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I am 37 years old I have been smoking Cannabis since I was 14. I smoke for both recreational and Medical use. I have severe Back issues and also PTSD from an Assault in North Saint Louis. Because of that I have High (no pun intended) Anxiety, Depression, and I tend to become reclusive because of these issues. When I smoke, I Become more outgoing I am not as depressed, and I do not have the anxiety issues except in extremely large Crowds Like Ball games, Hockey games...etc. I have been on Xanax which does nothing except bring me down to a state where I don't want to do anything really. I still Take my depression medication and ADHD meds, but that's it. I can still smoke while I am on these meds there has been no ill side effects. The only negative thing I have to say for the ADHD meds is that I didn't eat as much and I lost weight and lost it quickly. I went from 200lbs. to 150 in 6 months. smoking while on the the ADHD gives me back my Appetite and I love to cook and eat. My favorite Bud is Sativa as it does not make me tired. I like to be awake and alert and have my wits about me. with the Sativa strains I can do just that. We were going to have the medical marijuana laws on the ballot this November. But The State decided that it would not have mattered what the vote would have been, (either Up or down) they were going to stop it due to Federal Laws are against it no matter what. I do Know Illinois Has medical Cannabis but I don't think I can get a card for Illinois. I am just a stone throws away from there. If anyone knows if it is possible for me to do that without being a resident i would greatly appreciate the help.
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