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CBD vs Kratom – Which One is Better?
When you look at the potential downside of substances, CBD is obviously the victor. Not only is it a safer option, it won’t get you addicted. However, when we’re talking about quick relief for pain, Kratom seems to deliver a quicker and more profound response to extreme pain. This is the main reason why so many people turned to Kratom for their relief.
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How To Make Your Own Cannabis Bonsai
Many cannabis and plant enthusiasts find great fulfillment growing bonsais because it requires time and care, and the result, when done well, can be extremely satisfying. Bonsais are like tiny creatures; they look like trees and can live for a very long time.
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CBD for Mood Disorders - Will It Really Help?
Perhaps, if your doctor prescribes you lithium for your order, you could suggest that you give a trial on CBD for a week or two before the that…it might work and you may not need an extreme solution as lithium.
Cannabis and Autism - What We Just Learned From The Biggest Study Ever
Tikun Olam just released the most comprehensive study on cannabis and kids with autism. sat down with Chief Science Officer of Tikun Olam, Dr. Annabelle Manalo to discuss the new study, what we learned, and where do we go now with cannabis and autism.
Will New York be the First State to Legalize Recreational Marijuana in 2019?
But in 2018, Cuomo confirmed that it would eventually be on the books by this year. He will soon be revealing more details on the framework of the NY adult-use cannabis program.
GW Pharmaceuticals Violates Thai Law By Filing 6 Cannabis Patents In Thailand
Late last year, Thailand had just announced that they would be legalizing medical use of cannabis. But A VOA News report said that GW Pharmaceuticals and their Japanese partner Otsuka Pharmaceutical were given patent-pending status by Thailand for certain cannabis extracts.
5 Common Female Reproductive Disorders That Cannabis Can Treat
The female reproductive system is abundant with many endocannabinoid receptors, so it’s no surprise that cannabis is being successfully used to treat many conditions affecting it.
Why Cannabis Legalization Did Not Reduce Minority Arrests
If marijuana is legal, why are cops still going after minorities? Well, the problem here lies in the idea of “public consumption”. Within minority communities, the police presence is far greater than in the suburbs.
How to become a CBD Influencer? (and Gain Wholesale Prices on CBD Products!) are searching for people who already use CBD oil to treat or maintain their general health. The goal is to collect as much information as they can from CBD consumers, and based on it, create an information center.
How Does Cannabis Affect Your Cholesterol Levels?
Additionally, research which has been published in The American Journal of Medicine discovered that cannabis smokers are around 50% less likely to develop a condition known as metabolic syndrome, compared to people who don’t smoke.
How The Government Shutdown Is Affecting The Cannabis Industry
The situation is severely hurting the legal cannabis industry in the United States. Due to closures at the US Department of Agriculture and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the hemp industry is at a standstill.

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