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5 Reasons We Need to Legalize Marijuana Right Now Even if You Don't Smoke Weed
Marijuana legalization is a hot topic right for a variety of reasons, infact cannabis stocks rallied these past few weeks on reports of cannabis being able to slow the coronavirus spread and the inclusion of the Safe Banking Act in the third round of COVID-19 pandemic funding for America.  The concurrent belief that Federal cannabis legalization may be shifted forward during a post-pandemic recession to create hundreds of thousands of jobs and badly needed tax revenue is also part of the recent stock rally.  Is the “perfect storm” forming to rush forward Federal marijuana legalization?  While we at have always pointed out that if you really want to see cannabis legalization, you have to root for a long and deep recession, if not depression.  The reason?  The worse it gets, the more desperate politicians will be to create jobs and tax revenue, if things get bad, they may have to throw Federal cannabis legalization against the wall and see if it sticks.
The Marijuana Business News with Jimmy Young, Debra Borchardt, Solomon Israel, and Phil Adams
This week’s Weed Talk NEWS goes live with Jimmy Young of Pro Cannabis Media, Debra Borchardt of Green Market Report, Solomon Israel of MJ BIZ International, and Phil Adams of Vote Pro Pot.  This week’s news talks about Tilray shutdowns, High Times loses a key dispensary in San Francisco, the DEA get sued for cannabis legalization, and Massachusetts opens back up for recreational sales.
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Do Women Get the Munchies More Than Men After Smoking Weed?
Within this particular study, the researchers were testing whether or not users would have higher cravings for cannabis under a variety of situations. In one experiment – the users were given a pipe or something similar and had to answer a questionnaire relating to how intense their cravings were to smoke. On this particular exam – women scored slightly higher than men. You sassy stoners! However – later on, they might have found out that this could also be related to the estrogen levels inside the body, and could even relate to when women get their menstrual cycles.
Organic Hemp Milk - Worth the Hype or Just Marketing Magic?
Made from whole hemp seeds, organic hemp milk is a popular plant-based substitute for cow’s milk just like rice and almond milk. Though people are concerned about the presence of THC, the psychoactive substance present in marijuana, it can be said that these seeds only contain small amounts of THC but does not produce any psychoactive effects.
Canadian Cannabis Investors Cautious - Is Another Market Slump Just Around the Corner?
Canada’s cannabis market looks in danger of hitting the skids following the news that one of the country’s biggest investors is selling off large swathes of its assets – and at any price. Aurora is arguably Canada’s most high-profile listed cannabis company, so the news that it has sold its Jamaica asset for around 75 percent of its CDN$4.5 million value for the purpose of liquidating cash has created understandable unrest in the market.
Aquaponic Cannabis Mushroom Farm a-la-Dutch Bucket - Ganja Theories
A while back, I wrote about the potential of combining a cannabis grow room with mushroom cultivation in order to create a natural CO2 boost. Back then – it was all theoretical and I’m happy to tell you that it is no longer theoretical but verifiable. You simply have to vent out during the “fruiting” period of the mycelium to not have any contaminants transfer into other rooms.
Is Bokashi a Good Source of Nutrients for Cannabis Plants?
Bokashi is rich in Nitrogen which is one of the most important nutrients the cannabis plant requires in its vegetative stage which is often not found in normal soil. Compared with other compost techniques, bokashi has high velocity and takes only a few weeks before it achieves the concentrated fertilizer stage with no dissipation of gases into the atmosphere occurring as its carried out in an airtight container. This method of composting does not require air and the container which it requires to carry this out will not only use less space but will also prevent the intrusion of outside influences such as insects or odors.
Medical Marijuana and Endometriosis Interna (Adenomyosis)
Pain and discomfort are very much part of the symptoms of adenomyosis. Cannabis is excellent for treating these symptoms. Cannabis interacts with the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is vital in regulating our bodies. It strives constantly to restore the state of homeostasis. Cannabinoids derived from cannabis is remarkably similar to the body´s natural endocannabinoids. The cannabinoids like THC and CBD bind to the CB1 and CB2 receptors where they are broken down by the enzymes in the endocannabinoid system. Fun Fact: the endocannabinoid system is named after cannabinoids in cannabis. It was only discovered because of how marijuana interacted with it.
Sore Throat from Smoking Cannabis? Here is How to Fix That!
When you have a sore throat from smoking cannabis, the first thing you should do is to stop smoking cannabis to ease some of the pressure on your throat. Next is to find an alternative means of getting the cannabis fix such as vaping, topicals, or eating edibles if you surely must have it. But you could also just wait until you are fine before getting cannabis again, this is because some people would rather do that rather than use the alternative means. After that issue has been sorted out, you can then treat your sore throat with any of the under-listed methods.
The 7 Best Weed Sketches to Chillax to When You are Super Bored
Sometimes you just want to roll a big phatty and sit back and relax watching some stupid shit to take your mind off the continual hum of your existence. When “Netflix and Chill” failed you and you simply don’t know what to watch anymore. When you’ve reached the precipice of absolute and emphatic boredom – Then hop onboard on “Reginald Reefer’s Blunts & Sketches” Playlist and watch random sketches all having something to do with weed.
The Craziest Stories Ever from the Cannabis Industry – Dean K Matt, Author of Gone to Pot, Tells All in His New Book
What if you could get behind closed doors and find out all the secret stories from the cannabis industry?  Dean K. Matt, the CFO of a major Illinois cannabis company during the early years, just published his tell-all book about what it was like to see the legal marijuana industry grow from nothing to a booming, billion dollar industry.  One of the great parts of interviewing Dean is the fact that he not a cannabis fan or old stoner.  Having worked OUTSIDE the cannabis industry for his whole life with some of the most famous entrepreneurs alive, he was intrigued by the legalization of marijuana and decided to venture into the field, half out of curiosity and half to see if he could help take a marijuana company public.

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