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Does Mixing Different Cannabis Strains Together Get You Higher?
You also get to enjoy many health benefits by combining the cannabinoids and terpenes of the various strains all in your system. This is called the entourage effect. Simply put, it enables the hundreds of compounds within the plant to work synergistically with one another for enhanced health benefits though the more potent high is just an amazing “side effect”.  Recreational users can benefit by having more control on their hit because combining strains will give you a chance to experiment with different sensations. On the other hand, medical users can also benefit by, for example, combining sativas with indicas for a more balanced effect.
A Beginner's Guide to CBD and Anxiety
Understanding CBD’s efficacy requires understanding the nature of anxiety disorders first. As the National Institute of Mental Health explains, they’re more than just momentary episodes of worry or fear. They never go away, if not grow worse over time. Soon, they start taking their toll on your life–work, social, and everything in between.
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Cannabis NFT's (Non-Fungible Tokens) Go Live on 4/20 as PotPunks Shakes Up Criminal Justice Reform
PotPunks, a new NFT digital collectible project today announced their phase one launch of 69 digital characters inspired by the diverse world of cannabis lovers and advocates. In addition to celebrating the world of weed, PotPunks goes one step further by partnering with Project Mission Green, a charity founded by reform advocate Weldon Angelos. Angelos and Project Mission Green have deep connections in the world of entertainment and politics and have been responsible for some of the most high profile drug reform bills and pardons of the last decade.
Is Bigfoot Killing Marijuana Farmers in the Emerald Triangle? New Hulu Series Drops on 4/20!
As if the Emerald Triangle didn’t have enough bad press coverage with Murder Mountain on Netflix, now Hulu is dropping a new series on international weed day, 4/20, but this weed mystery has a new twist, did Bigfoot kill 3 marijuana farmers up in the Pacific Northwest?  The series premiering on Hulu called “Sasquatch” is directed by Joshua Rofe of Lorena fame, and produced by Mark and Jay Duplass of Wild Wild Country.
What is Sinsemilla and What Does It Mean in the Cannabis Industry?
Sinsemilla, abbreviated sensi, is the fusion of duo Spanish terms — 'Sin' and 'Semilla' which means 'Without' and 'Seeds' respectively. Simply put, sinsemilla means the absence of seeds. Sinsemilla is a seedless cannabis flower obtained from unfertilized feminine plants. Sinsemilla is the most potent form of marijuana, which can be likened to a skunk because it possesses a very high amount of THC. It is neither a Sativa, Indica, or hybrid— the only aspect that counts when a plant is being termed a sinsemilla is that it must be feminized and unpollinated.
4/20 Day Ideas and Activities: Make This Weed Day Unforgettable
A few fun 420 day ideas and activities that will make this year’s weed day one to remember. Read our list and prepare for the celebration!
The Worst Marijuana Strains of All-Time?
So, it's not unusual for anyone who uses cannabis to have fallen victim to bad quality strains in the market. There will always be low-quality weed on the market, and their sellers will continue to do their best to pass it off as either high-quality or medium quality strain. These bad low-quality weeds are popularly referred to as schwag, brick bud, dirt, and bunk. The most popular name for bad weed is "Reggie".
The 420 Plant-a-Seed-a-Thon Challenge #420SeedChallenge
Plant the Seed and Over Grow the Greed this 420 in the #420SeedChallenge I say we don’t go out in mass and spark up but rather sneak about and plant some seeds. Make sure that they can survive without human contact – meaning, they should be able to have water, sun and enough biodiversity to hide them in plain sight.
Cannabis for Tremors - What is Working Right Now and What is Not?
Dr. Allan Frankel MD even blogs about his experience of a cannabinoid known as THC-V found to be extremely effective in helping his 70-year old patient who was struggling with essential tremors. According to him, it was the most severe type of essential tremors that he had come across in his 39 years of work. Because it was so extreme, the patient was hardly able to walk and kept getting thrown off by the tremors, unable to swallow food and even write her name.
Casualties of War - A Deeper Look at the Collateral Damage of the Drug War
In this article, we’re going to be taking a more nuanced approach at looking at the casualties of war left by the war on drugs. We’ll be looking at more common themes like systemic oppression of minorities to more in-depth analyses about the effects a criminal record had on generations of kids affected by the system.
What is Kush Weed? (The Rookie's Guide)
When an experienced cannabis user hears the slang "kush", the first thing that comes to mind is high-quality weed. That's what the kush strain is— a highly potent weed. Officially, Kush is a term used to classify a family of Indica-dominant cannabis strains. Unofficially, it is the go-to term used by the western world to qualify high-quality black market cannabis. The ancestry of the kush weed can be traced to the region known as the Hindu Kush— it was also named after this region.

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