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Where Do Cops Get Their Price Estimates On Confiscated Cannabis?
How do cops come up with the price estimations for the cannabis they confiscate?
The #1 International Hippie Travel Destination For 2017
Just walking down a few streets of Pai will immediately tell you that you are definitely in a hippie’s paradise, no doubt about it.
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15 Stoner Life Hacks That Will Save The Day
Cannabis is a lifestyle. And because the cannabis community is all about sharing, I’m proud to share with you 15 stoner life hacks that can save your day!
Why Jeff Sessions Has To Do What Big Tobacco Tells Him To Do
Jeff Sessions continued to oppose the FDA regulation of tobacco as a drug, using everything from free speech arguments to heated pro-business lingo until 2009 when the FDA was finally granted regulatory authority over the product.
Cannabis Strains That Give You Energy
The cannabinoids in your pot work so well to increase energy because they block GABA, a neurotransmitter that reduces dopamine production in the body.
Microdosing Cannabis For Heart Disease And Cardiovascular Health
The cardiovascular system has several cannabinoid receptors, which leads experts to think that cannabis can play a major role in keeping the heart healthy.
Hello, Do You Speak Cannabis?
To really understand the complexity of this plant, you need to do some research and study up on it.
5 Medical Marijuana Apps You Should Definitely Try Out
You can use them to see and review strains and dispensary, to find medical marijuana dispensaries, to keep track of the latest information in medical marijuana industry, to consult with real doctors, and so forth.
The Get Lit Festival In California Is Real, Sign Up Today
Since Cannabis.net is your source for all things cannabis, we felt it was our civic duty to let you in on the buzz surrounding the Get Lit Festival.
The 5 Easiest Cannabis Strains To Grow
Novice growers can benefit from trying these easy strains – there will be less risk of failing when you start growing with these strains.
Why the Federal Government is Inept at Growing Cannabis
There is only one sanctioned place in the United States where it’s legal to grow cannabis federally.

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