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Why Did California Quietly Ban CBD Cosmetics?
The solution? The hemp industry, which has everything we could possibly need to boost the economy. But it can’t be made possible without regulatory clarity. What the CDPH did only continues to make consumers confused while stalling opportunities of growth in the hemp industry all throughout. Other states like Florida, Texas, and Ohio have already passed laws that clearly allow the retail sales of hemp-derived CBD.
How to Make Cannabis-Infused Granola Bars at Home
These are not the only snacks to be infused with cannabis extracts, however, they are one of the most common. It's like having the best of two worlds; perfects dosage of THC as well as healthy nuts all in the same bar. Weed Granola bars are excellent cannabis grubs. You only need to create these bars with the accurate dosage of weed suitable for you.
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New York Wants to be the Weed Capital of the World? What? Fuhgeddaboudit!
New York’s system is reminiscent of how California used to be. Activists used the governor’s past indiscretions with women to leverage their points. And it worked! New York managed to secure 50% of its licenses for marginalized communities. I personally am not a big fan of this idea, and would much rather see a lower entry point in terms of cost than to see a set amount of licenses to be granted to a selected few.
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How Do You Grow Mushrooms at Home - The 5 Best DIY Mushroom Grow Kits
Mushroom grow kits have taken over the market, with numerous brands offering unique details that attract new buyers. However, the availability of these options makes it difficult for new buyers to decide on what to buy. But don't worry, we've got you covered as this article will break down the top five mushrooms grow kits you can use at home.
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Smoking Marijuana Plant Stems is a Bad Idea, But Here Is What You Can Do With Them
Weed stems are stick-like parts of a cannabis plant that end up being packaged with cannabis flowers. Cannabis dispensaries sell all kinds of flowers, and their quality determines their price. These weed stems are most times found in varying amounts depending on the quality of the packaged flower. Weed stems unlike the main flowers contain very little to no THC; that is it lacks the main active ingredient in cannabis.
Are Exploding Lumber Prices Good News for Industrial Hemp?
Hemp as a building material can also be used to make "Hempcrete" Yes, you guessed right; it is similar to concrete. But unlike concrete, hempcrete is a much more environmentally-friendly material, and with the world-embracing such sustainable ideas, it is gaining a lot of attention. Hemp grows faster than trees; they are more pest and fire-resistant, and even though for many years the prices for hemp construction materials are more than that of lumber, the gap is no longer wide. 
The Living Metaphor: Old Police Academy Converted to Cannabis Grow Site
This will create more strain on the economy which means that politicians will want to “tax the rich” – which really means that they will be taxing the middle class since the “rich” can wash their money by buying $75 million dollar digital art and claim a tax deduction whereas someone who is barely a millionaire would be stuck with the bill.
Connecticut Senate Approves Legal Cannabis, Governor Lamont Ready to Sign the Bill!
The Connecticut Senate passed the bill to legalize cannabis a few days before their session ended. The proposal was sent to the house for final approval within that short timeframe, and the house leaders were keen on taking up the legislation in its chambers before the end-of-session deadline on Wednesday.
Modern Marijuana Marketing Tricks – The Way to Rise Above the Noise!
These are just three different ways that you can appeal to your target demographics. Taking up a cause, creating a unique branding strategy and catering to the masses will definitely help you establish your brand within the market place. If you’re thinking about opening up a cannabis brand – I strongly recommend you consider thinking beyond cannabis in order to bring something fresh to the market. We’ve got enough “Dr. Green Thumbs” out there – let’s start mixing things up!
If Legalization is So Great, Why Are So Many Cities and Towns Opting Out of Their State's Marijuana Licensing?
With such impressive potential derived from cannabis, one would think that all municipalities will take marijuana programs seriously and create an enabling environment for businesses. Sadly, many cities miss out on this opportunity, and it paints a bleak future for cannabis in those areas. As the experts say, there is still hope for the municipalities opting out. If only they will get educated on the potentials of cannabis and the enormous financial possibilities it holds for their economy.
What Would People Say If We Regulated Alcohol Like Marijuana?
If we were to regulate alcohol like marijuana, a user should be restricted to how much they can buy at a single place (or in certain states “throughout a single day). In the case of cannabis, some caps are set at once ounce – which would be akin to having one joint a day for the duration of a month.

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