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Powdery Mildew on Your Cannabis Plants - How to Fix it and then Prevent It
The powdery mildew is a living organism (fungus) showing as a seemingly harmless powdery substance that manifests on your plant without warning to eat it up and reproduce more of itself on the plant causing it to curl upwards before completely dying out. It is an easily spreading infection that can move from your leaves to the buds and escape the notice of even the most careful growers at any point. It can affect all plants but quite commonly attacks cannabis especially those grown indoors.
Guerilla Growers - Growing Weed on Other People's Land
So who exactly is the Outdoor Warrior? Well, nobody really knows because he is an illegal grower that scours undisclosed areas of the UK landscape and…well, plants a whole bunch of pot! This guy is the epitome of “guerilla grower” and grows cannabis on public land because “he likes the outdoors and he loves weed”.
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Why are People Getting Arrested for Driving Legal Hemp around the Country?
Imagine going about your way in a U-Haul, driving along the Interstate when a random traffic stop changes your life. Firstly, in the back of your U-Haul are roughly 3,000 pounds of legal hemp. Secondly, you’re in Texas and thirdly, your name is Aneudy Gonzalez. How do you think this story finishes? Cops shook his hands and bid him along his way? Of course not! They took this “Mexican Drug Pusher” and threw his ass in jail! Afterward, a celebratory “Largest Bust in Recent History” picture was posted on their social media pages!
Can Cannabis Treat Leaky Gut Syndrome?
As the cannabinoids in cannabis have an interaction with the endocannabinoid system, it has many positive effects on various health issues. As with the effect on Leaking Gut Syndrome, it acts as an antioxidant and therefore influences intestinal permeability. At the same time, it also reduces inflammation and combats nausea. Any pain related to the disease is also relieved.
Can You Get High from Cannabis Topicals and Lotions?
The level of psychoactivity possessed by a transdermal preparation is highly dependent on the level of THC present in it, unlike cannabis topicals. Transdermal preparations get absorbed into the body and as such when taken it's possible to experience euphoria if sufficient levels of THC are present. Regardless of the level of THC in cannabis topicals, it is impossible to get high from using it because they are not designed to get into systemic circulation so regardless of the quantity used no euphoric feeling will be experienced.
Why Do People Want to Ban Cannabis Concentrates?
Consumers won’t – just because they changed the law – stop consuming high potency pot products. There will still be a demand for the product and by making it illegal, they would essentially make these products “cheaper” since they wouldn’t have to pay taxes on the goods. This would also allow black market players to do with the goods whatever they desire – without any regulatory oversight.
10 New Cannabis Strains to Get Excited about in 2020
With global uncertainty abound and a looming climate crisis about to grip humanity, it can be easy to succumb to hopelessness and anxiety. Thankfully, the new year isn’t all about doom and gloom. There are a few things to be thankful for, too, like new cannabis strains and products. In this article, we delve into 10 strains we think show a lot of promise.
If Your Doctor Doesn't Believe in Medical Marijuana, Should You Find a New One?
The only medicine was FDA approved and had to go through “rigorous testing” to ensure the safety and validity of the public. That was great on paper, however, in practice, we saw something completely different. We saw people cutting corners, drugs being fast-tracked, and all competing “drugs” oppressed by law enforcement. As a result, more people turned to Pharmaceutical drugs and thought this to be medicine.
Can Cannabis Regulate the Thyroid Gland?
The cannabinoids in the cannabis plant play an important role in hyperthyroidism. It regulates the hormones in the endocrine system. There are cannabinoid receptors on the thyroid and the regions in the brain where communication happens between the gland and the brain. The CB1 receptors directly influence the neurons that control the thyroid. Cannabinoids have thus a function in the regulation of the thyroid hormones.
Making the Case for Smoking Cannabis in Front of Your Children
If a child sees his or her parents consume cannabis responsibly, they will adopt that “reference of consumption”. Once they become aware of cannabis consumption, parents should have “the talk” with their kids and explain to them that smoking weed is something “adults do” just like drinking a beer, driving a car and virtually everything else that kids can’t do.
How To
Is My Cannabis Plant Healthy - How Do You Know?
The first thing you see of your plant is the leaves. They are the most obvious thing to inspect for problems with the plant. Texture and color can tell a lot. If you are able to read your leaves, you will avoid many problems. The problems could be caused by outside factors like a fungus, or some pests. But the problem could also come from inside the plant. If there is a lack of nutrition, the plant will suffer too.

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