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Cannabis Users Have Reduced Risk For Metabolic Syndrome
They found that 13.8% of current cannabis users and 17.5% of past users had metabolic syndrome, although 19.5% of those who never used cannabis had metabolic syndrome.
Why Mexican Cartels Are Giving Up On Growing Weed
If the Federal government wants to not only reduce drugs flowing from the Southern Boarder, but reduce costs at enforcing border security, legalizing cannabis is a step in the right direction.
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What is the Science Behind Cannabis Getting People Off Opiates?
Now, as we have to state over-and-over again, we cannot state for certain that “cannabis will help you overcome your pain”.
Why Cannabis Should Be In Every Emergency Room
Studies show that cannabis use in and out of the emergency room can save lives.
What Advertising Plan Work Best for Cannabis Businesses?
How can you reach your target audience? What’s the best advertising plan you can use?  How do you grow your brand? These are questions any cannabis business owner must answer.
Why The Swedes Love Marijuana Stocks
The biggest names in cannabis stocks hail from Canada. Canopy Growth Corp. and Aurora Cannabis Inc. hold the reins as part of the top 10 most traded stocks during January in Nordnet, says Bornold.
The Opioid Crisis Is Costing You Over $1 Trillion
A new report released by Altarum, a nonprofit group that analyzes the health economy, revealed that the United States has spent over a trillion dollars on the opioid crisis since 2001.
Cannabis for Glioma Brain Cancer
Gliomas are also assigned various grades depending on its potential to grow, and how aggressive it is. Tumors are grade I to V, where grade I is the least serious kind of tumor while grade V is the most serious.
How To
Stop Making These 8 Marijuana Grow Mistakes
The good news is that you can learn from the mistakes of others. To save you time and energy, we’ve compiled a list of common mistakes people make when they start growing so that you can avoid them.
Why Big Pharma Would Love Cannabis Being a Schedule 2 Drug
The difference between the drug (Epidiolex) and the synthetic THC (Marinol) is that Epidiolex will actually be plant-based medicine and not created in a lab.
Cannabis Strains For Breast Cancer Patients
Cannabis has given hope to thousands of women with breast cancer by preventing its spread, killing it in its tracks, helping manage the side effects of chemotherapy, and by causing cancer cell death.

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