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Once, I Got So High... - Trip Reports from Beyond
However, after a while, they realized that their order is taking forever to arrive. After all, they have spoken about many different topics to great extent, and their burritos haven’t arrived yet. Annoyed and Hungry, they called the waiter over and gave them a piece of their mind. “Where’s the food man, why is it taking so long? It’s not like there’ a ton of people here. Cmon!”
Have You Tried Cannasutra?
Cannabis induces a state of euphoria. It lowers some of your ego-defenses and allows you to engage more earnestly with virtually anything you are doing. When combining the philosophy (and sexual positions of Kama Sutra) with the self-reflective, dopamine-inducing effects of cannabis…you get spectacular results.
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Weed Tips for Getting Over Your Game of Thrones Depression
While there is no known cure for post-GOT Depression, it has been rumored that cannabis can help with many of the symptoms. Even though you can’t legally get a recommendation for this condition, that doesn’t mean that cannabis won’t help you through the ‘dark times’.
Stop Discriminating Against Moms Who Use Cannabis
Another interesting note was that 21% of moms admit that cannabis use has been a replacement for liquor, and 38% say that they prefer pot to booze, at least sometimes. When it came to pregnancy, it wasn’t surprising that 81% of moms confirm that cannabis does reduce nausea, 76% say that it helps with stress, 67% report an improvement in sleep, and 62% were in less pain because of it. Just 4% of moms said that they experienced negative effects from cannabis.
The Government Does Not Regulate Your Diet, Sex Life, or Health, so Why Regulate Cannabis?
Within most governments around the world, the individual has the right to eat as much junk food as they would like. They have the right to never do exercise. They have the right to have unprotected sex with as many partners as they can. They are responsible for personal hygiene and their own health and wellness.
Money Saving Marijuana Practices - How to Stretch Your Weed Stash Out
Most people have learned how to measure their consumption to make their weed last, however, sometimes there’s just too many ‘days for your monies’, meaning that at times you have to go to “extreme budgeting” when it comes to your habit. In today’s article, we’ll be talking about some “best practices” to help stretch your stash further, and allowing you to have “emergency tokes” for those rainy days you don’t have a stash.
Why did the FDA Secretly Fast Track a Synthetic CBD from Big Pharma?
On Monday morning, Zynerba Pharmaceuticals announced that they won the status for a transdermal CBD topical. The benefits of Fast Track status means that it shortens the time needed to review medications designed to treat conditions that aren’t responsive to conventional medications.
CBD Gaining Popularity Among Elite Athletes
There’s no doubt that CBD is extremely beneficial for athletes in particular, thanks to its ability to speed up healing and recovery. After all, serious athletes face the issue of recovery every single day. But you don’t even have to be an athlete to appreciate the healing benefits of CBD: anyone who’s spent some time at a gym will tell you that sore muscles can be excruciating.
What is the Real Reason Law Enforcement Wants to Keep Marijuana Illegal?
Nonetheless, with weed illegal, cops have the excuse to do many things that would not be constitutionally allowed. However, this legal loophole allows them to act like Spetsnaz operatives, seize your property and deprive you of your liberty. At the same time, the illegality of cannabis inflated their arrest records, meaning that they received bigger grants from the Federal government.
CBD and Marijuana Facts You Should Know
The dried flower of the cannabis plant that we are used to calling marijuana has the mindblowing content of over 500 chemicals. Some of those have a mind-altering effect, others don't. Here are the main representatives of each kind. THC, which is short for delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol, enters your bloodstream from the lungs when you smoke pot. It is the main psychoactive agent, responsible for getting “high”.
Solving the Cannabis Carbon Emission Problem
Canada already has a few of these in operation which provides year-long growing potential, however with a significant reduction of power costs during summer times. Having these systems in the US would also drastically reduce the carbon emissions per grow by supplementing grow lights with natural sunlight.

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