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My friend Ron and I were both sixteen. We were
typical, horny, virgin, teenagers. We were in Ron's bedroom
looking at a Playboy magazine he had swiped from his Dad. As we
looked at the bare boobs and butts we each rubbed our own cock
through our pants and had good erections. Playboy in those days
was pretty tame compared to now. There was no penetration or even
open pussy photos, but they were good enough for us.
When Ron's Mom called us from the kitchen, we stuffed the
magazine under his mattress, and in our guilty haste, we ran out
of his room and into the kitchen still sporting our hard ons. His
mother asked what we were up to and we told her "nothing". She
looked right at our crotches and said "it doesn't look like
nothing to me". She had a smile on her face so we knew she wasn't
She told us that she knew what we were up to and that she
had been talking with my Mom about it. She told us that the two
of them had worked out a plan to help us out. Ron and I had no
idea what she was talking about. She called my Mom on the phone
and told her we were horny again. I didn't know what that word
meant then. Neither did Ron. Then we heard her ask my Mom if this
would be a good time. Then she said "good, I'll send him over
now." When she hung up the phone, she told Ron to go to my house
and see my Mom. She told me that I was to stay with her. We were
very confused but we did as she asked. Ron left for my house,
leaving me alone in the kitchen with his Mom.
She asked if she could see what we had been reading in the
bedroom. I was afraid to say anything but she was being very nice
and very calm, so I let her talk me into confessing. I went into
the bedroom and retrieved the magazine. I gave it to her and she
told me to sit down at the table and we would look at it
together. I sat in a chair and she dragged another chair over and
set it next to mine. She then sat next to me at the table. I was
embarrassed when she opened the magazine to a picture of a sexy
She asked what I thought about that picture. I blushed red,
but told her I liked it very much. It was a frontal picture of a
woman with a skimpy bra and equally skimpy panties. She asked me
if it excited me and I told her that it did. I was puzzled about
this whole thing and wondered what Ron was doing at my house. I
knew my Mom was home alone. I thought she must have needed help
with something. Rons Mom then turned the page and we looked at
the next picture. She then placed her hand on my leg and caressed
it softly. My erection was throbbing and uncomfortable. She must
have known about that because she asked me if I was comfortable.
I told her I was.
She moved her hand up until it was resting lightly right on
my cock. I thought I would die from the pleasure. She must have
known how excited I was by now. She asked if I had ever seen a
real sexy bra in person. I said no I hadn't. She asked if I would
like to. I told her yes in a weak voice. She then sat back and
started to unbutton her shirt. I couldn't believe this was
happening, but I sure was enjoying it. Even though I was scared
to death. I watched her every move. As she undid her buttons I
caught glimpses of her boobs encased in her sexy bra. She kept
her eyes on my crotch. When she had done all the buttons she
suddenly stripped of her shirt and sat before me in her bra and
levi shorts.
I just stared at her chest. She reached out and patted my
cock with her hand and told me to arrange it in my pants so it
would be more comfortable. Then before I could do anything she
said "in fact, lets make it real comfortable." With that she
unbuttoned my pants and lowered my zipper. She moved my hard cock
around so that it pointed straight up at my belly button but was
still covered by my underwear. Her touch almost made me cum. I
had been masturbating for a few years already and I knew how good
it felt to shoot. But she knew enough not to do that.
She asked me if I had ever touched a girls tits. I said just
once and I caught hell for it. She laughed and told me to touch
hers. I did it right away. I used both hands and rubbed her
breasts through the bra. Then I kneaded them and played with
them. We just gazed into each others eyes for a long time while I
played with her wonderful soft breasts. Soon she covered my hands
with her own and told me how good it felt. I liked it too and
told her so.
She told me to take off my pants. I stood and lowered my
pants and kicked them off, along with my shoes. As I stood there
before her she unbuttoned my shirt and helped me slip it off.
Again she touched my hard cock. I caressed her breasts again. She
then told me to sit down. She asked it I wanted her to keep
going. I said yes. She then stood and told me to unbutton her
shorts. I was trembling but I did it. Then I lowered her zipper.
I could see the black silky panties and I wanted to see more. I
just sat there until she asked "well, aren't you going to pull
them down?"
I didn't waste any time at all pulling down her shorts. My
face was inches from her crotch. As I stared between her legs,
she kicked off her shorts. Then before I knew it, she removed her
bra. When I looked up I was greeted by the sight of her beautiful
tits. She lowered them to my face and told me to suck on one of
her nipples. As I did, she explained how to do it. She told me to
pinch her nipple between my lips and to gently bite the nipple. I
did everything she asked. Then she took my hand and placed it on
her crotch. Her panties were wet and I thought it odd that she
had wet her pants. But I rubbed her sex through her panties.
She moaned as I rubbed her pussy and chewed her nipple. She
put her hands behind my head and just sort of squirmed around. I
loved it. After a while she knelt before my chair and pulled down
my briefs. I had to raise up so she could get them off and when
she pulled them down my cock jumped free and pointed right at her
face. I was embarrassed again at having her see my cock. But when
she wrapped her fingers around it and stroked it, I got over my
embarrassment. It was replaced by lust.
Suddenly she leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth.
I couldn't believe it. Why would she want to do that. I thought
it was really gross. But I soon changed my mind. What she was
doing felt so good I almost passed out. She looked me in the eyes
and said, "lets get one out of the way so you'll be able to
handle the rest of the lesson." I didn't know what she meant but
I sure liked what she was doing. After a little while I felt
myself cumming. I told her I was going to shoot, but she kept
right on doing what she was doing. I moaned then and shot my load
into her mouth. She kept sucking and stroking her lips up and
down until she had it all.
Then she stood and said, "lets go into the bedroom." I
followed her in. She motioned for me to lay on the bed. I did as
she asked and when she touched my cock she remarked that it had
gotten hard again already, and she liked that. I knew that was
normal for me. Heck that thing would get hard and stay hard all
by itself, much less with her around.
As I watched she removed her panties. I didn't know it at
the time but she had shaved her pussy. She knelt on the bed very
close to my head and showed herself to me. She opened it up with
her fingers. It looked wet and pink. Then she asked me to kiss
it. I was a little unsure but she pulled my head right into her
and gave me not choice. I kissed it and as I did she straddled my
head and lowered it onto my mouth. Then she told me to kiss it
again. I had no problem this time. I was enjoying it. It seemed
dirty, yet exciting to be doing that. Then she told me to lick
it. I stuck out my tongue and licked her slit for her. I liked
the taste. I was a little leery of the extreme wetness, I thought
it was her pee and that bothered me a little.
Then she turned around so she was facing my feet and again
put her crotch over my lips. I licked and kissed like she wanted.
Then she told me to stick my tongue up into her hole. I didn't
know there even was a hole there, but I found it. I did as she
asked and again she moaned. She instructed me on how to eat a
woman. I did everything she told me to do. Soon she said she was
cumming. I didn't know what would happen, but her legs clamped
hard around my head and then my face got very wet. Even wetter
than it was. I felt her body twitch and jerk and I just kept on
doing what I had been taught to do. When I stuck my tongue into
her hole again I could feel her hole clamp down on my tongue. I
thought that was pretty neat so I did it again. and then again.
Then she got off my face and laid down beside me and kissed
me on the lips. She stuck her tongue into my mouth and grabbed my
cock with her hand. As we kissed, she stroked my erect cock. She
turned onto her back and pulled me on top of her. She whispered
for me to fuck her but I didn't know what she meant. My cock was
between her legs and I was laying on her soft belly and breasts.
She reached between us and took hold of my cock. She told me to
push my cock forward with my hips. When I did, it entered her. I
slid into her easily. The pleasure was intense.
My in and out movements started automatically. She did not
have to tell me what to do now. Except to slow down and make it
last. It was difficult, but I did slow my thrusting. I raised
myself on my hands and looked down between us. I watched as my
cock slid in and out of her, covered with her juices. She pulled
me back down and kissed me again. Her tongue again trust into my
mouth. Then I stuck my tongue deep into her mouth. I heard her
breathe in sharply and felt her start to hump back against my
pounding hips. Soon we had a rhythm going and it was wonderful.
We fucked for a long time like that. I reached between us
and pinched her nipples as she did the same to me. Soon she asked
if I was ever going to shoot. I told her that I was getting ready
right now. She told me to go ahead and fill her up with my sticky
cum juice. That put us both over the edge. I slammed hard into
her and started cumming. She moaned that she too was getting off.
We came together, at the same instant. It was an experience I've
never forgotten. We laid there for a while with my inside her. I
finally felt myself get soft. I rolled off her and we kissed
again before getting out of the bed.
We dressed in the kitchen with me still staring at the
beautiful body that had just taught me how to make love to a
woman. At that instant I remembered Ron. What would he think, I
wondered? When I left his house I saw his Mom dialing the phone
to talk to my Mom. I met Ron about halfway home. He said "you
won't believe what just happened to me." I told him I would
believe it, because the same thing just happened to me. We sat on
the side of the hill over looking the lake and compared notes.
His Mom and mine had planned this entire thing out. For what
exact reason we would never know. We also would never care. We
were both very happy that it had happened and that they had
decided to teach us about sex. It was the first lesson, but not
the last.

In my last story I told you about my friend Ron and I
getting introduced to good sex by our Moms. I with his Mom
and he with my Mom. I have recieved a request to tell the
rest of the story as they say. This part has always been a
secret but maybe it needs to be told. It's not bad, nor
wrong, nor unnateral. It may be a little unusual but who
really knows now days. The government now calls it abuse, we
called it love in our family. I doubt that anyone has ever
caught aids or herpes from their own family members. (Other
than wives from their cheating husbands) So what's the harm.
After Ron and I talked about what had happened at his
house, (my having sex with his Mom), and what happened at my
house, (his having sex with my Mom), we both went home. My
Mom welcomed me home, having just gotten off the phone with
Rons Mom and comparing notes. She hugged me and asked how I
felt. I told her I felt great. She was glad that I had
enjoyed my first time. We ate supper that night ourselves as
my Dad was out of town on business and my sister had gone to
visit a friend for the weekend. After supper we did the
dishes together and then watched the television.
Soon she told me it was bed time and that I should
crawl in and she would tuck me in. I went to bed and waited
for her. As I waited I thought about what had happened with
Rons Mom. The remembrence was very exciting to me and I got
an errection. I lazily stroked it and dreamed about fucking.
I didn't even hear my Mom come into the room. There I was,
on my back, stroking a big errection with my Mom looking
down on me. When I saw her I stopped what I was doing but it
was to late. She asked me if I was still horny. I knew what
that meant now and I told her I guessed I was.
She placed her hand on the sheet where my cock was
making a tent out of the sheet. I was embarrased but I just
laid still and enjoyed the feeling. She stroked me very
softly and slowly. I was afraid I'd cum into the sheet. But
she seemed to know how to prevent that by varying the
pressure and movements. She pulled the sheet back and asked
me how long I'd been sleeping nude. I told her I had been
doing it for a while. She said that must make it easier to
jack off. That embarrased me a lot. I must have blushed. She
laughed and told me it wasn't fair for me to lay there naked
while she had her cloths on.
She then stood up and removed her shirt. She had no bra
on and her breasts swung free. I just stared. Then she
pulled down her pants. She had on no panties either. Her
crotch was covered with hair. Ron's moms had been shaved.
She stood there before me and asked if I liked her body. I
told her I did. But she knew I did by the twitching cock
jutting up from my crotch. She knew everything I had done
with Rons mom so she knew I had already eaten pussy. That is
what she wanted first. And it was fine with me. She got onto
my bed and straddled my head with her legs. She lowered her
crotch to my mouth. I stuck out my tongue and it slipped
between her lips. She was wet from anticipation. I licked at
her sweet slit and sucked on her as I had learned to do
earlier that day.
After I made her cum on my face, she turned around and
lowered her mouth to my cock. As she started to suck me I
pussed my face back into her crotch. We were doing a sixty
nine and I loved it. I almost came in her mouth but she quit
sucking me and turned around again. She told me that people
could fuck with the woman on top as well as how I had done
it that afternoon. With that she laid on me and reached
between us. I felt her grasp my cock and guide it to her
opening. This time I knew what to do without being told. I
humped my hips upward and slid into her. She told me I was
nice and big. That made me feel good as we started fucking.
We found a good rythem and as she moved her hips up and down
I did the same. I was sliding in and out of her and it felt
wonderful. But before I could shoot she sat up.
She kept me inside her and leaned over me. Her nice
soft breasts were hanging over me so I grasped them with
both my hands. She moaned and I knew she liked that so I
kept playing with them. Soon she was really humping me. My
cock was flying in and out of her. She told me she was going
to cum and that I should pinch her nipples. I did as she
asked and I felt her spasm and clamp her pussy down on my
cock. As she was moaning about cumming I did too. I shot my
juice deep into her. I kept cumming and cumming. It felt so
good. When she finished her orgasm she asked me when I was
going to cum. I told her that I already had.
She moved her hips up and then down and told me that
she could tell by the slipperyness that I had cum inside
her. She told me that it felt good. She kept moving her hips
and I kept my errection. Soon we were going at it again. She
told me that young cock was so good because it lasted for a
long time. She got off me then and told me she wanted to
teach me a new way to do it.
She knelt on the bed with her butt sticking up and told
me to kneel behind her. When I did she told me to slip my
hard cock into her from behind. I grabbed my cock rubbed it
up and down her slit as she instructed. When I found her
hole I slid into her. I rammed into her prety hard. She told
me she liked it like that and pushed her butt back toward
me. I pulled almost out of her and then slid back in hard.
Over and over I did it. Seeing my cock going in and out of
her was a real turn on for me. And seeoing how wet and
slippery it was also made me hot. She played with her own
titties this time. I played with her butt as I fucked her.
She told me to reach around in front of her and play
with her clit. I didn't know how so she took my hand and
placed on her pussy. I was touching my own cock and her sex
at the same time. She took my fingers under hers and taught
me what to do. I tickled her clit as we fucked. She told me
I was doing a wonderful job of fucking her. I wes really
enjoying it too. I came first this time, adding more cum
juice to what was already inside her. But I kept pumping in
and out of her and kept rubbing her pussy with my hand until
she climaxed. Then she turned around and kissed me.
She stood up and I laid back down in my bed. She
covered me up and kissed me goodnight. She asked if I liked
what we did. I told her I really enjoyed having sex with
her. I asked if we could do it again sometime. She assured
me that we would do it often, so I wouldn't have to go
around so horny all the time. I told her she was the best
Mom in the world. I dreamt of the next time as I fell

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