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Do Cheech and Chong Need to Die for Cannabis Legalization to Happen?
In a way, all of us must forget the past in order to move forward in the future, but for Tommy Chong, the journey must be at least very ironic, if not painful.  Your movie characters are beloved and symbolic, yet at the same time the new cannabis culture says we are not like that, that does not symbolize cannabis users in anyway.  You are a king and you are shunned all in one breath.  Your business interests lie in full-scale legalization, yet your past is the symbol of what we all now deny represents us.
The Real Reasons Why Dispensaries Reduce Crime Rates in Neighborhoods
There are a number of reasons why Dispensaries can reduce crime rates. One of the first things we need to consider is that the “legal avenue” becomes far more attractive to most consumers. While the black market still exists, and a large portion of the market continues to buy from the street, the legal points of sale become more convenient over time.
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Why the BIG Money is in Cannabis Derivatives
But it’s important to define “cannabis derivatives” in order to understand the scope of the marketplace in the future. A “cannabis derivative” is anything that is “non-flower”. Under this category we include, edibles, concentrates, infused beverages, vapables, and topical products.
The Greatest Cannabis Job Post in History? Weed Growers Needed in the Caribbean
As one of two Master Growers, you will be responsible for the development of a team of agricultural workers. You will ensure that they comply with best practices, health, safety and workplace culture standards, while meeting local regulatory and international compliance requirements. As a team you will foster the growth of mature, rich cannabis plants with maximum cannabinoid and terpene production and little to no chemical contaminants.
Charlotte’s Web Makes History as the First-Ever Hemp Strain to be Patented
Charlotte’s Web is a strain named after Charlotte Figi, a child suffering from treatment-resistant Dravet syndrome, a form of childhood epilepsy. The Stanley brothers developed the strain for her, and today it is one of the most famous, if not the most famous, high CBD strain in the world.
Gas Station CBD – Why the Federal Government is to Blame for Vaping Deaths and Illnesses
Hey Federal government, the genie is out of the bottle.  It happened when California legalized cannabis on the same election ballot Donald Trump was elected president. Colorado has over $1 billion in tax revenue from cannabis, 280,000 Americans work in the legal cannabis industry, there is no turning back now.  Stop wishing it was 1972 and protect your citizens that have already legalized cannabis and use it regularly.
How Can You Judge the True Quality of Your Cannabis?
A novice or moderate cannabis consumer might not do so well with a bud that’s got 33% THC in it. Even experienced consumers find 30%+ percent on the “high end” flower-potency range. The average consumer prefers to smoke weed that ranges between 12%-20%. Medical patients tend to prefer cannabis with a moderate-high and usually like 1:1 CBD to THC ratios in their cannabis.
Weed Weight Loss - What Role Does Cannabis Play in Losing Weight? (Dosage, Stories, Studies)
It's a common saying that if you want to lose weight, switch to greens. Sadly, a lot of people are ignorant of the right greens to incorporate into their diets to get their best shape. If you fall into this category, I introduce to you CBD oil. This miracle oil derived from the cannabis Sativa plant is as effective as it gets when it comes to shedding unwanted fat without lifting a single piece of metal.
The Home Grow Cannabis Checklist to Help You Decide How to Start Your Cannabis Plants
Thus, the hope of this article is to decipher the complexities of growing cannabis by creating a clear guide on how to get your grow off the ground. We’ll be taking a few things into consideration such as whether you are growing inside or out, hydroponics or soil, single chamber or multiple chambers.
The Three Biggest Weaknesses in the Argument for Cannabis Legalization (That We Can Fix!)
Cannabis is up for legalization.  Your strategy team sits down with you to go over your strongest arguments as well as your weakest arguments. What points should you stress during your pro-cannabis debate and what points should you deflect or change the wording around in order to gain more voters?
High on the Lord - Putting Weed in Censer Burner for Catholic Mass?
The first question one must ask is why this scene isn’t already in a Seth Rogan movie?  A very generally conservative group, many Catholic groups are not in favor of recreational cannabis legalization. This would be one of the most pious groups to not want to get stoned and having a large incense burner swinging back and forth as the priest walked down the isle getting everyone stoned is such an obvious movie scene.

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