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Cannabis Strains for Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)
Patients with restless leg syndrome (RLS) suffer from an irresistible urge to move their legs while resting. The condition also causes them to experience painful sensations in their legs.
Wildfires Leave $1 Billion In Damages For Cannabis Farms
To help employees survive this catastrophe, CannaCraft will be donating $40,000 worth of medicines to affected patients, and donate a part of their sales to Red Cross relief projects in the area.
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Just How High Will Canada Get?
Canada is set to become the first industrialized nation to legalize and regulate marijuana from production to consumption beginning in July of 2018.
Can You Get Addicted To Cannabis?
Generally speaking, cannabis isn’t addictive. Well… you could say it’s just about as addictive as chocolate or Netflix is. Most cannabis users have no problem quitting cannabis when needed.
Cannabis Inhaler From Israel Gives Controlled Medical Doses
The cannabis inhaler is the only metered dose cannabis inhaler made out of plant material in the world. The device was approved by the Israeli Health Ministry over 2 years ago.
3 Things That MMJ Patients Need To Be Cautious About
MMJ patients use cannabis to treat a wide range of illnesses; from non-fatal conditions such as eczema, to life-threatening conditions such as epilepsy, cancer, HIV, and much more.
8 Things You Need To Know About Cannabis And Chronic Pain
Over 100 million Americans suffer from one type of chronic pain or another. Chronic pain costs an estimated $600 billion annually in treatment and lost productivity.
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5 Easy Ways To Increase THC In Your Cannabis Grow
While it is possible to increase the THC for cannabis, the particular strain or plant genes that you’re working with is the most important aspect.
How To
Cannabis Massage Oil Recipe
Not everyone likes smelling like weed after a massage, but you can easily solve this by adding essential oils.
CBD Market Projected to See 700% Growth
CBD is a non-psychotropic cannabinoid that has medical benefits very similar to that of THC, except without the high.
Top Cannabis Strains for Bell’s Palsy
Bell’s Palsy has also been linked to other conditions; patients who have had strokes, Lyme disease, brain tumors, and herpes simplex virus are more at risk for developing Bell’s Palsy.

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