibers. Cotton fibers process enough pores to ensure that users can breathe while having the face masks on. This same feature is present with hemp face masks. Hemp is a natural fiber similar to cotton which means it has substantial breathability with another added advantage of antimicrobial activity.

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