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Do You Get Cannabis Withdrawal if You Stop Using Weed Cold Turkey?
People decide to quit smoking marijuana for different reasons. Still, if you have been smoking regularly before the decision to quit, it will take a while before you ease into a marijuana-free life. On the other hand, if you smoke less frequently, you can quit entirely without feeling any need for additional support. 
The Top Big Toke Fails on 'The Tubes'
Finally, to close up this BIG TOKE FAIL article, I found this guy on Youtube called RawOG420 who is a verified Youtuber. This stoner has a tutorial on how to hit the bong correctly so you can minimize the coughs. In my 20+ years of toking – I too have mastered different breathing techniques and “hitting techniques” to minimize the coughs – but there’s a threshold where none of the techniques matter.
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PTSD Patients Report on the Efficiency of Medical Cannabis in New Report
The studies available today point to several reasons. One is that cannabis reduces amygdala activity; since the amygdala is the part of the brain that is associated with our fear-based response to perceived threats. A study conducted by Wayne State University researchers revealed that PTSD sufferers who consumed THC displayed a decrease in amygdala activity, which means that they had less measured symptoms of fear and anxiety in situations that would normally elicit trauma-based responses from them.
President Biden is Too Busy to Legalize Cannabis with US Marijuana Sales at $31.7 Billion over the Past 27 Months?
Perhaps, there are some money interests behind the president that do not want cannabis legalized yet and would much rather prefer him to push against the will of the people to maximize profits. While we may never know for sure – the longer that they maintain their position against cannabis, the longer people are suffering the Casualties of War.
Is Most of the Stuff You Read on the Internet about Weed True or False?
The study carried out by Daniel Kruger and his colleagues, shows that there is a wealth of knowledge on medical cannabis available on the internet. This is where easy accessibility and availability of such information come as an advantage to every one intrested in cannabis. However, there is nothing with advantages that doesn't have downsides. One of the issues that can be identified is that some of these sites tend to exaggerate while talking about some possible actions of cannabis. Although some sites are known to do this to create traffic for their sites it ultimately defeats the purpose of the availability of such info.
How Marijuana Legalization Will Be a Big Benefit to the Criminal Justice System
Legalize Marijuana and educate the people (especially those in minority communities such as Black and Latino areas). When Marijuana is legalized, the government can set up the instruments for regulation that curtails abuse. When abuse is curtailed, people will use Marijuana responsibly, which will reduce or completely eradicate the number of people imprisoned for illegal possession of Marijuana. 
Etsy Meets Weed - How Cannabis Art is Flourishing and Artists are Thriving on The Artsy Leaf
The future of the online cannabis marketplace for artists looks promising, and why is this so important? Well, cannabis is gaining a lot of momentum in America, with more states legalizing marijuana more people will gain access to weed, and when they do, they may be inspired to create unique art pieces or be looking to purchase unique cannabis inspired works.
Weed World Records - Will These Cannabis World Records Be Broken This Year?
The cannabis culture is one of the most interesting things in the world, as it is home to a lot of ridiculous tales, baseless claims, as well as crazy world records. These marijuana world records are truly fascinating, it is hard to believe some of them actually happened. Thankfully, these records are backed by evidence, which make them verifiable. We have come up with a list of eight of the craziest marijuana related world records. Some of these records will blow your mind!
Can You 'The Secret' Weed Into Your Life?
When it comes to this stuff, you need to first become aware of the fact that you are a co-creator of your life. Everything in your life is there in part because you wanted it to be there. To train your awareness, you can start by doing activities such as Meditation, Breathwork, yoga, Tai Chi, etc. This is the first step to teach you awareness.
What is Bioengineering Marijuana and Why are People Doing It?
Cannabis bioengineering generally involves the use of genetic modifications to scale up the production process of cannabis and its extracts. Cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, and several  others present in the cannabis plant matrix only exist in small quantities. This makes it unfit for use on an industrial scale especially in terms of the pharmaceutical use of the product. Cannabinoids are majorly concentrated in trichomes which are short outgrowth on the cannabis bud. This makes the stem, stalk, leaves unusable in terms of getting the necessary cannabinoids. This apparent need led to the introduction of genetic modifications to cannabis cultivation.
Brendan Ruberry Backhands Project SAM with Cannabis Facts - Time to End This Prohibitionist Think Tank in 2021?
This is my primary argument for all drug legalization. The concept of “physical ownership” far outweighs the idea of “harm and risk” which is essentially the crux of the debate between Ruberry and Jones. Where they are arguing about whether or not smoking certain weed causes X symptom, I am simply pointing out that we – as a society – do not feel the need to regulate people’s eating habits.

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