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Cannabis Slang Words - Watch Your Pot-ty Mouth!
If it’s true that the most loved children abide by many nicknames, then cannabis must be one of Mother Nature’s favorite children. Jonothan Green, author of Green’s Dictionary For Slang, estimates that there are at least 1,000 nicknames for cannabis.
Top Tips on Using LED Lights To Grow Your Own Marijuana Seeds
MH/HPS grow lamps are currently the conventional method of lighting to grow marijuana seeds as they’re a little lighter on the wallet, in comparison to high-quality LED lighting. New cultivators of marijuana crops will often start with HID lights because they’re commonly used and come with growing kits.
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Europe Cannabis Industry & Marijuana Business News
known as the “backdoor problem”. But the Dutch government started an experiment which would then allow 10 producers to supply cannabis to these famed coffeeshops so that these establishments would no longer have to worry about facing consequences when serving their customers.
Thailand Gets Ready To Roll Out Medical Cannabis
The Bangkok Post states that the first 10,000 bottles of cannabis oil will be manufactured by the Government Pharmaceutical Organisation, while the remaining 5,000 will be made by the Chaopraya Abhaiphubejhr Hospital. The article also says that the Ministry of Public Health authorized some 400 doctors and pharmacists, plus 2,900 traditional Thai doctors, to prescribe the cannabis oil to their patients.
How To
How to Make Edibles that Don't Taste Like Weed
Once you try these techniques, you’ll be able to make cannabis edibles that are much more sumptuous – you’ll want to wolf it down in no time. It will be a huge difference from cannabis that tasted like mulch, and you’ll see how easy it is to create infused foods that are actually enjoyable.
Bruce Linton Created a Cannabis Empire and Then Made One Mistake
So, what did Bruce do?  He very smartly went on a buying spree!  He could get great assets for the future all 30% to 40% off because US and European entities could not bid on the sale of these companies or come in and buy them yet.  It was a brilliant move!  He took the $4 billion, created a 3 to 5-year plan, and started buying everything at a massive discount to future value due to the fact he was the only buyer of that scale in the market.  He could build up a massive inventory of science, IP, and distribution for years to come while US competitors had no choice but to just sit and watch.
Why We SHOULDN'T Remove Cannabis from the Controlled Substance Act
I’m not saying we shouldn’t regulate drugs. We need to have quality control when it comes to drugs. However, “illegal drugs” should not exist. Within a well-regulated market, we are able to address all of the problems the CSA is trying to address, except, we’ll also be reducing the prevalence of the black market. You’ll never completely remove the black market, however, if you make affordable legal alternatives, people will always choose the legal route.
The #1 Reason Teen Marijuana Use Drops 9% in Every State after Legalization
According to Mark Anderson, the paper’s first author and an associate professor at the Montana State University: “Just to be clear we found no effect on teen use following legalization for medical purposes, but evidence of a possible reduction in use following legalization for recreational purposes,” Anderson explained. He also disclosed to CNN that the findings are “the most credible to date in the literature” since it was “based more on policy variation than prior work.”
Would You Use a Cannabis Kiosk?
This week's startup spotlight with talks to David Loyda of Frank Mayer.  Frank Mayer makes self-serving kiosks and they are breaking into the cannabis space in a big way!  Would you order from a cannabis kiosk or a self-serving pot kiosk?  Check out what drove them into the cannabis space as they saw a real need for efficiency and saving time.
Low Temperature Dabbing - What are the Benefits?
Anything higher than 600F are high temp dabs, resulting in combustion and an extremely hot nail. You’ll get a thick, dense smoke; it will also have some vapor though not much. If you dab at these high temperatures, you only end up burning the dab instead of flash-vaporizing. Don’t expect much flavor either; your dab will most likely come out harsh, bitter, and burnt.
Why Do Old People Love Weed So Much?
When you are under the 25 years of age, the ECS is still forming. This is partly the reason why people with their ECS not fully formed yet, experiences “highs” much more intensely. Their endogenous cannabinoid (cannabinoids produced in your own body) production is at the highest capacity, by introducing cannabinoids (from the cannabis plant) super charges your ECS. You’re essentially flooding your body with cannabinoids, those produced in your body and those from external sources.

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