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What Is Cannabis Rosin and How Do You Make it?
Any mention of marijuana concentrates generally conjures up images of huge butane caused explosions in make-shift labs. That is all about to change.
Fail A Drug Test? Become A Cannabis Brand Ambassador
Be A Cannabis Brand Ambassador Today! Are you looking for a way to make money in the cannabis marijuana niche but you aren't sure your resume is up to snuff?  Maybe you would fail the drug test at work?
Have a Doctor or Dispensary call you
Celebrate Star Wars Day
Happy Star Wars Day! If you’re looking for a new piece to help your special Star Wars smoking along, here are a few of our favorites from around the Internet/galaxy. May the force (and some really dank green) be with you.
Ganja Boxes: A Premier Subscription Service For Discerning Connoisseurs
One of the newest entries to the ganjapreneurship industry is a cool, exciting subscription service. With dozens of new brands in the cannabis business emerging successfully, consumers can now get high by sampling delicious strains in dispensaries, edible
Benefits of Cannabis Oil And What You Need To Know About It
Read on below to learn why cannabis essential oil should be a staple in every household.  More people are starting to turn to holistic and alternative methods of treatment. The shift  continues to grow especially as we are beginning to see more evidence t
Woody Harrelson Denied License to Dispense Weed in Hawaii – Pretty Sure He’ll Still Smoke It
Woody Harrelson is well known for smoking and advocating for pot, was denied a license to operate a dispensary in Hawaii by the Hawaii Department of Health on April 29, 2016.
First Baby To Ever Receive CBD Oil Needs Our Help
Addie Nielson, the first baby to receive CBD oil from a Denver Hospital, is fighting for her life.   As a cannabis based community that is always clamoring for change, we need to step up and support this little girl. 
Marijuana Makes You A Better Driver? Say What?
It's a topic that is highly debated- the effects of cannabis and marijuana on driving abilities.  Many view cannabis oil and marijuana access as a negative consequence for our roadway focus. It's commonly perceived as a trait that causes individuals to be
The Benefits Of Hemp For Your Hair and Skin
Hemp is becoming more popular as an ingredient in several beauty and skin products. Read on to learn why:  Opting for the high road when it comes to natural skin care products is an excellent choice: believe it or not, the benefits of marijuana are more t
Cannabis Startup Spotlight : Herba Buena and Nug Run
We love the idea of spreading the word about other cannabis based startups like ourselves.  Today we are exploring two new startups out of California.  Herba Buena and Nug Run.   Both companies have exciting futures and show you why there has never been a
Personal Story
Dating Sites For Stoners: Find Your Higher Half
Love-seeking potheads, look no further. We know how complicated it can be finding a partner you’re compatible with - finding one who tokes too can be equally as difficult.

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