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Why are We Afraid of Feeling Good? - THC's Battle for Mainstream Acceptance
This prompts us to the question “why”? Why is it that CBD, a therapeutic cannabinoid from the cannabis plant is getting such high praise; whereas, THC, another therapeutic cannabinoid is getting demonized. The only difference – once gets you high while the other doesn’t. And it is because of this very reason why THC is demonized while CBD is praised.
Why Does Weed Affect Men and Women Differently? (Hint : Sex Hormones)
The endocannabinoid system portrays sex differences. The sex hormones testosterone in men and estrogen and progesterone in women have a different influence on the endocannabinoid system, especially the network of brain cells that use the same system of communication than cannabinoids. The estrogen hormone is the one that affects women the most in the consumption of cannabis. One of the functions of estrogen is to regulate a fatty acid amide hydrolase (FAAH), which diminishes the effect of anandamide
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Top 10 Ganja Gifts This Kushmas
It’s the most, stoniest time….of the year! Yes folks, it’s Kushmas and this year we’re going to make our shopping lists to see what you’ll want to put into your stocking. Obviously, this list is highly personalized and bias towards what I think is cool, but then again…I also think that most other stoners would absolutely love having their hands on the following items.
Cannabis Chads vs. Hippies and Growers - Cannabis Culture Wars 2.0
A “chad” as it turns out is urban slang for single, white guys, in their 20s and 30s.  Chad refers to the stereotypical preppie name used in movies and books to depict the classic preppy, entitled, wealthy, white kid.  So, in essence, a small group of non- MJ BIZ CON attendees complained about too many rich, white guys who are all corporate, and about making money, attending the show and not enough people who love the plant more than money, aka, hippies.
Why Cumberland Farms is About to Blow Up the Massachusetts Marijuana Scene
Massachusetts law limited retail liquor license ownership to three licenses per owner. That wasn’t a bad deal for liquor store owners, but supermarket chains couldn’t sell alcoholic beverages across their full system. In 2006 the supermarket chains squared off against the Massachusetts Package Stores Association to challenge the law with a referendum question.
What is the Difference between THC and THCA?
So how does THCA become THC? Simple, through the application of light and/or heat known as decarboxylation. You’ve probably heard of it before. It’s the same process needed to make edibles. What happens is when heat is applied to cannabis in its raw form, the carboxylic acid group of atoms in THCA are removed, converting them into molecules and altering its chemical structure. This process allows it to fit into the CB1 receptors that are found in the central nervous system, which then results in the mind/body-altering effects we commonly associate with THC.
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Growing Your Own Weed - What is the Realistic Time Frame for Smoking Your Home Grown Cannabis?
As mentioned – this is only a rough estimate, however, based on these calculations it will take the average grower roughly 21-23 weeks for a full grow from seed to smoke. In terms of months, we’re talking about 5-6 months realistically. This can be reduced if you utilize a dual-chamber grow space and if you force flower sooner during the “vegging stage”.
New Ganja Theories: The US will Legalize Cannabis in 2021?
Thus, the only unifying thing left in the US, a thing which most people can agree upon – weed needs to be legal. There is an unprecedented support for legal cannabis in the United States and with more than 150,000,000 adults having admitted to smoking weed in the past year – it makes sense to provide some sort of release with the act of legalization.
Why CBD is Much More Effective When You Add Some THC With It
If you’re looking to reap the full benefits of CBD, the addition of THC, along with other cannabis compounds, is essential. Look for full-spectrum CBD products. However, if you are trying to avoid THC specifically, but still want to benefit from other compounds like terpenes and flavonoids, choose a broad spectrum CBD product.
Who Pays More for a Customer in Las Vegas, a Strip Joint or a Marijuana Dispensary?
When you get in a cab in Las Vegas and you ask them, “What is the best….” or “Take me to the best…” , they are usually getting paid by a company for their answer and when they bring you there they get credit or cash payment.  Gentlemens’ clubs in Las Vegas pay taxi drivers to bring guys (or gals) who want to go to “the best strip joint” but don’t know which one to go to on a given night.  With recreational and medical cannabis now legal in Nevada now, dispensaries are also paying for taxi drivers to bring people to their storefronts who, “Want to buy weed in Vegas?”.
Breakthrough Studies Proving CBD’s Efficacy for Autism Spectrum Disorder
The latest study out of Brazil found that twice-daily use of cannabis-based CBD has resulted in significant improvements among adolescents with autism-spectrum disorder. The study, whose results were shared in the medical journal, Frontiers in Neurology, involved Brazilian researchers analyzing the impact of CBD-rich extracts containing 75:1 CBD:THC ratios among 15 patients.

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