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Get To Know The World’s Most Famous Cannabis Strains
But there will always be famous, legendary strains. Names that you always see in dispensaries around the country, names that are considered classics.
5 Incredible Benefits Of CBD For Your Brain
Many feel that CBD may be the supplement of the future because of its powerful ability to heal and restore wellness without the psychoactive properties of the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in cannabis.
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Cannabis Consumption Among Baby Boomers Have Doubled
The study’s findings also suggest that a partial increase in cannabis use among older and middle-aged adults may be due to more recommendations from a doctor.
How to Spot Bull$&!@ Marijuana Studies
he next thing you’ll want to be looking for are keywords that indicate that there is no solid evidence for their findings. For instance, “Marijuana could cause X problem…”.
What Canadian Military And Vets Can Expect By October 17
The Canadian government just released a directive detailing the new cannabis policy which will apply to service members once recreational cannabis is legalized in October.
The European Cannabis News Update
It also revealed that cannabis is the most commonly used illegal drug, with 24% admitting to use it in their lifetime, 6.5% in the last year, and 3.7% within the last month.
Cocaine Then, Cannabis Now: How Coca-Cola Capitalizes On Drugs For Beverages
Coke and Aurora released separate statements, with each of them saying that they were indeed interested in developing CBD-infused drinks, although refused to comment on specific details.
When to Harvest Cannabis for Top Yielding Buds!
During the last two weeks of flowering, flushing should begin to get rid of any built-up nutrients. When access to nutrients is blocked, the plant begins to use the stored food reserves.
Estee Lauder Joins Budding Cannabis Beauty Industry
Although some THC may be absorbed by the receptors on your skin because it enters the bloodstream, it can only do so in trace amounts, and won’t give you the same kind of high that you experience when smoking or eating cannabis products with THC.
Is Cannabis Legalization Widening The Racial Disparity Gap?
There are more new organizations forming to foster diversity in the cannabis workplace, creating a platform for people of color to speak up
Lobster Baked: Maine Lobsters Getting Stoned Before Their Last Goodbye
The staff and management at the lobster shake read about cannabinoid receptors in invertebrates, and decided to set up a makeshift cardboard “hotbox” in order to see if they could get THC and CBD into the lobsters through cannabis smoke.

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