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How To Grow Really Colorful Cannabis Plants
Plants can only express non-green colors if they are equipped with the genetic building blocks to do so. These are known as anthocyanins, a group of flavonoids that give plants their red, blue, or purple pigments.
Ordering Cannabis Online With New Cannabis Startup
I saw a need for better access to cannabis. I could order just about everything else online – from food to movies to retail items, and I couldn’t understand why this wasn’t possible for the cannabis industry.
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Thailand May Be First Asian Nation To Legalize Cannabis
Thailand’s Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO), which is overseen by the Ministry of Public Health, is working on convincing the military government to permit the research of cannabis in order to market it for its therapeutic benefits.
Thomas Jefferson University Becomes First School To Offer Grad-Level Cannabis Science Courses
The Lambert Center for the Study of Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp at the Thomas Jefferson University has been created specifically to address the educational needs of cannabis healthcare professionals.
How To
Setting up a Personal Cannabis Growers Network
The first thing you need to understand is the grow cycles of cannabis plants. It takes about 1 week to sprout. 4-6 weeks of vegging, 4-8 weeks of flowering, 3 days to flush, 1 week to dry and between 2-3 weeks to cure.
CBD and the Keto Diet: A Match Made In Heaven?
On the other hand, the keto diet is all about undoing a lifetime of eating carbs and sugar in all forms and switching up your fuel source to fat by eating lots of healthy good fat sources.
Why Are Canadian Cannabis Employees Being Banned From Entering The USA?
The report says that anyone working in the Canadian cannabis industry, whether you’re a budtender or a CEO, will be subject to being banned from entering the US.
New Research Explains The Science Behind Why We Get The Munchies
It’s a well-known “phenomenon”, if you will, so much so that getting the munchies has become an integral part of stoner pop culture. That’s why pizza, tacos, and other popular comfort or junk foods have been associated with stoner culture for so long now.
Best Places to Get High This Summer In Canada
Most Vancouvrites would probably say that Wreck Beach is their favourite spot to get high, but if you’re looking for something more scenic, why not head to Charleson Park during the summer months or English Bay?
New Study Says Vaping Raw Cannabis Flower Most Effective Method For Insomnia
The study, which was published in Medicines, an open access medical journal, found that the consumption of “raw, natural medical cannabis flower” was tied to “significant improvements” among patients with insomnia.
Is It Better To Be in a Stoner Relationship?
It’s not necessary for people to smoke weed together to have a functional relationship. There just needs to be a mutual respect for the individual within the relationship.

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