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If you've read it already my apologies, if not, then I hope you enjoy it.

Naked City Los Angeles, or as it was known NCLA, was a nudist/swingers resort nestled in the hills of Riverside County near Hemet, California. In its heyday of the late 1980’s and 1990’s it was frequented by local nudists, swingers, and even a few adult film stars. There were even a few permanent residents. This story is about an encounter that I was lucky enough to be a part of and is part fact and part fiction. The names have been changed to protect the perverted.

Out of all the girls I met at Naked City, Ashley was the hottest by far. She was this innocent looking 21 year old blonde but she was just a nasty little girl at heart. Her nickname around her old high school was "The banana girl", which apparently originated from her fucking herself in the ass with a banana in front of everyone at a party. She would do almost anything on a dare. At the monthly NCLA nude beauty contests, she would do her standard routine of poses finishing by masturbating with three fingers in her pussy. It was after one of these events we had a little impromptu fun. Ashley and I were doing some photos just for the heck of it at various locations on the property. One series took her close to this ledge overlooking a lower terrace. Looking down she saw a couple in the back of their van engaged in a torrid 69. She called me over so I could also partake of the view. It was one of the other contestants and her boyfriend going down on each other. She was this really hot brunette, with nice tight ass and perky B cups. Plus she had a tattoo of a black widow spider right next to her pussy. Both of them had their heads seemingly glued between each others legs. Ashley and I were getting turned on by the show below, and before I could even get my belt undone, Ashley had her fingers hard at work on her cunt. I was already rock hard by the time my pants hit the deck and I started stroking my cock to accompany Ashley’s finger fucking. We watched for what seemed an eternity just keeping ourselves aroused in preparation for our own private encounter later on. Just then the girl came up for air and saw us on the ledge looking down on them. She also nudged her boyfriend who at first seemed a bit annoyed at being interrupted, but quickly became amused at the sight of us playing with ourselves. Instead of going back to their 69 they moved side by side in a reclining position so they could look up at us. Her hand reached over to his cock while his moved to her wet pussy. Ashley and I both knew that it was our turn to show off for them. Not being the shy type Ashley dropped to her knees in front of me and gave me a wicked wink of her eye. Her nose brushed up against the underside of my balls, making me part my legs slightly. As her tongue slid out from her mouth and made contact with my scrotum I let out a soft moan. It was like hot wet velvet. She took one ball completely into her mouth running her tongue all around it. While still sucking on it, she let it pull free from her mouth letting it make a "pop" sound. Moving to the other side she treated the other ball to the same sweet pleasure. After giving my sack a complete tongue bath she turned her attention to my cock itself. Slowly, ever so slowly she licked her way up the underside of my cock just stopping before she reached the head. Then my ever-teasing playmate returned to the base and started working her way back toward the top. This time she didn’t stop short and on her down-stroke slid my cock all the way into her mouth. I looked down at our friends and they were enjoying the show as much as I enjoyed being in it. Ashley gave great head and had this technique of tilting her head to the side and back while going up and down. It was like she was twisting and sucking at the same time. She would suck it for awhile and then take it out and lick up and down the shaft, then dive back on it like a starving woman. I couldn’t last long with the outstanding job she was doing and knowing I was on-stage, so I told her it was her turn. Now Ashley was a girl who liked things from behind, especially fucking. So I got on my knees behind that beautiful ass of hers and told her to bend over and spread-em. I eased up between her legs and with nose buried in her cheeks started lapping at her cunt. She always had the taste of fresh cantaloupe. And I love cantaloupe. I tried to bury my tongue in her pussy as deep as I could grinding my chin against her clit. She responded to my probing and pressure with more of her own. Her hips started moving back and forth as if she was fucking my tongue or even my whole face. I would take short breaths between times she was totally wrapped around my face. She was so wet my face probably looked like a glazed doughnut. I feel her starting to cum and redouble my efforts. Concentrating now on her clit I suck it into my mouth and flick my tongue side to side. Her body responds with involuntary shakes and quivers and I hear her squeal in the throes of orgasm. I get up from the bare desert ground and look below with my now satisfied friend beside me. Our audience is smiling with approval and lust in their eyes. The girl raises her hand and gestures for us to join them.

Ashley and I walked down the hill to the lower terrace where our friends were waiting for us. Climbing into the back of their van, we introduced ourselves and settled in with a little chitchat. For some reason or another the conversation centered on sex and watching and being watched. They were both exhibitionists at heart and loved to show off, but watching was something that turned them both on also. Dan and Sheri, as I’ll call them here were both professionals in the Inland Empire area of Southern California. In addition to strutting their stuff at NCLA they also frequented some of the local swingers clubs in the area. Knowing that little bit of information explained the looks he was giving Ashley. Ashley also noticed that extra attention Dan was giving her, so she took the lead in asking if they wanted to trade partners for a while. Their response was immediate and affirmative. I finished taking off the rest of my clothes while Dan was telling Ashley what a beautiful body she had and how it contrasted Sheri’s, with Ashley being a fair skinned blonde and Sheri being a brunette with an olive complexion. The first thing he said he wanted to do was eat Ashley’s pussy and he wasted no time in getting to it. Ashley was on her back in nothing flat with her legs in the air as Dan dove into his work. I slid up close to Sheri and told her how much I liked her black widow tattoo. I asked her if I made love to her would she try to kill me. With a playful look in her eye she answered back, "no, but I may try to eat you". That was good enough for me as I told her, "that’s okay because I’m going to eat you first". I started with her pert little breasts. She was my favorite size, 34B with nipples that could poke an eye out. I flicked my tongue out and around her hard nips while sometimes rolling them gently between my teeth. When I did that I could feel her body squirm. I sucked and licked until they turned the color of ripe raspberries, and believe me they tasted almost as sweet. I let my tongue trail down across her taught stomach only stopping briefly to pay homage to her navel. Lower my tongue slid getting closer ever so closer to "the spider’s lair". Reaching my objective I lifted her thighs high and up toward her chest so I could have maximum exposure to her pussy. Parting her coarse pubic hair with my nose I inhaled her scent. She smelled of pure animal lust and I was just the kind of animal she wanted. Starting slowly I slid my tongue between her pussy lips and gently licked up toward her clit. I could hear her hiss as she drew in a huge breath of anticipation. I could see the trickle of pussy juice running down her crack toward her puckered little asshole. Reaching out with the tip of my tongue I gave a quick flick to her ass. The moan I heard from her told me that there could be further adventures in that orifice someday. That would have to wait for I wanted just one thing now and that was to eat her pussy dry and make her come like she never had before. I moved up and buried my tongue deep into her cunt. She wriggled in approval. Curling my tongue into almost a little penis I started tongue fucking her. In and out it went making nasty wet slurping noises. Her hips were moving in rhythm now with my movements. Pulling my tongue out, I moved up to her clit. Now personally I like to suck a girls clit into my mouth while flicking it with my tongue. Apparently she liked it that way too because her body tensed up as I increased the suction. My tongue was now brushing back and forth across her clit. She was again responding by moving with hips in time. As I increased the tempo she did also. My tongue is going as fast as I can make it go now and she is beginning to moan uncontrollably. At last she starts to cum, her body spasms over and over. I feel her legs start to lower down over me but she doesn’t realize that I am not done yet. Having stopped after her last convulsion, I now start again on her clit but this time with more fervor. It takes but a minute for her to cum again only this time it is more intense. She pushes me away before I get a chance to start over (and I would have). We look over at Dan and Ashley and it is now Dan flat on his back with Ashley hard at work sucking his cock. "Your turn", says Sheri, and I am more than happy to comply. Laying back I see Sheri position herself between my legs. Opening her mouth she takes the entire length of my cock deep into her. Toes curl, eyes roll back in sockets, God did it feel good. Tightening her lips around the base of my cock she starts to suck as she withdraws it from her mouth. Nearing the head she reverses her direction and once again pulls it deep into her throat. Again she backs off but this time a little quicker. Down again but faster, then up again. Down, up, down, up, in, out, in, OUT. Next thing I know she is on top of me placing her pussy over my cock. "I want to fuck", she says. Not being the argumentative type I gave her the okay. She eases her pussy down onto my cock, inch by inch until I am fully inside of her. Ashley and Dan have also moved into this position with Dan laying by my side but facing the opposite direction. This puts the ladies upright facing each other. Sheri is now moving up and down on my cock fucking herself at will while Ashley is doing the same to Dan. At this point Dan and I are just trying to hold on for dear life because the women have been completely taken over by lust. As I look up I see that the girls have leaned closer to each other and are kissing and playing with each other tits while they ride us. I don’t know how I could have gotten anymore excited but the sight of them kissing and tugging each other nipples did it. I reached down for Sheri’s hips and started pulling her into me harder and harder. She knew I wanted for her and me to cum so she picked up the pace. Within seconds I could feel her cunt muscles spasm around my cock as I shot my load deep into her. She lay down on top on me, sweaty and still shaking. It was one of the most intense orgasms I ever had. As we glanced over at Dan and Ashley they were just going through the throes of their own passion. We sat and cooled down for a while before saying our thanks and goodbyes. As we were leaving, Dan turned to me and said thanks for the snack later. I asked him what he meant and he said, "the load you shot into Sheri". He was going to eat her later and clean her out with his tongue. Ashley and I walked back up the hill to the Jacuzzi for some more relaxation. All the while I was thinking if I would have the opportunity to taste the "snack" he left for me. But that’s another story.

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