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10 Best Cannabis Strains for Hangovers
Forget about the Tylenol or Advil – cannabis is your best friend when it comes to dealing with nasty hangovers. Lighting up a bowl will help you recover from feeling like a garbage can, it’ll stop the nausea, and help you enjoy your food.
Why Netflix Launched Its Own Marijuana Strains
Essentially, Netflix branded a few strains of cannabis that was sold in one particular dispensary in Hollywood right around the season premiere and encouraged people to smoke it while watching the show.
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47,500 Deaths Annually Can Be Prevented By Cannabis Legalization Says New Study
Science once again proves that cannabis saves lives. A recent scholarly paper published by the University of Indiana South Bend’s biology department discusses how cannabis use has been associated with reduced rates of premature mortality.
Personal Story
What To Do When You Run Out Of Weed
Every now and then you’ll run out of weed. I know, you’re thinking, “I live in a legal state, of course I’ll always have cannabis on hand”, however sometimes life just happens.
Personal Story
I Smoked Marijuana While Pregnant and Breastfeeding
Now on to the topic: my pregnancy journey with marijuana. Before I started smoking during pregnancy, I spent a lot of time researching about the effects of marijuana use on expectant mothers.
What are CBD:THC ratios and their benefits?
You’ve probably encountered different CBD:THC ratios when shopping for edibles and some strains, but what do they all mean? Each CBD:THC ratio plays an important role in how cannabis works in the human body.
Cannabis Strains for HIV/AIDS
There are also other benefits for HIV patients who use cannabis; it helps with peripheral neuropathy, neuropathic pain, depression, appetite loss, nausea, and difficulty sleeping.
Why Does Cannabis Make You Paranoid?
Although cannabis has been proven to treat anxiety, there are some studies why it can actually make you paranoid, and it all boils down to everyone’s favorite cannabinoid: THC.
Another Cannabis Death That Didn't Happen
Every now and then we hear about another alleged “marijuana related death” only to find out that…no…cannabis did not kill that person.
How To
Make Your Own Cancer-Killing Rick Simpson Oil At Home
Simpson, who developed his own oil aptly called Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), has become famous in the medical community for being able to successfully cure his cancer using THC in his specially-formulated oil.
What Are The Benefits of Hemp Protein?
Hemp protein powder is superior with it comes to being a source of vegan protein; it contains 20 amino acids, 9 of which are essential amino acids that the human body can’t produce on its own and needs from dietary sources.

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