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Through her wide open legs she watched the last drops of her morning piss cling
to her silky blonde pussy-hair, then drop into the bowl. She stretched and
yawned, willing her reluctant body awake.

"Mike?" she called.

"Yeah?" her husband answered, pushing the bathroom door open. "Well, aren't you
a pretty sight?" he said.

"Look, who's talking. You look as bad as I feel," she said with a smile. Her
husband was naked except for a towel around his mid-section, his flaccid cock
making a delightful bulge in the material. She saw it twitch as he eyed her with
open appreciation.

Blessed with good skin tone and bone structure, Carol Bradford still possessed
almost all the physical attributes that had first attracted her husband, over
twenty years ago. Her face showed no surrender to her age and her long-legged
body was well put together: tits, full and firm, stomach flat, and a shapely set
of tight buns. People frequently confused her with her grown daughter, Marsha.

Mike returned her smile.

"Oh, honey," she said, "I can't wake up this morning. I'm too beat up. What
about you?"

"Ol' stallion Bradford? Fit as a fiddle and reanin' to trot. Want to go around

"You're too much," she giggled. "Did you hide the video real good? I don't want
the kids to stumble over it while they're here."

"Of course I did," he lied. The video was still in the VCR; rewound, just where
they had left it. "Relax, they don't go sneaking through our drawers anymore."

"Oh, God. Do you remember when Peter found your rubbers and thought they were
balloons? I almost died from embarrassment."

"Hell, how about when Marsha found your diaphragms and used them for falsies -
at a grade school dance, no less, and then they fell out when she was dancing.
Now, that was embarrassing!"

They both broke into laughter.

"We've come a long way since then, haven't we?"

"And how. That's why I want that video stashed where no one is going to find it.
One day you amateur film-makers are going to get us hung."

"Com'on, admit it. You enjoy watching the replay just as much as we do. Admit
it," he urged.

"I'll do no such thing." she said, giggling, "You're a dirty old man!"

"I sure am," he said, pulling her to him.

Carol felt the hair on his bare chest rub against her sensitive tit-flesh and
her blood stirred. She was amazed that he still couldn't get enough, not even
after twenty years. But then, neither could she. They had found the secret of
keeping the magic alive.

"How'd you like this dirty ol' man to prong you again?"

"After last night? You can't have that much energy left."

He rubbed the palm of his hand over her nipple making it immediately come alive
and hardened. Her body's trigger was her tits, and he knew it. Carol's pussy
began to heat up, making her juices flow.

"You bastard! Oh, that feels so good." Playfully, she punched his arm as his
knowing hands began to roam her body, stoking the smoldering ember in her loins.

"So, you're not so beat up after all."

"Like hell! You know how beat up I am. You have it recorded for posterity . . .
Oooh, yes, do that!"

"I sure as hell do, and everytime I think about it, I get horny. Like now.
Com'on, let's go to bed."

Carol giggled as she allowed herself to be maneuvered to the large bed. Mike
pulled the tassel on her gown and it fell to her feet, almost causing her to
trip. Reaching to steady her, his hand found her left tit. The shock was
electric and caused her to suck in her breath. Automatically she reached for his
stiffening prick.

"God," he said, with a choke in his voice, "you're a good-looking woman; same as
you were twenty years ago."

Carol kneaded his cock, feeling it grow harder and hotter in her hand. "And you,
pretty liar, only get better with age. More kinky, too," she giggled. "I love

She fell back on the bed with his hands trailing over the hills and valleys of
her body. Spreading her legs wide he blew softly into her silky, hot cunt and
Carol moaned with delicious excitement. Pussyjuice oozed from her cunt and clung
to the golden strands of her pubic hair. The hot pink lips beckoned. Slowly, her
husband flicked his tongue over her exposed clit.

"Oooooooo, Mike . . . mmmmmmmmmmm," she mewed, her voice tight with
anticipation. Automatically, her cunt-lips parted.

Mike grabbed her asscheeks and stabbed her cunt with his spear-like tongue. Her
body arched, and she grabbed his head, forcing his face deep into her musky

"Oh, God . . . yes!" she screamed, grinding her hips against his sucking mouth.
"That's it! There! Oh, shit, yessss! Oh, Mike, suck harder . . . no . . . don't

Mike pulled his tongue out of his wife's steaming pussy and looked at her face.
It was flushed and her brow was knitted as if in pain. Beads of perspiration
dotted her forehead. Her hips twitched and her tits rose and fell with her rapid
breathing. With a smile he mashed his face tight against her wide open cunt and
drove his tongue in deep.

"Ugggggggh! Oh, you mean bastard! Aaaaaah! Oh, Mike, keep sucking! Yeaaaah!
Christ! Stick your finger in my cunt . . . please! Yes! Yes! Like that! Oh,
soooo gooood! Fill me up!"

Carol felt Mike's tongue dart in and out of her searing cunt, felt his teeth
nibble the tender outer lips, his hot mouth sucking hard on her clit.

He knew her body; her responses, how to drive her to the brink and back again.
He twisted his finger around the slick walls of her cunt, feeling the spongy
texture; adding to her torment and pleasure.

"Oh, you sonofabitch!" she screamed. "My ass! My ass! Stick your finger up my
ass! Hurry, I'm dying . . . AAAAAAAAAHHHH!"

Her body arched and the muscles of her ass contracted as his relentlessly
probing finger entered the tight ring of her asshole. Thrashing around almost
violently, Carol forced her hips down on Mike's twisting finger driving it deep
into her bowels; all the time holding his face flush against her demanding
pussy. Thick, hot cunt-juice dribbled out of her burning hole, down her
asscrack, lubricating her husband's index finger.

A vision of Carol with a huge, thick prick up her ass flashed through Mike's
mind, and his erection became almost painful.

Carol twisted around, her toes curling, stiffly, around the bedsheets, bunching
them together. Her breathing was labored and her words came in gulps. "Oh, Mike
. . . I'm so full! Aw, shit, honey, I need your cock in me. Bad! Quick, lay down
. . . I've got to have it!"

They quickly shifted positions. Carol roughly pushed Mike down on his back and
placed her juicy, pleasure-raw cunt directly over his large purple cockhead.
Hunkering down, she slowly eased herself onto the long, slender shaft. Her pussy
stretched wide as his hot prick pushed its' way deep into her erupting body.

Oh, God, she thought, as Mike's cock hit bottom, this is heaven! How would I
ever do without cock?

She controlled the sensation with her hips, measuring the stoke; doling out the
pleasure, making it last a long time. "Sooooo, sooooo, good!" she moaned, as her
cunt filled up with his throbbing cock. Oh, how she loved to have a man's prick
inside her body. It was a pleasure beyond description.

Carol leaned forward, forcing Mike's rod deeper into her boiling cunt. Eyes
glazed, mouth open, she slipped into a state of euphoria where only this great,
indescribable feeling existed; a feeling she kept alive by the constant twist
and churn motions of her wanton hips.

"Shit, your cunt's like fire, babe . . . burning me alive. I gotta cum!"

"Oh . . . no, no, don't come yet . . . please, not yet! More! Oh, God, more!"

Lungs burning, he pounded his cock into her; their loins beating a frantic
rhythm as they sensed the apex of their passion.

"I'm gonna cum, Mike! I'm gonna cum . . . harder! Fuck me harder! Make me cum!"

"Yeah, babe! Yeah! Yesssss . . . cummmmin'. . . now!"

"Ughhhhh . . . aaaaaaaaaggggg . . . ooooooooooohhhhh."

Carol shuttered violently as her orgasm exploded outward from her cunt; a
searing spasm that shook her body again and again and left her gasping for
breath. Mike's hot cum juice felt like burning lava as it splashed in her pussy,
and, now, she felt the receding flood wash back over her pussy walls, back over
his cock, and begin leaking down her trembling thighs.

With a deep moan, she fell forward on him, her body limp. Mike's cock disengaged
from her sopping box with a loud, squishy, pop.

Slowly, their rapid breathing abated.

"Now you know, I'm really beat up!" she said. "Where do you get all that juice
from? After last night, you should have been drained dry."

"I'm a voyeur," he laughed, "I think of you, like last night, and my factory
starts pumping again."

"Hell, I'm glad the kids are coming home this weekend for our anniversary. Maybe
I can get some rest."

"Rest, my ass! But, you're right, it'll be good to see them, especially Marsha."

"Hey, what does that mean, you lecher?"

"Another good-looking set of buns running around the pool in a bikini - two, if
you wear yours. The answer to every dirty old man's prayer."

"You're horrible!"

"And you're going to tell me you didn't crotch-watch when Peter and his buddies
were here, last time? Don't lie, Carol, I saw you lick your chops."

"That's different," she laughed, "he's not really my son, just my adopted son."

"Oh, and just what the hell is Marsha, chopped liver?" he asked, rolling onto
his shoulder.

Carol sighed, and stretched; her full tits flattening themselves against her
chest as she did. "Where has the time gone, Mike? The kids are all grown and on
their own, yet it seems like only yesterday we met."

"Yeah, just like yesterday; you, divorced, with a little girl. Me, raising a son
by myself. The Bradfords and the Cummings. Sounds like a Grade B movie.

"Ever wonder what would have happened if you hadn't gone to court and tried to
get more support from your ex?"

Carol turned and stroked her husband's cheek. "Marsha would never have spilled
ice cream on Peter; we wouldn't have met and gotten married; my brother would
never have met your sister, and I would have never found out that cocks come in
larger sizes than that little wiener my ex-husband has."

Mike roared with laughter. "Oh, that's priceless," he said. "We wouldn't have
found out some other things either."

"We've had some good times, haven't we, Mr. Bradford? And we really haven't hurt
anyone with . . . you know!"

Mike nodded. "Yes, to question number one, Mrs. B, and No, to question number
two. We're adults, Mary and John are adults. We can handle it."

Carol shook her head wistfully. "I can't believe it."

"Yeah, it is rather kinky, when you think about it."

"Not that, silly. The kids! Peter's a full-fledged lawyer now, but in
Sacremento, and I still can't understand why Marsha had to move to San

"That's where she was offered a damn good job."

Carol grabbed his limp cock and tweaked it. He yelped.

"Don't be flip. The family is so spread out now. We hardly see each other any
more. That's why this anniversary reunion is so important to me, even if we have
to put off some of our . . . eh, other activities."

"Who says?"

"I do! I miss the kids! John and Mary will just have to understand," Carol said,
resting her head on his chest and fingering his sticky cock.

She giggled. "Is this thing getting hard again? Tell it to fuck off. No way,

"Down boy!"

"Mike, Marsha does have a good job, doesn't she? I mean, she's doing well,

"Oh, yeah," Mike laughed. "Being built like a brick shit-house didn't hurt
either. Old man Marley drooled all through her job interview. Tom Ellis told me,
the old fart couldn't take his eyes off of Marsha's tits."

"Mr. Bradford, all this talk about your daughter's body makes me think you have
the hots for her."

"Fantasyland, Mrs. Bradford. Just like your crotch watching. Besides, after what
we've been doing, it can't be helped. Just a natural extension of thought."

"I hate to admit it," she giggled, "but you're right. I did peek at Peter's
crotch. It looked . . . interesting."

"Well, with both of them home this weekend we should get all the peeking we can

Carol ran her hand through her short, thick blonde hair, then tweaked her
husband's droopy prick, again. "Com'on, Mr. Bradford, let's get up. I need that
first cup of morning coffee."

Mike swung his legs off the bed and followed his naked wife, completely
forgetting the mental note he had made about hiding last night video tape.


The following morning, after Mike had left for work, Carol was washing the
morning dishes. She heard the car pull up in the driveway and wondered if her
husband had forgotten something. Before she could dry her hands, the door barged
open and her brother and sister-in-law, John and Mary Cummings, came into the
kitchen. John was carrying two cases of wine.

"Where the hell do you want these things?" he said unceremoniously. "I'd give
you a kiss and pat your ass," he said, eying her shorts and halter, "but this
shit weighs as ton."

"Hi, Carol," Mary said, brightly. Her smile drew a grunt from her husband.

"Oh, Hi, guys. I forget you were going to pick up the wine. It has to go to the
basement, John."

"Aw, shit! These things are heavy. Why can't we keep them up here?"

"Asshole!" Mary sneered. "They have to stay cool. Put them in the basement, like
a good boy."

"Piss on you!"

"You wish!" his wife said with a smile.

"You're as bad as your brother," Carol said after John went grunting down the
basement stairs. There was laughter in her voice. Her sister-in-law could always
make her smile.

Mary Bradford Cunmmings was Carol's physical opposite; short, raven-haired,
dark, flashing eyes and a voluptuous figure.

They embraced and Mary pinched Carol's ass, making her jump. "That wasn't from
your brother," she said with a leer.

"Now I really know you're as bad as your brother," Carol said, rubbing her

"That's a nice outfit you almost have on; expecting the Fuller Brush Man or
somebody. I can see your nipples and your pussy-hairs are sticking out."

"Mary! For heaven's sake! You can't always be thinking of sex, can you?"

Mary Cummings laughed, and her hand caressed the roundness of Carol's tit.
"Hell, I'm my brother's sister. You said so yourself; besides I have a new toy I
want to show you."

Carol gasped and shivered at Mary's touch. Her tit was tingling deliciously,
sending little fingers of pleasure down to her pussy. She felt her cunt juice

"Damn you, don't do that! You know what it does to me."

"Yeah, I do," Mary giggled and held up the small tote bag she was carrying.
Carol hadn't noticed it. "Look what I have."

From the bag she took out the biggest plastic cock Carol had even seen. Heavily
veined, it was fifteen inches long and three inches thick, with a thick butt
plug hanging below the wicked looking shaft.

"Oh, no," Carol said backing away, her hands up "you're not putting that thing
up my pussy." But her eyes were glistening with excitement and when Mary ran the
monstrous cock over her sensitive nipple points her cunt sent a hot stream of
pussycream down to coat her silky-haired cunt.

"We used it on our new playmates from the other night," Mary said as she backed
Carol up against the sink and ran one hand over Carol's tits and down into the
vee of her crotch, forcing it between her legs, into the hot valley of her
pussy. The heat poured out of her sister-in-law's cunt.

"John got it for their farewell party before we put them on the plane yesterday.
That little girl thought she had died and gone to heaven, but all I could think
of was your beautiful blonde pussy."

Carol gasped, suddenly short of breath. Her legs trembled as the heat of Mary's
words and her agile fingers attacked her brain and her pussy. She gripped the
countertop to keep from falling. In her mind she could see the huge plastic
prick up the girl's furry cunt, the butt plug deep in her asshole; her lovely
body squirming with passion and pleasures beyond description. She saw herself in
the same position and her awakened body shivered with anticipation.

Mary rubbed the smooth, cool plastic over Carol's heated body; thighs, arms,
neck, face. Instinctively, Carol turned her head, opened her mouth, and engulfed
the bulbous plastic cockhead. Her hot tongue swished over the crown, but it
tasted flat and foreign and increased her desire for the real thing.

"Oooooh, you lousy bitch," Carol moaned as Mary's mouth encircled her stiff
nipple, "I never should have told you what my tits do to me." Her voice was
husky and trembled with lusty passion.

Mary giggled, her teeth nipping the rigid bud through the thin halter material.
"Let's play," she whispered.

Carol gazed into Mary's dark eyes. They were sparkling. She could almost feel
her passion. An erotic thrill went racing up and down her spine. "What about
John?" she asked.

Mary's long fingernails were gently teasing Carol's nipples. She pushed the
halter top up over the round globes and wrapped her hands around Carol's ripe
tits. "If he's a good boy we may let him play, too; but later. This is just for
you and me," she said, waving the dildo in the air.

Mary pulled the trembling sister-in-law to the living room sofa. Twice Carol's
shaking legs almost caused her to trip. Gratefully she slumped in the soft

"That's it, baby, just relax and let me work my magic on you."

Carol sighed and did as she was told. Her legs were jelly and her tits were on
fire. She could feel the hot flush on her skin, the tingle of her own nerve
ends, the little electric shocks everywhere Mary's hands touched her.

Raising Carol's arms, Mary pulled the halter off over her head. Her long slender
fingers traced the outline of Carol's nipples, lingering over the nipple-buds
until they blushed a rosy red. Then she lowered her mouth to them and gave each
one a tender kiss.

Carol closed her eyes and let the warmth of her sister- in-law's mouth flow
through out her body. Mary's fingers slid down to her stomach and thighs. Carol
parted her legs and Mary's hand slipped between her damp thighs. A fingertip
worked its way beneath the elastic of her panties and tickled her
super-sensitive clit.

Her body twitched and Carol moaned. "Oh, Mary, that feels so good!" she
whispered softly as Mary's nimble finger began to paint her mind with pictures
of blazing color.

Mary pulled Carol's shorts and panties down and tossed them aside. Then,
kneeling on the floor in front of the sofa, she spread Carol's legs apart.
Happily, Carol opened herself wide for inspection.

The lovely reddish-blonde cunt made Mary catch her breath. With a gasp, she
lowered her lips to Carol's eager cuntlips. The distinctive female aroma
assailed her nostrils and she tasted the tart pussy-juice as her tongue snaked
up the juicy love-channel. Carol yelped with delight as Mary sucked her clit
into her mouth.

Mary pushed a long slender finger up Carol's oozing, grasping cunt and twisted
it around.

"Agh! Oh, Mary, do it to me! My cunt wants it so bad!" Carol whimpered. "Oooooh,
yessss! More!"

When John walked into the living room, his wife's face was buried deep in his
sister's squirming pussy. Carol's eyes were shut tight; her head thrashed from
side to side, and her hands dug deeply into Mary's thick hair, pulling her face
roughly against her cunt. His erection was immediate and almost painful.
Clumsily, he tore at his fly. On the third try, his swollen cock sprang into

Both Carol and Mary heard his grunting as he fumbled with his zipper. Through
slitted eyes, Carol saw her brother's raging cock. It was a beautiful prick and
she licked her lips. Hungrily, she flashed him a seductive smile.

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