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Kevin Sabet Goes Down with the Sinking Ship Known as Marijuana Prohibition
Sabet may have been silent for a while but truth be told – his latest book entitled, “Same Shit Different Day: The Story of a Broken Record” or something along those lines – is just the same rehashed arguments with updated data morphed to fit his twisted view of the world. Interestingly, Sabet could win over more cannabis consumers if he would argue for the legalization of home cultivation and zero penalties for adults…hell, I’ll even give him the 25-year-age limit!
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When is the Best Time to Grow Cannabis in North America?
This is a phrase used to describe the cultivating season for cannabis outdoors. These seasons cut across spring, summer, and fall. In America, cannabis cultivation kickstarts around April with the indoor prepping of seedlings. Growers in the country claim that marijuana plants enter into their flowering phase towards the end of Summer through Fall.
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The Lazy Stoner Myth Debunked - Turns Outs 'Lazy Stoners' Are More Active Than Normal People
After quantifying the data, the researchers discovered that in ‘general’ – cannabis users’ activity levels did not differ all that much from non-users. But when they looked closer at the four “sub-groups” they discovered that frequent marijuana users had elevated activity levels. You read that correctly – higher activity levels than non-smokers in physical activity levels!
Vaping Products Mail Ban Postponed? - How Will This Vaping Crisis Effect the Marijuana Industry
Anyone in the industry selling vape pens and their other products is affected by this law. Simply put, this new regulation might wreck a lot of companies and leave its employees jobless or with reduced pay. Postal services like FedEx and UPS have accepted the regulations and have put a stop to shipping products that fall under ENDS within or from the United States of America.
Here is the Right Way to Teach Your Kids about Drugs and Cannabis
We need to educate people on the reasons “why” people take drugs and whether there is some merit in this action. For example, a “Low income person with limited job offers” is probably living in an “elevated state of stress” due to the fear of where their next meal may come from.
Beyond THC % - The Top Cannabis and Hemp Test Results You Should Look at First
The future of the current industry rests on several companies' willingness to carry out more than a potency test.  For example, some years back a significant percentage of hemp crops in Florida failed to yield. The growers were unable to ascertain the cause because tests were not carried out on samples before planting. The cost incurred along the way was rendered a loss.
Become the Breeder Part 2: How to Make Your Own Autoflower Seeds Like a Boss!
For starters, you can harvest sooner. Unlike regular seeds or even feminized seeds that are constrained to photoperiod [light cycles] – autoflowers will bloom in a set period. Typically, these plants can be harvested between 8-10 weeks whereas regular strains can take more than 4 months. While you can’t keep an autoflower as a “Mother plant” – you can totally use it to consistently clone and maintain a good cycle. Additionally, the short growing period means you can technically get more crops per season.
5 Quick Tips for Finding a Good Dispensary
Regardless if you are someone who purchases cannabis for recreational use or medical use, you will need to choose a dispensary that is going to fulfil your requirements. You'll find that each dispensary you go to varies from location to location. You will want to find one that meets specific criteria when choosing to ensure you don't select one that is going to drain all of your hard-earned money. You want to look for the dispensary that gives you the most for your money when buying medical marijuana.
What is the Best Marijuana License Plate? - Colorado Sets Records at RMV Auction
The license plates were all cannabis-themed and quite catchy. The list of the fourteen cannabis-themed license plates are; ISIT420, BONG, GREEN, HONEY, GANGA, HERB, INDICA, HASH, SATIVA, INDICA, GOTWAX, HAPPY, TEGRIDY (which refers to a fictional cannabis farm in Colorado) and STASH. All of these license plates make reference to the cannabis culture prompting marijuana enthusiasts to show their support. The Colorado Disability Funding Committee is an establishment that makes life easier for people who live in Colorado with disabilities to obtain and retain benefits.
What is the IRS 280E Tax Code and Why is It Killing the Marijuana Industry Right Now?
However, there is a cumbersome issue that bothers every cannabis entrepreneur in the country, regardless of their state's laws. This issue revolves around Section 280E, Tax code. This tax law has made running a canna business very hard for people who have no idea how to navigate around it. The IRS claims that all canna-businesses are illegitimate at the federal level, even though some states have legitimized it. Hence these businesses are unable to subtract most incurred expenses when filing their taxes except the cost of the products sold.
Got CBD? - The Top 5 Most Popular CBD Strains of This Year
High CBD strains are varieties of cannabis assumed to have a higher CBD content than THC. The ratio may be as high as 10:1, 5:1, 2:0, or more. These strains produce sedative highs, with very no intoxicating effects. There are also CBD strains with 2:1, 1:1 ratios, here little intoxicating effects are felt.

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