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What is Kush Weed? (The Rookie's Guide)
When an experienced cannabis user hears the slang "kush", the first thing that comes to mind is high-quality weed. That's what the kush strain is— a highly potent weed. Officially, Kush is a term used to classify a family of Indica-dominant cannabis strains. Unofficially, it is the go-to term used by the western world to qualify high-quality black market cannabis. The ancestry of the kush weed can be traced to the region known as the Hindu Kush— it was also named after this region.
Portugal Clears a Big Hurdle in the Path Toward Legal Marijuana-Based Medicines
The government of Portugal plans to leverage this to use the psychoactive compound in varying levels to create cannabis-based drugs— making their product original, authentic and modern. Not only this, plans are in place to have a production plant within the country. The country plans to produce units of this medicine within the borders of the country in the nearest future.
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High on Life - Should Cannabis Be Part of Hospice Care?
The patients in hospices often struggle with their appetite because of the intense treatments (for example, cancer patients). Decreased appetite is also prevalent because they are emotionally down, with the illnesses taking a toll on their mental health. But CBD is an appetite-boosting compound that encourages them to eat regularly and also snack in between meals. A hospice patient will have a greater chance of better managing illness when he or she consistently eats nutritious meals.
Should I Stop Smoking Weed? - The Definitive Guide to the Question That We All Ask Ourselves Once in a While
We can all agree that when you abuse something – even if it’s cannabis – it will eventually become detrimental to your health & wellbeing. For some, there comes a point in time when they ask themselves, “Should I stop Smoking Weed?”
Cannabis Urban Legend - The White Ash vs. Black Ash Myth
Combustion plays a big role on the color of ash, and it could explain why your ash is burning white or dark. Research shows that when combustion takes place at a high temperature, organic material is burnt properly leading to a low concentration of nitrogen, and by extension, clear ash colors. On the other hand, when combustion occurs at a low temperature, organic compounds are not properly burnt, thereby leaving darker ash color. This shows that the color of ash, is not an indication of the quality of marijuana, rather the temperature of combustion.
The Rise of Celebrity Weed - Does It Help or Hurt in the Fight for Legalization?
These days it seems that every major and minor celebrity is getting into the weed game. From obvious candidates like Seth Rogen, Snoop Dogg, & Willie Nelson to less obvious choices like Miley Cyrus and Whoopi Goldberg – Celebrity Weed is here to stay! The question is – is it good for the cause or just a fluttering cash grab?
7 Natural Pain Relief Options to Consider Before Prescription Drugs
The medical community has shifted sharply in its approach to pain management in recent years. This is due to the fact that many of the more traditional pain management treatments that were once routinely offered to patients, such as opioids and harmful medications, are now known to do far more harm than good. For this reason, other alternatives to pain management are considered before turning to such medications in most cases.
Why Did Some Arizona Cities and Towns Ban Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries?
Recreational facilities were not the only affected centers in Arizona. Some cities also banned marijuana testing facilities. For example, through Ordinance Number 5601, the city of Mesa prohibited a marijuana testing facility from functioning fully. This move made it incredibly difficult for final marijuana products to be tested before offered for sale in Arizona. Mesa also banned the possession and consumption of marijuana on its "official city property." These bans and new ordinances from Arizona state already harm the Social Equity Opportunity program in Arizona; in fact while it stands it'll seriously limit Arizona's potential for rapid growth and development.
So, You Want to Drink Your THC Now, Do You? How are Cannabis-Infused Beverages Doing in the Market?
Cannabis beverages is an arm of cannabis-infused products that have done considerably well in the market over the past couple of months. Sales of the product generally went up by 40% last year partly due to the global change on the account of the pandemic and consumers looking for new ways to relax. Another factor that spurred this surge in sales last year is the behavior of consumers as many were seeking a familiar form of consumption that involves weed while others sought a substitute for alcohol. Irrespective of the driving force, cannabis companies capitalized on this consumer behavior with different types of cannabis-infused beverages that further improved the overall activity of the product in the market.
Will Uber Be Your New Weed Guy?
So, why the change of heart? Well, drivers who deliver cannabis are required to be employed full-time according to California regulations that were approved in January. For this reason, the drivers will get not just an automatic hourly rate but also medical leaves and overtime pay. There are also some dispensaries that offer a 401k, medical insurance, plus vacation days all in effort to attract more drivers.
What Comes after CBD? - The Next Big Cannabinoids to Go Mainstream are Here!
For many years the focus of a lot of people about cannabis was just the plant itself. However, as research blossomed in the marijuana sector, more and more people started to learn about the chemical components in cannabis called cannabinoids. CBD (arguably the most popular cannabis component) has gone from being the unknown compound to the most sought-after substance that has taken over the world. CBD currently generates billions of dollars in sales, has millions of users with numerous products derived from it. 

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