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Ganja Theories - A World Without Politicians?
To establish the foundation for my argument, we need to travel back to the late 1800s where a Statistician by the name of Francis Galton asked roughly 800 attendees to guess the weight of an ox. When he counted up all the votes and established the median weight [ 1208 lbs] – he found that while there were predictions from all sides of the spectrum – the average of all of the votes were only 11 pounds off. In other words, the crowd was off by  .01% in their collective estimations.
Cannabis Packaging Trends for New Future Normal
Since the increasing legalization of cannabis, there has been a need for a regulation in terms of packaging as cannabis packaging all over the United States has to meet some minimum requirements such as the Child Resistant Packaging that came into effect by Jan 1st, 2020. Though individual states have their requirements, cannabis companies still have to meet up with the one set up by the Consumer Product Safety Commission while also keeping in mind the regulatory labeling that they have to meet up with before putting the products on the dispensary shelves. This means that those in charge of packaging need to allow space for these instructional labels on the packaging.
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Weed Talk NOW - 10 Cannabis Topics in 10 Minutes
See how that works. Curt and I are regulars doing a monthly live stream that we call, Weed Talk Live with Curt and Jimmy, and now we're recording it and we're going to try and do three of these every week. See Curt, I managed to date it and say exactly what we're going to be doing every week, and hopefully we'll be able to have new content out, talking about this crazy wide world do of weed that's out there. Everything's changing in cannabis now. The reason why we're doing this like this is social distancing. I think we all recognize that we are in unprecedented time in our history, all of us battling and changing our daily lifestyles in order to avoid getting the COVID-19, the Coronavirus that is wreaking havoc not just here in the United States, but all over the world.
Medical Cannabis for Fibromyalgia - The Medical Study That Changed Everything
The result of the study proved that cannabis is effective and safe for treating fibromyalgia. Significant improvement in pain intensity was experienced after 6 months. The quality of life also improved. A range of factors were addressed in the study like improvement of chronic pain, quality of life, disease perception, specific symptoms, and occurrence of adverse effects.
From the Neck Up - How Cannabis Affects Your Brain
Comparative research is showing that cannabis provides several advantages that support brain functioning. During the treatment of many diseases, you can see the potential benefits of cannabis, given that almost all organs and systems are areas sensitive to their active substances. This article is going to show specific evidence that marijuana has a positive effect on the brain and allows it to stay in better condition.
Plants are Alive and Listening So What if Your Weed was Conscious?
Before you go talking to your weed – which isn’t bad, especially if the weed answers back – you need to understand the basic concept of Panpsychism which states that all things have a “basic configuration of consciousness”. This means that rocks, tables, everything – has a sense of “wanting to exist”. Beyond this – there is no evidence of conscious thought. However – it does start to explain some crazy things like the Law of Attraction, Miracles and even Gods.
How Good is Cannabis-Infused Toothpaste?
Based on previous cases where cannabis and dental health show some negative responses to gum diseases and periodontal health, people are inclined to think that cannabis use is not good for dental health. And there are results were long-term cannabis users show damage to connective tissue and tooth loss. Something that is found amongst tobacco smokers too. But the damage is not as severe as with chronic tobacco smokers.
Medical Marijuana is Now Deemed Essential but How Essential?
Hopefully – we will all band together once this madness ends and demand that cannabis be removed from the CSA. I’m not talking about legalization – I’m talking about recognizing that it is a human right and that all of this “drug prohibition” nonsense, has done absolutely nothing to make us safer. If anything – we can see that cannabis is more than just a whim of stoners trying to get high. It’s something that is providing an essential service in keeping everyone cool during the apocalypse.
10 Amazing Ways Cannabis Can Prevent Illness and Slow Disease
Cannabis’ pain-relieving and inflammation-reducing properties are two of its major selling points. It’s the reason why it’s become the new go-to treatment for people suffering from arthritis and chronic pain, and why topical CBD products have become so popular in the last few years. Studies have shown that two flavonoids contained in cannabis, Cannflavin A and Cannflavin B, have analgesic properties that are 30 times more potent than aspirin.
Can Cannabis Help Amino Acid Metabolism Disorder PKU?
Research has found that cannabis can help someone who suffers from seizures. CBD or cannabidiol is shown to help control seizures. The drug Epidiolex has been, derived from CBD. Roundabout 54% of participants in a 12-week test of patients using Epidiolex showed a decrease in their seizures. There are a number of other types of antiepileptic drug therapies, surgical interventions, and ketogenic diets available, but some young patients do not find success in them. Therefore, many are turning to medical cannabis for help and relief. In animal studies already in 1970, it was found that CBD has anticonvulsant properties.
Google Says the Marijuana Black Market Could Explode by over 450% in a Coronavirus Recession
Will millions of people who were laid off or lost jobs start growing and selling weed?  You bet.  Will some percentage of those people decide to put an order in the mail and ship it? Yes.  That is just the law of numbers.  The big pivot point or takeaway will be the percent of new illicit growers who decide to sell outside their local circle and put it in the mail.  That is an unknown right now through Google Trends and will only be determined by how much pain is felt by these individuals during the recession or pull back due to the coronavirus.

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