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The Complete Guide to Building a Cannabis Brand with AI in 2024 and Beyond
Picture this: your very own cannabis brand, powered by the limitless potential of AI. In this wild ride of an article, we're going to walk you through the steps to make this dream a reality. We'll dive into the nitty-gritty of building a brand from the ground up, all while leveraging the power of AI to give you a serious edge in the market. So, buckle up, because we're about to embark on a journey that could change your life. Are you ready to become the cannabis kingpin of the AI age?
Ediblocked - Some People Can't Get High from Edibles and Scientists Don't Know Why?
While some people can easily get high with a toke or two, others require significantly much more weed in their system, and there are just those that don’t get high at all with potent cannabis products such as edibles! In a 2021 interview with Al McDonald, a cannabis grower from Ontario, Canada, The Boston Globe sheds some light into this fascinating, albeit confusing, phenomenon.
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Just Say No to Pesticides on Your Weed - How to Grow Bug-Free Cannabis Plants without Using Pesticides
Many weed growers end up resorting to strong, harmful chemical pesticides and fungicides to prevent pest problems or nip them in the bud. However, these chemical pesticides and fungicides can also be dangerous for humans and the environment. They are, after all, made with chemicals – and some of these chemicals are known to be carcinogenic.
The End of the US Hemp Industry is Near - Closing the Delta-8 and Delta-9 Farm Bill Loophole Will End Hemp in America
If you have followed the legal hemp market over the past 8 years and attended shows like the Benzinga Cannabis Conference, you know that the only thing keeping the US hemp industry alive, and on life-support at best, is the sale of commerical retail products that create revenue, ie, Delta-8 THC and Delta-9 THC products derived from hemp.  While hemp-crete and hemp twine are nice stories, the only "cash crop" hemp has right now is selling "hemp that gets you high" to Americans that don't have acccess to legal weed.
Is the Solution to High-THC Products and Potent Marijuana Strains Good Old-Fashioned Black Pepper?
How Black Pepper Interacts with Cannabis - The interaction between the terpenes in cannabis and those in black pepper, particularly beta-caryophyllene, can influence the effects of cannabis consumption. The potential benefits include...
Cannabis Nation - How Daily Cannabis Use Now Outpacing Alcohol Consumption Will Change America (Op-Ed)
That's right, Americans are now more likely to spark up a joint after a long day than they are to crack open a cold one. Or six. Now, some of you might be thinking, "Hey, what's the big deal? People are just trading one vice for another." But hold on a minute. This isn't just about personal preference. When a whole nation decides to swap out their poison of choice, it's not just a matter of taste. It's a fundamental shift in the way we think, act, and interact with the world around us.
Cannabis vs. Pharmaceuticals: A Head-to-Head Comparison for Common Ailments
Many of us grappling with common health issues like anxiety, pain, or sleeplessness often reach for over-the-counter (OTC) medications for quick relief. However, frequent use of these medicines can have long-term adverse effects. This growing concern has led many to explore natural remedies, with cannabis emerging as a popular alternative. But how does it really stack up against traditional medicines?
A Fox News Poll, Yes, That Fox News, Found Almost 70% of Americans Want to Legalize Weed, What Would the MSNBC Poll Say?
A recent survey by Fox News revealed that an impressive 69% of voters, including a majority of Republicans, support marijuana legalization. That survey is stunning based on the conservative bias associated with Fox News.  Imagine the polling support on the much more liberal MSNBC! This widespread support begs the question: will President Biden and former President Trump take notice and adapt their stance on this issue?
Scientists Got Fish High on Psychedelics to Explain How They Work - Here's What They Found Out!
In a recent study, whose results were published in Molecular Psychiatry, Dr. Takashi Kawashima led a team of researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science to understand the behavior of psychedelics in the human body by exposing larval zebrafish to it, and how they influence different cells in the brain to provide its therapeutic benefits. The researchers utilized various scientific tools such as image analysis, optical microscopy, and even artificial intelligence.
Natural Pain Management: Exploring CBD Vape Oil as a Solution
CBD vape oil is not specifically for pain management, as it has many other health benefits. However, it is among the popular natural pain management remedies. The truth is that people frequently use CBD to manage pain, anxiety, and sleep issues. When it comes to pain management, the strongest CBD vape oil in the UK will be a better choice.
Drugs are Bad, Mmmkay? - The Subjective Morality around Cannabis and Other Drugs
The question of whether drugs are inherently good or bad has been a topic of debate for centuries. Society often labels certain substances as "bad drugs" while accepting others as "good." But how do we measure the morality of a drug? Is it based on its legal status, cultural acceptance, or perceived health risks?

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