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We discussed the usual mundane topics middle aged woman do, like the weather, children, interest rates, houses and similar trivial topics.

‘Would you like to come and see our new house. It has a terrific view over the bay,’ Denise asked with a broad wide smile, taking me by surprise.

For the first time I looked very closely at her, taking in her appearance, and very casual but expensive and understated clothes. Even in her ‘dressed down’ look Denise was a very good looking woman, and it was obvious she had a well kept figure under her clothes.

‘Why not,’ I smiled. ‘Lead the way in your car and I will follow you.’

Ten minutes later we were admiring the view from the sun deck. ‘ I love sun bathing here on days like this,’ Denise said, watching me very closely, as she undid two buttons at the top of her blouse. ‘In summer I love to get an all over tan. This summer has been good. My tan is the best I have had in years.’

I almost felt that Denise was daring me to to ask her to show me just how good her tan was. Instead I asked, ‘Show me the rest of the house?’

Denise took my hand and led me back inside. I was intrigued by the way she took my hand in her long fingers, but surprisingly did not feel uncomfortable about it.

As we walked through the rest of the house Denise ‘accidentally’ rubbed against me several times, each time taking my hand again, as if for reassurance.

While this was going on I looked at Denise even more closely than I had before. She made the most of looks which depended on her brilliantly sun tanned skin contrasting with her fair, blondish hair, which she wore down to her shoulders.

She had long well formed legs, it seemed from the tight fitting white cotton slacks she wore, and a very good, firm and well formed arse. As I looked again at her creamy silk blouse, which now had a number of buttons undone, I could see an exquisite cleavage and obviously good size tits. As I looked even more closely at her blouse it was obvious that she was not wearing a bra and that her nipples were very erect against the soft silk.

I had never had an affair with another woman, but must admit to fantasizing and wondering about one, on a number of occasions in the past. At that particular moment the thought of Denise making a pass at me was a very exciting prospect.

The tour progressed as Denise pointed out the Adam mantelpiece, Waterford glassware, Persian rugs, Chippendale dining suite, and next the master bedroom, with views over the bay.

Denise sat on the edge of huge four poster bed with a canopy over it. ‘Come and sit her and admire the view with me,’ she asked with what I thought was an edge to her voice.

As she extended her hand I took it and joined her on the bed, not altogether sure of myself and wondering deep down what all this might be leading to. At the same time part of me was saying, ‘go with the flow if she makes a move.’ I kept telling myself to admit the prospect of something like this happening was something I had been wanting to try for a long time, and perhaps this was to be the day. Fate is bigger than all of us my husband used to say.

Idly as I absorbed the view Denise licked the fingers on my right hand, her movements becoming more rapid. Next she circled my palm with a very wet finger. ‘Like the view?, she said boldly unbuttoning another button on her blouse with her free hand as I watched, unable to speak. By now her blouse was held closed by just one button at its base and I could feel myself becoming excited by the the sight of her gorgeous cleavage, and as she moved I could see all her tits and the very erect nipples on each.

Denise kept circling my palm, sending unmistakably explicit messages and signals. ‘You like that, don’t you?’

Just like a man would, Denise then put one arm around my waist while she bent and brushed my neck with a series of little, very wet kisses. ‘I can stop if you want me to ... No? Good.’

‘Let’s start by getting rid of your shoes,’ Denise said kicking them off.

‘Close your eyes. Let me excite you and take you to new places. I could tell just by looking at you today, that you were ready for me.’

At the same time I closed my eyes and very excited I could feel Denise unbuttoning my blouse and unhooking my bra.

‘Wow. You have superb tits. Even better than I thought they would be. Compared to me you are almost lily white. I love it. Beautiful brown nipples against big, gorgeous snow white tits,’ she said licking and kissing each in turn, her fingers teasing the other as she did.

‘Your nipples like what I’m doing. They are as hard as bullets - big bullets. I wish you knew how much this is turning me on. This all for you Denise. You don’t have to do anything. Just lie back and enjoy and let me look at you,’ she whispered in a very agitated voice, pushing my head back onto three pillows.

The pillows were high enough for me to watch Denise’s every move as I opened my eyes again, watching her lick and kiss my excited nipples.

As she unbuttoned the waistband of my skirt and slipped it off with one gentle movement, she sucked on my fingers again, leaving me more excited than I thought I could ever be.

Denise surrounded each of my nipples with all her fingers, delicately teasing them even more than I thought possible.

‘Do you like watching me lick your fabulous tits?’ I was almost screaming at her, for her to suck them some more as she started to lick and suck on them again. She fastened her mouth on each in turn with luxurious leisure, flicking the point of her tongue all over them, pulling with her lips and her entire tongue, until I was so turned on it was almost painful.

My eyes were closed again as I felt Denise start to take off the rest of my clothes. She cradled my head in her left arm and with the other reached down, with a touch I could barely register, but which at the same time was madenly arousing, over my newly shaved cunt and pubic hair.

‘Open your eyes and watch me undress Denise. Better still help me.’

She stood close to me and put my fingers on the remaining button of her blouse. Our tangled fingers slowly removed her blouse and she stepped back for effect and my benefit as she dropped it to the floor, at the same time cupping each of her tits with her hands. ‘You like?’ knowing full well what my answer would be.

Her suntan really was as good as she had said. It suited her skin and she had the complexion to go with it. ‘Now the zip,’ she said turning her back to me so I could help with her slacks. Very excited by now I pulled them down to her ankles, running both my hands over her smooth legs. Underneath she wore a tiny pair of white silk pants, which were only about one centimetre wide at the sides, further accentuating her sun tan. She motioned for me to remove those as well, not saying a word.

Her completely naked body was just as I had imagined, and completely sun tanned, not a white spot anywhere.

As if sensing no protest from me as I closed my eyes again, she straddled me, one knee on either side of my hips. I opened my eyes to watch fascinated at this new experience as she sat back naked on her heels and devoted herself to gliding her fingertips all the way down my thighs and calves and back again.

‘I love your body,’ Denise said as I opened my eyes again.

‘I like yours too,’ I said smiling encouragement, intent on playing the passive partner to the hilt for my maximum pleasure.

As she licked and kissed my tits some more I took her hand.

‘No. Let me. You are not ready yet.’

By now I was sure I was moaning imploringly as she caressed the skin inside the top of my thighs, her fingers reaching higher and higher until they fluttering at the rim of my cunt. I could not help moaning and opening my legs, and I felt sure Denise could see how wet I was for her, as well as feel it.

I was watching very closely now as Denise crouched low over my cunt and and started blowing on my pubic hair. I could feel the hairs parting with her breath on my swollen clitoris. At last she reached out with her tongue and making it into a point, she darted it again and again at my core. Sometimes she sucked it with her whole mouth, sometimes just licking it with a light flickering touch.

All I felt like saying was, ‘Fuck me, for God’s sake fuck me, Denise,’ which I am sure I did. I watched fascinated as Denise knitted the three middle fingers of her left hand together, and worked them several inches up between my legs. As I strained frantically forward and upward, Denise kneeling, bent again and took my vulva into her, hot, avid wide mouth, sucking rhythmically on my clitoris at the same time as she slid her three fingers in and out. Sometimes it was only an inch or two, sometimes as far as she could go.

I was only aware of the most intense delight. Her fingers in my vagina producing a hardness and knobbiness of stimulation that even the biggest, hardest cock never could. The sucking, the teasing, was like nothing I had ever believed possible. I felt myself pausing on the edge of orgasm, pausing, pausing and then coming into Denise’s mouth with a bursting rush and widening pool of spasms which made me scream in incredulous abandon.

While I was still throbbing and jerking my hips forward, Denise threw herself on me, kissing me for the first time on my dry, open mouth, pressing her vulva, lightly covered with dark hair, into my pubis. At the same time she cupped my firm fleshy arse in both her hands and rubbed relentlessly, until she she came quickly into the masterful orgasm she had been holding back for so long.

Later as we dressed, Denise said,’You look fabulous’. ‘Do something for me. Leave your pants here. When you leave wear nothing under your skirt. you can think of me all the way home then. And I will have something to remember you by. Will you?’

Later that night when my husband arrived home he wondered what caused the sudden surge of interest in my sex drive. It was a long time since I had met him at the door without my pants on and seduced him.

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