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To have made the semester worse, her first and only boyfriend had dumped her a couple months before and she was still getting over it. A couple friends of hers wanted to go out that night to celebrate the beginning of summer and were insisting that she come along. Ashlynn hadn't gone out for awhile since she just wanted to focus on her school work and because of the fact that she had to use a fake ID to get into bars since she was only 20...however, she agreed to go out with them and was excited to have fun for once.

She and her friends ended up getting extremely hammered and all parted ways, by the end of the night she had to drunkenly ask someone to give her a ride home. A man who seemed to be in his mid-twenties heard her ask around and approached her.
"I was just leaving now if you wanted to catch a ride with me." He said.
Ashlynn was too drunk to worry about getting rides from strange men and cheerily agreed. After a couple blocks of driving the man stopped the car and got out,
"What are we doing here?"Ashlynn asked.
Instead of being answered her car door was opened and the stranger ripped her out the car.

She awoke the next morning curled up in a corner in a cement room with a killer headache. She instantly began to freak out, "WHERE AM I?" Her mind was racing...maybe she was in jail? There wasn't any bars, just a door with no knob on the other side of the room...maybe it was some sick joke her friends had pulled. She slowly started to remember the guy giving her a ride. I'm so stupid, Ashlynn thought to herself as she began to cry.
A jolt of fear ran through her as the door began to open. Three men entered, all seeming to in their early 40's.

"Where am I??? Please help me!!" Ashlynn cried, still sitting on the floor hysterical.

"Yep, she's the new one Ron dropped off last night." The man in the suit said, ignoring her pleas.

"He can definitely pick 'em." One of the plumper men said as the remaining one chuckled.

"He just knows which ones pay more." The suited man said while staring at her.

"What's going on? I need to go home." Ashlynn whined, she was so confused.

The man in the suit quickly walked up to her and kicked her hard in the rib cage,
"First, shut the fuck up. You picked the wrong night to get drunk and slut it up at the bar, bitch. This is home now and you're going to do whatever the fuck you're told...I paid a bunch of money for you and I don't make bad investments. Here's some advice, just keep fucking quiet unless your spoken to, and your time here is going to be a lot easier."

Ashlynn gasped with pain and was crying uncontrollably now, barely able to see the men in front of her.

The man roughly grabbed her chin and forced her to look up at him, he looked at her face and nodded approvingly. "You'll address me as 'Master' and nothing else, and you're to follow my orders. Now stand up."

Ashlynn remained frozen on the floor. The man gestured to the other two men, who seemed to be employees of the man in a suit, they quickly walked up to her and both lifted her onto her feet.

"Since that was too fucking hard for you to understand I guess they'll need to rip your clothes off for you too." The man sneered and immediately the two men started tearing at her clothes.
One of the ripped her shirt down the middle while the other unbuttoned her jeans and tore them down. Ashlynn screamed and was quickly slapped. One of the men unsnapped her bra from behind and the other nearly knocked her down tearing off her panties.
"Give me those panties, I'm tired of her fucking racket." The man in the suit said and shortly proceeded to shove her panties into her mouth. One of the men produced some duct tape and efficiently taped it over her lips.
"Alright, much better. Now let's see what exactly we have here." The suited man said with a smile.

His hand seized one of her nipples and began pulling on it and then making her breast shake up and down. He then roughly slapped the other one. He picked up the bra at her feet and looked at it,
"Alright...a 34C...nice." He nodded at one of the other men and they seemed to take note.
He turned his attention back towards Ashlynn and he ran his hands from her breasts to her full hips. Then without any warning he shoved a finger deep into her unexpecting pussy. Ashylnn nearly crumpled to the ground.
"Ah, good...nice and tight...I bet her asshole has never even been touched."

Ashlynn has only ever had sex with ex-boyfriend and has always refused to let him have anal sex with her.

The man ran his finger over her asshole which was tightly closed, he smiled having been proved right.
"Alright, great. A tight young fucking pussy like this is going to do well...we'll have her do some specialty jobs first then straight to the VIP club. A lot of men will pay top dollar to break in this little fuck doll. In fact, Mr. Statler's back in town and I know he loves the scared new girls."

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