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Why Do Leading CBD Brands in the US Still Have Some Inaccurate Dosages on Their Labeling?
The ability to predict the effect of a CBD product is largely dependent on the dose of cannabinoids present. CBD acts through the cannabinoid receptors of the endocannabinoid system to mediate different responses, therefore accuracy of the dose is needed to predict the response to expect. This response is then used to establish a dose-response relationship to prevent unwanted effects of underdose or overdose. The established dose, therefore, becomes a point of reference for other cannabis strains that have different cannabinoid profiles. It also becomes a point of reference for other brands in the industry to work on.
Ask Your Dispensary for an Ounce of Party Mulch
If you're in the market of buying bulk over quality, trim is probably your best bet. Not only will you be able to purchase a lot more “product” you'll be doing it for far less. It could be the difference of $70 to $100 depending on your location. Due to the Accessibility in terms of cost, party mulch can be used as a base ingredient for all of your infusions. For example, you wouldn't want to be using an ounce that cost $100+ in making cannabis infused butter. It is far more cost effective to use trim for these kinds of operations.
Have a Doctor or Dispensary call you
Cannabis and Probiotics - What Health Providers Should Know about the Combo
As a health provider, you should encourage and help patients choose their probiotics as every microbiome is peculiar. Many patients don't need the bacteria strain through over-the-counter probiotics. So what you can do is ensure that you personalize each person's gut diagnosis so that you know how to recommend food and probiotics. Some microbiome testing companies have added a technological feature in their testing kit that enables health providers to figure out the problematic bacteria in the gut and develop the right kind of probiotic-rich food for the patient.
Limit the Potency of Cannabis? Colorado Pushes Back Against Senator's Attempts to Restrict THC Levels in Marijuana
The cannabis industry in this case is acting completely within its rights. What Rep. Caraveo is proposing is not based in science – but “because this is what the Dutch did” was her response. She believes that the Dutch proposed limits on cannabis products would work within Colorado that has no limits on cannabis potency.
Europe is Slowly Warming Up to Cannabis, Slow and Steady Wins the Race?
The problems with Europe and Cannabis are centered on the threat of pay-day companies and the diversity of laws, cultures and ideas regarding cannabis. While Europe may not currently be on par with other regions of the world like the United States, Canada, etc the potential of the European cannabis market is mindblowing. If fully maximized, the European cannabis market can become one of the best industries in the world. The potential is there all it needs is the right factors to bring it to fruition. It should be noted that experts predict that cannabis will eventually become an integral part of the European market.
Forget the Wake and Bake, You Should Be Doing This Cannabis Productivity Hack Instead!
Cannabis can be a deterrent in terms of productivity. We have to be honest about that. If you take a bong rip every morning, you’re not being 100% as productive as you can be. This may be okay, perhaps productivity isn’t your major concern. If that’s the case – I am no one to tell you to not chill-on as you are doing. However, if you are smoking cannabis and wish to be a bit more productive, I recommend trying any one of the things I mentioned. The worst that can happen is nothing – the best that can happen is you become more productive.
CBD and Intermittent Fasting - Does It Help or Hurt?
CBD works effectively with intermittent fasting because it helps keep the brain relaxed such that you don't have the urge to snack on anything. With CBD, individuals' health capabilities receive a significant boost such that fasting becomes more comfortable, thus enabling more excellent results. CBD can be used through several means from oils to topical usage and even as capsules. The CBD can also be taken as edibles as soon as the person breaks his or her fast.
What the Cannabis Industry Can Learn from the Wine Industry
Given that the wine industry has already succeeded as an industry worth billions of dollars a year globally, with a huge number of books written about its appreciation, history, palate, and grading systems to name just a few aspects, there’s no reason that cannabis can’t achieve the same or even greater. 
CBD for Athlete's Foot - Does it Work?
CBD for athlete's feet doesn't clear up in a single-use. Although some claims about CBD's capacity to solve these skin issues are not entirely confirmed, CBD does offer a lot of promise in treating peculiar such as depression, pain, and anxiety. Athlete’s feet are fungal infection, and CBD contains many anti-fungal properties, making it suitable as an alternative treatment option. Unless the patient suffers from other immune system illnesses or other diseases, then it can get complicated. If the infection spreads, fluid-filled ulcers may develop, which pose a health threat for those with underlying issues.
Cannabis Consumerism - CBD Toothpaste, Whole Leaf Hemp Wraps, Full-Spectrum Mango Tinctures Hit the Market
CBD Toothpaste, Hemp Wraps, and Full Spectrum Mango Tincture are just three examples of the influx of new products that have stormed the cannabis industry. More products also look set to take the industry by storm as the needs of consumers in the industry increase daily. These are thrilling times for cannabis lovers, and given what we've all been through in 2020 I think we deserve a little cannabis bliss.
The Era of Cannabis-Infused Beverages Has Begun - What Molson Coors Has Taught Us Already
Currently, infused drinks have a market share of less than 1% in the United States but these days, people are already looking for healthier options instead of just boozing it up all the time. It only makes sense that drinks become just as, if not even more popular, than edibles: there’s no doubt that millions of people are still seeking out ways of relaxing and socializing, but infused drinks mean you don’t have to suffer horrendous hangovers that leave you feeling weak, unproductive, mentally AND physically drained the next day.

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