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Most Americans Believe Alcohol and Sugar Are Worse Than Marijuana
Why is alcohol, and even sugar, now perceived as “more dangerous” to an individual than cannabis?
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How To Make Cannabis Beef Jerky Or Weed Jerky
Beef jerky is easily one of the most popular snacks in the United States, as well as in Asia.
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Can You Get A Hangover From Smoking Pot?
Yes, hangovers from cannabis are real, but most of the time they happen when you’ve had too much… just like with booze.
Cannabis and OCD Treatments
Persons with OCD have obsession that are manifested by intrusive thoughts or urges that trigger stressful feelings.
Will Cannabis be Federally Legal 5 years?
He recently introduced a legislation package to tax and regulate cannabis on a Federal level and believes that the end of prohibition is near.
How To Make Cannabis-Infused Avocado Toast
Few foods have been worshipped as much as the avocado toast has over the last few years.
The Benefits of Sun-Grown Cannabis
These cannabis flower fields do exist but in secret locations around the world.
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3 States with Easy Access to Medical Marijuana Cards
Having a Medical Marijuana Card is becoming the latest mass trend.
I Face 40 Years In Jail For Selling Hemp CBD Products
On April 5th, 2017, both Tobacco Depot locations in Alexander, and Watford City North Dakota, were raided by law enforcement in search of hemp cbd products.
Top Cannabis Strains for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Carpal tunnel syndrome affects the nerves in the hands, causing neuropathic pain, tingling, numbness, and even weakness.
What is Linalool and What Is It Good For?
There are over 100 different kinds of terpenes found cannabis plants. Linalool is one of the major terpenes; it possesses a flowery aroma and occasionally might have a tinge of spice.

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