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The Cannabis Cannonball Run - Illinois Becomes 11th State to Legalize Recreational Cannabis
One interesting tidbit with Illinois going recreational is that we are getting very close to a cannonball run course from California to Maine where you can almost make the whole trip through legal cannabis states.  Missouri and Indiana being the last real worrisome areas.  Does that mean it is legal to transport your medical marijuana across each state line or that you can now legally drive THC products across the country without a problem?
How do Cannabis and CBD Topicals Help Your Skin and Complexion?
Using topical cannabis and CBD oil can clearly improve the quality and look of your skin. But what else can these miraculous treatments do? Topicals and CBD oil are also used to reduce anxiety and depression, relieve localized pain and arthritis, and even improve sleep. Even better, more research is being done every day to determine the full extent of benefits these substances can offer you.
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CBD Stocks and Investment Options
All of the advice and tips on investing in CBD stocks, as well as the stocks themselves listed in this article, are meant to serve as examples, and not to be taken as concrete financial advice. One thing I can tell you for sure, however, is that the potential for profit based in cannabis stocks as the market continues to emerge in various places around the United States and the world is palpable.
Cannabis Prevents Diabetes in Overweight People Says New Study
The researchers sought out to understand the connection between fasting insulin levels, insulin resistance, and cannabis consumption in a sample of more than 129,000 adults. They found that obese people who had a history of cannabis use, and those who use it currently, had significant changes in their insulin levels compared to non-cannabis users.
Can You Overdose on CBD? (What if take too much?)
Unlike other drugs or substances like alcohol, consuming too much of CBD is nothing more than an uncomfortable experience. The World Health Organization has even gone as far as publishing a report with all the scientific evidence backing up the safety of CBD. That’s why we can conclude with confidence that overdosing on CBD just isn’t possible.
China Wants in on the Cannabis Boom but Says US Legalization is a National Threat
“China is today’s global hemp production powerhouse, leading in cultivation, processing, manufacturing and exports. In 2017, Chinese domestic sales of hemp were estimated at $1.1 billion, over one-third of the global market. South Korea, the cultural center of Asia has a booming beauty and personal care market which represented over $8.5 billion in sales in 2016."
The Weekly European Cannabis News Update
HEXO, a Canadian cannabis company, is now the latest of them all to obtain a Greek medical cannabis license which was issued by the government. Having the license now enables them to establish facilities in Thessaly, Greece, intended for growing, processing, and cultivating cannabis as HEXO intends to strengthen their presence in Europe.
Editor`s Choice: Balance CBD Buyer's Guide
Firstly, how does CBD work? Well, the mounting scientific evidence reveals a lot in regards to how CBD works. CBD interacts with different receptors and other brain chemicals to produce a calming, pain reducing and anti-inflammatory effect.  These reactions affect the neurotransmitters, hormones and other cells in the body to affect the body's functions, sleep and wake cycles, emotional regulation, seizures etc.
5 Cannabis Strains that bring on Couchlock
What do you think is the best strain out there for couchlock? This is just a partial list, but there are actually many more potent strains known to give off a potent sedation that many love. If you can’t find any of these strains at a nearby dispensary, just ask your budtender for those strains that have the highest THC amounts, and experiment with them. Typically, high THC indicas will have a better chance of working but some find that high THC sativas and hybrids also do the job.
You Can Drive Safely While Using Cannabis - New Study Explains How
“There is as yet no scientifically demonstrated correlation between levels of THC and degrees of impairment of driver performance, and epidemiological studies disagree as to whether marijuana use by a driver results in increased crash risk. ... Based on current knowledge and enforcement capabilities, it is not possible to articulate a similarly simple level or rate of marijuana consumption and a corresponding effect on driving ability,” the report concludes.
Marijuana Pepsi is Trending on Twitter
Many were surprised today to flick open Twitter on their phone and see the hashtag #marijuanapepsi trending around the world.  The news sent smiles and excitement to millions of cannabis fans, and maybe Pepsi Co. fans as well, as the thought of a major beverage giant moving into the CBD or even cannabis drink market looked to good to be true.

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