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Having reached there he began to stroll along the shore. A spark was obvious in his eyes. His feet were moving very slow like a turtle. He was casting purposefully his famished eyes on the boobs of every passing girl. His eyes were so prudent and suggestive that no girl could help noticing the purpose of his intentions.He seemed to be sexually starved from centuries.

All of a sudden he felt under his foot some jelly like thing. He jumped up and his eyes fell down as to what he has trampled under his foot. He secretly laughed to find the jelly fish that sent waves of terror to his mind. Simultaneously as he jumped, a roar of laughter of a group of girls sitting on the hard rock invited his intention. He turned around and gaze to the group with chagrin. No sooner did he look towards them all the girls stopped laughing except one that continued looking towards him carrying an obscure smile across her face.He kept on looking right into her eyes for a moment. His eyes trailed down from her head to toe. Her beautiful figures had penetrated into his mind.

He grinned and began to resume wandering along the shore. In the course of roaming he could not shun away the meaningful smiling of the girl. He has dexterously detected the contours of her body and boobs through the clothes. Suddenly he felt a strong wish instigating him to see her again. He inadvertantly took a U turn and he found haste in his feet. Reaching the spot where he had seen the girls before, he found nothing. He kept on walking on the nose. He would have not walked a longer distance that he found the group of girls sitting on another rock-dune planted six or seven feet in from the shore. The saline water of sea waves was kissing their knees. He stood up there. At times a teasing high wave rub their breasts and sometime wave passed over them making them completely wet. The scene was spellbinding. Their clothes had soaked their skins. Abbas's eyes were fixed on the selected girl. By chance one girl out of them catch sight of his presence right behind them. She nudges his darling. She looked back abruptly. His cheeks stretched into smile to offer thanks. He dared to throw stylish kiss to her.

The clock had struck 2. The sun had begun to throw its wrath upon the visitors as a result of which poeple roaming along the shore were getting ready to end their visit.

In the meantime she kept on looking to him time and again. In the long run she rose to her feet and headed towards a Barbecue. She did not bother to see him while going to the shop. His kept his eyes fixed on her. Her clung clothes had made prominent the sexy contours of her body. The sweat drops were trickling down from the tips of her hairs hanging freely behind her back. She bought some roast small chunks of meat, paid the bill and whirled around. On way back she looked at him. Unexpectedly, she, from a distance, held out her hand in which she was holding the shopping-bag, signalled him through dark-brown eyes whether he would like to eat. She might have observed the dry husk on his lips. Unintentionally, his head bent a little. She smiled and paced towards him. He felt his heart pummelling agaisnt his ribs.

"Please", she stretched her hand.

Pretending to be enchanted by her beauty, he kept looking at her breasts. He had found little bulge of her nipple obvious due to wet clothes. The bra she was wearing under was of green colour. Although flowing wind had made her clothes as little dry even then he could see the glimpse of her white body. The ripple of erotic pleasures ran through his body. He felt his dick swelling. "In fact," he stammered over the words, "aaa, would you mind if I request you to please eat with me." She smiled "would it make a difference?" She inquired with a obvious sexual glint in her eyes. "Of course, I would feel myself in heaven in your company." She laughed and uttered "Okay."

He stretched his hand towards a little cave, not a far distance, and siad, "Lets go there." They sat in the cave on the semi-wet sandy ground. She tore away the paper-bag and placed the chunks of meat over it. They startd to chat on common subjects. He was looking for the subject that steer the chat to sex and pleasure. Having found nothing he whispered, "Are you married?"

"What? She could not understand the whisper due to the heavy murmurs of sea waves. He closed his head to her and repeated, "Are you married." She blushed, "No, not yet."

The redness that swept over her cheeks made his heart thumping. He could not help feeling the immense pressure of blood rushing to his dick. Emboldened under the pressure of erotic waves dancing in his body, he closed his head to her face and whispered, "You are so beautiful that my lips want to have permanent abode on your succulent lips." He goes on to say under the erotic whims, "Do you know I have been watching you since the very first time my eyes fell upon you. I have feasted my eyes with your boobs. My eyes remained fixed upon your slim back and plump thighs when you were sitting somewhat in the sea completely wet." He paused a monent looking bluntly into her eyes. She had started to gasp. He found her eyes half shut. He put his hand on her shoulder. "Show me yourself. I want to see you." He beseeched.

He leaned over her and placed his lips on her lips. He pushed his tongue into her mouth. Finding no resistence he continued foreplaying. Letting her flattended on the sandy ground he trailed his hand over her thighs and up to the breast. He cupped her breast and squeezed; a soft moan sprang out of her mouth. Sucking wildly her lower lip he placed his deft hand under her waist and made her rose. His hands ventured under her clothes. He pulled the shirt over her shoulders and implanted a kiss upon her lithe neck. A stream of light filtering through the little hole of the cave was falling upon her creamy belly. It drew his intention to her navel. His lips travelled a little and puckered over it while his tongue attempted to measure the depth of her navel. Her constant moaning was making him wild. His hand went to her back and unfastened her bra. Placing aside her bra he took her one erect nipple in his mouth and began to lightly suck it while with other hand he continued rubbing the other one. He rolled her tongue around the brownish area surrounding her nipple, devoured it and stretched as much as he could. He went to the other one and attempted to take it in his mouth as much as he could. Almost a bit less than half breast he took in his mouth. He felt his own breath out of control. Enduring no more he moved his hand downward and unbuckled her trouser . Before dragging down her trouser, he inserted his hand inside the trouser to find the degree of stimulation. She was wearing a thin panty through which he easily guessed her erotic state by feeling the fountain of moist he was diffusing. He pulled out his hand, stepped out of her clothes in haste except the brief, sprawling his legs he questioned. "Have you ever touched the dick of any man?" She spoke nothing; only shake her head in negative. He felt her dick close to explode. The ripples of pleasures were striking at the tip of his dick. Shunning away the remaining shyness, he took her hand and put it on his dick. "Squeeze it gently," he murmured. He felt a little motion in her hand which keep on increasing that culminates in her courage of pulling down his trouser. His dick sprang out. She began to rub her soft hand over his dick. After a while, under the whims of pleasures, she placed her lips on the head of his penis and trailed her lips towards the root of his dick. "Treat is as a lollypop." he moaned. She obeyed and started to roll her tongue around the crimson head. It was becoming unbearable for him to endure the weight of sperms that were turbulent to spurt out. He pushed her head backward and let his penis out of her mouth. He flattended her to the ground, wildly kissed the inner side of her plump and white thighs, stand up on his knees and manipulated to insert her dick into the heavily moistened pussy. He positioned the head of his dick on her vulva and shoved inside. No sooner did he shove his cock, she exhaled an erotic moan that compel Abbas to move his dick faster and faster. With wild strokes he continued kissing and licking her breasts and sucking her lips. Her erotic moaning was giving a rejuvenated power to him and he did not like to slow down his pace. In the long run he shoved the cock up to the hilt and stayed there. Her hands folded him around the waist and clenched. He felt the salvo of foam restless to come out. With a jerk his cock threw all the foam inside her vagina. For a moment they kept laying there motionless: when they rose to their bottom, they make them write their addresses to each other to make their sexual friendship permanent.

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