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New Mexico is Legalizing Weed the Right Way
As the federal government lags behind the curb, states like New Mexico is about to create a new cannabis framework and by the looks of it, one of the more ‘freedom-focused’ structures to date. It seems that some of the lawmakers in New Mexico may have been reading my work as they are creating a scheme for “micro-groweries” as I outlined in this article.
W.W.Weeeeeed! - Former Wrestling Superstars Now Getting into the Marijuana Game
 Fans wondered how the stars could cope with the pain and pressure that came with the sport; they had to deal with intense holds and bumps. How would they have coped without the pain relieving capability of Weed? Thankfully, with the recent policy reforms and how ‘Weed’ is seen, a couple of former wrestling superstars have come out to speak on the benefits of weed. They are now Weed activists and seem to use it to prolong their careers.
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Weedmaps vs. Leafly - How Much Bigger is WM Technology Compared to Their Closest Competition?
Now that Weedmaps, or WM Technology, is public, and their closest competitor, Leafly, is very close to going public and has started reporting their quarterly numbers, we can finally see behind the curtain of the two biggest cannabis websites on earth to see how big is big, how much money can you create with menu management and traffic, and how big of a head start does Weedmaps have on the cannabis world?  Let's take a look!
9 Facts You Might Not Know About Legal Cannabis in America
The U.S. has had a love-hate relationship with cannabis throughout the decades. Until the early 20th century, marijuana was legal across the nation. However, the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 made it illegal to produce and sell the cannabis plant. Yet, perspectives have changed, and various health benefits have been identified since cannabis was banned and criminalized. For these reasons, many U.S. states have legalized the production, sale, and use of medical marijuana, and many more are legalizing the cannabis plant for recreational use.
Peru Approves Cannabis-Based Medication for Cancer Patients
The drug is manufactured by a Canadian pharmaceutical company, Verdemed, and designed to act as closely to Sativex as possible. Peruvian patients can now use Sativyl to obtain relief from the symptoms of cancer, as well as those suffering from spasticity caused by multiple sclerosis, and nausea from chemotherapy. It’s an antiemetic that can help improve appetite, enabling them to see better results from their treatment.
Can Cannabis Depersonalize You? Wait, What Does Depersonalize You Even Mean?
What was interesting is that this wasn’t the first time I saw someone talk about “Depersonalization” as a result of smoking cannabis. It prompted me to write this article. Does cannabis psychologically alter you to the point where you become depersonalized?
Which 7 States Will Probably Legalize Recreational Marijuana in 2022?
It's the end of 2021 and the call for weed legalization is becoming even more intense especially among Democratic politicians; some Republicans are also in support .Across the United States, advocates are intensely drafting proposals, getting signatures, and employing public outreaches to gain support for cannabis legalization. Here is a breakdown of states likely to legalize the growth, use, and distribution of cannabis in the year 2022.
The Green Wave Crashes in Japan - The Japanese Government Increases Penalties for Cannabis Possession and Even Discussion!
Rather than aligning with the new norm around the world, Japan is focused on creating more penalties for marijuana possession and use. The fear of these penalties hinders several residents from participating in the habit of toking. One arrest could result in the individuals getting kicked out of school, or losing their jobs. The public judgment that follows an arrest is also something to worry about. Until better laws are enacted in the future, Japan's residents can make do with CBD products.
How Good is Taliban Weed? - New Taliban Government in Afghanistan Allegedly Signs Cannabis Trade Deal with Australian Pharmacy
While not wanting to support a brutal regime like the Taliban, the thought of very rare landrace strains becoming accessible and shippable to countries like Canada and the US has some in the cannabis industry salivating. With cannabis genetics and hybrids finally getting full scientific support from places like the DEA and FDA, new genetic strains from rare landrace strains could create some exciting new products that could deal with a whole litany of ailments.
Pickleball and Medical Marijuana - Did Seniors Using Cannabis Help Fuel the Pickleball Phenomena?
Pickleball is easily the fastest growing sport in the United States today. Marijuana use is booming among seniors right now, the fastest growing customer group for medical marijuana. Coincidence?
The Omicron COVID Variant and the Marijuana Industry - 5 Key Questions About Another Possible Shutdown
In a true silver linings story, marijuana legalization and technology innovation boomed during the first COVID-19 shutdowns.  Many states declared cannabis an “essential item” much like alcohol, and that allowed for massive advancements in curbside pickups, online ordering, and even delivery services in many areas.  Many states advanced cannabis legalization at a quicker pace than would have been seen without a COVID pandemic, and many people tried cannabis for the first time during the pandemic months. But what about a 2nd shutdown or more serious restrictive set up than we have now, what if Omicron causes a second “stay home” agenda is some states? Let’s look at 5 questions regarding Omicron and marijuana industry and see what happens if this variant becomes a serious threat to the economic recovery now going on.

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