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Taking care and enjoying what life's energy I have! My husband has prostrate cancer, cold, and crowns. We have been by each other sides for 37 years this June 30. We do not have jobs, he's disabled , so we are trying to enjoy our lives together and be happy . Been hard lately due to him getting pnemonia. He hates been ing in the hospital, so this last episode he stayed home sick. He is energy level is very low and sleeps alot. Been trying to keep him happy and it's been hard. He is dealing with not having the energy to feel like doing anything. I don't want him to stay down all the time, but be able to get outside and get more fresh air. He is unable me to do the things he use to do . So he is hard on his self about not helping me out. I just want him to enjoy his life but be happier. And not stress to death. We are very cool people trying to survive as long together as we can. Thanks for listening to our life. We both have smoked since we were young. How are you all?
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