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The Most Epic Weed Emojis to Spice Up Your Social Media Interactions During Quarantine
Weed icons or emojis can be used not only in chats with your friends but also on youtube videos, cannabis-related posts and on all social media interactions to spice things up especially in this period when you might feel bored or out of sorts from being at home.
Can CBD Help Parkinson’s Psychosis?
Parkinson’s Disease Psychosis is a non-motor symptom of Parkinson’s disease. It causes patients to experience hallucinations and delusions. Diagnosing and treating this stage of Parkinson’s is very complicated. The condition relates to both neurology and psychiatry. Parkinson’s psychosis is therefore known in the medical world as a neuropsychiatric condition.
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What is CBDP? (The Best Cannabinoid, Yet?)
CBDP (cannabidiphorol) has been shown to be similar in structure to the popular cannabinoid CBD but unlike CBD, CBDP possesses a longer side chain, a feature that is believed to serve a lot of beneficial purposes. In THCP, the cannabinoid discovered alongside CBDP, the longer side chain helps improve receptor bonding however this is not the case in CBDP. Studies currently show that CBDP doesn't do much to improve the poor receptor binding ability of CBD although it should be noted that biological tests are still in their early stages so it's still quite early to draw final conclusions.
Tips to Keep Your Business Afloat Right Now - Weed Talk Now
Weed Talk Now with Jimmy Young of Pro Cannabis Media and Curtis Dalton of Cannabis.Net sit down with noted cannabis business consultant David Rabinovitz to talk about how cannabis companies can stay solvent in these pandemic days.  One problem facing the industry is that cannabis companies do not qualify for the CARES ACT and emergency business loans.  Cannabis companies do not qualify for bankruptcy court, which makes restructuring debt and loans very difficult.
How CBD Can Boost Antibiotics and Help Fight off Bacteria
The five antibiotics used were colistin, kanamycin, vancomycin, rifampicin, and erythromycin. All are commonly used to treat bacterial infections. They found that the one treated with a smaller dose of CBD reduced the production of OMVs by an average of 73 percent, while the stronger one brought it down by 54 percent. The researchers believe the combination of antibiotics and CBD has huge potential as a new treatment for infections with antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
Does Cannabis Help Overcome Fears and Phobias or Make Them Worse?
Medical cannabis can also be included in the list of treatments available today. In therapy, psychologists and psychiatrists will target the symptoms that bring fear and anxiety. Patients are helped to manage and understand their fears that ignite anxiety attacks. When cannabis is used to treat phobias, it is necessary to understand the science behind it to know how it works on anxiety and fear. Both THC and CBD are effective in treating fear and anxiety.
The DEA Unveils Their New Approach to Cannabis Research - Yay? I Guess?
Essentially – there were 37 applicants to legally grow cannabis for federal research. They simply wanted to become more diverse in sourcing cannabis – seeing that the weed coming from Mississippi was pure trash. This new rule will now – begin to evaluate which candidates are going to be allowed. This process could take years, who knows.
Can Cannabis Treat Asthma?
When a person has an asthma attack, a chemical molecule, acetylcholine, normally responsible for maintaining muscle tone of the airways, also contributes to the contractions in asthma attacks. Traditional asthma medication blocks the molecule by preventing it to bind to the receptors. THC likewise does the same. It does not stop the molecule from binding, it prevents acetylcholine from being released. When THC is released through a vaporizer, it has almost immediate bronchial dilation effects without the risk of harmful smoke.
From Dealer to Hero - The Coronavirus Pandemic's Perspective on Pot Dealers
However, mainstream media always painted the pot dealer as this shady character that works for the cartels, sells “drugs to kids” and corrupts the innocent souls of the world through their drug pushing. This was until those who didn’t consume cannabis for recreational purposes, started to consume it for medical reasons. Then – the pot dealer suddenly became “the hero we deserve” who defies Johnny Law to bring much needed medicine to those who cannot go out to get it for themselves.
Weed Talk NOW - THC for COVID-19, High Times IPO, Is Rec Essential, and NYC Witch Hunts
Is it medically essential or recreational essential and that's where the States have differed. Massachusetts claiming medical is essential. If they're open, you can sell, but if you're selling rec, you need to stop. And if you're only a rec shop, you cannot be open. And I feel for Kobie, having worked so hard in the years in the business. You get open for what? Maybe two weeks and then this happens. Again, I think it comes down to more that there's not a 200 person line at a liquor store like there are in rec dispensaries here in Mass. Did Governor Baker drag his feet and not get enough dispensaries open in the last two to three years? Absolutely. But we're living in the moment. We have to deal with a virus that's killing people. It would be nice to see a compromise here, maybe pickup only, like all these restaurants. Five guys. They're doing an order online. You wait in your car, someone can put it on your hood, whatever the system is.
Will the Legendary 4-20 be Cancelled This Year? Here is What We Can Do Instead!
We know that Denver’s annual 420 event was canceled due to the Corona Virus along with a slew of other ones. I don’t have the time or patience to go through every 420-event on the planet – so it will be the duty of each “Shmoker” to do their own localized research on whether or not the 420-event you were planning on going to is cancelled.

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