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The Pros and Cons of Growing Multiple Cannabis Strains in the Same Room
A lot of growers are used to growing one specific strain as it proves to be easier to manage for the grower because the strain has unity when it comes to flowering time, nutrient requirement, and amount of lightning required. However, there are a lot of benefits to be enjoyed if you dare to leave the comfort zone and delve into the field of growing more than one strain in a grow room.
Armored Cannabis Transportation: Meet the Woman Leading the Emerging Industry
One such company was Toronto-based INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing – a global leader in its field, renowned for manufacturing high-security bulletproof vehicles that protect both valuable assets and human lives. Chairwoman Margarita Simkin immediately identified the opportunity to provide the industry with specialty vehicles in order to ensure the secure transportation of the controlled substance while on route to dispensaries. INKAS® expertise in secure vehicles gave the company a competitive advantage and an opportunity to be first-to-market
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Cheech and Chong Dispensaries vs High Times Dispensaries - Who Ya Got?
In big news this week, Tommy Chong came on live with to announce that Cheech and Chong were finally getting into the dispensary game with a deal to open up to 5 new Cheech and Chong dispensaries in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, and Nevada.  During the interview Tommy mentioned that they are looking at some previous and current MedMen locations, and may try and take over those physical spaces when MedMen reaches a financial nadir where they either go bankrupt or have to sell-off stores and assets.
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How Do You Make a Cannabis-Infused Mojito?
One of the new and innovative concepts that have allowed for the expression of the recreational benefits of cannabis is the marijuana-infused mojitos. Much like the cannabis-infused wine which is an exciting concept that sees the incorporation of cannabis into red wine with the alcohol increasing the activity of the cannabis, marijuana-infused mojitos are a refreshing combination of weed and the characteristic mojito to give a new level of relaxation and soothing feel.
What the Cannabis Industry Can Do To Help Ex-Cons Right Now
One thing the cannabis industry could do – even though they are not responsible for this shit-show – is simply stop asking the question “have you gone to prison”. Maybe they have, maybe they haven’t – but if they are out now and asking you for a job, then let them be. I believe that people should be able to redeem themselves and ex-convicts need our help more than ever. Going to prison is like getting frozen in time. Some people were sentenced for decades – meaning that the world around them completely evolves, leaving them stuck in a time that no longer exists.
What are Everyday Pollutants Doing to Your Endocannabinoid System?
The endocrine system is similar to the ECS in that it directs a number of biological processes such as metabolism and reproductive function. It makes sense that both systems are affected as they both deal with similar functions and are considered highly sensitive systems that can be easily influenced by exogenous compounds.
Cannabis for Grief – Healing or Numbing the Pain?
This brings us to the idea of Cannabis for Grief. We know that people have found great benefit in treating PTSD – which is a form of grief where the individual locks into the traumatic experience, reliving it over-and-over-again. Cannabis interrupts this loop and allows the individual to shift awareness away from the problem temporarily to dissociate from the issue.
The Wine Concept of Terroir in Your Cannabis Cultivation?
The obvious answer to the question of how to ensure the impartation of terroir will simply be to ensure that the conditions that were present during the growth of the initial plant that exhibited terroir are replicated completely. However, since we know these factors contain components that are variable such as climatic conditions and soil composition, it is safe to just say that the grower who aims to ensure that terroir is continually imparted in his produce should try to ensure that the conditions are replicated to the best of his/her ability.
Medical Cannabis to Treat Mitochondrial Diseases
Medical marijuana shows a lot of potential to treat mitochondrial diseases. It is loaded with antioxidants and some of the cannabinoids have the ability to regulate mitochondrial activity. The cannabinoids help to balance the oxidative stress that is a natural byproduct of mitochondrial function. In the process of converting energy, oxidative stress is a natural occurrence
Protecting Your Cannabis from Heat Stress - Summer is Here!
The cannabis plant is a plant that is often subjected to harsh conditions (weather and climate conditions) which in turn have an effect on the quality of yield. One such harsh condition that can affect the cannabis plant is heat stress. Cannabis as a very resilient plant grown in different regions is also capable to withstand heat. However, there is a degree to the amount of heat it is comfortable with.
Why You Should Be Eating Hemp Sprouts!
Sprouts have always been touted as a superfood, but did you know you could sprout hemp seeds too? Hemp sprouts pack a considerable punch when it comes to its antioxidant and fatty acid content. So if you’re looking to up your health game and boost your immune system, adding hemp seed sprouts to salads, soups, and stir-fries can give you a much-needed boost, especially in this time of a global pandemic.

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