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Arizona State Prosecutor May Force MMJ Patients to Smoke Cannabis in Order to Medicate
I really do hope that the Supreme Court in Arizona will see it this way. Sheila Polk and her ilk aren’t benefiting society or upholding the law. They are merely trying to circumvent the will of the voters, and considering that she is a “public servant”, she should truly attempt to serve the public as opposed to jailing legitimate citizens.
Israeli Researchers Discover How And Why Autism Responds Well To Cannabis
Israeli scientists have discovered the reason why kids with autism respond so well to cannabis medications – it’s because they have lower endogenous cannabinoid levels compared to matched controls.
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Sex, Drugs, and Dan Bilzerian - The Problem With Sexism In Cannabis
Instead, support women-owned cannabis brands and products, and acknowledge the many ways women are trailblazing this industry. Understand that women can not only be sexy, but they are also intelligent creatures who can have great positive influence in the cannabis industry if you let it.
Cannabis News Updates for Europe
Northern Swan Holdings, Inc. is among the latest. The NY-based holdings firm which focuses on medical marijuana just invested $8 million into a German marijuana wholesale and distribution company called Cansativa GmbH to help speed up the development of the company into the European market.
Why Is Marijuana The Most Controversial Plant In The World?
Additionally, lack of federal funding for cannabis research puts healthcare professionals between a rock and a hard stone. Even though many medical associations have voiced their support for cannabis and recognize its safety, at the end of the day it’s still a Schedule 1 substance so they risk losing their licenses if anything goes wrong.
Why is the FDA Suddenly Cracking Down on CBD?
The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act; a law that places strict rules on the addition of medicinal components on food and drink. Combine that with the fact that the FDA isn’t convinced about the health benefits of CBD, so any business that makes health claims is ruffling their features.
Singapore Makes it Clear - Raw Cannabis Flower is Harmful and Illegal
Aside from the mentioned study, the authorities do not acknowledge the many other studies proving the safety and efficacy of pot when used as medicine. They also cite the fact that other countries who took a more relaxed stand on cannabis suffered serious societal harms. “Therefore, we have strict laws against the trafficking, possession, consumption, and import or export of illicit drugs including cannabis and cannabis products.”
7 Online Vape Shops That Offer Great Deals
Today we’re going to list down 7 of the best online vape stores in terms of which offers the best deals. Now, to reiterate the purpose of our list, the stores are rated from 1 to 7 depending on which of these stores offer the best deals. This means affordable price and high-quality products with number 1 as the best down to 7 being the least.
Cannabis for Parkinson's Disease has a Breakthrough, but More Research is Needed
Next month, the Parkinson’s Foundation will hold a two-day meeting to bring 40 experts including clinicians, scientists, executives from the cannabis industry, and physicians who will discuss cannabis for Parkinson’s treatment.
If I Could Do It All Over Again, I Would Not Smoke Weed as a Teen
The point here kids, you are in control of your decisions. Make the best ones for your own future. Weed won’t ruin you, but when you’re that young…it won’t really help you either. Unless of course you consume it for medical reasons, but then you also know…you’re not doing it for fun.
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5 Tips and Tricks to Achieve Massive Glass Bong Rips
Glass Bongs are basically a water filtration gadget that is utilized to consume tobacco, herbs or cannabis. It looks nearly in the state of a hookah or shisha with the exception of the way that it is effectively compact anyplace. The real significance of the term bong originates from Thai word "Baung" a round and hollow smoking tube made of bamboo or wood.

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