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"Bye guys! See you later!" He shouted out, waving his hand at his coworkers.

He turned around, and smiled brightly as he walked to his car. He had been very happy recently, much more happy. In truth, he simply could not wait to get home.

"I'm back!" George announced loudly as he opened the door to his apartment. He took off his shoes, dropped off his backpack in the closet, and stepped into his home.

From the bedroom emerged another George Flinn, identical to him in every way, minus his clothes. George himself was wearing a black tank top, grey shorts, and white socks, while the other George was wearing a plain black shirt, grey cargo shorts, and no socks. "Good. I've been waiting for this!" Said the other George smiling in excitement.

George walked up to his double, and the two wrapped their arms around one another identical waist.

"We don't get in till like the afternoon tomorrow. You know what that means!" George said to his duplicate.

His other self smiled widely. "We aren't going to sleep early tonight!" His copy finished.

The two chuckled and shared a quick passionate kiss.

"Ah, this is going to be the most wild night yet!" The other George said.

"Yes it is." George said as the two released each other from their embrace. "By the way, I think you should wear that more often." George said jokingly, with his hands at his hips, and looking down at his double's feet.

"Oh, you freak." His double teased. "I just got too lazy to put on any socks today. I mean what's the point? You'll just yank them off when you get back." He replied.

George chuckled. "Like you don't do the same!" George retorted as the two began to walk to the kitchen. "I hope you weren't too lazy to have dinner ready." George teased as he sat down.

"What do I look like, you?" His double joked, making George laugh. "Yeah I made our favorite; Spaghetti with extra sauce and meat balls!" He announced.

"You know me too well." George teased as the two began to eat.

It has been like this for a few days now. The day after George's first self encounter, he managed to tigger the rock again, and make a duplicate of himself. He did this for three days straight, and then the copys of himself stopped disappearing overnight, and ever since, George arrived home to freshly made dinner, and another him, just as eager to get it on as he is. And get it on they did. Nightly. Just to not call it 'gay sex' George and his other self just began to call their nightly erotic encounters-

"Ready for some advanced masturbation?" George asked his duplicate.

"Wash the dishes first, and then you can get as much Advanced masturbation as you can handle." His double replied.

George jumped up from his seat, and washed the dishes instantly, his double picking up the table as he did so.

The rock that caused this surreal situation had began glowing purple ever since the second George stopped disappearing overnight, and George put it away in a drawer. He didn't really want to risk undoing anything. He liked how things were now.

"There! Done! Now get your sexy ass to the bedroom." George announced as he dried his hands.

The two Georges then walked into their bedroom, and closed the door, unnecessarily so, but it was a habit of theirs.

The two georges wrapped their arms around each other, and looked at each other.

"Last time you lead. Now it's my turn." George's duplicate said.

"Alright, fair enough. You lead." George said.

The two then immidiately engaged in a deep make out session, their identical tongues dancing, and their lips locked. They began to moan softly in unison.

"Oh, I've been waiting for this." The two said in unison as they took a brief break from their make out.

They resumed, and their hands began exploring each other's bodies. They let their tongues get a good taste of their own mouths before they parted from the kissing, and they took off their shirts. They went back in for the kiss, and pressed their identically hard bodies together, causing them to moan even louder. George pushed George on to the bed, and crawled on top of his double. George maneuvered his hands under his double's boxers, and massaged his own hard ass through his other self. Meanwhile, George pressed his crotch tightly against his double, and began to dry hump him in waves. The two moaning loudly over the erotic feeling of it all.

As things began to heat up, George stopped the thrusting motion, and swiftly slipped off his shorts and boxers. As he did this, George took off his own shorts and boxers and well. The two stood on their knees, facing each other naked, mirror images of each other. They wrapped their arms around each other again, and kissed tenderly, and they pressed their identical bodies, and erect penises together. George grabbed his double's penis, and his other self did likewise. They stopped kissing, and looked right at each other, as they began to jerk each other off.

They periodically shared a soft smooch as they felt more and more horny. It didn't take long before they felt the urge to cum, and so both Georges pressed the tips of their identical cocks together firmly, and kissed each other again softly, until the twitching began. From there, the two rested their foreheads together, and moaned loudly as the semen erupted out, and equally covered their erect cocks.

The two Georges smiled, and began to rub the head of their cocks together, using their cum as lubricant. They shivered at the glorious friction, and kept on frotting. They shared a long kiss as their slimy identical cocks gazed past each other. Their tongues exploring the deepest recesses of their mouths, as their cocks pressed together, and they pushed their balls together.

After several minutes,George pushed his double on the bed again, and crawled on top of him, and they locked in a passionate make out session again. They pressed their identical bodies together, and let every thing line up with its identical pair, and the two began to move their pelvises in unison, and humped each other. They intertwined their legs, and let their soft, hairy feet intermingle with a matching pair. Despite doing more sexually active things, George always ended up enjoying the foot play he got with his duplicate the most, though recently, he wanted to try something new.

George parted lips with his double, and kissed him tenderly in the neck, making his duplicate moan. He kissed tenderly down his double's body, and up his hairy legs. Once he got to the ankles, he grabbed on to the left foot, and let his tongue run up and down the sole of his exact duplicate's foot. They moaned softly in delight as George put his double's foot inside his mouth, and run his tongue in between each of his toes. George looked down to his other self, and saw him panting loudly with his eyes closed, and jerking himself off. George found the sight to be a huge turn on, and admired the sight of his own beautiful cock, via his duplicate. Suddenly George couldn't help the urge to do what he wanted to do, and with a rush of adrenaline pushing him forward, he leaned down.

George grabbed his double's hand, and took it off his cock. He meshed his fingers with his copy, and wrapped his hand around his double's dick. Without giving it too much thought, George licked the shaft of his horny duplicate, and noted that he didn't mind the taste of the fishy flavored semen on it.

"Oh my god that feels amazing!" His other self said.

Taking that as a sign to continue, George began to thoroughly lick his double's dick, finding the flavor of it more and more tasty, and the slimy texture more tolerable.

"Ooh, don't stop!" The other George cried out. George then placed his duplicate's cock inside his mouth, and feverishly licked and sucked on the head.

After a long while, George stopped sucking off his double, and laid beside him, both of them breathing heavily.

"Your turn." George teased.

His double looked at him with a wide smile. "You really set the bar high this time." He said.

George relaxed his body as he felt the soft, tender kisses from his duplicate run from his neck, to his legs, sending child throughout his body. He felt his double raise his legs, and a soft tongue run up and down the soles of his feet, causing him to moan loudly in delight. As the other George put George's feet in his mouth, and ran his tongue between his toes, George found himself so prodigiously turned on, that he couldn't help but stroke his throbbing, hard cock. Moments later, George was on the receiving end of the blowjob, and held his duplicate's hand tightly as he feverishly licked and sucked the head of his cock.

After several delicious minutes, the two Georges laid besides each other, panting in unison.

"I taste...delicious!" The other George exclaimed as he turned to George.

"Yeah. I've been dying to do that all week. I didn't think that it'd taste so good." George replied, turning to face the other George.

"Guess we just put a whole new meaning to the phrase, 'sucking your own dick' right?" The other George joked.

George laughed. "Yes we did. I really love our Advanced Masturbation sessions."

"Me too...Do you still have of the flavor in your mouth by chance?" Other George asked.

"Yeah why?" George replied.

"Because now I'm wondering if I can taste it through you." The other George said, leaning towards George.

George wrapped his arms around George, and enjoyed a long, passionate French kissing session with himself. As they exchanged saliva, each George could taste the fishy favor of their semen, causing them to kiss even more.

Without a word, both Georges stopped making out, and maneuvered themselves into a sideways 69 position. They simultaneously placed their dicks inside each other's mouths, and feverishly licked and sucked on it. The pleasure they each felt was much higher now, as they felt the other George lick and suck exactly as they did. As each George jammed their tongue down into the other's hole, they felt their cocks twitch suddenly. They didn't have time to pull out, and so they both felt the semen of the other hit the back of their throat, and full their mouths. Startled, and partially disgusted, they spat most of the semen out on each other's cock, and stood up on their knees.

They looked at each other, and suddenly, as they saw the other George's glazed mouth, and very well lubricated cock, their mutual disgust turned into a huge turn on, and they immediately collided on one another, and feverishly made out, being sure to savor the taste of each other as their cocks pressed tightly, and rotated around each other. They rolled around the bed trying to get dominance, and took turns sucking the other's tongue. They intertwined their hairy legs, and felt the rough soles of their feet rub against each other, and up and down their legs. Neither George could get enough of each other; they had the same desires, and met them completely.

After a long night, George and George woke up late. Very late. So late, that they both completely missed their scheduled shift for work.

"Oh shit!" They both exclaimed in unison.

One George's immediately called up his boss, and tied to explain things to him.

"Yes George?" His boss answered on the other line.

"Look, I'm sorry for not showing up to work today." George began.

"What? What are you talking about? You just got off, after completing your shift!" His boss said, extremely confused.

Suddenly, both Georges heard the front door open.

"I'm back, me!" They heard an all too familiar voice call out.

George and George then walked out of the room, and were shocked to see a third George Flinn staring in equal shock at them.

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