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Why Cannabis is Not Destroying England - What Peter Hitchens Gets Wrong
The story of Grace Spence Green is a sad one. The woman was paralyzed and is now confined to a wheelchair after a man (allegedly high on weed), jumped from the top story of the mall and landed on her. Peter Hitchens blames cannabis for the tragedy and even though the 25 year old was suffering from mental disorders, he still believes that cannabis is the culprit – and not mental illness.
What are the CBD Market Trends You Can Figure Out from Google Searches?
It goes without saying that CBD is the hottest topic of 2019, an avenue of numerous health and economic benefits. One can make the argument that CBD has been spearheading the meteoric rise of the cannabis industry for the past couple of years and that's saying a lot because of the huge amounts of revenue other aspects of the industry like cannabis tourism rake in annually. Economic predictions made by experts show that the CBD space will exceed $20 billion in revenue by 2024, an unbelievable return given that CBD wasn't even legal a couple of years ago.
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NYC Cops Post “Big Marijuana Bust” on Social Media – Turns Out It's Hemp
However, since cops are still using outdated technology, they can only test for the “presence of THC” or not. Hemp has THC, which means that it will always test positive – however, that doesn’t make it illegal. The case is not over yet, and the owner of the shop did plead “not guilty” to possession of cannabis, especially since Hemp is legal all over the United States. He is still expected to show up at court on November 19th.
Marijuasana: Cannabis-Infused Yoga
Marijuasana -- Stacey’s creative approach to wellness that incorporates plant medicine and mindful movement as essential components of an integrated, healthy lifestyle – has taken its place among the very best combinations that modern life has to offer.  And it’s catching fire (pun intended) around the country, as the legal landscape evolves and more people awaken to the healing powers of marijuana and its derivative cannabinoids, right alongside the many permutations of yoga that are sprouting like weird flowers (goat yoga, anyone?) almost everywhere you look.
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Cannabis-Infused Comfort Foods - You Had Me at Mac and Cheese
Cannabidiol or CBD has no psychoactive properties and is excellent for infusing comfort food. It is also something often used to treat people suffering from depression or anxiety-related conditions. CBD alone is already doing the job and people are having great success regarding lifestyle improvement, health, and productivity. CBD is fast-acting as it binds with the CB2 receptors all over the body and is also found to be very sustainable.
Vertical Cannabis Grows - Cannabis Tourisms' Hottest Niche
Decades ago no one in their right mind could've envisaged the wonders being made possible through vertical cultivation, so the fact that the impossible is happening right before our eyes is reason enough to believe that vertical cultivation is a goldmine of tourist dollars waiting to be unleashed. And not just to marvel at the beauty of it outdoors, numerous people, myself included will love to see vertical cultivation being practiced indoors, whether in labs, farms, exhibition rooms, museums, anywhere at all, and I can guarantee you a lot of people will pay top dollar to see such wonders.
Why Do We Cough When We Smoke Weed? - Science Speaks
Smoking cannabis is not linked to causing lung cancer. But it still might have the same carcinogens and irritants as tobacco. When you inhale smoke, the lining of the throat and esophagus get irritated. The inhaled smoke causes a build-up in the lungs and the lungs then tries to get rid of it by coughing to replace it with oxygen.
FYI, Marijuana Isn't Glamorous - No Sh!t, It is Not Suppose To Be!
Right from this point we can realize that DeStefano suffers from a personal bias against cannabis users. It’s not entirely his fault either. For several decades, DeStefano and those of his age group have been taught that cannabis users are “dope fiends looking for their next fix”. According to their drug education, these “sex-starved-depraved-animals” would murder your grandmother for a piece of weed. Over the years, the image of the “stoner” transformed from a violent individual to a lethargic loser with semen crusted pants, living in their parent’s basement.
Congress Holds Historic Vote Today on Federal Cannabis Legalization in the MORE Act
While certain analysts says this bill has a 1% chance of “getting through”, it is by far the most comprehensive pro-cannabis bill ever introduced in US legislation. This Act would essentially “remove cannabis from the Controlled Substance Act” entirely, remove all criminal penalties immediately and expunge any and all criminal records related to cannabis-only offenses.
How CBD Can Cure Your Hangover
There’s nothing worse than feeling queasy after a night out. Nausea and vomiting are just two of the unfortunate side effects of drinking. Thankfully, CBD can also help in that department. It’s the reason why patients undergoing chemotherapy use CBD to deal with some of its unpleasant side effects like nausea and loss of appetite. Even more, the recent emergence of CDBA, the raw, acidic form of CBD, has been found to be an even more potent anti-nausea treatment.
Colon Diverticulitis and Cannabis: How It Works
Uncomplicated diverticulitis is easier to treat and can often be helped with antibiotics and pain relievers. A liquid diet is also recommended, and solid food gets gradually reintroduced the moment the condition improves. It has a 70% success rate. Complicated diverticulitis leads to surgery in most of the cases. People with immune system issues are prone to surgery. Surgery, as mentioned above, is quite complicated and recovering is hard.

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