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It may be common for people to suffer from stress, anxiety, and pain, but even dogs are no stranger to such ailments. They, too, among other domesticated animals like cats and horses, have panic attacks, feel pain, and have emotional trauma. Therefore, it is essential to keep dogs in good health for them to have a long, happy life.


Although it is a relatively new concept, pet owners are increasingly using CBD for dogs. While research is still ongoing on the effects of CBD use on dog health, current reports are reasonably promising. Reportedly, it can alleviate stress, pain, and other unpleasant health ailments in canines.


What is CBD?


Cannabidiol, popularly known as CBD, is a compound extracted from cannabis or hemp. Various strains of CBD can have positive effects on humans. For instance, Delta 8 THC is legal in many states, and there have been many studies on the use of this drug in controlled amounts for medical purposes. 


It can reduce anxiety, pain and help people deal with other health issues like PTSD and anorexia. In addition, this particular strain is beneficial because it does not have similar psychoactive properties as the more potent Delta 9 THC variant.


Several researchers are now studying the potential effects of CBD on dogs and other animals.


How does it affect dogs?


Research has found that cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid receptors present in the peripheral and central nervous systems. This kind of reaction can help maintain balance and keep the body healthy.  


However, research is still underway to determine precisely how CBD can impact dogs. But there are several positive claims that CBD reduces seizures in them. 


This is possibly due to the fact that the drug can help canines manage neuropathic pain. Studies also suggest that CBD can help dogs suffering from osteoarthritis pain.


Since CBD also has anti-inflammatory properties and can stimulate appetite, research is underway to see how it can help dogs deal with other illnesses.


What form is it available in?


CBD for dogs comes in various forms, such as treats, oils, capsules, and even creams. You can choose which form to administer the drug to your dog depending on the need. For instance, oils and creams can help reduce skin rashes, allergies, while capsules are preferable to treat ailments such as a lack of appetite.


When it comes to dosage, it is recommended that pet owners start with a low dose. Then, depending on the ailment and other vital statistics such as age, weight, etc., the amount a dog can handle can be gradually increased if required. 


Typically, the package will tell you the right dosage. However, it is wise to seek guidance from a veterinarian instead of guessing the correct CBD dosage for your canine.


How to buy the right CBD products for your pet


If you and your veterinarian decide that CBD can help your dog, it is imperative to buy top-notch products free of additives. Basically, people must take the same precautions when choosing CBD for a pet, as they would if selecting the product for themselves. 


Here are a few pointers to help choose the right CBD products for your pet.


  • Ensure it is organic. CBD products that aren’t organic may have potentially harmful effects on your pets. For instance, they may cause drowsiness, dry mouth, or low blood pressure. Even if you cannot get an organic product, you must at least ensure it is free of solvents, pesticides, and fungicides, among other harmful things.

  • Do a proper analysis. Never make a purchase with price as the sole deciding factor. Instead, check the product on the manufacturer’s website before you buy it. Mainly, you should see the amount of CBD in the product. Also, it is a good idea to buy CBD products with little to no THC in them, as this can be harmful to pets.

  • Buy in the suitable form. If your pet has rashes, cuts, or bruises, CBD in oil or another liquid form is most appropriate. There are treats, creams, and capsules with CBD as well. You should check with your veterinarian before zeroing in on the right product type.




While people have been using CBD for some time now, CBD for dogs is a relatively new idea. But it is one that has incredible potential. The recent legalization of the drug in several US states is among the significant reasons researchers are now studying its medical benefits. 


Preliminary reports suggest promising results. Consequently, several certified pet stores sell CBD products safe for dogs, cats, horses, and other animals.


Even with considerable knowledge about the drug, it is best for pet owners to consult with veterinarians instead of just relying on the internet.






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