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Tom loved it, Matt not too much, but he loved doing it to Tom. But that all changed six weeks ago when Matt met Sara and the two started dating. The biggest thing that changed was that Matt spent all his time with Sara in and out of school. The only time that Tom saw Matt was on his way home from Sara’s house as Tom lived in the middle of the two.

Matt would text Tom on his way home and the two would meet at the grate that lead into the side yard of Tom’s house. Once behind the fence and out of sight of anybody, Tom would drop to his knees and open Matt’s pants. Tom would pull out Matt’s soft used cock and Tom would blow him there in the shadows. Since the first time Tom sucked Matt’s cock after he fucked Sara, Tom loved the new way Matt’s cock would taste. A mixture of his and Sara’s cum covered his dick and Tom would suck it clean. He would suck him till he would cum in Tom’s mouth then pull up his pants and leave.

Tom was walking home after school when Matt ran up to him telling Tom to go home and be ready at 5 out front of his own house. Matt also told Tom to dress nice as Matt got him a date for the night. "What a date?" With who?" Tom asked Matt but Matt just told he to be ready at 5 and then ran off for home.

Tom got home and headed upstairs to shower for his first date; there was only one problem that Tom didn’t tell Matt. Tom hopped in the shower pushing off his problem. "What could happen on the first date?" "I don’t even know who she is or if she will even like me?" Tom thought to himself in the shower.

Tom finished and jumped out and got dress as fast as he could. He was waiting outside when Matt walked up holding hands with Sara. Sara was the captain of the cheer squad and she was a knock out, with blonde hair, blue eyes, tight body because of cheer, and big perky tits. Tom thought for a second if she knew what Matt and him did or that Tom knew what her pussy juice tasted like having cleaned Matt’s dick after he fucked her.

"Hey bud" Matt called out to Tom as he got to him. "So Sara’s cousin is visiting so we thought that we would set you two up" Matt said as a brown hair girl stepped out from behind Matt and Sara. "Hello, I’m Alice" the said holding out her hand. Tom froze unable to find the words to reply with a simple "hello". The girl stood taller than Tom at about six foot, the same height as Matt, she looked amazing with brown hair and a slim figure. What Tom noticed first was that she had a British accent that made her hotter.

"Uh..." "Umm…" "Uh, I’m…" "I’m Tom" he said finding his voice. "Cool, man" Matt whispered softly punching Tom in the arm. The four set off to the movies and it wasn’t long during the movie that Tom noticed with Matt to his left that Matt and Sara wasn’t there to watch the movie but to use the spot to make out. Alice was to Tom’s right and unlike her cousin was enjoying the movie’ though she did like having Tom there as she was wrapped up in his arm as it was a horror film and she hide during some scenes.

About halfway through the movie Tom felt Matt’s leg push on his and in the dim light of the screen Tom looked over to see that Sara was now sucking on Matt’s dick. "I knew my cousin was a slut, but she didn’t tell me that and boy she was setting my up with was a dirty boy" Alice whispered in Tom’s ear. She most have noticed Tom watching Sara suck his best friend’s dick instead of the movie. Alice ran a hand over Tom’s crotch and felt that he was getting hard.

This was the first time Tom had been on a date with a girl and having her call him a dirty boy for watching his friend get his dick sucked and liking it made him panic. Tom got up and rushed to the men’s room without telling Alice or Matt and Sara where he was going. Tom was in the men’s room slashing cold water on his face when he heard the door open. He looked up to see Alice standing behind him. "What are you doing in here?" Tom asked Alice as he stepped back being surprised by her being there.

Alice grabbed Tom by the shirt and pushed him into one of the toilet stalls. There she started to kiss Tom giving him his first kiss by a girl. Being taller and stronger than Tom Alice had no problem over powering him. "Alice what are you doing?" Tom tried to ask Alice. "We are going to bang mate!"

This was not how Tom thought the first time he was with a girl was going to be, but he couldn’t stop her if he wanted. Tom had also forgot about the little problem he had as Alice continued to make out with him. Alice ripped open Tom’s shirt and move her lips down his neck and onto his white scrawny chest biting at his nipples. She then unbuttoned her blouse and revealed that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her breast looked amazing to Tom but he didn’t really have any others to go off of. Tom reached up a cupped Alice’s right breast in his hand and squeezed it, it felt firm making Tom think it was an implant.

Tom had his legs on either side of the toilet and his back almost touching the walk as Alice continued to attack his body. When Alice undid Tom’s fly he realized his problem but it was too late and Alice pushed his pants and boxers down. Alice stopped as Tom tried to come up with something to say. "Wait…" "I can explain…" Alice and Tom both looked down to see that Tom was wearing a cock cage.

Tom had ordered one online over a week ago as he was getting more and more in CBT play. The problem was the first time it was just for the weekend till he took it back off. The second time he did it, Tuesday and wore it to school. Some guys from the football team during PE raided his locker and in doing so Tom lost the key and was now waiting on a replace one to come in.

"No need, I like it" Alice said. "You are not the only one with surprises." Alice moved Tom so that she was now over the toilet and Tom was against the door. She reached up under her skirt and pulled down a pair of purple panties removing them. Alice then pulled her skirt up more and Tom stared at her crotch as it came into sight. Alice had a little patch of pink pubic hair above a smooth pussy, but it didn’t look how Tom thought a pussy should look it. "SURPRISE!" Alice said as she spread her thighs a bit and down dropped a cock. It was long and it was soft with like Matt’s it was uncut and had foreskin over the head of it.

Tom felt like with just won the lottery when a dick appeared between Alice’s leg. Tom dropped to his knees and took Alice’s cock into his mouth. Alice smelled of flowers and fruit as Tom sucked on her cock. It grew as he sucked and became the same size as Matt’s if not thicker. "Strip" Alice commanded Tom as she pushed him off of her cock. Tom did and Alice had him straddle the toilet facing the wall with her behind him. "Oh it’s been awhile since a fucked a boy’s arse" Alice told him as she lined her cock up with it. Just then a cock popped through the wall as there was a hole in it that the two didn’t notice before. Alice moved a bit so that she could fuck Tom and that his face was at the hole. "Don’t be rude mate" Alice told Tom.

Tom opened his mouth and took the stranger’s cock into his mouth. Unlike Matt or Alice or even his dad this cock tasted dirty and unwashed with the taste of pee to. It didn’t grow much as Tom sucked it so he didn’t have a problem it what was coming through the wall. Alice spit on Tom’s asshole and lined her cock up with it and pushed it in. She could only get about half of it in as Tom felt the extreme pain of the cock bigger than his dad’s in his ass. Tom kept sucking the dick in the wall as Alice worked her whole cock in his ass. About the time Alice had Tom’s ass opened enough to start and fuck him the stranger’s cock cummed in Tom’s mouth.

The spent cock pulled back through the hole to only be replaced by other one. Tom knew what he had to do and took the new cock into his mouth. Alice started to roughly fuck Tom’s ass with her big cock and in between a few strokes she would pull out and start to work he fist into his ass. "UH GOD!" Tom exclaimed as he felt Alice start working her hand into his asshole. Tom’s tried to suck the third dick that was now in the hole as the second one cummed and left, but the pain in his ass and the pain from his own cock in a cage unable to fully get hard was too much.

After the third guy cummed from Tom sucking his dick Alice opened the stall door and moved Tom out to the open area. The last guy was walking out of the restroom and there was another guy walking up to the urinal. Alice pulled Tom over to the guy and started to undo the guy’s pant to the guy not saying a word. "Here this is the new urinal" Alice told the guy pulling his limp dick out from his boxers. Tom was in such a heighten state that he would do anything that Alice told him to do. Tom opened his mouth and let the stranger piss right into it. The guy not caring about the act or that the fact that he was pissing into another guy’s mouth as a hot chick with a dick told him to, reached out and tried to get a feel of Alice. She let the guy stroke her dick as he pissed into Tom’s mouth.

Tom drank as mouth as he could as the piss went into his mouth and all over his face. When the guy was done Tom sucked the last drops from his dick then got the fourth stranger of the night a blow job till he cummed in his mouth. After the guy was finished Alice told Tom to get dress as they were leaving because the movie was going to be finishing up soon.

Tom and Alice met Matt and Sara as they were coming out of the theater and the group headed out. Once outside Alice asked if there was a hotel within walking distances of them to Matt saying that I was just two blocks away. As they headed to the hotel Sara and Alice walked behind the two guys and they could hear the girls giggle as they talked. "So where did you two go man"? Matt asked Tom as they walked. "Just out to get some air." "We knew that you and Sara wouldn’t mind as she had her hands and MOUTH full." Tom smiled as he said that as he never was one to be quick to get a joke off without screwing it up.

They got to the hotel and Alice told them to wait and she would text Sara the room number. Sara got the text and the three headed up to the room were Alice was waiting for them with the door open. Inside it was a standard room but there was only a king size bed and Matt looked puzzled about.

"Hey Sara" said Alice. "Yeah Alice" Sara replied. "Do you want to see what little Tommy is wearing for us?" Alice asked her cousin as she walked behind Tom and undid his pants. She pushed them down with his boxers and Sara along with Matt stared a Tom’s dick in a metal cage as Tom kicked off his shoes and pants. Alice pulled Tom’s shirt over his head and now he stood in front of them naked with his cock in a cage. "Oh this is a little different" Sara said walking up and taking the cage in her hand.

"Dude why is your cock in that?" Matt asked. "It’s a long story" Tom replied. "I like it, it’s hot" Sara said turning around to Matt still holding the cage and pulling on it a little. Alice was running her hands up and down Tom’s bare chest and pinching his nipples as she stood behind him. What Matt couldn’t see was that Alice’s cock was rock hard again and pushing its way back into Tom’s abused asshole. Sara walked up to Matt as she removed her cloths and whispered into his ear. "Do you know what else is hot?" "The heat that comes off Alice’s big cock."

Matt watched Alice pull her dick out and move to the side so that he saw her cock hanging down between her legs. "That is hot babe" Matt said as he kissed Sara and removed his cloths to. Now all four of them were naked in the room and Sara was blowing Matt once again. Alice pulled some bobby bins from her bag asking Tom if he wanted her to free him or not. Tom whispered into Alice’s ear and Alice picked the lock freeing him from the cage.

"Hey cuz come here" Alice called to Sara and she came over. Matt sat next to Tom on the bed and the two watch Alice and Sara whisper back and forth between each other. "Nice" Sara said as Alice got a bottle of lube from her bag. Matt watch Alice wrap her hands around Tom’s dick and Sara pour the lube onto the tip of his cock. It came to Matt real quick as to what was going to happen as Sara put the tip of her finger at Tom’s peehole and pushed her finger in. Sara had the smallest fingers out of the bunch and her nail were short because of cheer and not wanting to scratch one of the girls. She pushed her finger into Tom’s cock and Matt watched her finger disappear inside it.

"Wow dude, you being working on that" Matt told Tom as Sara fucked his cock with her finger. "This feels so cool" Sara said. Tom laid there with his eyes close as Sara pumped her finger in and out of his dick till he felt movement on the bed. "I want you to eat Sara’s pussy as Matt fucks her" Alice told Tom. Sara was now on top of Tom with her pussy right above his face. Matt got behind Sara and Alice beside him as she grabbed his cock and guided it into Tom’s mouth before putting it in Sara’s pussy.

Matt started to fuck Sara as Tom licked her pussy and Matt’s shaft as it traveled in and out of her dripping wet pussy. Alice was now back at Sara’s head feeding Sara her own cock as Sara fucked Tom’s dick with her finger. Sara pulled her finger out and wrapped her hand around Tom’s balls squeezing them and providing a target for Alice to slap.

Alice was the ringmaster to the show telling the other where to go and what to do. She laid down on the bed and had Tom sit down facing away from her on her cock. Alice then told Matt to stick his cock into Tom’s ass from the front and soon Tom was being fucked by two big cocks. Sara was having her pussy licked by her cousin watching Tom take to cocks.

Next it was Sara’s turn to have the cocks and Matt laid down to have Sara lay on top of him fucking her pussy as Alice fucked Sara in the ass. Tom stood over Matt’s head so that Sara could play and abuse his cock. She would twist it and slap it, she pulled and punched the balls, and she even sucked it and pushed her tongue into his peehole. Tom didn’t mind the abuse Sara was doing to his cock and balls he quite enjoyed it.

It was Sara’s turn to lay on the bed and Tom took the spot between her legs once again eating her pussy as Matt and Alice took turns fucking his ass even both at the same time. Sara cummed in Tom’s mouth giving him a chance to taste her cum from the source. Alice moved Tom to the floor at the end of the bed so that he was on his shoulders with his knees by his head. His ass was up in the air and Alice and Matt continued taking turns fucking his ass. Sara after coming off her orgasm joined in fisting Tom’s ass in between Alice and Matt fucking him.

Matt was the first to cum shooting it on Tom’s face followed by Alice who filled his ass with her cum. Sara started to jerk Tom’s cock like she was milking a cow till he lastly cummed on his own face.

After that the four of them order room service as they showered waiting on the floor. There was a knock at the door and Tom was told to let the food in. The girls were still in the shower together as Matt sat on the bed in just a robe. Tom open the door and let the man in with the food, and after the man made sure that the order was right was about to turn and leave. "Uh hem" Matt said clearing his throat. "Right I owe you a tip" Tom said as he dropped to his knees. Tom undid the fly to the guy’s pants and fished out his limp cock and started to suck it. The girls appeared in the doorway to the bathroom having finished their showered as Tom sucked the food delivery guy’s dick. Tom sucked the guy’s dick for a couple of minutes till he started to cum in Tom’s mouth. After he was done he tucked his softening cock back into his pants and left.

The group ate the food and soon was asleep in the bed with Matt spooning Sara and Alice spooning Tom.

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