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Amsterdam East - Bangkok Becoming Asia's Cannabis Hub with New Cannabis Cafe
All options on the menu are guaranteed to give the customers a relaxing buzz. The duration of this buzz might differ based on the service ordered. That is the teas and snacks have a varying range of CBD in them with little or no THC content. This is because the government capped the THC content to 0.3%.
State Governments are Starting to Ban Delta-8 THC, Proceed with Caution!
Delta-8 THC is commercially produced by different companies. Each company has its unique technique for preparing d8 isolates. These techniques have no regulations and most times third-party tests are not done. Due to this, some companies are introducing unhealthy compounds like heavy metals when creating these isolates.
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Malta Marijuana Arrests are Going Through the Roof So They Have to Change the Rules Now
Malta still frowns upon the use of cannabis for any reason whatsoever. It is not unusual for a police officer to charge citizens with cannabis possession regardless of the quantity found or, whether or not the suspect has an intent to use. In fact, the Justice ministry of Malta reports that every day in the ancient country, someone gets charged for cannabis possession. About 90% of the arrested suspects are first-time offenders. These people get prosecuted by the law enforcement agencies for simply having weed on them.
Bargain Hunting Tips When Shopping for Weed Online at a Digital Dispensary
Some digital dispensaries like Top BC Cannabis for example employ a “Rewards System” . This is a common practice for rewarding repeat customers by giving them special discounts. Depending on the complexity of the reward program, you can get dollar discounts, free product and access to new product before everyone else.
America's Love Affair with Cannabis - $17.5 Billion in Legal Marijuana Sales and Counting
COVID-19 disrupted the growth of certain industries in the United States of America, however, the cannabis industry in the country owes all its recent growth to the pandemic. It was reported recently that the total sales of cannabis in the country have reached a total of 17.5 billion dollars. This is an unprecedented record in the global sales of marijuana legally.
Why Are CBD Supplements So Popular, Now?
Our exposure to free radicals causes our bodies oxidative stress, which causes damage to our DNA, tissues, and living cells. CBD is rich in antioxidants, and when we consume CBD supplements, they do an efficient job at pulling out the free radicals before they affect our healthy cells. However, even the healthiest people still have some form of free radicals in their body, which is made worse by habits such as cigarette smoking, eating deep fried food, pollution, stress, and much more.
What is Herming? - How Female Cannabis Plants Turn Male
In other words, herming is the term used to describe the natural conversion of female plants to hermaphrodites. In this event, female plants can self-pollinate their own seeds as well as the seeds of other feminine plants around them. Female plants do not turn into male parts, neither do they lose their pistils. Instead, they develop the male reproductive parts while retaining their female reproductive parts.
How and Why You Should 'Reefer a Friend' in 2021!
That’s right, unlike in the city where there is a concentration of other humans, when you’re in the wild – you have to be kind because these are most likely the people who will save you if something goes wrong. In the same spirit of wilderness walking – Reefering a friend is your contingency plan for a rainy day. You build up “homie-points” with your friends and one day, when you are running dry on cannabis, a friend may return the favor and “Reefer you!”
What Do the Marijuana Strain Names Used in Your Cannabis Products Tell You about the Product?
There is no international system of naming cannabis products. The name of a product is up to the breeder and the marketing agency in charge of promoting the product. The most common method being used by breeders in the country now is that a name is crafted by combining the names of the parent strains. A good example of this is the Triple G strain, the names of its parents—Gorilla Glue and Gelato 33 were cleverly combined into Triple G.
Health Canada's Crackdown on the Illegal Cannabis Market Punishes Medical Patients, Again!
The medicinal cannabis industry has had several concerns that the products being manufactured are exceeding the demand. Upon investigating, it was discovered that individuals that have no use for medicine-based cannabis have gotten themselves authorized to produce these plants using false reasons. These individuals extract the CBD content of the produced plants to develop other cannabis products. While some juice the plants to create topicals with very high cannabinoid content.
Can Artificial Intelligence Help You Become a Better Grower? This App Attempts to Find Out!
But what if you could use Artificial Intelligence to help you identify ‘what’s wrong with your plant’ through machine learning. Well – The GrowCush app by the Redditor Fair_Descriptions8252 who goes by the name of “Max” – is attempting to do just this. I reached out to the developer and since I’m a busy individual – sent him a bullet interview of a few solid questions to give me some insight on what this app can and cannot do.

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