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Hemp Biofuel - The Answer to the Highest CO2 Readings in 4 Million Years on Earth
Aside from the advantages, we mentioned with biofuel above, hemp biofuel, in particular, has many other advantages. The most significant benefit is that it can grow on marginal land, which is a piece of land with lesser soil quality. As a low-maintenance plant, hemp can thrive in the most unfavorable soil conditions, and this means anyone can explore the hemp biofuel option. All you have to do is get the hemp seeds, and you are ready to go.
The Queens of Kush - 8 Female Entrepreneurs Killing the Cannabis Game
8 of the most prominent women leading the cannabis industry. From Amy Margolis, a seasoned lawyer and cannabis advocate based in Oregon, down to the courageous grandma that is prepared to fight the Spanish government. These feminists from various backgrounds and political groups understand there's more work to be done. They are ready to do it.
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Mexican Drug Cartels are Bat$hit Crazy and Marijuana Legalization is Their New Battle Ground
The cartels in Mexico were far superior to those in Colombia and have a lot more money. In fact, since the Mexican cartels are the gatekeepers to the US – all other Latin American cartels in one way or another need to pay them tribute to pass the drugs and other contraband. Needless to say – Mexican Drug Cartels are a Force to be Reckoned with…already having their clutches in hundreds of cities & towns in the US.
What is the Cannabis Entourage Effect and Is It Fact or Fiction?
The term "Entourage effect" is commonly used in cannabis news articles, and it doesn't mean a group of people who love weed or those who are cannabis enthusiasts. The term is used to describe the synergy between the combination of different chemical combinations in cannabis.  The entourage effect is about the interaction between THC/CBD as well as other terpenes and cannabinoids. 
A Drug Bust Gone Bitcoin - Police Raid An Alleged Pot Growing House Only to Hit the Bitcoin Mining Bonanza
From the reports released by the West Midland Police, it can be gathered that these organized crime groups were suspected to be involved in the illegal cultivation of cannabis, or heading cocaine and heroin supply chains. Collections of arms were seized from sawn-off shotguns to imitation pistols that have been designed to discharge live rounds. The policemen also retrieved over 500 wraps of Class A drugs, several burner phones, mixing agents, cannabis, and more than £13,000 in cash from these raids.
Why Do Some People Crave Cannabis? New Medical Study Released!
A recent study published in the Human Brain Mapping journal shed some light as to why long-term cannabis consumers crave the herb. “Now that we have identified there are differences in large-scale brain network patterns in long-term cannabis users when there is craving, we can use these as biomarkers of cannabis use disorder to aid treatment strategies. Further studies are needed to determine how these brain network patterns might change over the course of treatment and recovery,” explains Dr. Francesca Filbey, PhD, director and professor of cognitive neuroscience.
Let's Hit the Weed Bar - Are Cannabis Consumption Lounges the New Legalization Trend?
Simply put, a bar is an alcohol consumption lounge, that is a public space where alcoholic drinks are consumed. Therefore a cannabis consumption lounge is a licensed and safe space for a group of people to consume cannabis. Cannabis lounges may just be the best element to make cannabis socially acceptable by all age groups in the country. It will go a long way in ensuring an equitable industry that caters to all.
Turning Trichome Crystals from Clear to Amber with One Organic Spray - MagicFlower
Well, as luck would have it, that original 13 spices mixed with oil, vinegar, and potassium bicarbonate was the exact right mixture to not only cure the powdery mildew and spider mites, but I also noticed it was ‘finishing’ the plants. The hairs were turning orange and the crystals were turning cloudy and amber. It took me a month of testing to believe my own eyes and at the end of that testing I realized I had discovered something special that would benefit many farmers. The magic is in the spices.
It's Getting Hot Outside, Does CBD Help with a Sunburn?
A board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Jeanette Jacknin claims CBD has a high potential to make the skin heal from sun damage. She based her claims on studies that show the hearing effects of CBD on wounds. Although there is still a need for a lot of research to be carried out. In the meantime, it has been suggested that CBD can be mixed into existing sunburn precautions.
Growing Marijuana Plants in a Drought - What are Water Supply Best Practices?
People can argue that marijuana and hemp do not need water to survive, seeing that they thrive in dry conditions. But the truth is no crop can do without water. Having an optimal amount of water would further boost the yield of a cannabis crop. Therefore to ensure adequate water supply for outdoor cannabis in a season of drought, you need to put an irrigation system in place and then practice water conservative measures.
Delta-8 THC, We Hardly Knew Ya - Why the DEA and States Want It Banned
Delta-8 T.H.C. is one of the many cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. Unlike CBD, when you take this cannabinoid, you get high. However, it is usually not present in large quantities in the cannabis plant and is driven by changing hemp CBD through a chemical process-driven under the Federal level.

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