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So I kissed and nibbled my way down his back. Still awkward...but I quickly developed a plan. I stood up and guided Steve to the sofa. The horny pair got the hint and Steve settled into the corner of the sofa and spread his legs; one foot on the floor, the other on the middle cushion. This forced Jason into a doggy style position that was just perfect for what I had in mind.

My cock seemed to jump as i got a full view of Jason's ass. Not a bubble butt, but not a skinny ass, either. It was round, firm and muscular. The underwear he had on had seam that separate his cheeks slightly. I started to kiss his back and got those goosebumps going again...that is so hot! I reached under him and pinched his nipples and the goosebumps seemed to flow down his back like water off a duck. I kissed down around his waistband and ran my finger along the inside. I couldn't take the teasing much longer so I gently peeled back the fabric to reveal more and more flesh. His ass was either naturally hairless or incredibly well groomed. I love a smooth hairless ass and this one was a perfect specimen. I planted my first kiss at the top of his crack and made my way down and I slid the underwear off him. By the time I got them down to his knees, I had reached his hole and pushed my tongue in gently. I heard him moan and he shifted a bit. He couldn't spread his legs very far because the underwear was restricting him at the knees. Not wanting him to suffer for long, I reach down and pulled them back. Then I slapped both hands on his ass cheeks, spread them, and went in for the kill. His ass tasted so sweet and was in heaven while eating this fine smooth ass.

"C'mon, man...fuck me!", he said. I got behind him and put my throbbing dick to his slit. I rubbed up and down his crack, using my precum as a lube. "Dude, you got condoms?, I asked. He reached over to the side table and pulled out condoms and lube. I quickly swiped one up, opened it and suited up for the game. I consider myself more of a bottom, but an ass this fine deserves my full attention. I got some lube and dripped it down his crack, then worked it in slowly with my finger. His hole was a little tight at first, but then he took my finger easily. I worked in a second finger when I heard him say, "fuck me now!" Lining myself up, I was ready to comply. As a bottom, I hate when guys just ram it in. Jason wasn't of the same mindset and he pushed back so hard that dick went in, all the way to my balls, in an instant. "Fuck yeah!", he grunted and pushed himself up and down on my cock. Aggressive bottom seemed like it wasn't sufficient to describe him. I grabbed onto his hips and started to pound his ass the way I like it. Grabbing his hips, I found myself gritting my teeth while I fucked his tight ass. Looking up, I saw Steve looking at me and smiling. He whispered, "My god, you really are one hot son of a bitch."


I couldn't believe how nice and tight Jason's ass was. It felt so good being inside of him. His energetic pounding against my pubic bone made it almost unnecessary for me to move. At one point I just held still while I watched him fuck himself hard on my dick. "Fuck yeah, Jason.", Steve spoke softly as he stroked his own cock. "Get every inch of that big dick up your ass. Come on...take it all!" Steve looked me straight in the eyes while I was getting my dick wet. "You ready for some dick, boy? I'm gonna fuck that cute face of yours.", and he got up off the sofa and presented his dick to me. Before I could answer, Steve put one hand on the back of head and pushed it down toward his fisted cock. My mouth opened naturally and I got a mouth full of hot cock. Pushing on my head, he jammed his cock in as far as it would go until he hit the back of my throat. I gagged a little and he pulled out. Then he repeated it by jamming it in and out several times while i tried to catch my breath in between. All this time, Jason is still riding my cock and moaning loudly. I was very stimulated from my head to my crotch but I didn't want to cum yet. I wanted to enjoy these hot studs for as long as I could.

Interrupting his thrusts, I grabbed Steve's cock in my fist, looked up and said, "Fuck my ass, man!" Steve smiled wide and said loudly, "You think you can handle this?" A little startled by his volume, I shook my head, yes. Jason was still pounding away and I knew I had to get in position for Steve. While he grabbed a condom and lubed up, I lay on Jason's back and reached up for his shoulders. I needed to stabilize myself and control his speed. I was dry and hoped that Steve would consider this before he entered me. I felt his slippery hand at my crack as he spread my hole open with his fingers. He rubbed gently at first but seemed eager to open me up. Not as gently as I had hoped, Steve placed the tip of his cock at my hole and pushed the head in. To my surprise, he only got the head in before he retreated and tried again. I was tighter than usual because I was fully erect and my ass muscles were clenched. I pushed into Jason and held him still while Steve entered me. He pushed in and out several more times before he went balls deep into me. I let out a grunt as I took his full length that seemed to push me deeper into Jason. Jason yelped as I went deeper and it seemed that Steve was fucking us both. With a little work, the three of us got into sync and I was the man in the middle for the first time ever. Steve wrapped his arms around me and pinched my nipples while he humped my ass with slow and deep thrusts. He controlled my penetration into Jason and I felt like every nerve and muscle in my body was being stimulated. Steve's hot breath on my neck and back sent goosebumps down my arms and to my finger tips. Steve's skillful targeting of my prostate had me rotating my hips to get the full sensation. "Come on, baby...cum for me.", Steve whispered, "Cum for me." I suddenly felt a wave washing over me that started at my elbows, ran down my chest and into my stomach. By the time the wave hit my torso, my body started to convulse with a mixture of pleasure and pain. "Ahhhhhhh, fuck!", I screamed over and over as I pumped my load into Jason's ass as he pushed back on my cock and taking it deep. The three of us rocked together until my orgasmic spasms subsided. I collapsed onto Jason's back but felt Steve's thick rod, still buried in my ass. Panting and wiping the sweat from my forehead, I sighed, "fucking unbelievable, guys. So fucking hot. That was incredible." I heard a giggle behind me.

"You liked that, stud? There's plenty more to come. We're just getting started.", he giggled again. Jason pulled off my dick and climbed onto the sofa. His knees were red from being doggy style on the floor. He rolled over on his back with his dick slapping against his inner thigh. I looked down at his cock and noticed he was dripping precum. I had to have some and reached for his dick. Jason slapped my had away playfully and said, "Both of you fucks owe me." Pointing at me he said sternly, "YOU...suck me." And then to Steve, "YOU...fuck me." I still had my condom dangling with my spent liquid load, but I quickly complied. I grabbed his dick and stuffed it into my mouth with my fist. I sucked the precum out, just like I wanted. "ohhh, yeah...suck me." Steve had reached down and pulled off his empty condom and flung it to the floor. His cock was hard and almost throbbing. He grabbed the lube and slathered some on his cock and stroked it. With graceful precision, he lifted Jason's left leg, kneeled on the sofa, and slid his lubed erect penis into Jason's ass. I was a little surprised at first, but was more focused on how Jason's cock became further engorged in my mouth. I sucked him in as far as I could and then worked the head while Steve pumped from behind. Jason had taken alot of dick in his ass so far this evening. First mine, now Steve's. "You gonna go quick, buddy?", Steve asked nonchalantly. "I think so, man.", he said in a shaky voice. Steve quickened his pace and said, "Then I'll join you." After several minutes of me sucking, Jason moaning, and Steve pounding steadily, Jason finally yelled out, "I'm gonna cum!" And with that, Steve pounded harder and harder and was obviously in orgasm. Jason started to shoot in my mouth and I was struggling to keep it all in my mouth because I wasn't sure how much there would be. I tried to swallow some and he just seemed to push it out and it gushed onto the leather sofa. Steve continued to fuck him and the sounds got wetter and wetter and I saw some of his semen spill out of his ass. I was in such close proximity...it was a view i had never seen before. Both guys were panting wildly and had collapsed on top of each other. I wiped the cum from my face onto my arm and said, "Fuck guys, that' was Hot!" I looked down and saw the pile of hot sweaty, cum covered man flesh and thought that this was the most intense sexual experience of my life. I wanted more.

"Wine, anyone?"


I was eager for a drink after our hot sexy workout. The wine was sweet as it passed my tongue and cooled my throat. I could smell Jason's cum in my nostils as I swallowed. I assume it was Jason's cum, but it could very well have been Steve's by the way it shot all over the place. Looking at these hot naked men, I felt my cock stir. That was more sex than I was used to, but I still wanted more. We clanked our glasses together like the three musketeers and drank to each other's health. I giggled silently as I rephrased it to "sexual health" in my head. We spent the next fifteen or twenty minutes recounting what we had just done; touching, fondling and stroking each other lightly. I have only known these two men for about an hour, but I feel very comfortable with them. It would be an odd start to any friendship, but I hope it grows into that. I listen to Jason and hear a bit of a southern tone to his voice. Its soft and soothing...welcoming and freindly. Steve's has more of a business tone and he'd fit in anywhere but the south. I close my eyes and just let their voices ring in my ears. They sound so pleasing.

"Have we worn you out yet, stud?", Steve questions sarcastically. "Of course not!", I snap, "I can match you guys load for load." My confidence is more hopeful than the reality of my bravado. Jason gets up and opens another bottle of wine; one of my favorite red zinfandels called Apothic Red. It has a fruity black cherry taste that is both sweet and smoky. He lifts the bottle in a gestural offer and I nod my acceptance. He pours quickly and generously. He is a fine host; offering everything he has...including his hot bod. We sipped some more and the conversation lulled a bit. I finally had the chance to really admire how handsome my host was with his silky chestnut hair and warm blue eyes. I love his smile and see that his teeth are straight and bright white. I love a man that takes care of himself in all respects like Jason does. It's always a letdown when i see a hot bodied guy puffing on a cigarette; or worse...the imprint of chewing tobacco in their pocket. Nasty.

Jason catches me looking at him and smiles widely. That smile of his is disarming and I can't help but to smile back even though I am slightly embarrassed from being caught staring. "Sorry, man...I just noticed how beautiful your eyes were.", I offered. "Thanks!", he replied confidently, "I've been told that before." Steve piped in to say, "I only look in his eyes when we're fucking face to face!" Jason looked at him with surprise and faked being offended. He jumped on Steve and wrestled him to the floor playfully. All the body contact and muscle flexing got me a chub and as they started slapping each other's ass, I got a full-on erection. I inserted myself into their match and pretended to referee them. I yelled out several calls such as, no genital slapping, penis pulling, or dry fingering. Each one made them laugh and I was quite proud of myself for being so witty. With each call I sited, I made a physical example of what was offensive. The most dramatic was when I grabbed both of their cocks simultaneously as i yelled out, "no penis pulling allowed!" We all laughed but I think Steve got the biggest charge out of it as he pointed to my erect penis. He grabbed my erection and pulled me down onto them. It felt great to be naked with them and being so comfortable. Steve put his arm around my neck and pulled me close as he gave me a kiss on my forehead. "You're alright, man. I'm glad you're here." Justin smiled and kissed me on the lips. First a peck, and then some tongue. Steve pressed in and we did a three way kiss between us. I've never considered that possible, but it was hot and we all enjoyed each other at the same time.

I feel Jason take my hand and tug for me to rise, and I comply. He reaches out to Steve and gets equal cooperation. He escorts us like naked three year olds trailing behind him. We walk through the living room and down a carpeted hall. I notice as we pass a bathroom that I feel like i should clean up a bit. I think to myself that one of us is a filthy whore and it could be me. My self-loathing is interrupted by the fabulous room we have entered. I’m guessing this is Jason's lair and it is a stunning master suite. The stark white room screams at you while bits of bright color drawn you in. It evokes emotion but I'm not sure which one yet. The brightness feels comforting and color just feels happy. In the center of the longest wall of this master suite is a king size bed with dozens of pillows against the headboard. The bedspread is mostly white and looks posh and cozy. It seems to be calling to me. Jason leads us to the edge of the bed and gives us a nudge by pressing our bottoms upward. I climb up and bury my face into the comforter with Steve right alongside me. It is even more comfortable than I imagined and I stretch out and sigh as I snuggle into its softness. Jason pops in between us and caresses our butts as he settles in between us. He grabs a few pillows and makes a spot for himself, adding another pillow on each side for his guests. I'm the first to snuggle up to him and lay my head on his chest; Steve mimicks me. Jason pulls us both close and kisses the top of our heads, me first.

I feel very content at the moment and my hands start to wander up and down Jason's torso. I can feel every muscle and bone as I trace the rest of his body. I find a nipple and press my lips against it. My tongue finds the tip and I flick it gently. Without much thought, I start to circle the areola and his nipple gets harder in my mouth. Lightly sucking and flicking the nipple, my natural instinct is to play with his cock. I am pleased to find it already engorged and I stroke it loosely while I work his nip. I hear Jason moan and I look over to see Steve latched onto his other nipple. He is holding Jason's balls in his hand and massaging gently. It is amazing how in synch we are by pleasing Jason without uttering a single word. Steve leaves the nipple and goes up to kiss Jason. The two of them are fully engaged and I don't feel the least bit left out. I make my move down to Jason's cock and kiss the tip. Precum oozes onto my tongue and I savor its flavor. Although clear, there is a much stronger taste of semen than before...and I’m certainly not disappointed. His cock seems bigger than before and I’m eager to get it fully torqued. I grab Jason's cock in my fist and squeeze, making the head hard and purple. I tease the head, kissing it and tonguing the hole. I slather it with my spit and push it into my mouth, still fisted. I place my other hand flat on his pubic bone and press down, giving him something to thrust against. His hips start to move as he gets into a pumping rhythm. I'm making love to his cock with all of the passion and tenderness of a long term lover. I feel Steve kissing my head and I yield to let him take over. He slips Jason's penis into his mouth without missing a beat.

By now, Jason is looking for more attention and runs his fingers through my hair. I kiss my way up his stomach and chest and around his neck. I breathe into his ear and he gets a chill. I love doing that to a man. As I'm stimulating the top half of our lover, Steve and made his way to the end of the bed, leaving Jason's prick sticking straight up. He dips his hand into the drawer and pulls out some lube. A quick squeeze into his hand and it disappears behind him. Another squirt in his hand and he greases up the hot rod he previously abandoned. Stroking it thoroughly from tip to base, he has spread the lube evenly. Steve dripped a few more drops on the head and straddled Jason's waist. He sat squarely on the tip and the head sank into him quickly. Steve let out a pleasured sound and gulped the rest of Jason's cock into his ass. Jason reacted with a grunt of satisfaction, while his hips seemed to move involuntarily. Bareback is always hot but the risks scare me to death. I can only imagine that these two made an informed decision to trust each other this way. I sat back on my heels and watched them fuck raw; fondling myself to full erection. They were hot together and I especially enjoyed when they started kissing. Face to face, I wondered if Steve was really looking him in the eyes while they fucked. "Oh baby, you feel so good in me.", Steve whispered. Okay...now I'm feeling a little jealous. I get into making love to another man and knowing he's enjoying it. In slow rhythmic thrusts, they seem like a well oiled machine. They fit together so perfectly that it was almost difficult to see where they separated. For the first time I felt a little left out, but I was highly aroused by watching them.

With my prick in my left hand, I eased closer to them and gently caressed Steve's back. All of his muscles were tight from sexual tension and their full-on lovemaking. I kissed his glistening skin and tasted his sweat but with an aroma of whatever body wash he had used. It was a sweet and salty combination. I kissed my way down his back and slid my hand down his crack. I wanted to feel where the two connected and I felt hot and slippery skin. My fingers made a V as Jason's cock slid between them on their way into Steve's ass. I was mesmerized by the sight of the penetration. The extra stimulation interrupted his stride and he stopped briefly. "How about you fuck me, big man?", Steve turned and said. "Just lube up good, man, and let's double up. I want you both inside me." I was shocked by the invitation but I can't say that the thought didn't cross my mind. Without saying a word, I stumbled over to the edge of the bed and looked in the drawer for a condom. "No need for that if you're clean, man. Me and Jace are totally clean. Are you?", Steve asked. "Yeah, I test every three.", I said. "Cool...then you can saddle up if you want to.", he said with a grin. I was in a dilemma. For some reason I trusted these guys but the logic was that I hadn't known them long. Quickly I calculated what possible benefit they would have for lying to me and how likely it was that they did this with everyone. I mustered up the courage and blurted out, "Thanks, but I always play safe. No offense to you guys." "hey, that's cool, man. Just over here and fuck me before I shoot my wad.", Steve said playfully. I was dressed and lubed in an instant; presenting myself for the cock party. I grabbed the bottle of lube and squirted some on the current cock/ass combination before inserting myself. I worked it in good since I was using a rubber. "Take it slow, bud, I'm a virgin.", he giggled. I lubed myself up good and placed my cock at his already filled hole. I pressed it there and waited for him to work it in. He reached his hand behind my ass and pushed me in gently. I surprised at how easily it went in. Every other attempt at this in my past was abandoned. "Oh, Fuck!", Steve yelled, 'yeah! It feels so good! Fuck, yeah! Give it to me." I was hesitant to do much but let him ride my cock but his enthusiasm got me excited. "Come on, man...fuck me hard!", he screamed out. I had lost track of Jason but could feel him touching my hips as I pumped into Steve. I'm gonna cum!", Steve yelled out and stood straight up. He stroked his dick full fisted and pumped his load onto Jason's stomach and chest. Cum seemed to shoot everywhere and I couldn't believe how hot it was to watch him cum so wildly my dick deep in his ass. I felt his ass clam down during ejacultaion and it felt like i was being massaged. I let Steve ride me through his orgasm and waited for him to finish. "oh, fuck, man....oh, fuck....fuck yeah..." he panted. I stroked him back lightly as he caught his breath. I pulled out slowly and let him collapse on top of Jason. I watched as his cum dripped down Jason's sides.

Steve dismounted and rolled over onto his back. I settled in next to him and kissed his cheek. "Oh, man...that was hot, guys.", he said. I looked over to Jason and smiled...he smiled back. But there we both were with hard ons and Jason still cum-covered. "Why don't you treat our guest to a wild ride, Jace?", Steve suggested. A devilish look came over his face. "You up for some fun, dude?", Jason asked me? "Can it be any more fun than we've already had?", I exclaimed. "If so...count me in!" I think that they loved my enthusiasm and both busted into laughter. "You guys go on without me.", Steve feigned jealousy. I watched Jason's face as he got up from the other side of the bed and walked around to me. Once again, he put out his hand and I took it in trust. "Do you prefer top or bottom?", he asked matter-of-factly. "Mostly prefer bottom but I'm good either way.", I lied. I'm ninety percent bottom and I’m not sure who I thought I'd impress. Jason let me to a closet door and he opened it. It was dark and he fumbled for the light switch. Even on, the light was dim. He pulled me in behind him and stopped abruptly. My dick split his cheeks and surprised us both. "Not yet!", he mocked. We both laughed.

Jason reached up and grabbed at some straps. He fumbled with them a bit and then went to the corner to find something. As he bent over, I got to look at his hot ass and remembered how tight it was. I got a horny chill in my shoulders and i tried to shake it off. He is a hot and handsome guy, there's not doubt about that. Passing me, he fumbled with something behind me and I heard some snapping sounds. He tugged on the strap from up above and said, "Hop in, stud." I was confused and said, "What's going on?" "It's a sling. You get in and I fuck you. Or if you prefer, I'll get in and you fuck me.", he explained. I had heard about slings before but never had the opportunity to try one. I was excited and nervous. "Never done this before so you'll have to help me.", I said. He eased me into the sling seat and I felt off balance. He placed my hands on the stabilizing straps and I eventually righted myself. Once I was finally comfortable, Jason came up to me, put his arms around me, and started to kiss me. I could feel my erection returning in a big way and I started to relax in the sling. Jason kissed down my chest quickly and got my cock in his mouth quickly. He sucked the head hard and then push my cock deep into his mouth with his dry lips scraping my shaft. He sucked me for awhile and got me good and hard. Only after a few minutes did I realize that he had stroked himself to fullness at the same time. "BRB.", he said, and he retreated to the bed. He returned shortly with the lube and a condom.

By now I had gotten comfortable sitting in the sling. I felt weightless and had the urge to swing like a kid. I didn't, though. I waited patiently. Jason started kissing me again and I was hard in an instant. He put some lube on my dick and stroked me. As he squirted more lube into his hand, I decided to take over stroking myself. He quickly found my hole and wiped the lube on me. Adding more, he stuck a lubed finger into me, followed quickly with a second. I stroked myself harder as he fingered me slowly. Jason then lubed himself up and then added a condom, then lubed the outside. I have never tried that for fear that it might slip off, but I can imagine that it adds some sensations when fucking. Jason wasn't as gentle with entering me. He was quickly inside me deep. I gasped a little from the surprise of it, but i wasn't in any pain. He lifted my legs up to his shoulders and started pounding me. I reached up and grabbed the straps and leaned back. By doing so, I was able to take Jason deeper into me. I loved the feeling of weightlessness while getting my ass fucked. there was nothing clumsy about it. Jason held me in place as he pumped into my ass. He kept hitting my prostate directly with each thrust and I was nearing orgasm quickly. "Oh, man, you're nailing my prostate. I'm gonna cum soon.", I whined. "Fuck, yeah, baby...cum hard for me.", he said, "Cum with me Jason!", I screamed. Just a few more strokes later and I blew my wad all over the place. It shot up my chest and some of it hit my face. Meanwhile, Jason was slamming into me harder and harder. As I started to shoot, Jason started yelling, "Oh yeah! Shoot it!" and he came with me. He slowed him pace and held himself deep inside me. As he started to soften, I felt him hold the end of the condom and pull out. He then held the used condom up and showed me how full it was. "So...can you match that load?", he said. "You saw what I shot, man. It was a match." We laughed.

Jason helped me out of the sling and playfully licked some of my cum off my chest. He kissed me and I tasted my own cum. When we came out of the closet (so to speak) and found Steve stroking his cock and smiling at us. "That was hot, boys. Ready for a shower?"

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