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Is the DEA Finally Going to Allow Private Companies to Grow Cannabis for Research?
To put it simply, they’ve made it difficult for private institutions to apply to grow cannabis for research purposes, which is badly needed by scientists and the industry to make research progress. Thankfully, early in January, they released what they called the “final rules” on applying for a federal license to do so. US Congress also passed a bill that called on the necessary expansion of cannabis research, which received bipartisan support.
That's Just Wrong - Towns that Ban Cannabis Businesses Still Get Marijuana Tax Revenue from the State
Why does the idea of towns that ban marijuana companies and still get weed tax revenue seems so wrong? The old testament says an “eye for an eye” and “an honest wage for an honest day’s work”, or something along those lines.  So why it is that when we hear that towns that ban marijuana businesses from operating within their jurisdiction still end up with marijuana tax revenue from the state for their city and town projects it just really rubs the marijuana industry the wrong way?
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Cannabis Chemistry - What to Know about Evaporation Post-Harvest
The loss of the beneficial compounds in the cannabis plant to evaporation changes the chemistry of the plant. Excess evaporation reduces the therapeutic value of the cannabis plant and can render it ineffective. This becomes a worry if it is to be used medicinally as it may bring about therapeutic failure in medical marijuana patients.
Cannabis and Antidepressants - Can You Mix Them Together or Better Not?
The general idea of using cannabis and antidepressants is to bring about synergistic action between the drugs. Though there are limited studies on the topics, early signs show the possibility of this effect. Cannabis works in the body through the endocannabinoid system which has a huge role to play in the regulation of mood in the body. The endocannabinoid system contains special cannabinoid receptors, endocannabinoids, and enzymes that work to modulate the system. Different cannabinoids from cannabis work through this system to help promote elevated moods and relaxation.
Is Weedmaps' $1.5 Billion Valuation the Canary in the Coalmine for the Entire Marijuana Industry?
$439,000,000 in cannabis-based revenue between 2015 and 2019 would make Weedmaps the most successful cannabis company in the history of the earth, and according to them, they didn’t actually sell any weed in that $439,000,000.  So, 20 legal states with dispensaries created close to half a billion dollars in ad sales for Weedmaps?  Say what?  They are expecting $205,000,000 in revenue this year from ad sales and software sales, none of that money includes any direct cannabis sales they claim.
Quit Wasting Taxpayer Money on Faux Cannabis Medical Studies
No matter the findings from the government, the fact of the matter remains that cannabis will become legal within the next year or two [in the U.S]. I still remain steadfast in my prediction that cannabis will be legalized on a Federal level in the U.S later this year – they will need to with all the craziness happening in the government.
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Dealing with the Stankiest Part of Cannabis Cultivation - Drying and Curing Your Bud
Right now, I’m still in the drying part of the harvest, and with this phase I was inspired to write this article. Why? Because my office – where the bud is currently being cured – smells like a bag of dank assed-weed. If I keep the door closed, it simply accumulates within the space and then when I open it – dankness spills into the hallways and in some cases –I can even smell it in the streets.
What if Sugarcane Was Outlawed 85 Years Ago Instead of the Marijuana Plant?
If sugar were outlawed in the 1950s, certainly big pharma would have stepped in and developed alternatives to be used in things such as soda, candy, and other high sucrose-based food.  Would those lab-made alternatives be healthier than sugar?  That is debatable to be honest, as the same discussions go on in present day society over stevia, aspartame, and xylitol.  There would certainly still be soda, candy, sweets, and sweet flavorings for food, it would just not be sugar cane based.
The Top 6 CBD Capsules on the Market Right Now
These are far from the only CBD capsules and softgels available in the cannabis market. They are however the top 6 that are available in the market right now. The market for CBD capsules and softgels is gradually increasing daily because more cannabis firms are paying attention to the therapeutics aspect of cannabis. This means that more investors and entrepreneurs are coming in to widen the scope and reach of this sector of the industry. The ripple effect of this is that more works of research will be conducted and more beneficial products made available.
Hemp Cross-Pollination Could Cost Marijuana Farmers Millions as Hemp Production Expands Nationwide
Cross-pollination of cannabis plants occurs when pollen from male cannabis plants is driven by wind or any medium to female marijuana plants. The product of this move by the pollen is that the female cannabis plants direct energy into producing seeds. By doing this, the plants do not apply as much energy to providing quality cannabinoids content. When the cannabis plant is full of seeds, there is a reduction in usable volume and overall quality of the plant. The plants cannot be sold in wholesale or retail and will have to be sold for extraction. This tends to bring about huge financial losses which is the major worry of many farmers.
The New Buzzword in the Cannabis Industry - Affordable Luxury!
The goal of an affordable luxury brand is to offer a more accessible premium marijuana experience. This was the same prompting factor that pushed Jackee Stang to create Quarter as a brand for affordable luxury. Stang learned this personally as she worked as VP of programming for High Times. She was able to get access to high-quality cannabis due to her position in the firm. However, she realized that other normal customers that are not in her class of position did not have access to such cannabis products. Upon realizing this issue, she sought out to create a way to provide such products to all at a reasonable price.

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