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Natalie poured her a glass of wine and put the bottle of wine she had brought (to be polite) in the fridge to get cold. ‘So glad you could make it! She said …already a little tipsy ...’you’re welcome to stay here tonight by the way…’ May smiled, how welcoming Natalie is and it is New Year’s Eve after all she could really do with a bed for the night.

It had been 3 months since May had met Natalie’s guy best friend. The moment she met Drew at the house party back in October she had wanted him to fuck her , the chemistry was so intense but I the timing was wrong and she had not let herself act on the animal urges he made her feel .

Although they had not been in touch May had fantasized about drew often his captivating stare and mysterious confidence she wondered if he thought about her. In her fantasises he’d find a way to get her alone and through her against a wall push her hands high above her head and slide his hand into her lace underwear

‘Fuck ! You’re so wet‘; her pussy now dipping with the anticipation of Drew’s penis …. Wow May had been thinking a lot of filthy things about Drew since their meeting but she didn’t think they would ever meet again, Natalie didn’t approve she knew Drew to well and warned May of his player status. May decided that Natalie was right and she was right to stay away …Drew would remain a fantasy.

Natalie guided May into the living room and introduced her to most of the people at the party .She made small talk and sipped her wine then the patio door opened … May’s nipples went as hard as bullets as she felt Drew’s presence in the room long before she saw him . Drew was bringing beer in from the garage; a buddy spotted him ‘Hey Buddy!’ Drew responded ...’Hey, Hows it going’ but his eyes fell into May’s gaze and drew her in like a tractor beam.

May broke they’re stare conscious not to upset Natalie …she wanted to take her advice but her body was aching for Drew she was wet already every hair on her body was on end with the sexual tension in the room. They avoided each other for a while...To May it felt like forever , Drew obviously could not stay away and came over to speak to her they talked and may tried to not flirt as Natalie looked on irritated ‘maybe she liked Drew …maybe that’s why she warned me off ..’May wondered.

‘Shall we get some fresh air? ‘Drew gestured towards the patio. May nodded ...’yes sounds good’. It was quite on the patio and they both lent against the fence side by side .Drew stood up at walked in front of May. It was so hard for her to act un-interested he was so sexy dark steady eyes and short brown curly hair...she had dreampt about running her fingers through it was he fucked her. ‘So ……Drew began, ‘….. Did I offend you when we met or something? I can’t remember doing anything to upset you …I don’t know why I would …when I …’ May said nothing she didn’t need to her body said it all she could hold her desire in any longer she dipped her head and looked up through her brow, looked at Drew looked down and smiled when she began to lift her head his lips were already on hers.

Her back pressed hard against the fence where he pinned her with his muscular arms. She grabbed his back and pulled him in tighter theyre bodies touching, pressed together. Her hands came up onto his head and tangled his curls into her fingers she gave them a playful tug and he groaned in her mouth …she smiled as he kissed her in satisfaction .He felt her smile and grin ‘….You’ve wanted this as much as me haven’t you?’ She nodded and aggressively pulled him back on top of her. May could feel Drew’s cock start to grow against her crotch...she couldn’t believe she was getting exactly what she wanted and waited for .She ground her hips subtly into his to encourage his erection, now fully erect Drew’s penis was throbbing his hands now on May’s ass grabbed he cheeks and thrust herself into her she let out a gasp of ecstasy as she felt his dick hit her clit through her thin float skirt and thong. Drew whispered in her ear ‘….let’s find somewhere to go ‘. May was enjoying the play and she wanted it badly but Drew proasioning full blown sex after 5 mins had brought Natalie’s warnings back into her head. She pushed Drew back and giggled ‘I’m not going to sleep with you ‘… ..’What don’t you want to?’ …Of cause I do but Natalie has warned me. ..’

What the Fuck? May come on …. What have I done ‘. I’m not a slag Drew! I think its best we go back inside....’ May left Drew in the garden and went back inside. Everyone seemed a lot more drunk in the party that when they had left the room. Drew and May contained drinking with the group and every now and then exchanged guilty lustful glances wanton with sex. feeling Guilty and a little embarrassed May had drunk a lot quite quickie when she re-joined the party she decided she would head to the bathroom .She got up and left the party when she got to the bathroom she knocked the door hello?" anyone in there …there was no reply . She opened the door and entered turning around quickly to shut the door and lock it behind her, as she went to do so she felt someone push the door from the other side ‘wow! Someone inhere…’ she shouted but before she could finish the sentence the door was pushed open...Drew‘s lips once again smacked her own in the most passionate kiss she had ever experienced .Still locked in a kiss he pushed her away from the door with one arm and upagainst the door with one arm and shut the door instantly with the other he locked it behind him.

Now with both arms he slammed her against the wall pushing her hands above her head ….’Drew! She managed ….what the…...’ ‘I’m sorry I needed you, I needed to feel you’ ….May whispered into his ear in absolute surrender …’fuck me ……fuck me Drew…ahhhhh’ she moaned as he lifted her one thigh and put his hand between her legs he let out a deep groan when he felt how hot and wet her cunt was he felt the lace dripping with creamy juice and his fingers slid into her. She threw her head back as she felt his cold fingers fuck her slit and the tip of his thumb caress her clit. Drew took his lips from May’s mouth now gasping for breath in ecstasy and removed one of May’s tits from her Bra .He pinched her erect nipple with his fingers and May flinched his tongue darted across her nipple, May couldn’t take the teasing and she grabbed Drew’s hair and the back of his head and aggressively push his head into her chest, her breast thrust itself into his mouth and he sucked her nipple with the suction of a dyson .she threw her head back ‘shit! ohhh god I’m going to come …drew can you feel that? …DREW!!! ..Drew I need you in me …’ her hands grabbed and the zip on his jeans now very snuggly fitted against his huge erection seeping pre-cum.

‘You can’t have me yet !’ drew smucked as he grabbed both her hands and flung them up above her head and held them there with one of his hands as his fingers fucked her into the most powerful orgasm she had ever had . She started to scream and he put his hand over her mouth she could smell her sex on his fingers she was ready to he penetrated .she removed his hand and he pushed into her lips for another kiss, a kiss that she held whilst un-doing his belt and jeans. He took off her bra and groaned when he saw the sight of her bare chest ‘ohh my god, ohh fuck…’ he grabbed both her tits and flicked and squeezed she couldn’t hide her delight and grinded and shut her eyes with pleasure turning him round so his back hit the wall that she had just been pinned to she finally had his penis in her sights she lightly caressed the large wet shaft as it ouzzed with pre-cum. ‘Tell me what you want she said? I want to make you scream’ …..’Suck me!’ She held his stair from beneath her brow and lowered herself slowly to the floor took him in her hands and slide his cock into her mouth.

Drew grabbed the wall to steady himself as the pleasure of his penis hitting the roof of May’s mouth made his legs weak beneath him ….’ Ohhh FUCK …OOHHHH’ she twirled her tongue and sucked and sucked all the way out all the way in, she looked up at Drew her gazed fixed innocently on his and this was too much for drew he came hard into her mouth .May didn’t swallow she let his cum dripped down her chin and onto her breasts his cock was dripping in cum and silver as she contained to suck and Drew remained hard at this arousing sight.

He grabbed a towel and cleaned May’s face...she still kept held his gaze …he helped her to her feet and started to strip her naked …’I want all of you …..I need to fuck you’ …she intern stripped him down and replied in his ear ‘…do it …just do it’ …’three months I’ve waited for you to fuck me’.

Once again her back was against the wall the tiles were cold against her naked back he raised he leg and spared her legs he ran his hand across her slit it couldn’t resist seeing how wet she still was before he guided in his cock. Her juices were running down her leg …she needed him inside her .She glanced down at his dick as it throbbed and oozed and kneaded her hips into his impacantly he pushed back and further teased her clit with the tip of his gooey penis swollen and ready ‘ohhh God Drew please fuck me ….just…..ohhh..’ he guided in the tip and she lost control grabbing his ass and thrusting him into her!! ‘She screamed and he put his fist in her mouth as he fucked her. He pulled the whole shaft out so slowly he felt her legs go weak and pulled her back in deep.

She wrapped her one leg around his waist and held every inch of him inside her tickling her virginal walls and bringing her close to climax again...the walls started to contract so tightly he held them whist kissing her he muttered…Fuck your going to cum ! she couldn’t reply just shake as her orgasm exploded …awhhhhhhhh..she let out a huge sign and he smiled … ‘…haha... im not finished this you yet’ he fucked her slowly to let her get back some energy and sucked her and bit her chest .he started to stroke her clit with his thumb and she woke up from her post orgasm daze ..’Fuck me hard drew! She bites his ear lobe. This was Drew’s trigger spot and the adrenaline shot through him.

He put one hand against the wall and picked up the pace fucking May with everything he had …’Faster Drew ...’ she screamed ‘DEEPER…. ‘Sweat dripped down their bodies. ‘Ahh fuck I can feel you Cumming again, your Pussy is tightening …ohhhh fuckk ….ahhh im going to cum ‘.

May grabbed his hair and tugged it hard as he exploded inside her. He squeezed her tits hard as he did and she came for the third time. Stood there exhausted and shuddering with sexual pleasure against each other Drew left his penis inside her whilst they exchanged soft kisses and breathless words …..’ I’ve wanted to do that since our eyes met’ drew said.’I had to have you’.

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