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Magic Mushrooms - Should They Be Dried Out or Fresh When You Eat Them?
Once you've decided to explore the realm of magic mushrooms, one of the most important decisions you'll need to make is whether to utilize fresh or dried mushrooms. Both varieties include the hallucinogenic chemical psilocybin, therefore either will provide a psychedelic experience. However, the difference between fresh and dried mushrooms will influence dose, flavor, and storage parameters. We'll look at these distinctions in detail below.
True or False - Legalizing Drugs Would Put an End to Human Trafficking?
In this article, we're going to explore the number one thing the world can do to stop human trafficking - legalize all drugs. But we're not talking about a free-for-all where anyone can buy anything at any time. Instead, we'll lay out a nuanced approach to legalization and regulation designed to reduce the harms of drug abuse while focusing law enforcement resources on the fight against human trafficking.
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Talking to God and Feeling the Warmth of Your Soul - What Does Tripping on DMT Feel Like?
Recreational users go for DMT because it produces a strong, brief "trip," sometimes referred to as a "breakthrough in DMT." Although some studies point to possible advantages for both physical and mental health, the drug's adverse effects may offset these advantages.
The Rise and Fall of Pioneer Pot Markets - RIP California and Colorado Cannabis Industries
As more states consider cannabis legalization, policymakers would be wise to study the cautionary tales of Colorado and California. These pioneering markets offer valuable lessons on what works – and what doesn't – when it comes to crafting a successful and sustainable cannabis industry.
Will Gov. Desantis' Weed 'Strategery' Work on the Florida Pot Industry? - Keep Hemp to Infuriate the Marijuana Companies?
Now, Gov. DeSantis of Florida, appears to be playing a game of chess vs checkers with the marijuana industry, as he battles his voters for the right to have legal, recreational cannabis. Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has been adamantly opposed to a proposed constitutional amendment legalizing marijuana for recreational use, gave prospective rivals in the cannabis industry a victory on Friday when he vetoed a bill that would have severely limited the manufacturing and distribution of goods derived from hemp and recognized for their euphoric properties.
While Thailand Flip-Flops on Legalizing Weed, Is Japan about to be the Next Asian Country to Work on Cannabis Reform?
By the end of May 2024, Japan opened a public comment session that invites input for its first-ever marijuana reform bill. The bill provides valuable insight into how their cannabis industry will look like over the next few months. β€œThe widespread use of smartphones has led to greater exposure to incorrect information about marijuana, potentially reducing the psychological barriers to its use,” said a representative of the National Police Agency.
Almost 20% of Americans Now Use Cannabis Regularly and Pain Management is the #1 Reason They Use It
Research conducted by experts at the University of California Los Angeles indicates that one in six primary care patients (17%) surveyed reported using cannabis primarily for medical reasons, even though they described it as recreational use. The study also found that a third of participants (34.7%) showed signs of moderate to high risk for cannabis use disorder.
Weed Smokers Needed - Get Paid to Smoke a Joint and Talk about How It Makes You Feel, Would You Join This New Medical Study?
The initiative to pay individuals for consuming pre-rolled cannabis joints as part of scientific research marks a novel and important development in the study of cannabis. By offering financial compensation and conducting the study in a controlled environment, the company aims to gather valuable data on the effects, safety, and consumer preferences related to cannabis use.
Will the German Cannabis Market be Worth $100 Billion in the Next 5 Years?
Finally, as of April 1, 2024, Germany became the third European country to legalize weed for recreational use. According to the government, there would be other benefits to legalizing cannabis for personal use, such as tackling the illegal drug trade, minimizing the risk of contaminated weed, and allowing police the resources to go after actual serious crimes.
Why Marijuana Legalization is a Republican Issue - Legalizing Cannabis is Consistent with Historical Republican Values
In this article, I will argue that cannabis legalization is not only consistent with Republican values but also that any Republican who opposes legalization is actually acting against the fundamental tenets of their party. By examining the intersection of Republican principles and the case for cannabis legalization, we can better understand why this issue should be a top priority for the Republican Party and its supporters.
Should You Smoke Weed on the First Date? - Over 82% Say YES and Over Half Says It Helps Boost Sex Drive Says Dating App Survey
First Date Reactions: A significant 82.8% of respondents are open to their date using cannabis on a first date, showing high acceptance of cannabis use early in the dating process. Communication and Libido: While only 40.5% believe cannabis positively affects communication with their partner, 58.5% feel it boosts sexual desire or libido, highlighting its perceived benefits in intimate settings.

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