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Study Says Cannabis’ Effects On Young Brains Subside After 72 Hours
In other words, young adults who abstained from pot for 3 days or more scored just as well on tests as the non-users.
Why The World Might Be Ready to Legalize Cannabis in June
This is because this June, The World Health Organization’s Expert Committee on Drug Dependence will be reviewing marijuana classification on the international playing field.
Have a Doctor or Dispensary call you
How Do You Get a CBD or Cannabis Based Merchant Account sat down with new payment solutions processor Vector Payments on why it is so difficlut to get a merchant account for CBD products as well as cannabis products right now...and how they solved that problem!
How Being In Ketosis Can Help You Pass A Urine Drug Test Quicker
In a nutshell, the ketogenic diet is a very high-fat diet, and one that is extremely low in carbs (less than 20 grams of carbs a day).
Plant a Cannabis Seed this April 20th
This year, I personally will go out and randomly plant cannabis seeds around my city. I’m specifically going to be looking for government buildings such as police stations and the likes and sneak in a few seeds hoping they sprout.
Benefits Of Cannabis For The Immune System
Cannabis contains cannabinoids, chemical compounds that have long been used to treat a wide range of illnesses from inflammation to cancer.
Is There a "Best Way" To Consume Cannabis?
You have to find YOUR best method of consumption. It comes down to objectives, desired side-effects catered to your own personal life style. Understand ‘what you want’ from the cannabis plant will dictate the best approach to achieve your goals.
Why Exactly Do The Feds Want Your Opinion on Cannabis Rescheduling?
They want to know if you, the American public, are in favor of reclassifying cannabis due to its therapeutic properties. However, the questionnaire is not limited to the American public – anyone from member nations can participate in the survey.
Dabbing Wax vs Vaping Wax
For starters, when it comes to activating and consuming the ingredients of wax and other concentrates, there are currently two schools of thought: vaping versus dabbing.
Cannabis Use Tied To Reduction In Domestic Violence
Once the 9 years had finished, the results came out. The researchers concluded that cannabis use was associated with a decrease in domestic violence.
European Cannabis News Roundup Today
The pharmaceutical companies that have expressed interest in importing MMJ are now preparing for the arrival of Malta’s first-ever batch of legal medical cannabis.

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