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Please read and enjoy this fictional writing.

Sandy and I joined the marriage population ten years ago. We base our happiness on being open with each other. We heard that the older the marriage, the more stale the sex life. This hasn’t hit us as we try to keep our sexual appetites honed with spontaneity and fun.

One night, as we laid panting and cooling down from our second round of rowdy couplings, I asked Sandy if she remembers our first meeting. She began to laugh and said, "Sure, I flirted with you so hard, you had to notice me. I got your attention and here we are married". I smiled and said, "flirt, hell, you were teasing me. You’re such a big tease. Being a ‘cock tease’ is not flirting". Sandy said, "I don’t tease. I was flirting with you, and you know it". "OK, OK," I said, "If you say sitting and hiking your skirt up to show a lot of leg and a sight of panties to men is flirting, how do you define ‘teasing’". Sandy looked at me for a few seconds and said, "I don’t really know. That is the only way I know how to flirt".

She was laying on her stomach and I gave her ass a little swat and she turned over and grabbed my cock and leaned in to suck it, but she then let go and turned away. "Now. that’s ‘cock teasing’," she said, "letting a man see a lot of leg, that is just flirting". I said, "What if you showed too much leg, exposing the crotch of your panties"? She thought for a bit and said, "I think it would still be flirting". I laughed at her logic and said, "If you weren’t a red head, I would say you had a ‘blonde’ moment". She laughed and rolled to me and took my cock into her mouth and made me ready for our third round.

Three times in a night, I was spent, well, so was she. I woke and saw her head bobbing up and down on my cock. Sandy said, "I thought I would wake you early so we could have a bit of fun before we had to get ready for work. We both enjoyed early morning sex and I wondered how her day went when her panties would fill with cum as she tried to concentrate on her work. We didn’t have sex every morning, but I did wonder if she spent the day wearing wet panties.

We showered together and she played with my cock as I was running a soapy wash cloth over her breasts. I almost emptied my load onto her stomach as she was pulling my cock. She then let go and said, "Now, big boy, that’s ‘cock teasing’". I gave her nipple a pinch and told her she was a nasty bitch. She laughed and got out and dried off. As we were getting into our cars, I asked her if her ‘cock teasing’ was a precursor to sex later tonight. She said, "Oh, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll let you have ‘blue balls’ all night". She drove East and I drove West to work.

While I was at work, I kept thinking about the line between flirting and teasing, how thin was that line? I was now more aware of the female employees. I saw one standing and talking to a male co-worker at his desk. She kept smiling and twirling her hair while talking. Then I saw another in the lounge, when a male entered, she seemed to swing in her chair with her legs facing him and her legs slightly parted. Her eyes followed him for a long time and she smiled when he made eye contact. Then, my assistant Amy, came to my desk and sat in a chair across from me. She was wearing a short skirt and her legs were parted more than ‘lady like’. She smiled when catching me looking at her exposed panties. I was busted and I also knew she purposely made me erect, I wouldn’t be able to stand without exposing my excitement. That was definitely a ‘tease’, she seemed to enjoy making me uncomfortable.

I started to wonder if my wife teased her male co-workers that way. She said she flirted, but if she acted the same as Amy, then it was ‘teasing’, making men uncomfortable. I know my wife, she liked men looking at her hot body, she enjoyed making them ‘hard’. Of all the females in the office, I estimated that over half were teasers. Things I used to be unconscious about, but now that I was aware, I was sporting more erections at work.

I got home and was semi-hard thinking of all the panties I saw at work. The long legs and short skirts. The low cut blouses, tight pants. Now that I was conscious of the open sexual innuendos at work, was I going to get any work done? I was more aware of the sexual harassment policies now. I could see how men were tempted to ‘touch’ or make inappropriate comments. How many of those women were aware of their actions, it seemed that my wife felt that she was only flirting. Did the women I worked with only feel they were just flirting, being friendly? Was it sexual enjoyment for these women knowing they gave men erections from their teasing?

I was in deep thought when I was brought back to Earth. "Bob, Bob, are you alright"? I realized Sandy was asking. She looked at me and then said, "Oh, my God, you have a hard-on". I hugged her and gave her a long loving kiss when answering, "You women just don’t know when you are teasing us men". Sandy then asked, "Why do you have a hard-on"? I laughed and said, "I spent the day watching the actions. What was the difference between ‘teasing’ and ‘flirting’. I saw more exposed panties in front of men at work than I was aware of. Also, the low cut blouses where boobs were about to pop out. I never realized just how much sexual teasing was done at work".

"I have a ‘hot’ wife," I said, "your short tight skirt and low cut blouse". Sandy said, "I just like to look good. If you guys are such perverts, we can’t help it". "Yeah," I said, "just like a lolly pop, we guys want to bury our faces between your legs and lick your succulent nectar". Sandy began to laugh and said, "I wish. Are you offering"? "Drop your panties and spread your legs, baby", I said. I knelt on the floor before her and buried my face in her pussy. With her panties around her ankles, I felt them and they were wet. Yes, she liked to tease at work, she got off giving her co-workers hard-ons.

"Oh, God," Sandy moaned, "We should do this every night when you get home. Yeah, lick me baby, I’m about ready. Yes, lick me, lick me". Her legs began to tremble and closed against my head, locking me against her pussy. I licked and felt her juices begin to seep into my mouth. She grabbed my hair and began yelling, "YES, YES, I’M CUMMING. EAT ME, EAT ME". Her legs could‘t hold her any longer, with my head locked in her pussy, we fell to the floor as her body spasmed from her orgasm.

Her body went limp and her breathing was hard as she moaned, "Oh, that was good. I’ve been horny all day. I needed that". Her legs relaxed freeing my head. I then asked, "How many men did you show your panties to today"? She thought for a second and said, "I guess I did. I didn’t realize I did that". "Now you know why I had a hard-on, I saw so many panties today. I was never conscious of so much sexual teasing at work," I said. Sandy said, "I felt my panties wet driving home. I thought I was thinking about making love tonight. Maybe it was from the stimulation at work. Now that you mention it, I do remember seeing the men looking at my boobs and up my skirt. I didn’t realize it, but yes, there is a sexual atmosphere at work".

I helped Sandy up and swatted her ass. We went into the kitchen and began working on dinner. I asked Sandy, "So, do you tease the men at work? Or, do you just flirt"?

She said, "Maybe I do expose more leg and they might see my panties, but I only mean to flirt, not tease". Again I swatted her ass and said, "You’re nothing but a ‘cock tease’, but we both like it. Just think of the men driving home from work with hard-on’s wondering what it would be like to fuck your nice pussy". "Oh, God," Sandy said, "you think"? I said, "I wonder how many women at work carry condoms in case their co-workers pull them into the supply closet". She laughingly said, "I don’t... I’m on the pill".

"Have you ever been tempted"? I asked. Sandy asked, "What"? "Seeing a co-worker with a hard-on from looking up your skirt. Have you been tempted to take him to the supply room"? She just looked at me and smiled. I began to wonder what it would look like to see her bent over with a big, long cock pumping into her. I didn’t understand my feelings, but I was hard as a rock thinking about my wife screaming her orgasm and yelling for a man to fill her pussy. Sandy said, "You have a hard-on again, what are you thinking now"? Without answering, I just smiled.

We had lustful sex that night, we were wild animals all over each other. After the second time of orgasmic bliss, we laid together still connected and I asked, "You never answered". She said, "Answered what"? I said, "Remember, at dinner, I asked you I you were ever tempted at work"? "Well," she said, "I guess so. I see a guy with his pants poking out and I do wonder what he has. Was it long, fat, circumcised, smooth or veined". "How tempted were you?", I asked. "Did your pussy get wet"? Sandy said, "If you must know, yes. My pussy throbs and I wonder how his cock would feel in my pussy". I said, "That would be so hot to watch you ‘let go’ and fuck another man". She looked at me, but never said anything.

She asked, "remember when I asked you after dinner why you had another hard-on? I just thought you were thinking about fucking me after dinner. But, now, I think you were thinking about something else. What was it"? I said, "Don’t get mad, but I was thinking about you at work, in the store room". "Oh, shut up and fuck me again," Sandy said. She was a possessed woman as she sat on my cock and pounded her pussy up and down. As this was our third time, I knew I was going to last longer. She was ecstatic with the explosive orgasms she had as she kept yelling, "YES, YES FUCK ME HARD, FUCK ME".

A month went by and we didn’t discuss the possibility of Sandy fucking a co-worker. We did have hot, sweaty sex and I’m sure we were both thinking about it. Every morning while leaving for work, I would say, "Don’t seduce too many men at work today, save some for me tonight". She would poke my stomach and say, "Just you have those balls full for me". She was always looking sexy when going to work, the usual short skirts and blouses that showed her nipples pressing against the thin material. If she worked in my office, I would fuck her every day. What a hot, sexy woman.

I think I was becoming a pervert. At work, I was now looking for the signs, up skirt, down shirt, erections in pants, and the obvious looks given to each other. Again, I saw the woman in the lounge, every time a certain man entered, she would swivel in her chair toward him and spread her legs. Her radar was definitely on him. I began to wonder if I was going to spend my work day with a perpetual hard-on. I saw the touching, as people passed, a quick touch of the fingers. The female with her hand on a man’s shoulder at his neck, then bend down with her face close to his ear and he suddenly smiles. I wondered if there was a high testosterone and estrogen atmosphere at Sandy’s office, it sure was here.

I couldn’t stop observing. A man or woman would step outside to smoke, the opposite sex would then go out and accompany him or her. I didn’t see any couples sneak in to the supply closet, but I’m sure it was happening. Probably in the office with the closed door, I’m sure employees were going home smelling of sex.

Sandy reminded me of their planned Christmas party. The ‘secret Santa’, the hung mistletoe in the doorway, and all the decorations. She had her ‘secret Santa’ present wrapped and ready. I watched her dress, getting ready for the office party. She had her nylons held up with her garter belt, silk black throng and sheer black bra. She pulled on her stretchy red dress that was about three inches above her knees. She smoothed the dress and made sure fasteners to the garter belt did not show. Now some light make up and brushing of her shoulder length hair. God, she looked beautiful, she was definitely a MILF. She sure was going to turn heads tonight.

We didn’t have dinner as the company she worked for always put on a catered dinner. She told me that this year there was going to be a choice of prime rib or glazed ham for the entree. Office parties were usually boring, but I was looking forward to the feast and open bar. Sandy then asked, "Well, how do I look"? I smiled and said, "You look fabulous, if I keep looking, you’re going to get fucked right now". She laughed and said, "Come on, pervert. I don’t want to be late".

Sandy and I went to the bar and picked up our drinks and than began to mingle. We got the one necessity out of the way, greeted the boss and his wife. The small talk began, most people had no idea who I was, and I had no idea who they were either. Dinner was excellent and the Secret Santa presents were distributed.

Relaxing after dinner, I saw Sandy sitting on a couch talking and her legs were slightly spread where I could see her black thong. I noticed her glass empty and went and asked her if I could her her a refill. She thanked me and then I whispered in her ear, "Why don’t you go and take off your panties. I want to see how you ‘flirt’ with the men". "You are such a pervert," she said. As I was returning with her drink, she wasn’t on the couch. I then saw her come from the hall and as she took her drink, she handed me her panties. "Here, pervert", she said.

This night is going to get good, I thought. I wandered to the other side of the lounge and watched. She kept glancing forward to a man sitting in front of her and she would slowly open and close her legs. Other men began to gather and chat with the man she was flashing.

Fifteen minutes went buy and all hell broke loose. The man she was flashing got up and walked to Sandy. He said, "OK, bitch, I might get fired but I’m going to teach you for teasing". He grabbed her wrist and pulled her to her feet spilling her drink. He then pulled her down the hall, followed by the other five men he had been talking with. I followed as they entered an office. Sandy was then pushed into a desk and he placed his hand on her back, pushing her hard to the desk. His other hand grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it up past her hips. Her bare ass was now exposed to him and the other five men.

He said, "Bitch, you have been teasing me for years, now you are going to get what you have been advertising". Sandy tried to rise up, but he kept his hand on her back as his hard cock was then thrust hard into her pussy. I began to walk forward to stop him, but couldn’t get by the men surrounding them. It didn’t take long before I heard Sandy moaning, "Oh God, yes". He was fucking my wife deep and her head turned to the side when she saw a black man standing at the end of the desk.

I watched the black man slowly pumping his cock, fat and about eight or nine inches long. I saw Sandy’s eyes lock on that black cock and she seemed to be mesmerized watching the foreskin appear and disappear with his pumping actions. Sandy kept her eyes fixed on his cock as she was being fucked. She then began to shake, her legs spasmed and she began to scream, "YES, YES, FUCK ME HARD, FUCK ME, FUCKKKK MEEEE".

The man fucking her said, "You’re going to get fucked real good you cock tease". He then thrust hard and held his pelvis hard against her and I knew he was going to cum. "YES, YES, I’M CUMMING, FUCK ME, FILL ME. YES, YES FUCK ME HARD". I watched his head yank back as he held himself tight against my wife. He grunted and yelled, "TAKE IT BITCH, TAKE MY CUM". After a minute, he slowly pulled out as a trail of his cum dribbled from her pussy. Sandy just laid on the desk, still watching the black cock being stroked in front of her face.

It wasn’t long before another cock was jammed into her cum filled pussy. Sandy pushed back wanting more cock in her. She shook as she moaned and then another orgasm hit her as her arms reached forward and held the other side of the desk. She never took her eyes off the black cock. She then saw pre-cum at the bulbous head of that cock and her tongue began to lick her lips. "YES, YES, FUCK ME, FUCK ME", was heard and then Sandy screamed, "I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING, FUCK ME". It didn’t take long before another load of hot semen filled her womb. Soon she had been fucked by all six men. Her eyes were now closed as was still shaking. I watched cum oozing from her open pussy.

I put my hand on her back as she then said, "Yes, put that black cock in me". When I called her name, she opened her eyes and looked back. I saw disappointment in her eyes. I said, "We had better get home". She looked at me and began to cry, "I’m so sorry, please don’t hate me, I was lost in the excitement". I smoothed her dress down as I saw the mixture of cum and pussy juices running down her legs. I helped her on her unsteady legs to our car.

Sandy cried all the way home. She kept saying, "Oh, God, they’re going to fire me, you’re right, I am a cock tease, they’re going to fire me". I tried to soothe her by telling her that it was partly my fault by having her take her panties off. "I don’t know," Sandy said, "I think they would have fucked my anyway. They were right, I did tease them".

I helped Sandy to the bedroom and as she began to undress, I filled the tub with warm water for her. I helped her into the tub and she sighed as she began to soak. We saw cum begin to float to the top of the water, and Sandy began moaning, "I’m so sorry, please don’t hate me. I’m sorry".

After Sandy soaked, I helped her out and dried her with a large terry bath towel. We climbed in bed and she slung her arms around me and said, "Bob, I’m so sorry". I smiled and said, "Yeah, I’m sorry too. You expected that black man to fuck you. I don’t know where he went, but you wanted him". Sandy’s eyes widened and she asked, "What do you mean"? I said, "You were waiting, you said ‘put that black cock in me’ but he wasn’t there". Sandy cried more and admitted, "Oh, my God, I did want that fat black cock to fuck me. I’m so sorry I wanted him like a slut". I smiled at her and said, "You were so beautiful when they were fucking you, you had some great orgasms". "Oh, please Bob, I admit it was exciting. I’m so sorry, please don’t hate me for cheating". We fell asleep in each others arms.

All Sunday, Sandy moped around the house moaning, "I don’t want to go to work tomorrow, I know they’re going to fire me. I know the sexual harassment policy and they are going to fire me". I hugged her and assured her that we were going to work something out, I would stand behind her in finding another job. Sandy said, "But, I love that place, I love my work, I don’t want to find another job". It was a solemn day and Sandy didn’t get much sleep with the worry.

Sandy dressed in a business suit for work Monday, unlike her short skirts and low cut blouses. She didn’t want to wear her usual sexy clothes. She knew her unemployment was imminent and she looked like she was walking to the gallows as she went to her car. I felt bad and wished I could be with her to give her support when she walked into her office.

Sandy was nervous as she parked looking at the office. Her stomach was uneasy as she began to walk to the building. She walked in keeping her head down, but there was no giggling or cat calls as she went to her desk. Nothing, no notes demanding her presence in the boss’ office. She had a hard time concentrating as her mind kept reminding her of her sexual activities at the party. Sandy was more nervous when she saw the six men go to the office, one at a time. She didn’t know what their versions of the situation were, but was sure they reported that she had been teasing them for some time.

Sandy didn’t go for lunch, her stomach felt queezy as she thought, ‘if I had anything to eat I would just throw it up.’ She just refilled her coffee cup and stayed at her desk. She waited, waited and waited. She began to shake when her name was called. The HR director was standing by her desk when she asked Sandy to come to the office. She had a hard time on rubbery legs walking, it was like the first time a girl walked in high heels. The door to the office was held open and she met the boss and another man she didn’t know. The HR director entered after her and closed the door. Tears were welling up when she was told to sit.

The boss said, "There was a report that you had sexual relations with six men during the Christmas party. We have spoken with the six men named, and they all denied that anything was inappropriate, especially anything sexual. He asked if I had anything to say, and I began to cry and said, "No, I don’t have anything to say. I heard a rumor, and I’ve been upset. My husband has been a real comfort to me". The boss said, "You can go back to your desk for now. We will continue our investigation and let you know what we decide, probably tomorrow". I thanked him and went back to work, feeling a bit better. The rest of the afternoon, several times I saw those six men, they would smile, but nothing was said.

I drove home, still unsure what was going to happen. During the day, I did look around the office and never saw the black man I saw at the end of the desk that night. I wondered if I had just dreamed or hallucinated about a black man watching me being fucked. Before I got home, my panties were wet. I kept picturing that fat nine inch long black cock oozing pre-cum. So close to my face, another inch or so, I would have been able to lick it. I pulled into the drive and saw Bob come from the house. I ran to him and we hugged tight as he asked me if I was OK. I cried again and said, "I don’t know. They said they would make a decision and let me know tomorrow".

We went into the house and Bob said that he had ordered a Chinese dinner so I didn’t have to cook. "You’re such a loving husband, you are my rock, thank you". As we were waiting for dinner to arrive, I told Bob that all six of the men that fucked me claimed they didn’t know of any sexual activity. I said, "They probably thought they were as guilty as I was and they would lose their jobs too. Some one reported it, I don’t know who. I’m still nervous. I wish it was over, one way or the other". Bob hugged me and then gave me a long loving kiss as he reminded me that he loved me and would stand behind me. Dinner arrived and since I didn’t have lunch, I was a pig with the Chinese food.

When in bed, I didn’t feel like sex and Bob understood. We cuddled and then I asked, "Bob, was there a black man at the end of the desk"? Bob said, "Oh, yes. You were so enamored with the cock he was stroking in front of your face. I could see you wanted his cock". I sat up, moved to the edge of the bed to get up and said, "Oh, Bob, I’m so sorry. He had such a beautiful cock. I admit...yes, I wanted him to fuck me". "Come on back, sweetheart," Bob said, "I’m not mad. I think I wanted you to have his cock as much as you did". "Really," I said, "you would want to watch his black cock in my white pussy"? Bob smiled saying, "Oh, yeah, that would have been hot".

Bob’s hand was now on my pussy mound as his thumb stroked my clit. I was getting worked up as my vaginal juices began to leak. "I don’t know who he is," I said, "I haven’t seen him around the office". Bob asked, "Do you want to find him"? I shivered and said, "Yes. At least I want to know who he is". Bob said, "If you do find him, I’m sure you would want him to fuck you". "Are you sure," she asked, "Are you sure you want him to fuck me"? Bob smiled and said, "You will, you will fuck him". Sandy grabbed Bob’s cock and gave him the best blow job he ever had. She swallowed the ton of cum he pumped into her mouth and thought about a big black cock.

Again her stomach was in knots as she drove to work. She was nervous to finally learn her fate. She thought, ‘I’m going to be fired, if I am, what job could I find, would my firing be reported as sexual harassment? Would I even get a job being fired that way?’ She didn’t know what she was going to do. Again, nothing as sandy entered and went to her desk.

It was ten o’clock when paged to the boss’ office. This time, it was only Mr. Strong, my boss who smiled as I walked in. He took my hand and led me to his couch. He sat next to me and said he couldn’t find any inappropriate activity involving me at the party. I felt relieved that I still had my job. He smiled and said, "You did look beautiful bent over the desk." I jumped back as my eyes widened and asked, "You saw me"? He said, "It’s between you and me, you should probably get back to work. Oh, and go back to wearing your dresses, that pant-suit is a bit ‘drab’ for the office".

I was elated and called Bob to tell him the good news. At noon, I went into the lounge and purchased a ‘yucky’ sandwich from the vending machine. As I was unwrapping the sandwich, I picked at it to see if it was edible. A sandwich was held in front of me and the voice said, "This would probably be better, those in the machines are gross". I looked up and saw a black man, ‘the’ black man, handing me his sandwich. I began to shake as I started to take the sandwich from him. My hand seemed to wrap around his hand as I was taking the sandwich from him. I was excited when touching his hand but I really wanted to touch something else.

I stammered as I said, "Th, th, thank, thank you". He laughed and sat down next to me. I first looked at his crotch, but then slowly up to his eyes. He was smiling as he said, "Jason." Before I could say anything, he said, "Sandy, my name is Jason. I work in the IT department. Anytime you have a problem with your computer, I’m the one to fix it". I smiled as my panties moistened and I said, "I’m glad to finally meet you. I’ll keep that in mind, maybe I’ll have to break it". He laughed and handed me a card saying, "My personal number is on the back. But, we both know what will happen if you call. I have to get back to work now". He rose and walked away.

There was no way I was going to concentrate on my work. I kept imagining that beautiful cock, about the length of my husbands, but much thicker and uncircumcised. I was wetter now and my vaginal muscles began twitching with the idea of being stretched larger than ever before. I wondered if his balls contained a lot of cum, a lot of black baby making cum. Suddenly I heard, "It’s time." I looked up and saw one of the other girls and she said, "Five o’clock, time to go home". I thanked her and as I turned off my computer, the name ‘Jason’ screamed in my head. My drive home was much different than the drive yesterday. I still had my job, and I now knew my black man and he knew what I wanted.

I was bubbling over when running into Bob’s arms. He told me to get a shower and change, we were going out and celebrate with dinner and wine. He was so happy that I was not fired. I dressed in my tight short red dress, the one that got me fucked, and walked proudly with my husband into the restaurant. We were taking our chairs as Bob laughed asking, "I hope you’re not wearing your panties. Panties don’t go with that dress". I laughed and said, "I know, I know who he is". Bob gave me a puzzling look and asked, "Who, what, he who"? I said, "Jason, the black man at the party".

Bob placed his hand on mine and asked, "Did you fuck him"? I turned red and said, "Oh you men, you’re always horny. You perverts, No, well, not yet". I told Bob how I finally met him and that he gave me his home phone number. I also told him the ‘warning’ that if I called, he would know I wanted him to fuck me. I was so giddy while we dined, I don’t know if it was the wine or the fact that I met Jason. If we were at a booth, I would have had Bob’s cock out masturbating him under the table. I couldn’t believe the luck I have had in such a short time...fucked by six men watched by my husband; watching a black cock rubbed in front of my face; not fired for sexual harassment; and then meeting Jason, the owner of a fat beautiful black cock.

What a wonderful day and our celebration dinner was fantastic. We got home and didn’t waste time getting to the bed room. We fucked, oh, did we fuck. I was in seventh heaven as Bob and I laid together, our bodies sweaty and his cum oozing from my pussy, running down the crack of my ass onto the sheets. I pushed up onto my elbows and said, "Bob, he saw me". He asked, "Who and what did he see"? "Oh, my boss, Mr. Strong". Sandy said, "He watched me getting fucked on the desk. He was there, but he never said anything to HR". Bob asked, "How do you know"? I said, "As I was leaving his office he said, ‘You did looked beautiful bent over that desk’. He knew all along, and he watched the six guys fucking me, he kept quiet".

Bob squeezed my hand and said, "Call him, invite him to dinner Friday". "What, call Mr. Strong"? Bob said, "No, call Jason, that black man. Invite him to dinner Friday night". I stayed quiet and began pulling on bob’s cock before taking him into my mouth. "Oh, my God baby, you are so hot," Bob said, "You‘re going to make me cum". I just sucked harder and took more of his cock into my throat.

Yes, I was hot. My mind was picturing Friday night with Jason in my own home, with my husband here. How would I act? Should I attack his body like a teenager? How bad would his cock stretch my pussy? What did his cum taste like? Is my husband really giving me permission to fuck a black man? Suddenly, Bob’s cock swelled up and began to throb. Soon he was pumping his cum into my throat and I pictured it as Jason’s cock erupting. I squeezed Bob’s balls to get all his cum, to milk him dry.

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