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4/20 in the Legalization Era - 5 New Cannabis Facts for Today
This unofficial cannabis holiday might as well already be official. No matter which way you look at it, it’s an important date that brings in big business for an industry that’s growing quicker than you can take a hit. This year, 4/20 lands on a Saturday, and is expected to bring in the most sales compared to the rest of the year. Last year saw a 111% spike in cannabis sales on this holiday, and today those figures might get even higher.
7 Common Women's Health Issues Cannabis Could Dramatically Improve
In the meantime, women in states that permit medical cannabis use find themselves staring at a veritable cornucopia of cures at their local dispensary. Despite many female entrepreneurs entering the industry, the medical cannabis world remains dominated by males. However, the times really are a-changing. Increased access to research demonstrating the efficacy of medical cannabis for treating common female ailments will result in more women enjoying safe and effective pain relief.
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You Can't Knock Me Out! Cannabis Users Need Twice the Anesthesia To Go Under Before Surgery
They found that patients who consumed cannabis daily or weekly were less sensitive to many different types of anesthetic drugs compared to patients who never used it. What was interesting was they discovered that it required a 14% higher dose of fentanyl, 220% more propofol, and 20% more midazolam to effectively sedate the patients for the endoscopy. Because the nature of the procedure means that very sensitive orifices in the body will be affected during endoscopy, a good amount of anesthesia is needed for proper sedation.
What is the Most Obnoxious-Type of Cannabis Hater?
I’m not here to argue with either of these standpoints. As much as it makes me cringe to say there’s a chance that Cannabis can become physically addictive, acknowledging the possibility is necessary. It seems arrogant to claim a blanket statement that covers the entire human race. People are different. Genetics, family history, there’s a slew of things that comes into play when considering the different ways in which addiction displays itself, but in saying that, can’t anything that feels good become addictive?
3 Steps to Unlocking Your Creativity using Cannabis
In these cases, I try other things like meditation, going for a walk or punching the living shit out of a boxing bag. What I’m getting at is that you can’t solely rely on cannabis to help you with creativity. The way I see it is that it’s merely a tool. Cannabis can help you connect to the creative elements in your life. Just don’t think it is the reason you’re creative. Your creativity comes from within; cannabis is just a tool that helps you access it more freely.
5 New Cannabis Strains You Need to Try in 2019
This brand-new cultivar, made by Symbiotic Genetics, is a delicious hybrid that tastes like vanilla wedding cake. It’s the love child of Wedding cake and Purple Punch, hence the grape notes. But aside from its terrific taste, what makes Wedding Crasher stand out is that it has a unique way of inducing mental sedation.
Cannabis-Themed Golf Course Opening on 4/20 in Canada
The Civilized feature also makes mention of the fact that mixing pot and golf isn’t a novel idea, citing a survey conducted by BC Golf revealing that more than half of Ontario’s young golfers intended to light up the next time they play golf. Weiske says that these people are his target audience, and hopes to see them as soon as Rolling Greens opens.
Australia Just Opened Their First Taxpayer-Funded Cannabis Greenhouse
The greenhouse, which is located in Sydney, will be growing cannabis supplied by the New South Wales state government. The plants will be used to treat patients suffering from severe health problems such as epilepsy and cancer. Although the greenhouse is currently in its research phase, the cannabis plants can be bought as soon as they figure out how to grow them consistently.
Your 420 Checklist: What You Need for a Great April 20th
Depending on whether you live in a legal state or a prohibition state, dynamics can change drastically. In legal states, odds are that you won’t have to bring your own weed with you. You’d most likely be able to get some reefer on site without a problem. While you might still be able to get weed at a 420 event in a prohibition state, the opposite is just as likely. In these cases, bringing your own weed with you will ensure that you get to light up with everyone once the countdown reaches zero.
Why is the Military so Against Weed?
One of the primary reasons why the military maintains such a hardline stance on the issue is due to the illegality of the substance on a federal level. In other words, the US Military cannot permit the usage of cannabis unless the Federal Government removes cannabis from the Controlled Substance Act.
Everyone Sucks but Me – Are Cannabis Growers the New Computer Guys?
My advice for growers out there who get interviewed for a growing job or to join a grow team is not to bash the guy before you or burn down the solution to the problem you are looking at in the grow.  You can say things like “I am not sure this is the correct idea here”, or “This set up might make sense outdoors but for in here I would do X, Y, and Z”.  This niche is so new, and having been illegal for 80 years, many new faces are coming out to learn about growing for the first time in a legal setting.

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