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How CBD Helps Mitigate COVID-19’s Deadliest Symptom
A study released in July 2020, conducted by researchers from the Dental College of Georgia and the Medical College of Georgia found that CBD was helpful for COVID-19 patients with respiratory illness. It was found to be effective in helping them avoid serious medical intervention by way of using ventilation, thus avoiding death from acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).
Weed Talk NEWS - Trump Shuts Down a Marijuana Promo, Michigan Surges, and When Do We Vote, Again?
What is new this week in the marijuana industry?  Join Jimmy Young of Pro Cannabis Media, Curt Dalton of, Debra Borchardt of the Green Market Report, Solomon Israel of Marijuana Business News, Ry Russell of The Knot, and Phil Adams of Vote Pro Pot Podcast to learn about what is new this week in the weed world?
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Conserving Weed for a Time in Need - Cannabis Conservation Tricks from a Seasoned Stoner
I just recently wrote about the average costs of cannabis and, hopefully, the article provided some valuable insight on your own consumption habits in comparison. Considering that some people can spend up to $2500 per year on cannabis – I thought a great complementary article would be on “Cannabis Conservation Tricks – “How to get more puff per dollar”
Best New Horror Shows to Bake and Binge to This Halloween Season
I know many folks like to binge classic horror-flicks for Halloweed, but there have been some spectacular horror series and movies released lately that if you haven’t seen the ones on this list – you definitely should check it out. If I’m missing any new releases that is worth a watch, please help us out and list your suggestions in the comments section. You’re probably going to help some poor lost soul find some entertainment one night and I’m sure they’ll appreciate it. Hell – they’ll probably like your comment.
7 Cannabis Lessons a Seasoned Weed Sage Once Told Me
We know – weed is amazing! But weed is also a personal thing. Just like you would find it obnoxious if someone who drinks Bud light would only play music featuring beer in the title, watch movies that only relate to getting shitfaced, and wear clothes promoting his consumption habit.
Cannabis Legalization is Definitely a Good Start But It Is Not Enough
Under this premise – what is the government keeping us safe from? From ourselves? Is it even their responsibility to ensure that you don’t kill yourself? If it is their responsibility and they fail – what’s the compensation plan like? At what point do their responsibilities end? Sugar is technically a drug – wouldn’t the premise of “protecting ourselves from ourselves” warrant government intervention in people with pre-disposition to diabetes and buying junk food?
CBD and Surgery - What You Need to Know Before and After the Procedure
Taking CBD to help manage post-operative pain is safe to do, just be sure to check any contraindications with other medicines you are already taking post op. CBD taken in a variety of ways can help manage secondary symptoms of post-surgery pain including headaches, arthritis, muscle pains, and more. It also does a terrific job at relieving muscle and joint pain while improving sleep, which is necessary to helping you recover well after surgery.
Does Oregon's Eviction Moratorium Apply to Cannabis Businesses?
A tenant in Jackson County, Oregon filed a lawsuit against his landlord recently claiming a wrongful eviction from a warehouse where he had 500 pounds of already trimmed flower and 36,000 pounds of hemp estimated to be worth $175,000 and $1.5 million respectively (Marks v. Laminate Tech., Inc., 20CV31971). If the allegations in the lawsuit are proven to be true, the landlord or defendant in this case seems to have contravened both the HB 4213 and the executive  order (20-13).
How I Used Breathwork and Cannabis to Reduce My Dependency on Anxiety Medications
The reason I am writing this article is because my significant other has been struggling with anxiety issues for a while. She’s been medicated for well over a decade and even though she consumes cannabis on the regular – the issues with anxiety still was a cause of concern.
How Much Money Should You Spend Monthly on Weed?
This question is rather about ‘how much you should budget’ for weed per month. Are you spending too much on weed? How does your consumption habits compare to the national average. Yes – you read that correctly. There is now a “National Average” that consumers in legal states spend on cannabis. What times we live in!
All Eyes on Michigan as State’s New Cannabis Market Surges
Michigan is one of the states that only recently legalized the use of cannabis and its performance since December 2019, when this happened, has far exceeded expectations. By becoming number five on the list of highest-grossing states in terms of cannabis sales, it is an understatement to say Michigan has taken a huge leap forward.

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