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A mostly normal growing boy I was ordinary enough in many ways I suppose. I was making the usual discoveries that eleven year old boys make. I was even making some discoveries about myself, secret discoveries I should add although discoveries I am quite happy I made.

We didn't say 'Gay' back then. So many years ago gay was not something that was advertised with parades and rainbows and obligatory characters on sit-coms. Back then any men who liked boys or other men were queers, plain and simple and to most of society that sort of behavior was perverted and it was something to hide.

I wasn't really hiding but I still wasn't quite there emotionally though and so I oooh'd and aaah'd when other boys brought out porno mags and displayed their two dimensional fuck toys for some of us to see. I will even confess to getting more than one hard on at the depictions in some of the photos. But privately, while other boys were looking at tits and pussy, I was drawn to the photos where male partners were displaying their penises. In some cases I secretly longed to be the woman with her lips spread or her tongue licking those great purple tight mounds of flesh and I longed to taste white cum as it spurted out in a rush.

Needless to say the other boys quickly turned those pages as what was 'really important' was on other pages. In quiet moments though, unseen by my companions I would go back to those wonderful photos I liked for another look. I even managed to snag one delightful skin mag where the penises outweighed the tits. I kept it for years.

And so there was a part of me that was secret and something I had to hide. I explored that in private moments alone. There were some woods that I had to pass on the way to and from school every day. Woods that were sufficiently thickly vegetated that once inside the safety of that greenery it was almost impossible to see anyone. For that reason the other boys gave the woods a wide margin as 'perverts' could be hiding there waiting for an unsuspecting boy but I knew better. All the 'perverts' were at the bus station or the train station where I had even been approached on a few occasions. I had no interest in those men as I had decided a solitary approach was best and so I went into the woods on many occasions. I went there to be alone and I went there to display my secret and my nude body to the trees and the flowers and the grasses.

There was one place I had discovered about a hundred yards in that was a really good spot for contemplation. When I stopped to appreciate that location I listened carefully and although I could hear an occasional car passing out on the street I could hear nothing else but the sighing of breezes in the leaves overhead. I was the only human, probably for miles. There was shade here and a semi clear area where soft dun colored grasses from last year competed with green lengthening sprouts of summer and a scattering of dried leaves were a reminder of autumn. A cliff at the back of that clearing meant that no one could see me from that direction and as the ground fell off rather steeply at one side and at the front I was relatively secure on those sides and so all I had to worry about was the west side where a large tree had fallen years ago. It's smooth trunk, polished by wind and falling leaves was a natural bench. That place became my haven and in the warmer months, after school, I would go there and quietly undress while the breezes caressed my nudity. I had been going there for more than a year when the day discussed here happened.

I would carefully fold my clothes and place them on the tree trunk and then I would kneel in the soft grasses with my legs spread wide and my anus open and there I would enjoy my body in private. There I could be alone with my deepest desires and there I could masturbate with joy as I imagined a nude lover sitting on that tree trunk in front of me with his penis pointed at the sky or kneeling behind me with his penis penetrating me.

It was just such a day in late August when I went to my secret spot. It was after tennis practice, which had finished early because we were waiting on a new assistant coach to arrive. The day was warm and under the trees it was always cooler so it was natural for me to find my secret spot away from it all. I was wearing shorts, again without underpants, as I found that I didn't get so hot that way. Tennis practice was hot and sweaty work.

As on most days I could get an erection if even a soft breeze blew against my penis and today was no different as I had been semi erect ever since entering the woods. Today my penis and scrotum brushed the fabric of my shorts as I walked and I dreamed of a lover touching me down there, holding me and kissing me.

Perhaps it was the anticipation but by the time I got to my spot I had a hand inside my shorts stroking and coaxing my penis to greater lengths. A quick tug at the zipper and an overhead pull at my shirt and I was ready once again.

I folded my clothes as was my custom and stood under the broad spreading canopy above while I massaged my nipples and stroked my naked thighs. It was such a pretty day and I felt pretty right along with it. I reveled in the pleasure of nudity and dappled sunshine and soft breezes as my arousal built and built. I twirled around in a little dance and I felt my penis swinging in the breeze. I was delighted and I was happy and then it was time to go to my knees.

With one hand cupping my testicles I spread my legs especially wide and reached back with my left hand to tickle my anus and stroke my perineum to the base of my penis. This was just what I needed and as I brought my hand back I poked and tickled at the opening to my puckered and ruffled anus. I like that and I wished I had brought one of my impromptu dildos.

I have always heard that another man would want to put his penis inside me there and I wondered what that would feel like. When I licked my middle finger it would slip inside me a short way and so, without the dildo, I imagined that my finger was a penis going in and out.

Some of the other boys said that a real penis would hurt and although I wondered how they might know that sort of a fact I never asked. To me it was pure pleasure having something inside me there and so I pushed my finger in and out in imitation of something I could only imagine.

With the added attention to my anal ring, my penis was becoming so hard that it actually began to hurt and soon my gentle tickling of my shaft and tip grew to a frenzied pulling and stroking that would soon produce that passage where my whole body was consumed in that wonderful shuddering transformation where I left my body and soared with the elements in a storm of pleasure. At that moment I never dreamed that here, deep in my secret place in the woods, someone was watching me.

I leaned forward against the smooth log as I felt my ejaculation approaching and began massaging my right nipple. The log supported me and allowed me to arch my back where before I had been kneeling upright. Now I was bent over in a classic hands and knees position only the log allowed my hands to be free for other things. I used them well.

I spread my knees even further apart and stroked at my butt hole. It was tingling and I could feel my pucker move in and out as I contracted and pushed. Everything was perfect and I expected that at any moment I would feel that paroxysm of shuddering in my thighs that signaled the beginning of release from my earthly bonds. What I did not expect was to feel a brush against my anus.

Now I admit that I was subjecting my body to a great many stimulations but one hand was on my penis and the other was caressing my right nipple and so I could not be touching my anus. I thought it must be just a memory of earlier and I tightened my pucker and then pushed out. The brush came again, almost a touch and I thought it might be a stray plant stem waving in the breeze. It was pleasurable but I thought, just for a second that something was not quite right.

As with all such discordant mental impressions I was starting to lose my erection when I finally decided to turn around and remove the offending stimulus. When I did I suddenly went cold inside. There was a man there, watching me…and obviously touching me too.

Instinct set in although I could not clothe myself where I was kneeling. I put a hand over my penis and with my other hand I covered my very pink right nipple. My breath was coming in short gasps and my heart was beating almost audibly. I was near ejaculation and I must have looked comical trying to cover my nudity with my hands because the man smiled and said.

"Don't be frightened. Your body is beautiful."

It was not what I expected to hear. At that one moment I quite expected to be dragged from the woods nude and taken to my house by this stranger and yet he smiled again. I said. "Who are you?"

"I'm the new assistant coach at the center. My name is Doug. What's yours?"

This 'Doug' seemed friendly enough and I was temped to trust him but I remembered someone else last year who had seemed friendly. He was a teacher I secretly liked and then one day he had spanked me for forgetting my homework. He spanked my bare bottom after school and when he saw that I became erect during that spanking he spanked me on the penis too. It hurt before I went soft again and I didn't like him after that. Today though I decided to take a chance.

"My name is Terry." I said.

"Well Terry, you have a lovely body. Do you come here often?" He said as he came closer and kneeled down in front of me,

"I cum here most days." I said mischievously as I caught a gleam in his eye that I had missed before. I wanted to withdraw my hands so that he could see all of me but I waited and thought for a minute. I have never bragged about my penis and never shown it to anyone before. Not even that time when a group of straight boys was fellating Georgie out behind his house. Many of the boys exposed themselves that day but I didn't and it was because I had seen their penises that I just could not. Mine was larger than any of theirs and I was afraid they would make fun of me.

I ran away that day and that was worse because after that the other boys thought I was a candy ass. They were right, of course, just not the way they thought. Suffice to say one hand did little to disguise my length or arousal. Doug could see and he took both of my hands away and held them. "Very beautiful body Terry. May I touch you?"

My only answer was "Yes."

Doug reached out to my semi limp tube and cradled it. He hefted it to feel the weight and then he began caressing my length. With his left hand he pulled back my foreskin and tickled my corona and glans. I grew harder and harder as Doug commented. "Very large. Large in girth too. That's unusual in a boy your age…You don't see many uncut boys these days. You are very fortunate. Have you done this before? Have you been with a man?"

I wanted to answer him honestly. No matter how many times I had fantasized an encounter like this there was never the reality I was hoping for and about to get. Still I was again at a point where I could not form the words. I just shook my head

With that Doug ceased fondling me and stood up. Then he dropped his own shorts and stepped out of them. He was nude underneath and almost erect. I stopped breathing as my eyes took in the length of that huge shaft. He was at least seven inches long and blue veins spiraled across his white skin from end to where his penis disappeared in a thick mass of pubic hair. He too was uncircumcised. Only the deep purple end of his tip protruded into the air. A small drop of semen showed and glistened in the filtered light. I started breathing again as I heard him say. "Do you want to touch it?"

Doug sat down on the log and spread his knees and one more time I didn't say anything. I couldn't. At that moment my one desire in life was sitting before me and ready for me and wanting me. I bent forward and kissed the tip of his penis. The semen drop wet my lips and I slid them across his head pushing his foreskin ahead and down his shaft. With every millimeter of his length I tasted him. First salty then musky, then salty again all the way to the back of his glans where I ran my tongue around his corona and then hooked his head briefly with my lips and my teeth. Just a soft pinch to hold him as the rest of my mouth struggled to accept his size. Then Doug moaned and I knew that whatever I was doing It was the right thing and so I squeezed down again and I sucked more of his semen onto my tongue. Then I used my tongue to massage that semen into his penis as I slid him back out of my mouth where I ended with another kiss. Leaning back I looked at him then and I saw that his nipples were erect. Doug was ready for a cum. With one hand he pulled his foreskin all the way back. His glans was huge, much bigger than his penis shaft.

I leaned forward again and held his testicles in my right hand. Gently I pulled them down to the base of his scrotum and tightened my grip around the skin between his balls and the base of his penis. Another dribble of semen began to come from his penis and I used it to lubricate the front and back and tips of my left middle and index fingers. Doug watched me. We both knew where those fingers were going. He moaned again and again as I reached under him with my left hand and found his opening.

My middle finger quickly penetrated his anus and then I slid my index finger in beside it. He was penetrated and although I was unable to do the same for myself I again took Doug's penis between my lips. Not as slowly, not as tentatively this time I opened wide and allowed his head inside while my tongue massaged his tip and his moaning grew louder.

Back and forth up and down, in and out I sucked at him and licked him. He tasted so good and I felt my own erection still stiff and banging between my thighs. I pushed both of my fingers deeper into his butt and then Doug pushed himself straight up off of the log. The thrust of his penis went all the way to the back of my throat and I briefly gagged until I could get higher off my knees but Doug wasn't having any of that. I felt both of his legs grasp me around the back and he pulled me onto him. Both hands then held my head from behind and moved me up and down and faster and faster and faster. I was gagging and breathing and loving and sucking and I matched his rhythm with my two left fingers and Doug's moaning changed in pitch. He was breathing faster and then I felt his testicles contract and shrink. It was coming. He was cumming and he was cumming fast. At long last I was just like the woman in the photograph and at that moment I knew just exactly what she was feeling at that moment.

I didn't dare remove my fingers from his butt but at length Doug pulled my head from his penis just as the trembling started in his legs. He was almost crushing me but it felt good too and then as I watched great gouts of cloudy white semen began ejaculating from his penis. His legs tightened with each spurt and his semen hit me in the face and mouth with force. I leaned in to catch more of his semen as I wanted to taste it and after I tasted it I wanted to swallow it. I wanted it inside me.

And then it was over.

Doug was finished and his cum was all over me and dripping from my face to my chest. I expected him to pull on his pants and run off but then he surprised me. I'll say he did. First he pulled my fingers out of his butt and then he reached around behind my neck and pulled me close. Then he kissed me on the mouth. Right on my cum covered penis tasting mouth and he did it hard. The pressure was there as his tongue penetrated my lips and teeth and I allowed him inside me.

Both arms encircled me and held me until his fingers found my forgotten penis and started whisking me towards my own orgasm. It didn't take long as I had been ready when Doug showed up. I could hear little slurpy wet popping noises as Doug's hand collided with my pubic triangle. Then the noises started coming faster and faster. My legs shook, my body pulsed and then I began spasming and spurting and pumping my juices onto my chest and Doug's. In a short time I was as empty as Doug was and I was panting as my breath struggled to catch up.

I never imagined that sex with someone else could be so good. All I wanted at that moment was to spend the rest of my life fucking and sucking but it was not to be. Sobriety after the sex rush made me realize that there were other pursuits I needed to attend and I was after all, only eleven years old…well going on twelve in a few weeks. Doug said.

"You are young Terry."

"Yes…but not that young…"

"Too young. People would notice if we started spending too much time together. Bad things could happen. "

I knew then that just as quickly as it had started it was over. At least Doug had stayed long enough for my cum. I was near tears when I heard him again.

"I have a place we can go because we are going to have to keep this very secret. Will you do that?"

"Yes." I said, simply grateful that I had been redeemed.

Doug cleaned me then with a towel he had brought and I had not seen before. We both dressed and I did manage one more kiss on his penis before he zipped up his shorts. Curiously I started to get hard again but there was time enough for that later. Doug bent over and kissed my mouth again and we left the woods by separate routes promising to meet tomorrow.

Doug and I became an item after that. We fucked almost every day until I was seventeen and my family moved to another part of the state. I have had other lovers since then and even at the same time as Doug since occasionally he would allow a friend between my legs or on other occasions there would be a group thing or party. We were both flexible and we got on well in spite of the twenty year age difference. I sure didn't mind and neither did any of the men I entertained.

Tune in for more Doug Stories if you like…I have a lot of them. Tribune9

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