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Why Is The United Nations Warning Members States Against Recreational Cannabis?
The United Nations’ International Narcotics Control Board (INCB), the organization’s drug enforcement body, warned international leaders of its member states to make sure cannabis stays illegal.
Doctors Afraid To Recommend Cannabis Thanks To Jeff Sessions
An article by the Washington Post discusses how some doctors have withdrawn from their state MMJ programs since January 4th because of Sessions.
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Israeli Cannabis News Update
The Israel Ministry of Health just granted an initial approval to Tel Aviv medical cannabis company Kanabo Research for the development of its VapePod vaporizer.
5 Cannabis Strains For Glioma Brain Cancer
When the resaerchers followed up the findings in 2000, they found that using THC and a synthetic cannabinoid “induced a considerable regression of malignant gliomas”.
Are You a Good Role Model if You Encourage Cannabis Use?
Michael Jackson’s 19-year-old daughter turned to Instagram stories and Twitter to document her pot session by showing a large bud on social media.
Canada Cannabis Sales To Start As Soon As August 1st
Despite a resistance from the Conservative senators, the two parties have reached a compromise for the June vote as well as the work needed to prepare afterwards.
Can Cannabis Help You Study For A Test?
In fact, some of the experiments even showed that THC may be the reason why some older mice had improved memory and were able to perform as well in memory-related tasks as young mice.
European Medical Marijuana News
Ocado, an online supermarket in the UK, is the first to ever sell water that has been infused with cannabis oil. The site is selling Love Hemp Water, which contains cannabidiol (CBD).
Cannabis Social Club or Cannabis Spa, What Would You Pick?
The very first social cannabis license was just issued to The Coffee Joint, a Denver coffee shop following 2016’s voter-approved initiative.
CDC Issues Cannabis Carpal Tunnel Warning
Today, I’m bringing you another Jewel from the CDC with their latest cannabis scare tactic. It relates not to smoking cannabis, but rather…harvesting it.
New Cannabis Tech To Make Your Life A Whole Lot Easier
Cannabis and technology is a match made in heaven. It’s only in the infancy stages, and the possibilities are endless.

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