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Why do Some Athletes Perform Better When They are Stoned?
As the legal climate of medicinal and recreational cannabis begins to change, so are the days of athletes who need to wring their hands in contrition and seek penance after failing a piss test for smoking the “devil’s lettuce.” Cannabis culture in sports has long carried within it the old school stigma of reefer madness and athletes throwing their careers away, but to be blunt, the reality of it all is this: lots of athletes use cannabis, and these days professional athletes across the country are speaking out in favor of the discredited herb.
How to Make Low-Sugar Vegan Cannabis-Infused Gummy Bears
Once the gummies have set, all that's left is to unmold them — or cut them into shape if you're using a sheet pan — and toss them in powdered sugar to coat. You'll want the sugar to keep the gummies from sticking together, because homemade recipes tend to be a little stickier than store-bought options.
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What is a Parachute Pill and How Does It Work?
Most people also don’t know that once the THCa is broken down in the liver, it doesn’t become 9-Delta-THC but rather it’s more potent version 11-Hydroxy-THC. The latter being roughly 10 times more potent than regular ol’ THC.
3 Canine Ailments that can be Treated with CBD Oil
You can also use CBD oil for dogs’ skin. A study conducted in 2012 indicated that CBD, which is a natural anti-inflammatory, improved the skin of dogs with atopic dermatitis - a condition where your skin becomes inflamed because of an allergic reaction. However, this study only looked at skin samples from five dogs.
Extractions, Infusions, and Medibles - A Beginner's Guide
The RSO method is one of the most used extraction/infusion methods because it’s a simple process and doesn’t require too much experience to pull it off. Having said that, it’s important to understand that you’re working with alcohol vapors and heat. This is why it’s never-EVER a good idea to do this method on an open flame, even if you “have a fan blowing away the vapors”.
The Real Reason Most People Use Recreational Cannabis, According To Surveys (Hint: It Isn’t To Get High)
A study in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs reveals that recreational cannabis consumers purchase legal weed for treating pain or insomnia. In doing so, they no longer have to resort to pharmaceutical solutions for treating these common ailments. The team led by Dr. Marcus Bachhuber, a psychiatrist working at the Montefiore Medical Center in New York, came up with their findings by polling shoppers who were purchasing recreational weed at a pair of Colorado recreational dispensaries in 2016.
Cannabis Growing 101 - The Marijuana Basics to Get Growing at Home
The estimated time for vegging (when your plant is growing) is roughly 1-2 months. If you’re doing outdoor grows, you don’t have to worry too much about light cycles as the plant would use the sun as an indicator. Nonetheless, it takes between 1-3 months for it to completely get through the vegging process and would naturally kick over to flowering after that.
Scientist Suing the DEA for Delaying Cannabis Research
They also claim that the DEA is purposely ignoring their application, which is preventing them from studying cannabis. “While most states in the US recognize that cannabis has medical value, the DEA says otherwise, pointing to the absence of clinical research,” Sisley said. “But at the same time, government regulations and bureaucracy prevent researchers like SRI from ever doing the clinical research the DEA has overtly demanded.
Cannabis Slang Words - Watch Your Pot-ty Mouth!
If it’s true that the most loved children abide by many nicknames, then cannabis must be one of Mother Nature’s favorite children. Jonothan Green, author of Green’s Dictionary For Slang, estimates that there are at least 1,000 nicknames for cannabis.
Top Tips on Using LED Lights To Grow Your Own Marijuana Seeds
MH/HPS grow lamps are currently the conventional method of lighting to grow marijuana seeds as they’re a little lighter on the wallet, in comparison to high-quality LED lighting. New cultivators of marijuana crops will often start with HID lights because they’re commonly used and come with growing kits.
Europe Cannabis Industry & Marijuana Business News
known as the “backdoor problem”. But the Dutch government started an experiment which would then allow 10 producers to supply cannabis to these famed coffeeshops so that these establishments would no longer have to worry about facing consequences when serving their customers.

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