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Cannabis Strains For Cachexia
However, cannabis has shown to be promising as a natural alternative for cachexia particularly because of its appetite-boosting properties.
10 Medical Conditions That Cannabis Edibles Can Help With
Edibles are the preferred way to medicate for many patients. Edibles are created using a unique cooking process utilizing decarboxylation to activate the cannabinoids.
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Cannabis Infused Keef Cola - Would You Try One?
Today, Keef Cola has an impressive array of delicious flavored low-dose and high-dose infused beverages, including the world’s first zero-calorie infused drink.
European Cannabis News Update
Several European nations have already legalized the use of medical cannabis, but this year is off to a good start as more developments signal the green light.
Jeff Sessions Says There Is Real Violence Around Marijuana, Is He Right?
A new study looking at 2014 crime data in South Los Angeles revealed that the presence of cannabis dispensaries is prone to less crime compared to alcohol and tobacco shops.
Four Good People Who Smoke Grass, Jeff Sessions
So the honorable Jeff Sessions, chief adjudicator and top lawman of the United States of America, is going after the weed-heads again.
Cannabis Strains For Pancreatic Cancer
Studies show that the cannabinoids in cannabis, especially THC, is beneficial in preventing the growth of pancreatic tumors.
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Your Guide To Companion Planting For Cannabis Plants
Companion planting is a gardening technique that cannabis growers also apply in order to enhance and maximize the growth of cannabis plants.
Cannabis Tech at CES - Consumer Electronics Show 2018
The Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the organization behind CES, doesn’t have any rules that prevent companies from exhibiting cannabis products during the show.
28 Members of Congress Sue the DEA to Reschedule CBD
However, 28 members of Congress are requesting a federal appeals court to scrap this decision.
CBD For Nicotine Addiction
While there’s only one study to date studying the impact of CBD for nicotine addiction, the results are promising.

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