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The Sad Story of the Procks and Losing Your Toddler Over Having Cannabis Locked in Your Trunk
Except, you’re in Alabama, and here cannabis is considered as dangerous as heroin. So the next thing you know, you’re busted by the State Trooper, and what’s worse – your kid is taken into child protective services because the fact that you had weed on you, you somehow “endangered your child” simply because of proximity to the plant.
Is Organic the Way Forward for the Marijuana Industry or Is It Just Too Expensive?
So unlike the grocery store standard, there are currently no "Organic" shelves in dispensaries. Packaging with preserving the products is also a challenge because packaging and presentation are a vital part of the organic process. If there are new cannabis enterprises considering taking the organic route, they will need to break through the challenge of expanding their customer base. They will also need to research the proper packaging for the product, which offers an exciting cannabis experience for consumers. 
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Bongs for Borat - Sacha Baron Cohen Sues Massachusetts Dispensary for Using His Image
This is especially true when you’re using mainstream advertising routes like putting up a billboard. These VERY public displays will grab the attention of people and can quickly escalate in a similar fashion as the case in question. IF the dispensary wanted to use the image of Borat, they would probably have been more effective doing a “Meme Campaign” which would utilize Memes to sell the story or “hint that Borat likes that stuff”…which Cohen explicitly said he doesn’t.
Getting Lobsters High Before You Boil Them - Does That Actually Ease Their Pain?
In her own words, while addressing the Mount Desert Islander, Charlotte explained that it was not pleasing to witness lobsters being killed without an exit strategy. With her knowledge as a medical marijuana caregiver and a proper understanding of the role of cannabis in mediating pain and euphoria, she got a lobster stoned before boiling him.
What are the Dangers of Smoking PGR Marijuana? (Wait, What is PGR Weed, Again?)
Some cannabis growers enjoy using PGR because of its capacity to transform the plant to produce larger yields. But this is a way of cheating nature ad making inferior cannabis products. Even if you end with aesthetically pleasing and large buds, the plants will be more minor cannabinoids, and they wouldn't be rich in terpene. Yes, you will have a bountiful harvest but inferior quality, which is dangerous to users. 
Will Cannabis Spark a Revolution in Non-Linear Thinking and in Our Mass Consciousness?
According to Pollard, right after the mass acceptance of coffee, there was a noticeable shift in the public zeitgeist. People finally had the option to switch from drinking alcohol to drinking a non-alcoholic beverage that gave them clarity of mind and energy. With this new substance coursing through their minds and bodies, they suddenly had a sense of “clarity” they didn’t have before. They didn’t get as “tired” or “numb” as they would with alcohol.
What is Rockwool and Why Is It a New Buzzword in the Marijuana Industry?
Alright, so you can see that Rockwool cubes provide cannabis growers with loads of benefits. From the aeration of plants to pathogen prevention, you will be amazed at all Rockwool can do for you. To enjoy the benefits of Rockwool cubes, start with a compost pile.  You will create your supply of soil and keep the used cubes away from the landfill site, which is a win-win for the environment and your cannabis plant. 
Who Buys 10 Ounces of Weed at a Time? Digging into Senator Schumer's Maddening Marijuana Bill
The senator’s first draft of the bill was released with its sponsors asking for public contributions and additions, improving its chances of scaling before it is formally introduced. Senator Schumer was joined by Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden and Senator Cory Booker to unveil the draft at a press conference. The bill is labeled as an ‘Extensive” one titled Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act with details up to 163 pages.
Can CBD Help Spark Up Your Sex Life?
Before the effect of the addition of CBD to sexual experience can be fully felt, care has to be taken with respect to how it is added. CBD can provide an all-round sexual boost that is compared to sexual stimulating pills only that all the effects of CBD will be natural.
Why Are Home Prices Way Up? Well, Weed is One Reason if You Live in a Legal State
A new report by Clever Real Estate reveals that from April 2017 to April 2021, real estate prices spiked $17,113 in states that have legalized recreational cannabis compared to states where use is limited to medical or is still illegal. Cannabis legalization doesn’t just mean higher property prices, but also millions of dollars more injected into tax revenues.
What is Anandamide and How Does It Relate to THC and CBD?
Anandamide happens naturally in the body as an endocannabinoid (one of the many). There is a lot of interest in it today because it is apparent that this molecule can affect the body positively, and now scientists are keen on harnessing its potentials. Some phytocannabinoids in the cannabis plant can boost Anandamide's level in your body, thus making controlled application possible.

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