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Cannabis Patches - Your Complete Guide (Updated)
Cannabis patches isn’t just a trendy way to medicate. These clever little things actually do a lot of good. Transdermal delivery, cannabis or not, goes straight to the bloodstream and offers quicker relief because it doesn’t have to be metabolized by the digestive or respiratory systems.
Finding the Best Grinder for Vaping Herbs - Kannastor Brand
By using a grinder, you can grind your herbs, spices and other smokable materials into a much finer solid, that can then be used in a vaporizer to ensure that you get the quality you need without the cough that hurts. This also makes it easier to get the maximum benefit from your smokables.
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Doctors Call For Reclassification of Cannabis
The American Osteopathic Association (AOA) is the latest group of medical professionals to call on the rescheduling of cannabis for research purposes.
Should Sick Kids Be Allowed To Take CBD Oil In School?
Some states such as Colorado, New Jersey, and Maine have regulations that allow students to bring medical cannabis to school campuses. However, other states such as California still have no word on this issue.
Does Medical Marijuana Relieve Arthritis Pain?
Research on medical marijuana suggests that it could be an option to help relieve the symptoms of arthritis, particularly pain. Cannabinoids have been known to help relieve chronic pain conditions such as cancer and neuropathic pain, and therefore it is worth considering that it could help with arthritic pain too.
The Importance of Hemp Plastic
But aside from its health benefits, hemp can also be used to solve the serious issue of pollution. How? By acting as a natural alternative to plastics, which take hundreds of years to decompose; plastics end up in landfills, our oceans, and even the food we eat.
Why CBD is a Traveler’s Best Friend!
For travelers who might not necessarily have quick access to medical attention, you would benefit from having CBD with you at all times. It’s pretty much legal all over the world and is like having 10 medicines rolled up into one.
Unions Running Cannabis Dispensaries? Yay or Nay?
A recent blog article written by UFCW details their account on being invited to visit the first unionized dispensary in New Jersey, called the Garden State Dispensary; one of their members.
Why Marijuana Will Be Legalized in the USA in Early 2021
There are a few things lining up right now that give us the strong impression that we could see cannabis legalized at the Federal level in the USA in early 2021. 
The Curious Relationship between Weedmaps and Marijuana Dispensaries
The traffic and leads that Weedmaps can generate based on 20 years of internet articles, forums, and mapping dwarfs anyone else in the industry.  So, even though they list knock-off competitors and fly-by-night services right next to listings for licensed dispensaries, the licensed dispensaries hold their noses, and pucker up for the Weedmaps’ kiss.
Cannabis Education Courses Will Soon Be Available For Canadian Employers
The program will help Canadian companies have a better understanding of the implications of, and regulations involved, once adult-use cannabis is legalized this fall.

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