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Alaska Paving the Way for Cannabis Clubs – First in the Nation
I’m not saying that cannabis-friendly establishments will generate that much, however, they will add a significant margin to the sale of cannabis. If it’s even remotely similar to the bars and taverns statistics, we could expect anywhere between a $10 billion - $20 billion per year market, that still hasn’t formed.
Why Cannabis Prohibition Puts Kids at Risk
If you think that keeping cannabis illegal would make it more difficult for kids to get a hold of it, you’re sorely mistaken. Just about anyone can find drugs if they wanted to, though it’s much more dangerous to keep cannabis in the black market because you never actually really know what goes into it.
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Tips on Crafting Your Brand's Cannabis Story
What this means is that as cannabis companies, it’s important to understand how to change the way you present your story. People don’t buy statistics, they buy stories. While the cannabis industry was mostly poised to service the “counter-culture” during prohibition, the acceptance of marijuana on a wider-scale, means that the marketing has to adapt as well.
Support for Cannabis Legalization Soars to Record Highs Across All Age Brackets
The General Society Survey poll, one of the most respected and trusted in the country when it comes to monitoring support for legal cannabis since 1973, has revealed that a record-breaking 61% of the US population now believes cannabis should be made legal. The General Society Survey asks its participants if they believe cannabis should be made legal, although they don’t specify if they believe it should be legalized for medical or recreational use.
Why Studies Claiming That High THC Cannabis Causes Psychosis is Nothing but Reefer Madness
More importantly, before trying to tell people that cannabis use is linked to psychosis, researchers need to determine first who already is prone to psychosis or who has a problem, prior to their cannabis consumption. When you look at things this way, then people who have a greater risk for psychosis can be identified beforehand. The government can then use this information to craft public health campaigns that would educate those at risk, reducing the occurrence of cannabis-related psychotic episodes.
What is the Roach Challenge? #RoachChallenge
What’s it all about? The Roach Challenge is a test of endurance, and it gets more complicated the further along you go. The challenge was invented by people who had way too much time on their hands, and a significant stash. However, this could be done over the course of a year and would still be valid.
What is the Best Way To Store Your Weed? (New Study on THC Storage)
They found that cannabis which has been kept in a bright room with room temperatures saw a 13% reduction in THC content while cannabis kept in a dark room with room temperatures dropped 11% in THC after 100 days. Considering that these are the traditional storage methods we know about and use today, you might want to start changing how you store your stash: by using your freezer.
CBD for Lupus - How CBD Helps Manage Lupus Symptoms
Inflammation: When the body senses an infection, inflammation occurs as a way to treat it.  Many studies have validated CBD’s prowess in addressing immune system-related conditions including autoimmune disorders. This is why CBD is hailed as one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory compounds out there – without any of the harmful side effects that come with taking pharmaceutical drugs. It also helps to fight oxidative stress on cells, and acts as an immunosuppressant on microglial cells and macrophages, which play an important role in immunity and inflammation.
Higher Etiquette: Learning Cannabis Etiquette From Emily Post’s Granddaughter
Lizzie Post has written a book entitled, Higher Etiquette: A Guide to the World of Cannabis, from Dispensaries to Dinner Parties. This is a sign that we’re no longer living in prohibition, even though cannabis is still illegal. More people are consuming cannabis than ever, but there’s certainly much more to it than smoking a blunt – hence, the book.
The Department of Defense Considers Cannabis a Threat to National Security?
In a recent article on Market Watch reported about a strange occurrence that’s happening in the government. It specific relates to government employees who own stocks in marijuana companies, and might be in jeopardy of losing their security clearances. In a particular case concerning a Department of Defense employee who listed his marijuana-related investments on a financial disclosure during an annual security clearance check-up was notified that he had to get rid of his marijuana stocks.
The Guide to CBD Words - Important CBD Terms to Know before Buying CBD
Nonetheless, the next time you’re out buying a CBD product there are a couple of terms that is worth knowing in order to know whether you are consuming a quality product or not. Today, we’ll be going over the more common terms you should be looking for on your next purchase.

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