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Why Do Republican Lawmakers Want President Biden to Reclassify Cannabis Instead of Removing from the CSA?
The President’s Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, initially didn’t condemn the sanctions by Olympic officials on the U.S runner Sha’Carri Richardson. But later told CNN that the situation requires the administration to ‘Take another look” at its marijuana rules.  Previously in April, Psaki mentioned that the Biden campaign promise to release Federal inmates with cannabis convictions would begin with rescheduling cannabis which is a proposal experts say will not accomplish the administration’s goals. 
What Happened to the $650 Million Dollar Cannabis Ponzi Scheme - And How to Spot One
Sixty-year-old Robert Russell from Duvall was charged by the US Securities and Exchange commission with violations of federal securities law, reports the Seattle Times. There was also an SEC complained, filed January 21, in a California federal court which states that investors were attracted to the offer because of Russell’s generous profits from his cannabis farm. Green Acre Pharms. Russell worked with a co-conspirator, Guy Scott Griffithe of California, who exhausted $3.5 million of the investors’ cash on “extravagant luxuries, inappropriate personal expenditures, and unrelated business ventures,” says the SEC complaint. Among these were a yacht and luxury vehicles.
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Cannabis Vape Tech is Hot, But What If COVID Spikes Up Again?
The goodness of the special cannabis herb can be enjoyed in several ways. Gone are the days when all you could think to do with cannabis is to smoke it in a blunt directly. Now, more exciting ways such as infusing it in edibles like gummy bears and chocolate, vaporizing it, and using oils and tinctures have been provided. This culminated in the massive growth of sales in the cannabis industry as more entrepreneurs are looking to capitalize on it. However, our emphasis today will be a bit restricted to the growth experienced by vape tech recently.
First Recreational Marijuana Bill Introduced in Ohio
With this proposed bill, adults in Ohio from 21 years of age will be allowed to purchase and gain access to 5 ounces of cannabis at a time. The legalized adults can also cultivate up to 12 mature marijuana plants for personal and non-commercial use. The bill also allows villages, counties, and cities to limit the kind of cannabis businesses they will allow within their borders.
Futuristic CBD Vending Machines Touch Down in Florida, Where Are They Landing Next?
The cannabis industry is rapidly evolving. What used to be a mere thought is gradually becoming a reality with the vending machines, and Miami is at the forefront of this innovative design. Yes, we still need our budtenders for a more personalized experience, but with the vending machines CBD, buyers can get access to products much faster and easier.  Miami is setting the pace for other states to follow, and with these vending machines additions, it is safe to say that purchasing CBD in Miami will never be the same. 
The Top 10 Vape Batteries for 510 Oil Cartridges
Vaping is an exciting way of enjoying cannabis, and users are ensuring that the vape market explodes through the increasing consumption of CBD oil. In cannabis-friendly states like Washington and Colorado and countries like Canada, the use of CBD oils is becoming a norm, and it has positively affected the vape battery market. As the demand for vape pens increases, so does the demand for batteries because the battery powers the vape pen. You’ve got to know the kind of batteries available in the market and seek out the best batteries for your oil cartridges. 
Colorado's New Marijuana Law Facing Legal Challenges, And It Should!
The Bill, spearheaded by three democrats and a republican, essentially limits the daily amount of medical cannabis a medical patient can buy in any given day. However, the bill also establishes a council to conduct research on cannabis concentrates which will then be used to fuel a public education campaign.
The Sad Story of the Procks and Losing Your Toddler Over Having Cannabis Locked in Your Trunk
Except, you’re in Alabama, and here cannabis is considered as dangerous as heroin. So the next thing you know, you’re busted by the State Trooper, and what’s worse – your kid is taken into child protective services because the fact that you had weed on you, you somehow “endangered your child” simply because of proximity to the plant.
Is Organic the Way Forward for the Marijuana Industry or Is It Just Too Expensive?
So unlike the grocery store standard, there are currently no "Organic" shelves in dispensaries. Packaging with preserving the products is also a challenge because packaging and presentation are a vital part of the organic process. If there are new cannabis enterprises considering taking the organic route, they will need to break through the challenge of expanding their customer base. They will also need to research the proper packaging for the product, which offers an exciting cannabis experience for consumers. 
Bongs for Borat - Sacha Baron Cohen Sues Massachusetts Dispensary for Using His Image
This is especially true when you’re using mainstream advertising routes like putting up a billboard. These VERY public displays will grab the attention of people and can quickly escalate in a similar fashion as the case in question. IF the dispensary wanted to use the image of Borat, they would probably have been more effective doing a “Meme Campaign” which would utilize Memes to sell the story or “hint that Borat likes that stuff”…which Cohen explicitly said he doesn’t.
Getting Lobsters High Before You Boil Them - Does That Actually Ease Their Pain?
In her own words, while addressing the Mount Desert Islander, Charlotte explained that it was not pleasing to witness lobsters being killed without an exit strategy. With her knowledge as a medical marijuana caregiver and a proper understanding of the role of cannabis in mediating pain and euphoria, she got a lobster stoned before boiling him.

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