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She agreed and left me to my work.

We worked hard until the middle of April then things finally started slowing down. I made an appointment with Jacque at Porter’s to fit me with some new shirts. Since pounding hard at the gym for the past three months my arms, shoulders and chest had grown. He took me right away, measured me and ordered me twenty new shirts. Thankfully, my pants and jackets still fit well enough for now. I did have him alter two new suits for me, one black and one brown.

Right around the end of April, I did see Robin in the parking garage. She didn’t see me as she was getting into her car. She looked beautiful as ever but had a look on her face I can’t describe. Thankfully, she pulled out without seeing me.

My old apartment was extremely close to Robin’s condo. But since I had bought the house, I was in North Dallas very close to her parent’s home. The gym I was using was only about five miles from my home which was very convenient for me. I arrived at the gym around six thirty which was a great time because the evening crowd had already been through. I was getting a lot of stares from the women, but I kept to myself and wore headphones to avoid talking to people. I had just laid down on the bench press station when I felt something slap right shoe. I leaned up slightly and was shocked to see Michelle Woods, Robin’s younger sister. I took off my headphones and sat up in total surprise.

"Hey stranger, how are you ?", Michelle asked, hugging me quickly.

"I’m fine, Michelle.", I replied.

"You certainly are.", Michelle giggled, looking me up and down.

"You work out here ?", I asked.

"Just started about a week ago. This is all new to me though, I really have no direction.", she admitted.

"What are you looking to do ?’, I asked.

"I want bigger thighs, bigger calves, bigger arms and tight boobs.", she giggled.

"Do you have a set time that you can come here.", I asked.

"Anytime really…….", she said.

"Well, I can get here a bit earlier, say six o’clock or so. If you want to meet me, we can work out together and I can show you the ropes.", I offered.

"That would be great…. Have you started yet ?", she asked.

"No, jump on in.", I offered.

I explained to Michelle that I alternated body parts daily. I would work my legs and do cardio one day, then chest, shoulder and arms another day. Then come back with the back and cardio a third day. Then take the next day off and rest, then repeat the cycle. She agreed so we jumped right into chest exercises.

Michelle was perhaps five foot six inches tall and weighed maybe one hundred thirty-five pounds. She was considerably shorter than Robin but every bit as beautiful. Then again, I had never seen Michelle in expensive clothes or makeup. So, I had no idea of her true beauty.

Michelle was also considerably stronger than she looked. She exceeded every weight that I started her at. She was also a hard worker to strain to meet every goal I set for her. After an hour and a half of pushing her to the limit, we called it quits. We both went down and showered then, I met her at the juice bar. I bought two large protein vanilla shakes and we sat at one of the tables and made plans for our future workouts. After about fifteen minutes the inevitable came up.

"Tim, I’m really sorry for what Robin did to you. That fucking bitch is pure evil.", Michelle stated.

"Tell me how you really feel about your sister.", I laughed.

"Oh Tim, you have no idea.", she replied.

Michelle began to tell me her experiences with Robin as they grew up together. Robin was the first born and the apple of Beverly Woods’ eye. Michelle was close to my age with only four months separating us. I was about to be twenty-six and Michelle had just turned twenty-six a month ago.

Michelle told me about Robin and Jeff’s courtship while they were in high. Michelle couldn’t count the times they broke up. Jeff would see another girl or Robin would see another guy. After a few months they would get back together like nothing had ever happened. When Michelle was a senior in high school, Robin actually slept with a guy Michelle was dating. Michelle admitted it was simply because Robin could. Supposedly her and Jeff were together at the time.

"Robin will use her looks to intentionally fuck with you.", Michelle admitted.

Michelle went on to tell me about how many fights the two of them had growing up. Just about every time, Beverly Woods would take Robin’s side in the argument. Robin lied about everything making Michelle look like the bad guy. Eventually Michelle got extremely close to her father, Stan Woods. At that point she confided to her father only and isolated Robin and her mother. I had to admit to Michelle, I had never seen this side of Robin.

"Yes, you did…. The night you were going to ask her to marry you. She showed up to the party with Jeff. How the fuck was she going to explain that to you ? You’re a great guy and she’s an evil bitch.", Michelle stated.

For the next six months, Michelle and I worked out religiously. Me, simply to maintain what I had and Michelle to achieve her goals. In just six months, Michelle had first lost almost all her body fat and replaced it with pure muscle. The diameter of her thighs had increased almost four inches and her calves almost two and a half. She had put two inches on her arms and took three inches off her waist. But her favorite accomplishment were her boobs, as she joked. She loved that they stood straight out.

We were wrapping up one Friday night when Michelle invited me out to dinner for all the help, I had given her. Since, I had been alone for so long, I quickly agreed. We both showered and met in the lobby. When Michelle came out of the women’s dressing room, I was blown away. She had on tight jeans, black boots and a woman’s under armor shirt that hugged her body like a glove. She had pulled her hair back in a ponytail and even put on a little makeup. She was beautiful beyond belief.

We met up at a local steak house where we parked side by side in the parking lot. As the hostess walked us through the restaurant to our table, every man’s eyes were on Michelle. We both sat down and the hostess left our menu’s for us to order.

Michelle and I had become very good friends over the last few months. She was very easy to be around and never took anything personally. She was beyond funny making me laugh the entire time I was around her. And not once did anything sexual arise between us.

"Does anyone in your family know we are working out together ?", I asked.

"Nope, none of their business.", Michelle replied, taking a bite of her salad.

"I was just wondering.", I replied.

"You want me to tell Robin I stole her man ?’, Michelle giggled.

"Uh…. No.", I replied, causing Michelle to laugh uncontrollably.

"Trust me, nothing would give me more pleasure.", Michelle giggled.

We finished dinner and said goodbye in the parking lot. Michelle gave me her customary hug but this one lasted longer than normal. She broke free and waved goodbye to me. I had a birthday and turned twenty six with no fan fare. Michelle and I were still killing it nightly in the gym. Michelle had really been working hard on her mid-section. The results showed up in a small waist and firm stomach. Michelle commented that even Robin had complimented on her new look.

We were approaching another year end at Butler, Land and Reyes. I had done well financially this year with my salary being boosted to forty-four hundred dollars a week. I now had over two hundred twenty thousand dollars in my savings account and almost one hundred thousand dollars in my checking account. I had fifteen thousand dollars in my closet in the shoebox. My 401K had grown to almost one hundred thousand dollars. I was debt free except for my mortgage and utilities. I was expecting another large bonus check in several weeks.

I dreaded the Christmas party this year because I would be in the same room as Robin for several hours. I decided to be the bigger person and do my best to be cordial to her. Thankfully, the party went off well and I talked to Robin for about fifteen minutes. I put my best foot forward and we talked about how well the firm was doing. She even invited me to the Christmas Eve party at her parent’s home. She told me both her mother and father would ask about me from time to time. I told her I would think about it, but knew I wouldn’t attend.

Michelle and I scheduled our last workout until after Christmas on the twenty third of December. We finished up and would meet at the juice bar which had become our tradition. We were both finishing up our protein shakes when Michelle looked at me curiously.

"Hey, why don’t you be my date at the party tomorrow night ?", Michelle asked.

"Uh… you have to be kidding ?", I laughed.

"Nope, I’m not.", she replied, quickly

"Do you have any idea the turmoil that would cause ?", I advised.

"For who. Maybe Robin, but who cares.", she shot back, quickly.

"Michelle, I don’t think your mother or father would approve of that. Although, your sister did invite me earlier today.", I stated.

"That fucking bitch invited you ?", Michelle gasped.

"Yes, at the office Christmas party.", I answered.

"Then you have to be my date. You have to.", Michelle giggled.

"Ok, but if it goes bad….. it’s on you.", I replied.

"Deal. But the problem is….", she began, then stopped.

"What’s the problem ?", I asked.

"I can’t complete with Robin when it comes to clothes. She will always be more beautiful than me., Michelle sighed.

"Michelle, your sister is not more beautiful than you. You’re drop dead gorgeous and have a body to die for. Anyone can buy nice clothes.", I offered.

"Not by tomorrow night", Michelle giggled.

"Wanna bet ?", I replied, pulling out my cell phone.

I called Carla Davenport’s cell phone knowing that most of the women at the firm knew where to shop for nice clothes. She answered right away and advised to go to Sak’s Fifth Avenue at the local mall. She told me to ask for either Melanie or Crystal, both of them excellent with fitting. I hung up the phone and told Michelle that we were going shopping in the morning.

Michelle agreed to meet me at home early the next morning. Sure, 5enough right at eight o’clock Michelle rang my door bell. I invited her in and gave her a quick tour of the house which she seemed to really like. She admitted she found it hard to imagine a man living in a house this clean.

I finished dressing and we took my car and went to breakfast close by. We arrived at Sak’s Fifth Avenue a few minutes past ten, they had just opened. We walked in and made our way to the women’s department. A young woman came up to us and asked if we needed help. I asked for Melanie or Crystal as advised. The woman told us she was Melanie and would be glad to assist us. I informed Melanie that Carla Davenport had recommended her. She told us Carla was a very good customer of hers.

Michelle explained the type of party we were going to tonight. Since it was both indoors and out, Melanie suggested evening gowns were out. She took Michelle over to the dress section and they started to look through the racks. I took a seat just outside the dressing room and waited for the results.

Michelle took two dresses in the fitting room and came out with one on. The dress was red but had too many ruffles and material around the sleeves. I shook my head and she disappeared in the room. She came back with a blue dress on that was awful, at least in my opinion.

"Oh God , no.", I laughed, when she stood in front of me.

She frowned at me jokingly and went back to take the dress off. I motioned for Melanie to come over. I mentioned to Melanie that Michelle had been killing herself in the gym. She needed something that would show off her legs and arms. Melanie nodded and disappeared around one of the racks. She returned with a shorter white dress in hand just as Michelle came out of the dressing room. Melanie took the two Michelle had and gave her the white one she had just ***********ed. Michelle shrugged and returned to the fitting room. About ten minutes later, Michelle walked out from behind the curtain in a short white sequined dress that came to mid-thigh. It had spaghetti straps and was fit Michelle like it was made for her. Her thighs and calves looked amazing and her arms quite defined.

"Oh, hell yea.", I laughed.

"You like ?", she asked, holding her arms straight up.

"That’s the one.", I replied.

This was a Nelle Sequin Mini dress in White by Jason Wu and cost nine hundred seventy five dollars. As Michelle was protesting, I had Melanie usher her to the shoe department and look for matching shoes. About twenty minutes later they returned with a pair of Jimmy Choo Nova Peep Toe Glitter Leather Slingback Platform Pumps. I never realized a pair of shoes could have a name that long. Melanie had suggested a pair of ultra sheer stockings to go along with the dress.

Melanie suggested I apply for a credit card from the store itself. With their card, you earned a five percent discount and were awarded points you could use same as cash. In took about ten minutes to get the card approved and we checked out. All total, it came to fifteen hundred and forty one dollars and thirty nine cents. Michelle was arguing with me that there was no way she wasn’t going to pay me back. Melanie seemed to get a kick out of the banter between Michelle and myself.

I then drove Michelle to an excellent hair salon really close to my house. Again, she objected but I would hear none of it. Michelle worked with the stylist and they came with an idea that Michelle seemed to like. The stylist mixed a color called Butterscotch Blonde then applied to Michelle’s hair. When the coloring was done, I felt it was too dark for Michelle. The stylist became cutting her hair into different over lapping lengths. She then applied more highlights in very small strands of the hair. Once everything was finished and the stylist dried her hair, it all came together. She looked beautiful beyond words. We finished up by Michelle getting a manicure and pedicure with a clear ultra sheen polish applied to both.

We went back to my house when Michelle put the clothes in her car. She asked me if I wanted to pick up from her apartment not far from her parent’s house. She constantly went back and forth between her small apartment and her parent’s home where she did still have a bedroom to herself. But as she admitted, she wanted to make a grand entrance. I agreed to pick her up at seven o’clock.

The closer it got to seven ‘o’clock the more nervous I was becoming. I still thought this might be a bad idea on a really important day for her family. I had no idea how her parents or Robin would react when we showed up together. But when the clock hit six thirty there was no looking back. Once again, I chose a black suit with a white shirt. I chose a red tie and black shoes. I arrived at Michelle’s apartment complex right at seven o’clock than evening. I found her unit on the second floor and knocked on the door.

She opened the door and I there was a vision I was not prepared for. There stood Michelle Woods, in a tight white sequin dress that she looked poured into. The new hair color accented her beauty perfectly and her makeup was flawless. The platform shoes gave her additional height and the sheer stockings made her legs look fabulous. I’m sure I just stood there like a dumbass staring at her.

"Well, what do you think ?", she giggled.

"I think I at the wrong apartment. You’re not my workout partner that I’m with almost every day.", I replied.

"Yep, that’s me.", she claimed hugging me.

"Michelle, you’re beautiful beyond words.", I whispered into her ear.

We arrived at Stan and Beverly’s about twenty minutes before eight. Thankfully, I did not see Robin’s car as I was pulling up. By the time Michelle’s parents got over the shock, Robin would arrive. I got out and walked around the car opening Michelle’s door and extending my hand to help her out. I followed her to the front door where she pressed the handle and pushed open the door. Thankfully, no one was in the foyer as I closed the door behind me. Michelle turned and run her hands over my jacket and adjusted my tie.

"Are you ready ?", she asked, smiling.

"I’ll get back to you on that.’, I replied, nervous as hell.

Michelle grabbed my hand and we walked through the living room filled with people directly into the backyard. We got quite a few stares in the process, but I was sure it was because of how Michelle was dressed. We stepped into the backyard and I noticed Beverly Woods talking to several woman, her back to us. As I looked around , I noticed that Stan Woods had already seen us and was just standing there looking directly at us. Michelle noticed her dad and grabbed my arm once again pulling me in his direction. By the time we arrived, I really think Stan Woods was in shock.

"Hi Daddy.", Michelle said softly, kissing his cheek.

"Michelle, what have you done……… Your hair….. ", he stuttered.

"Do you like it ?", she asked, softly.

"My God, you’re beautiful.", he said, hugging his daughter with tears running down his cheeks.

After a long hug, he turned to me and extended his hand. I shook his hand while looking directly into his eyes for a reaction.

"Are you two together or something ?", he asked, choking up.

"I think I’ll let Michelle answer that, Stan.", I replied.

Michelle explained that for close to a year we had been working out together. Both Beverly and Stan noticed the transition in Michelle’s body, but she never let on that I was her partner. Michelle admitted to Stan it was her idea for me to accompany her to the party. She told him I resisted at first but admitted that Robin had invited me anyway. I’m not sure how Stan took the news because Beverly Woods arrived seconds later.

"Michelle, you look lovely. I love the dress.’, Beverly said, hugging her youngest daughter.

She then turned to me and gave me a brief hug then stepped back. I knew the question was coming, I could see it in her eyes.

"Did you two come together ?", Beverly asked, with a concerned look on her face.

Michelle told her mother the same story she had just relayed to her father. Beverly didn’t seem to take it as well as Stan did, but she said nothing. Of course, Beverly asked Michelle to help her in the kitchen so she could further interrogate her. That left me standing next to Stan Woods feeling very uncomfortable.

"You know if this a problem, I could leave. I don’t want to cause any trouble.", I advised Stan.

"Tim, can I asked you a question ?’, Stan inquired.

"Yes sir.", I answered.

"Are you and Michelle romantically involved ?", he asked, looking into my eyes.

"No sir. It was exactly like Michelle explained it to you. We have been meeting at the health club and working out together for months. There’s been nothing else… not even a kiss shared between us.", I replied.

"Sorry Tim, I just wanted to be prepared.", he answered.

"I understand sir. Michelle is a beautiful young woman and I understand you looking out for her. But before I would even consider asking her out, I promise I would speak to you first considering the circumstances.", I stated.

Just about that time, Robin Woods came through the rear door in a beautiful black dress. She crossed the yard quickly and hugged her father and then me.

"I’m surprised you came, Tim. But I’m glad you’re here.", Robin said, squeezing my hand.

"Where’s Jeff at ?", Stan asked.

"Oh..um…he’s coming in a while with his parents.", she replied, her eyes darting to mine once.

Just about that time, Michelle came out the backdoor and immediately headed in our direction. Robin noticed Stan looking over her shoulder, so she turned just in time to see Michelle walk up. I had known Robin for a few years now and had never seen her so surprised. She just stood there looking at Michelle with a confused look on her face.

"Hi Robin.", Michelle said.

"Hey Michelle.", Robin stuttered.

"You want something to eat ?", Michelle asked me.

"Sure, lead the way.", I replied.

By the time I got to the table, I could see Robin had engaged her father in a serious conversation. As per exactly what Michelle had told me about the family dynamics Beverly arrived and joined the conversation shortly thereafter. There was no doubt they were talking about us because Beverly and Robin kept glancing towards us. We both finished our plates and took a seat at one of the tables on the other side of the yard near the dance floor.

"Round one is over.", Michelle giggled, looking over at the intense conversation going on.

"I think I mentioned this was not a good idea.", I replied.

"If they keep it up, I’m going to tell then we’re fucking.", Michelle said, smiling at me.

"Oh yea, that will go over well.", I said, hanging my head.

Michelle started laughing hysterically at my comment which I didn’t seem to find funny. Apparently, Robin saw Michelle laughing and thought perhaps we might be making fun of her in some way. She immediately started in our direction, but Stan grabbed his daughter by the shoulder and pulled her back. Thankfully, Michelle returned to her senses. We sat there and calmly talked for close to thirty minutes before Jeff and his parents showed up. Michelle leaned over and told me the performance was about to start.

Michelle had spent a lot of years with her sister and knew her as well as anyone. Robin immediately kissed Jeff for longer than necessary and grabbed his hand holding it in hers. Obviously, this was a performance for the two of us. This whole situation really seemed like a bunch of teenagers playing games with each other. Something I was not interested in doing.

A few minutes later, I excused myself to use the restroom inside of the house. After finishing, I exited in the small hallway only to run into Robin Woods.

"Are you dating my sister ?", she asked.

"No, we have already answered this question twice. We work out together at the club. We have been for months now. That’s it, nothing more, nothing less.", I replied.

"Then, why are you here ?", she quickly inquired.

"Because she asked me to come and so did you.", I answered.

"I’m not sure I believe that.", Robin sighed.

"I’m sorry that you don’t believe me, Robin. But honestly, what difference would it make if I were dating your sister ? You showed me exactly what I meant to you last Christmas.", I said, softly and walked away.

I walked back out deciding not to tell Michelle about what just happened. This was turning into a bad situation and I didn’t want to make it any worse. The disc jockey started playing music and Robin and Jeff were the first on the dance floor. Michelle and I were talking about our workout schedule for the holidays when Stan Woods came over and asked Michelle if she wanted to dance. She accepted quickly and they walked on the floor for the next song. It was easy to see how much Stan loved his younger daughter as they moved together across the floor. When the son ended, Michelle walked over to the disc jockey and whispered something in his ear. He nodded and then got up taking a break.

It was getting close to ten o’clock when the disc jockey sat back down behind the computer. Michelle grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the dance floor. I was very reluctant to add more fuel to the fire that was already burning. We danced to a song called "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston. There was no doubt that Michelle picked this song on purpose.

As we danced, I suddenly realized that this whole situation was becoming totally out of control. I had never thought about a romantic relationship with Michelle. She was a friend who I enjoyed being around. Because of my relationship with her sister being romantic was out of the question.

Then again, should it be. Michelle was every bit as beautiful as Robin, She, was fun to be around and always made me laugh. She had a body to die for, she was built for sex. But again, how did she feel. Perhaps, this was just about getting back with Robin. I decided quickly that it was in everybody’s best interest that I leave. As soon as the song ended, I pulled Michelle aside and told her I thought it was best if I left and went home.

She seemed hurt at first but told me she understood. She told me she would sleep at her parents tonight and get her dad to bring her home in the morning. I asked her to tell everyone goodbye for me which she promised she would.

On the drive home, I don’t believe I was ever more confused in my life. I got home, took a shower and fell into bed falling fast asleep. I woke up about eight thirty the following morning and made a pot of coffee. I was on my second cup when my cell phone rang, it was Stan Woods calling. Just what I need on Christmas ran through my head as I answered the phone.

"Tim, this is Stan. Merry Christmas, son.", he said.

"Merry Christmas to you too.", I replied.

"Tim, I have to tell you something. Michelle and I had a long talk last night. First, I want to thank you for being honest with me. Michelle confirmed everything that you said. With that being said, I think Michelle is in love with you.", he stated.

"Sir, that’s not possible. We never did anything…", I started.

"That doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you. Michelle admitted many times that she was tempted to make the first move. But she was uncertain of how you felt and didn’t want to ruin your friendship. She admits the two of you really get along well.", he suggested.

"Yes sir, we do. I love working out with her and she always keeps me laughing.", I answered.

"That she does, son. All I’m trying to say to you is that if you want to take your relationship further with my daughter, I’m ok with it. You’re a really level headed young man and I was devastated when Robin did what she did. My wife and Robin might not take it as well, but I don’t care. This is about Michelle and the gleam in her eye when she talks about you. So, whatever you decided, I’m in your corner. Either way.", he ended.

I thanked him for the call and hung up the phone. I laid back on the sofa and tried to wrap my head around what I had just heard. Stan did make me promise to never tell Michelle about the phone call that had just occurred, which I did. How did Michelle really feel about me ?

There was so much, I did not know about Michelle. Basically, all I was told about her past was the feud with Robin. Which as far as I was concerned was ancient history. I did not want a possible relationship to be based on revenge. That would be a disaster for the both of us.

I watched television all day on Christmas and went to bed early that night. I woke up around eight o’clock made a pot of coffee and began to wash clothes. It was sometime after ten o’clock that morning when the phone rang. It was Michelle.

"Hey Tim, what are you doing ?", she asked, cheerful.

"Washing clothes.", I admitted.

"What a fucking party animal you are.", she giggled.

I could help but laugh at her, she could always get me to laugh hysterically. I composed myself quickly, something you had to do with Michelle.

"What the fuck are you doing ?", I answered.

Now it was very hard to get the better of Michelle Woods. Once or twice since we had been training together I did, but it was rare. She was always ready with the comeback, no matter how good your response was.

"I’m getting dressed to come see you.", she answered, trying to get to me.

"I fucking never asked you to come over.", I quickly answered, trying not to laugh.

"Too bad bitch, I’m on my way.’, she replied, hanging up the phone.

I was aware a day ago that I may have to look at Michelle Woods in a whole new light after speaking to Stan. But I didn’t expect it to come this fast. Since the house was clean, I simply finished washing the laundry and was sitting on the sofa folding towels when the doorbell rang. I got up and headed to the door not sure what I was getting into. I opened the door and Michelle stepped in quickly with a large tote bag on her shoulder. I closed the door and followed her into the living room where she laid her bag on the sofa.

"Folding towels huh. God, you know how to live.", she giggled.

The words that she used and the faces she would make would always make me laugh. She was the ultimate friend, she could always cheer you up. She sat down next to the load of towels and quickly help me finished them. I put everything away and returned to the sofa and sat down a few feet away from her.

"We need to talk", Michelle said, with a serious look on her face.

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