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The Illinois Marijuana Market Gets Even Hotter with $4.20 Cannabis Consumption Lounges
The rate at which cannabis consumption lounges in Illinois are raking in good money is serving as an inspiration to other states that have plans to establish these cool spots. After Illinois approved cannabis legislation, the government acted on the need to provide safe spaces for cannabis users. Smoking weed In public remains illegal, but thankfully cannabis lounges have opened up and smokers have been visiting these spaces at a record rate.
New York Cannabis Control Board Gets Appointed in a Hurry by New York's New Governor
Tremaine Wright is a former assemblywoman who represented Brooklyn. Currently, she works in the New York State Department of Financial Services as the first director of the office of financial inclusion and empowerment. The former assemblywoman was sworn into office in January 2017. She served for a term at the 56th Assembly district of Brooklyn, New York. She represented her immediate communities, Bedford-Stuyvesant and Northern Crown Heights. During her term, she was appointed to serve as the chairperson of the Assembly Subcommittee on Foster care. In addition to this, she also chaired the Legislative Caucus of Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Asian lawmakers.
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CannaDating- The Dos and Don'ts of Cannabis Relationships
I was inspired writing this article when seeing a few Reddit posts talking about “issues” they were having due to a partner smoking, and in one case – a plea from a son who was concerned about the cannabis consumption of his dad. Obviously, familial relationships will not be included in this particular piece – but for some future article I’ll definitely elaborate on that topic. For now, we look at the Do’s and Don’ts of Cannabis Dating – whether couples can exist with one person smoking and the other not, when cannabis consumption becomes the center of your relationship, and much more.
What Does the Future Look Like for Non-Smokable Cannabis Products?
But today, the story is different as modernized science and technology have made it possible for companies and people to use cannabis in diverse ways without smoking. Food scientists, industry professionals, botanists, and chemists have discovered new ways of extracting CBD and THC from marijuana plants.
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Love Weed But Hate the Munchies? - How to Enjoy Your Cannabis Without the Pizza, Chips, and Twinkies
One of the best ways to “beat the munchies” is to properly plan for the munchies. The biggest issues with the munchies isn’t that you’re hungry but rather that you don’t want to be munching down on sugary caloric filled garbage. Instead, you can prepare for the munchies by getting healthy foods in your fridge – prepared for consumption at a second’s notice.
A Look Inside the Mind of Nora Volkov, The New Head of the National Institute of Drug Abuse
You may not have heard the name Nora Volkow, she’s the head of NIDA – the National Institute on Drug Abuse. This is the very agency that funds all those studies on the dangers of cannabis and other drugs and have been used as an arm of the government to justify the prohibition of cannabis.
Better Than a Dispensary? - Excitement Around Cannabis Consumption Lounges Hits a Fever Pitch Across America
The rate at which American cannabis users took to these cannabis lounges revealed that they had been eagerly awaiting this moment. Now, people do not have to stay in the solitude of their homes to use pot and they don't have to ponder on "how and where" to use pot socially. These strides may or may have not been made if the pandemic had not occurred. It is hard to deny the role the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown has had on the booming cannabis industry around the world, most importantly in the United States. Lawmakers do not have the best legislation drafted for the cannabis consumption lounges yet, however, they are doing the best they can to come up with reforms that would stabilize the market.
Wait, Why Are We Still Not Using Hemp Plastic, Yet?
At last 60% of all plastic products in the world are made from polymer resins. Everyday products like plastic bottles are made from the polymer resin known as Polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Hemp plastic is promising, however, the right technology to use in the mass creation of this product is not ready. Advocates for a less polluted world believe that someday in the future, customers would be able to purchase products packaged in 100% hemp-based containers.
Ohio Program to Teach Ex-Cons How to Grow Weed
According to the report on WKBN, the partnership between both companies seeks to assist ex-convicts in securing jobs in the marijuana industry. Dionne Dowdy leads the operations at United Returning Citizens, and he says that the two organizations are erecting a marijuana, hemp hydroponic school with this idea.
Weed NFTs - The Battle Between Stoned Cats and Blazed Cats is a Pushback on Celebrity Cannabis Cash Grabs
If you are a fan of the JPEG scene, you must have seen the new breed of Cats. The cats (also called Stoner Cats) were created within 24 hours to answer a celeb cash grab venture. Soon enough, Blazed Cats became a benevolent entity that has donated more than $215,000 to Mental Health America in its first two weeks of its existence. The Stoner Cats, an NFT-funded show supported by the actress, Mila Kunis, has gotten a lot of superb voice talents such as Seth McFarlane and Chris Rock. The Blazed Cats came to be after someone posted a Twitter thread insinuating that the new concept of the Blazed Cats can be built overnight.
Eat It or Put It Under Your Tongue - Which Cannabis Consumption Method is Better?
Oral ingestion of cannabis involves consuming the product in the form of an edible. It entails drinking, eating food that has been infused with cannabinoids, as well as popping cannabis capsules. Edible cannabis can take the form of cannabis juices, marijuana cookies, and cake, gummy sweets, pizza, coffee. Regardless of the form that it takes, orally ingested cannabis goes into the stomach where it undergoes metabolism before entering the bloodstream.

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