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How Do You Get Your Body to Absorb a Higher Rate of CBD and THC?
In other words, just because a drug has entered your mouth doesn’t mean that it’s already in your blood. Otherwise, you won’t feel it since the body hasn’t absorbed it properly just yet. That’s why you don’t feel your edibles until 30 minutes or later, but it also has to do with why you feel the sedative effects of CBD much quicker especially when dosing it sublingually.
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7 Tips for Germinating Cannabis Seeds from Top Notch Growers
First, you need to place the seeds in a culture medium that has the right humidity and temperature before you start a series of reactions leading to germination in a few days. Depending on the substrate you use for germination, make sure it never dries out completely. That’s because the seed will stop absorbing moisture thereby stop germinating.
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Why Does Health Insurance Reimburse You for Opioids But Not for Medical Marijuana?
There is no major limiting factor restricting health insurers and banks like the issue of regulation around cannabis. Despite the fact that more states are legalizing the medical and recreational use of cannabis, it is still regarded as illegal on a federal level. Cannabis is classified as a Schedule I narcotic drug which means it is of no medicinal use and has a very high degree of dependence. Though many will agree to the fact that this designation of cannabis is not right, it is still the current state of things. Many insurance providers will not want to be at loggerheads with the federal government which is why they have held back majorly until regulation changes.
Vegas, Baby! - 6 Tips on Finding a Quality Dispensary in Las Vegas
With the current increasing number of states legalizing the use of cannabis, it won’t come as a surprise to see many people going in and out of their favorite dispensaries. There are currently 20 states that allow legal weed consumption for medical purposes, and 15 states allow it for both medical and recreational purposes. There are numerous dispensaries in Sin City alone, and choosing the best Vegas dispensary is a matter of personal preference. If you haven’t yet, read along to know more about dispensaries and learn some tips to help you in finding excellent ones.
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The 2021 Grow Strategy to Have an Endless Supply of Dank Bud on the Cheap
The good thing is that up until late in the flowering stage, it really doesn’t smell. If you plant enough other plants in your garden, they go pretty unseen by prying eyes. The most ‘dangerous’ part of growing is during the flowering stage – when things will get stinky. However, since you’re only really ever going to have at most 6 plants in flowering, with a month difference, there will be 2 plants that really stink, 2 that don’t stink that much and 2 that are just flowering.
Hemp or Marijuana - Why the Police Can't Tell Them Apart
Hemp and marijuana both originate from the same lineage of the genus Cannabis. Cannabis has three special natural species namely Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis. Marijuana refers to cannabis that belongs to the Sativa and Indica family. Both species have unique differences both in physical characteristics and growing patterns that differentiate them. Marijuana also accommodates hybrid cannabis strains that are made artificially by combining the characteristics of Sativa and Indica species. This combination produces differences in the physical characteristics of the strains and chemical composition.
Is the DEA Finally Going to Allow Private Companies to Grow Cannabis for Research?
To put it simply, they’ve made it difficult for private institutions to apply to grow cannabis for research purposes, which is badly needed by scientists and the industry to make research progress. Thankfully, early in January, they released what they called the “final rules” on applying for a federal license to do so. US Congress also passed a bill that called on the necessary expansion of cannabis research, which received bipartisan support.
That's Just Wrong - Towns that Ban Cannabis Businesses Still Get Marijuana Tax Revenue from the State
Why does the idea of towns that ban marijuana companies and still get weed tax revenue seems so wrong? The old testament says an “eye for an eye” and “an honest wage for an honest day’s work”, or something along those lines.  So why it is that when we hear that towns that ban marijuana businesses from operating within their jurisdiction still end up with marijuana tax revenue from the state for their city and town projects it just really rubs the marijuana industry the wrong way?
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Cannabis Chemistry - What to Know about Evaporation Post-Harvest
The loss of the beneficial compounds in the cannabis plant to evaporation changes the chemistry of the plant. Excess evaporation reduces the therapeutic value of the cannabis plant and can render it ineffective. This becomes a worry if it is to be used medicinally as it may bring about therapeutic failure in medical marijuana patients.
Cannabis and Antidepressants - Can You Mix Them Together or Better Not?
The general idea of using cannabis and antidepressants is to bring about synergistic action between the drugs. Though there are limited studies on the topics, early signs show the possibility of this effect. Cannabis works in the body through the endocannabinoid system which has a huge role to play in the regulation of mood in the body. The endocannabinoid system contains special cannabinoid receptors, endocannabinoids, and enzymes that work to modulate the system. Different cannabinoids from cannabis work through this system to help promote elevated moods and relaxation.
Is Weedmaps' $1.5 Billion Valuation the Canary in the Coalmine for the Entire Marijuana Industry?
$439,000,000 in cannabis-based revenue between 2015 and 2019 would make Weedmaps the most successful cannabis company in the history of the earth, and according to them, they didn’t actually sell any weed in that $439,000,000.  So, 20 legal states with dispensaries created close to half a billion dollars in ad sales for Weedmaps?  Say what?  They are expecting $205,000,000 in revenue this year from ad sales and software sales, none of that money includes any direct cannabis sales they claim.

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