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What Comes after CBD? - The Next Big Cannabinoids to Go Mainstream are Here!
For many years the focus of a lot of people about cannabis was just the plant itself. However, as research blossomed in the marijuana sector, more and more people started to learn about the chemical components in cannabis called cannabinoids. CBD (arguably the most popular cannabis component) has gone from being the unknown compound to the most sought-after substance that has taken over the world. CBD currently generates billions of dollars in sales, has millions of users with numerous products derived from it. 
Marijuana Companies are Hiring Like Crazy, But Still Have Stiff Challenges Ahead
Although we are gradually overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic, it's detrimental effects on businesses will be felt for a while before things start to return to normal. It is obvious that the importance of the cannabis industry and its products means that in such trying times like the COVID-19 pandemic, it is highly essential to the populace. This means that why the demand for goods and services of other industries drop, that of the cannabis industry is to be expected to skyrocket. This is why an increase in the hiring capacity of cannabis companies has been noticed despite the fact that some businesses are struggling.
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The Seven Deadly Sins of Pot Smoking Takes a Closer Look at Weed Gluttony - A 1997 High Times Comic
Anyhow – on Reddit the user by the name of JohnnyFongo uploaded a gem of a comic entitled “The Seven Deadly Sins of Pot Smoking” and with it, a snapshot of each sin. In the following article, we’ll be covering the 7 Deadly Pot Smoking Sins according to vintage High Times. NOTE: The snapshot was focusing specifically on the Sin of Gluttony so we’ll be taking a closer look at what High Times deemed “Gluttony related Cannabis Sins”.
Cannabis is Just as Effective or Better Than Cancer Treatments Say Most Cancer Patients in New Survey
Opt for whole plant medicine. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive compound) and CBD (cannabidiol, non-psychoactive) are both equally famous components of cannabis. CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and vast array of health benefits though there are many other compounds in the plant that are just as beneficial. For example, there are terpenes and cannabinoids that can play an important role in supporting your healing and wellness while enhancing each others’ benefits. And while THC is famous for giving you the high, it also has important medicinal properties that shouldn’t be overlooked.
What are Those Tiny Red Hairs on Cannabis Buds?
A pistil is simply a female cannabis organ. It is from this pistil that the red hairs we are talking about protrude from. The tiny hairs are called “stigmas” and they are majorly tiny hair strands that protrude from the pistil. The role of the stigma as it is with other plants is to collect pollen from male marijuana plants. Upon contact with the pollen from the male cannabis plants, the stigmas are pollinated which brings about different processes in the plant.
Which NFL's Team Fan Base Smokes the Most Weed? (Hint, No, It's Not the Denver Broncos)
A recent survey of almost 1700 NFL fans by the betting site,, asked which fans get the most drunk or high for their teams’ game? Surprising, when you match up the highest scoring fans it does not necessarily go hand-and-hand with states that have legalized recreational marijuana. Some bias may also exist as some fan-bases may have exaggerated their answers to “win” the survey and be the most drunk or high fan-base.
KushKart Starts Massachusetts Marijuana Deliveries after Raising $3.6 Million
A cannabis social equity program is a platform designed to enable equal access in the cannabis industry. The cannabis sector has been plagued by inequalities for a long time, with minority communities being at the mercy of the industry for years. Many of such vulnerable communities and individuals have also been victims of the flawed criminal justice system that targeted and incarcerated those who used weed when it wasn't legal.
The European Cannabis News - High-Valued Cannabis Deals and New Recreational Trials Starting
According to the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, in 2018 France had the highest consumption of cannabis recreationally in Europe, as 21.8% admitted to using it within the last year followed by Spain. For this reason, the French parliamentary committee head Jean-Baptiste Moreau believes that cannabis should already be legalized because this would curb the black market.  Meanwhile, the ongoing trials would enable the government to plan properly for the structures needed for legalizing it medically.
Do You Get Cannabis Withdrawal if You Stop Using Weed Cold Turkey?
People decide to quit smoking marijuana for different reasons. Still, if you have been smoking regularly before the decision to quit, it will take a while before you ease into a marijuana-free life. On the other hand, if you smoke less frequently, you can quit entirely without feeling any need for additional support. 
The Top Big Toke Fails on 'The Tubes'
Finally, to close up this BIG TOKE FAIL article, I found this guy on Youtube called RawOG420 who is a verified Youtuber. This stoner has a tutorial on how to hit the bong correctly so you can minimize the coughs. In my 20+ years of toking – I too have mastered different breathing techniques and “hitting techniques” to minimize the coughs – but there’s a threshold where none of the techniques matter.
PTSD Patients Report on the Efficiency of Medical Cannabis in New Report
The studies available today point to several reasons. One is that cannabis reduces amygdala activity; since the amygdala is the part of the brain that is associated with our fear-based response to perceived threats. A study conducted by Wayne State University researchers revealed that PTSD sufferers who consumed THC displayed a decrease in amygdala activity, which means that they had less measured symptoms of fear and anxiety in situations that would normally elicit trauma-based responses from them.

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