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Cannabis vs. Copaiba For Arthritis
On the other hand, cannabis is a much safer alternative for treating inflammatory conditions including arthritis. It has no side effects and can be used in a number of ways similar to copaiba: applied topically, ingested, and smoked, in order to give relief.
The California Cannabis Industry: Insights From The First Half Of 2018
And just like any other industry in the country, cannabis is experiencing ups and downs, which both cannabis growers and consumers face.
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Legalizing Cannabis in Canada - Buy up to 30 Grams and Grow 4 Plants at Home
The last decades the popularity of cannabis has been steadily grown in the country and Canadians are among the heaviest users of marijuana in the world according to some statistics.
UK Government Legalizes Medical Marijuana Nationally
In a landmark move, the United Kingdom government has just announced that specialist doctors can now issue prescriptions for cannabis-based treatments.
Debunking the Famous Marijuana Myths With Facts and Statistics
The claim that 1 in 11 people who consume marijuana will become addicted is not true. There is no definitive statistic that suggest the addictive rate of marijuana.
Is Canada Facing a Cannabis Shortage Right Before Legalization?
CD Howe Institute, a Canadian think tank, released a report revealing that with the current supply, Canada will only be able to meet around 30-60% of the demand for recreational cannabis sales considering that Canadians are expected to buy at least 610.6 metric tons of pot.
Is South African Cannabis Legalization The Canary in the Coal Mine For Marijuana Prohibition?
Essentially, you can now in South Africa grow a small number of plants in your home and consume cannabis without any legal penalty. Furthermore, if you are “busted” on the street for consumption, it will now be up to the police officer to decide whether the amount was for personal consumption or for dealing.
Is Medical Marijuana a Trojan Horse for Full Scale Legalization?
Therefore, it’s easy to think that medical cannabis is merely a smokescreen for recreational marijuana and perhaps today, medical cannabis is somewhat of a Trojan Horse for recreational marijuana.
European Marijuana News Update
Big execs from Canadian cannabis companies believe that Europe is going to be the next big cannabis hot spot. The continent, home to 500 million people, has already legalized cannabis for medical purposes in certain countries, but legalization in even more countries could inject billions of dollars in cannabis sales with the potential of disrupting the tobacco, alcohol, and pharmaceutical industries.
How CBD Treats Cocaine Dependency
A brand-new study which has just been published in the medical journal Neuropharmacology revealed that CBD is effective in reducing cocaine intake among animal models.
How Vaping Works - A Beginner's Guide to Vaping
Simply put, vaping entails heating cannabis products into a fine vapor and inhaling it. Because it doesn’t involve combustion unlike smoking pot from a joint or pipe, vaping is viewed as a healthier way to consume your medicine compared to traditional methods.

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