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We've always gone to he's house for Christmas but this wasn't gonna be a normal visit like last year. Little did anyone know me an chad had been planing online for weeks to have anal an oral sex in he's room that day.

I needed to gather things before we left, one thing we decided on was to were some of my sisters sexy lingerie panties. My sister Devin has such a huge ass, she takes after my mom an so do I. We had picked out the panties we wanted for each other. Chads was a sexy pair that covered half he's ass an was pink with blue ruffle around the ends, mine was a pink see threw thong type pantie that went right up my ass when I wore it. After I got these I had to get condoms from my older brother Antonio. He kept Trojan magnum condoms in he's locked box, I took 2 one for me an one for chad, I was hoping it would fit chad since he had sent me a photo of he's cock an it was massive.

When we finally arrived at chads house he's mom an dad greated us like usual, unaware to them I had pockets stuffed with panties an condoms. I saw chad an like always we ran to he's room while the parents stayed down stairs, an talked. The whole family was there.

We waited an hour or so for every one down stairs aka the adults to get nice an drunk before we slipped on my sisters panties mine was tight on my cock an the back piece rode up my ass. Chad's ass looked sexy in he's Half cut panties he's cock was so big it hung out the side of the pantie down he's thigh. He sat in he's chair at he's desk an I on my knees in front of him, he wiped he's cock up from the panties an pressed my lips down onto to it with he's hands on my head. I bobbed slow an sucked hard at first an heard him moan slightly, he ran he's hands threw my hair in a rythem as I sucked up an down on he's thick, long cock. He started to thrust him self a little into my mouth an faster an faster he started to force my head down on he's cock, up an down, quicker an quicker. He moaned louder, an held me down at one point, I was gagging so much a tear came out my eye. Finally he let me up for air an loads of spit and precum dripped from my lips to he's cock.

He told me to stand an bend over in front of him. He ran he's finger up an down the piece of thread that was riding up my ass, an with the other hand he smacked hard against my ass. Chad loves it rough, an he called me names. He said "get up on my lap bitch", god the sound of he's controlling voice turned me on so much. I sat he's lap with my ass slow grinding against he's cock, he slipped on the condom. Once again he had he's hand on the thread between my ass but this time he pushed it of to the side on my ass cheek. He put he's condom on an said in a commanding voice "spread your ass for me you little whore", with out hesitation I spread my ass with my two hands and he slipped he's cock inside my asshole.

"Ride it you slut, ride it for daddy!" He said, I rode up an down slowly at first, I moaned as he thrusted roughly into my ass an said "faster bitch". I started to ride up an down faster an faster as he sat in the chair with he's cock in my ass. Having he's cock go in an out my ass gave me a huge hard on, an chad suddenly reached around me and grabbed my cock an with every thrust into my ass he pumped my cock in a rythem.

"I'm close to cumming bitch, get off its my turn" he said. Mmmm finally he gets to take my cock I thought to my self. "On your knees baby" I said to him as we switched places. I pulled my cock out of my tight see threw panties, I slowly placed he's mouth on my cock an started to thrust into he's mouth as he sucked. I thrusted harder an forced he's head down on my cock all the way to the base, I heard him gagging an said " Choke bitch". After a minute or so I let him come up, he spit on my cock an stroked it an said "is that all you got?!"

I picked em up an bent em over he's bed, forcing he's sexy panties down around he's ankles. I took mine off an stuffed it in he mouth, an slid on a condom. "I'm gonna make you sore bitch" I said as I rammed my cock into he's asshole. He moaned an yelled with pleasure an pain all at once. I was rough, smacking he's ass an ramming in an out of him as hard as I could. I grabbed the panties in he's mouth an pulled the sides of them around to the back of he's head an pulled like it was hair. After spanking him an fucking he's tight hole I said "I'm gonna cum soon bitch, wanna 69?" He replied spitting the panties out of he's mouth "your gonna learn a lesson when my cock gets in ur mouth, lets go!".

We laid on he's bed with him on top an me on the bottom, he's cock deep in my mouth an mine in he's, we sucked an pumped eachothers cocks,I fingered he's asshole a bit as well. After some time of gagging an choking on chads huge cock he said " I'm gonna cum soon get ready bitch!" an I said "me too you whore!"

Within moments I felt my cum bursting into he's mouth an he's bursting into my throat, he struggled to speak as he said "should I swallow?" An I said "not yet come over to me lets swap cum in our mouths bitch" he leaned over an our lips met as we swapped our loads back an forth, I spit mine into chads mouth an he spit he's into mine. Finally we both swallowed, I got up from the bed first an as I did so did chad. He came up behind me, an I was still naked with no panties on an chads panties were pulled back up now, he grabbed my ass squeezing hard and whispered "how does my cum taste, whore?" I turned facing him our bulges touching, I slipped my hands down he's panties gripping he's ass an said "like candy daddy".

We threw our clothes on, chad changed back into boxers an as I was he told me "na keep the thong on, I want it to ride up your ass all day today" i pulled them up high, the thing riding high in my ass. We went down stairs threw away the condoms secretly an went on with Christmas like normal.

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