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Wake up, brush her teeth, undress, stare at her body, shower, stare at her body some more, get dressed, apply some make-up, and top it all off with fixing her hair. Jenny did this every morning, from 7 to 8:30 a.m., which left her just enough time to commute to the office by 9. Jenny's schedule was rigid. As team lead for a group of graphic designers, Jenny had to be at work before her team in order to ensure that everyone had work to do when they got in. Jenny could handle the responsibility though, and she did, for the past 2 years.

On this morning, as Jenny was drying off from her shower, she noticed her fiance, Sean, staring at her from their bed. Though she didn't mind, she was surprised that he was up this early and playfully tossed her towel at him from the bathroom, smiling and saying, "pervert!", as she turned to the mirror.

Sean removed the towel from his face and continued admiring Jenny's body. She was tall, about 5'9, had hair down to the upper part of her back, and had B-cup breasts that fit perfectly in his hands, which he loved taking advantage of during their heated encounters.

Knowing Sean was still watching her, Jenny stepped into her panties when she was done admiring herself in the mirror and seductively bent over to pull them up. Without looking back, she did the same with her jeans, putting some extra sexy into her wiggles as she struggled to get her jeans over her butt. She was getting an extra kick out of stirring Sean this early, knowing he'd have to wait all day before he could have his way with her.

Jenny finished her hair and grabbed her purse. On her way out of their room, she said her goodbyes to Sean and made her way towards the front door.

As Jenny turned around, Sean tossed the bed covers to the side and crept up silently behind her.

As she reached for the doorknob, Jenny was startled by a sudden grasp around her waist. Quickly realizing it was Sean, she spoke, "Awwww."

"Thought I'd give you a hug before you left! Maybe it will convince you to stay awhile.", said Sean, as he rubbed his cheek against the side of Jenny's head.

"Thanks, babe! But I've got to get going... I can't be late."

"Just call in sick... they'll understand.", said Sean, tightening his grasp and pressing himself against Jenny's rear.

Jenny knew exactly what Sean was getting at, but she couldn't call in sick now, no matter how badly she wanted to spend time with Sean. Work would need at least an hour to get someone else to come in early and setup the morning schedule. It would have to be a serious emergency for her to skip work at this point.

"Babe, it's way too late for that now. I'd love nothing more than to sit at home with you all day, but I've got to get going!", Jenny protested.

"I'll try to get off early. Hows that sound?", Jenny was trying to offer an alternative, sensing Sean's disappointment.

Feeling Sean's grip faltering, Jenny assumed he was admitting defeat and she reached for the doorknob once again.

"I'd really love for you to stay...", whispered Sean as he shifted his grip from Jenny's waist to Jenny's wrists. Turning her towards him and looking into her eyes with pleading sincerity.

Jenny loved when Sean took control, and she began to consider being late for work, but she just couldn't do it... The potential consequences for future promotion, or even her job, were just too high.

"Sean, I can-mmm"

Just then, Sean put his lips to Jenny's, pulling her arms over her head and shifting his weight to gently pin her against the door.

Jenny didn't resist. What hurt could some kissing do? She could spare a minute of intimacy.

But Sean didn't stop his front. He moved his lips to Jenny's neck, nuzzling into her shoulder and draping her arms around his upper body.

Jenny started to crumble. She could feel Sean pressing against her thigh. She attempted to speak, but Sean's nuzzling was melting her.

"Se- Sean... Sean I don't have time. Please..."

Sean lifted his weight and began to lead Jenny towards their living room's love seat. Jenny instinctively followed with little protest.

"Here, call in sick.", said Sean, handing their phone to Jenny as they passed it.

As Sean sat down, Jenny gave in. She began dialing her work, whilst Sean pulled her into his lap.

Putting the phone to her ear, Jenny waited through the automated greetings.

Sean wasted little time. He started rubbing his arms all over Jenny's body. Her thighs, stomach, and arms were all receiving special attention.

Still waiting for the receptionist, Jenny sunk her back into Sean's chest, basking in the touch of his hands.

Sean shifted his attention to Jenny's breasts, cupping each through Jenny's blouse and pulling Jenny further into him.

Finally, an answer at the phone.

"Simple Prints. How can I help you!?"

"Hi, Rene, this is J--uhrm"

"I'm sorry, who?"

As Jenny spoke, Sean slid his hand down the front of Jenny's jeans. His hand was placed directly over Jenny's mound, applying gentle pressure at the top of her folds.

Taken back, Jenny attempted to speak to Rene again.

"Jenny. This is Jenny. Sorry, Rene!"

"Oh! Hello, Jenny! I don't think you've ever called me before... What happens to be the occasion?"

Sean was beginning to navigate his hand underneath Jenny's panties.

"I need to call in sick. Is there anyone on my team that's come in yet?", Jenny responded briskly.

"Aww, you poor thing! I'm afraid no one's come in just yet. Do you need me to relay a message?"

Sean's hand was now completely between Jenny's thighs, exploring her flesh.


"Jenny, are you okay?"

"Oh no, Rene. My head is killing me. Can you just tell everyone to follow the production outline for today?"

"Yes, absolutely! I'll write the email up right this moment."

Sean glided his middle finger in-between Jenny's lips, and simultaneously pulled Jenny's head back by her hair.

"Thank youOOHH Ehhr, Rene!"

"Bless You!", replied Rene, assuming Jenny sneezed. "Hope you feel better, dear."

"Thanks again. Have a great morning, Rene! Buh-Bye!

"Bye, hun!", Rene hung up.

Jenny dropped the phone and placed her hand over her jeans between her thighs. She could feel Sean's stiffness against her ass.

"You asshole!", Jenny remarked sarcastically as she started to gyrate her hips against Sean.

"You know you love it!", Sean inserted a second finger into Jenny.

"Mmm, I do, but I guess that was already pretty apparent, wasn't it?", commenting on her wetness.

Jenny began to unbutton her Jeans, unrestricting Sean's hand. She lifted her lower body and slid her jeans to her knees.

Sean hooked his fingers and started massaging the inside of Jenny. He adjusted his torso's positioning, and when Jenny sat back down, his cock pushed her panties deep between her cheeks.

"Ohh, I'm not the only one who's loving this, am I?", smirked Jenny, sliding her ass along Sean's shaft.

"Am I gona get fucked, babe?" Jenny's eagerness was becoming primal.

"Mmm, not yet. I think I'm in store for a little attention. Why don't you get down on your knees.", Sean commanded.

Jenny removed Sean's hand from under her panties, stood up, and slid her jeans down to her heels while bending forward. Her ass was clearly defined for Sean's viewing pleasure. As she straightened back up, Jenny stepped out of her jeans and dropped to her knees.

To Jenny's surprise, Sean had already slid his briefs down and was stroking his cock.

"Is that for me?", asked Jenny.

Without replying, Sean grabbed the back of Jenny's head and guided her straight to his cock.

"Ohh", gasped Jenny.

Jenny gazed at Sean's manhood. Reaching out, she grabbed it with her right hand, continuing her admiration. She wrapped her fingers around Sean's hilt and began to pump slowly. With her eyes locked, Jenny inched her head forward until her mouth was inches from the underside of Sean's cock. Without hesitation, Jenny licked the length of Sean's shaft, popping the head of his cock into her mouth as she reached its end.

Sean gasped and applied pressure to the back of Jenny's head, holding her hair in a bun.

"Yeah. Suck me, babe!"

Jenny started to bob up and down the length of Sean's tool. Jenny was lost in the moment. One hand rubbing Sean's abs. The other hand stroking Sean in sync with her bobbing.

Jenny began making slurping noises at the peak of every stroke. She looked up and locked into a gaze with Sean's eyes. She slowly peaked another stroke with her mouth, putting extra suction behind her tongue.


Jenny's mouth made an audibly wet noise as she released Sean's cock from her mouth.

Still gazing at Sean and stroking his cock, Jenny spoke.

"I want you to fuck me. I need you to fuck me, Sean."

"Bend over the armrest.", was all Sean replied.

Still in her heels, blouse, and panties, Jenny released her grip of Sean, stood up, and walked to the side of the love seat. She bent over and watched as Sean stood up and removed his briefs.

Sean positioned himself behind Jenny and stuck his cock between her thighs.

"You want this?"

Jenny could only moan in acceptance.

Sean whispered into Jenny's ear, "Not yet.", as he pushed Jenny's lower back down and got on his knees behind her. Sean hooked his thumbs under each side of Jenny's panties and began to peel them down. Her panties stuck slightly to her opening, and Sean witnessed a string of Jenny's juice stretch from the bottom of her pussy to a spot on her panties. Once her panties reached her knees, Sean ran his hand up from that back of Jenny's slit, resting his index finger at her clit.

Jenny waited in anticipation. She longed for some sort of penetration and felt some was coming. Sean was going to finger fuck her, she could barely manage her patience with his teasing.

Suddenly! Jenny's eyes darted open. Her ass jumped a little. She wasn't expecting Sean's tongue.

Sean was lapping at Jenny's opening. Tasting what he had accomplished. Again, pressing his hands into Jenny's lower back, Sean shifted his tongue to Jenny's clit and sealed his mouth around it.

"Mmhm, lick my pus- puss-yyy ohhhm."

Sean was sucking on Jenny's clit, rubbing the flat of his tongue back and forth along Jenny's nub.

Sean repositioned his hands, wrapping his arms around Jenny's thighs. He spread her wide and massaged her mons as his suction continued to pull at Jenny's clit.

Jenny couldn't handle it. She was going to cum any second. And just like that, it hit her. Jenny's legs were shaking, her pussy was contracting, and her hips were waving with involuntary spasms. She managed to stay upright only by support of the love seat's armrest.

With Jenny's orgasm came a gentle flow of fluid down her thighs, spilling over the fingers of Sean.

Sean removed his right hand, and standing up, used Jenny's juice to stroke himself. He smiled at his handy work and spanked Jenny on the ass while she was recovering.

"OHHH, yes! Fuck me Se--"

Before she could finish, Sean plunged his cock straight into Jenny's hole. Sean grabbed the sides of Jenny's blouse and used it as leverage for each thrust. In and out, in and out. Sean was pounding Jenny's pussy. Smacking sounds filled the room.

"God! Keep fucking me, Sean!"

Jenny gripped her lips with each exiting motion of Sean's rod. She was in heaven.

Sean changed his grip from Jenny's blouse to her hips, forcefully pulling her into him with each forward fuck. His balls were aching and he could feel the onset of an orgasm.

"I'm gona cum, Jenny!"

"Keeping fucking me, Sean! I'm almost there too!"

Sean obliged and held out for a solid 3 minutes of continued pussy pounding. Jenny's walls began to spasm and her cries went silent. She was cumming hard. Sean continued his onslaught.

"HHHHHhhhhhmmmmmmmm! Fuck!", screeched Jenny.

With Jenny still convulsing, Sean removed his cock and started pumping it with his fist. He pulled up Jenny's blouse with his free hand, exposing her lower back. Just then, Sean exploded. The first shot went straight to the top of Jenny's shirt. The second nearly landed in the same place. The third, fourth, and fifth blasts each planted onto Jenny's back.

Sean heaved and moaned. He milked his cock of its last bit of cum and wiped it along Jenny's left ass check. He collapsed along side Jenny, there faces locked onto each other.

"A fuck worthy of missing work, huh, babe?", boasted Sean.

"If I didn't have to work, I'd be on top of you every damn day!", Jenny returned. "And now that you mention it, is that all I get? One fuck on a day off?"

Sean smiled.

"Let's take a shower and see where that takes us!", said Sean, as he rose and wandered back to their room.

Exhaustively satisfied, Jenny stayed put, the right side of her face firmly planted into the seat cushion. She nearly dozed before hearing the shower run.

"You coming babe?", called Sean.

"I already did, twice, but a third time would be wonderful!", Jenny muttered.

She pushed her weight up with her arms and wobbled onto her legs, her panties still clinging around her knees. It took every ounce of strength to regain her composure. As she stood up, Jenny yelled back, "Don't start without me!"

To be continued...

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