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Bob stood there in the doorway, face glowing like a beetroot, embarrassed at this abuse. His mind was still racing with terror, confused at why both Sue and Anita were led on the bed under the duvet? Both ensured the duvet never dropped below their chins. ‘What are they hiding?’ He thought. When he stepped forward to find out as Sue piped up, wagging a finger at him.

"Ah Aaa, tut-tut, instructions, let us see if you followed them to the letter."

Bob Stopped in his tracks. The last part of the written instructions was that he wasn't to approach the two until commanded.

Sue's arm appeared from the side of the duvet and picked up a small key fob from the bedside cupboard. Her hand pointed it towards Bob and there was a click of a button.

A quiet buzz broke the room’s silence and Bob jumped out of his skin. Once more the two girls screamed with laughter, keeping the duvet covering all but their faces.

"What the fuck, Sue? Wasn’t it bad enough that I had to shove that up my arse?"

The girls settled down and after some spontaneous giggling fits Sue could speak coherently. Once more there was a click and the buzzing stopped. Poor Bob’s shaft was struggling to stretch the spandex further.

"Okay Bob, you’ve done enough, I do love you and it seems you still love me too. Don’t blame Anita she didn’t mean to say anything, I caught her off guard. So I had better explain that I too have fallen for Anita’s wonderful exotic charms. But I think we need ground rules ... and as it seems I am a day and a half behind the curve, I have the upper ground."

Bob looked befuddled and nonplussed, still wondering why the girls were hiding under the duvet. Anita and Sue looked at each other, smiled and nodded, then threw the duvet to one side. The two women were both clad in matching red lace underwear and stockings.

Bob gasped and absorbed the view. Identical low cut bras, suspender belts and crotch-less knickers with red lace stockings. His eyes dodged between the matching pairs of knickers. One pair exposing bare skin with a small limp shaft peeking through, and the other pair displaying a shaved narrow hairline arrow pointing downwards. Sue’s passion killing bush had gone. She looked delicious along-side Anita, the two contrasting in size but both complementing each other and raising his lust.

Bob forgot his written instructions and threw himself onto the bed between these beauties, chuckling. As happy as a dog with two dicks. Wrapping the two women up in his arms, hugging them, and planting kisses on them both. The girls both hugged and kissed him back and each other ... celebrating the successful conclusion of their plan.

Sue couldn’t contain her excitement as she didn’t want there to be any secrets between them. "Bob, don’t blame her for telling me, it’s a long story, but she would have kept your secret. Anita is just wonderful, I sort of made her tell me, and she has shagged me rotten all afternoon. She has agreed to stay with us tonight, but only if you are nice?" She beamed at Anita and Bob, kissing them both.

"So ground rules Bob. Before you get any form of satisfaction, you must first satisfy Anita. This will be your penance. I choose positions and orientation of any engagement, and I get a choice of who I start with. Whether that will be Anita or you Bob... I think that gives me home advantage?" Sue was grinning, being very pleased with her negotiating skills.

Bob shrugged in capitulation, smiled and said to Anita, "See, I told you she was lovely."

Sue then whispered something in Anita’s ear, Anita acknowledged with a nod and a smile.

"On your back Bob, head over the edge of the bed. Now you can only touch Anita." Sue instructed. She had a wicked smile on her face that worried Bob. Sue knew one thing that the old Bob would hate, but will he now?

Bob had to rotate around, so his feet were facing the headboard and his head was just over the edge of the bed. So he was looking up at Anita, who looked upside down. Her limp sausage dangling over him, Bob guessed what could come next, but this new Bob was looking forward to it.

"Bob, suck Anita’s lovely sausage, so she can face fuck you." Sue was triumphant, surely Bob would never agree to this?

Bob’s hands reached out to Anita’s hips and pulled her to him. She widened her foot stance to lower her little shaft down to him. As Anita’s limp member entered Bob’s lips Sue squealed in delight, "Suck her until she rewards you, Bob."

Sue couldn't believe she was seeing her butch, testosterone pumping, husband sucking off the beautiful Anita. He was obviously doing a good job as Sue could see her shaft stiffening, growing, and Anita smiling ecstatically back at her. Sue could feel her loins ache and her own wetness grow. She had wanted Bob to have a challenge. Sue was now suspicious over what had exactly happened in those preceding days, as Bob didn't seem as bothered by having Anita in his mouth as Sue had hoped?

She sought and found the remote and pressed the button. A muffled Buzz came from the butt plug deep inside Bob. Bob's hip rose in the air in shock, but his hands wrapped around behind Anita's cheeks, pulling her in even tighter. Sue could see his face cheeks concave inwards, he was sucking her alright.

She watched Bob's manhood fighting the tight spandex, desperately trying to grow. Sue's wetness and lust grew, watching the scene play out. Seeing Anita being pleasured was exciting Sue the most, as her hand drifted down to her own wetness of desire, sending shivers of excitement down her spine.

Bob felt a fingernail drag along the length of his pumping, throbbing encapsulated shaft. Anita, you lovely woman, he thought. He massaged her cheeks with his hands, sucking at her now nearly full-grown shaft. Then felt the spandex hot pants being tugged down. The butt plug vibrating away was inside him was unbelievably exciting; he had never had that kind of deep excitement.

His hot pants were tugged down, past his hips and his big soldier burst free to stand to attention. A hand wrapped around it, but Anita’s hands were holding his arms? Sue? Then a pair of lips wrapped around his soldier’s head. ‘Sue?’ He thought, surprised by this new turn of events.

Anita was leaning backwards to thrusting her shaft into Bob’s mouth. Bob, even with his eyes open, only had an upside-down view of Anita looming tall over him, her pert breasts still trapped in her red lace bra. Bob being amazed and shocked, now realising that this was a new Sue, with her lips enveloping his soldier, moving up and down.

Now knowing this, Bob knew he could not last long, he just hoped that neither could Anita. Then Sue's lips left his upright soldier. He felt the bed move around his hips, then he realised Sue was straddling him. Her hand guided his soldier's head. He felt her wetness, her warmth, then it all enveloped him and her weight sat onto his hips.

None of his workmates would believe he was having this style of a threesome, every man's dream, but possibly not in this configuration. Even if he could have picked a choice, it would have still been with these two lovely women. He was a dog with two dicks.

Sue rocked back and forth on Bob's tall soldier, with her lingerie rubbing against him, adding to the sensual overload. He tasted Anita's pre-cum, opening his eyes to look up to see Sue's hands-on Anita's bra, squashing and teasing her. He saw them lean together and kiss, not a peck but a passionate celebratory kiss.

He felt Anita pulse, thrusting into him as she came spurt after spurt into his mouth, forcing him to swallow her reward. Sue was now thrusting hard back and forth, Bob felt Anita's fingers leave him and arrive between them, reaching to Sue's clit and vigorously tease Sue. Bob felt a surge from deep within him and a wave of pleasure as he released himself into Sue.

Sue screamed as she spasmed under a barrage of pleasure and came, stifled by Anita kissing her, "Arrgh, Mmmmff, Sclurp."

The three remained locked together until Anita broke the spell by pulling away from Bob and helping Sue off him. Bob rolled over and swapped around to join the two women in an embrace.

"You enjoyed that way too much, Bob." Sue scolded, but the smile and kiss gave away her delight. Sue wedged in between Bob and Anita, whilst they smothered her in kisses. She felt she was the queen of the bed, feeling the two deflating wet shafts on her as they shared kisses.

They led together, warm and sweaty, then Bob’s stomach growled. "Are you girls’ hungry?"

"Famished," Sue answered.

"I’ve worked up an appetite." Anita agreed.

Bob got up and headed for the Shower, "I’ll have a quick shower, then how about we try the posh hotel up on the cliffs for dinner."

Bob returned from the shower to find Sue and Anita curled up together under a sheet, almost asleep.

"Come on sleepy heads," Bob said, kissing Sue on the cheek. Anita got up and encouraged Sue up, then led her by her hand across the bedroom to the shower.

"Oh! Miss Stephens." Sue laughed as she followed. Bob was puzzled but assumed that was Anita’s surname.

Bob had waited in the lounge for ages, stomach growling with a cup of tea in hand, watching some inane TV film until finally, the two ladies were ready. They looked lovely in their new purchases. They coaxed Bob out of his couch and three walked up the hill along the cliff to a hotel with views over the ocean.

Being relatively early, they could get seats by the window to appreciate the view. They continued from where they left off at breakfast earlier that morning. Their conversation covered everything, but nothing in particular. Sue told Bob all about the shopping trip with Anita. She went into depth about the assistant flirting with Anita.

The changing room part of the story carried some artistic licence, of how Sue advancing on Anita, jealous of the shopping assistant's flirtatious attention. They applied a little more artistic licence to their return to Anita’s apartment and the sequence of Sue’s afternoon's sexual exploration. Avoiding any mention of Miss Stephens. The story stirring Bob’s loins, with Sue and Anita blushing in sequence.

They made plans for the following day. Tides times had now crept forward to earlier each day, so Bob and Anita were going to rise early to surf for a couple of hours. This would allow Sue a lie in, as a result, Sue wanted to choose the afternoon’s activity. She used to horse ride, and she had seen a local riding school that did pony trekking. Sue went online and booked the three of them on for the 2 pm trek.

Anita was excited as she had never ridden a horse before. Bob's opinion was that they were terrible, unpredictable beasts that you can't control. Sue won him over with the promise that the next day they could visit the castle up the coast or try the quad bike trek another farm offered.

Anita was happier than she had been in any previous relationships. Any possible cracks in Sue and Bob's relationship were mended. Their marriage saved, and all three had discovered new desires and learned more about themselves. She wanted this holiday to last forever.

The hotel didn’t rush their meals, so they had ample time between courses to chat and drink. By the time they were ready to leave, the restaurant was busy, and the sun was going down. Bob paid, and they walked out into the cool evening air. They walked the long way back down the cliff to the harbour where they had a nightcap. Bob checked his tide times, and they popped to Anita’s holiday apartment for her to pick up her bathing suit for tomorrow.

They walked through the throng of clubbers back to the apartment. Sue had a whispered chat with Anita, to admit to Bob that they were exhausted and wanted an early night but no plans for sex. Bob whilst disappointed was pleased for some recovery time too. Anita and Sue sat in bed reading or checking social media on phones. Bob made them coffees and retired to the lounge to watch a Clint Eastwood spaghetti western for the millionth time.

By the time Bob was ready for bed, the bedroom light was off. In the darkness, he could see Sue and Anita asleep spooning. Bob stripped and slipped under the covers, also in a curled position, backing in until he felt Sue's warmth behind him.

In the night Bob stirred to find Sue’s arm around his hip and unusually her hand lightly resting on his limp manhood, whilst she was still sleeping. He didn’t want to move and possibly wake her, so dropped back off to sleep.

Later Sue and Anita also stirred, both rotating, swapping so now Sue spooned Anita. Neither was fully awake, but Sue’s hand drifted to Anita’s crotch and her limp sausage. A warm glow ran through Anita as she felt the tender light touch and Sue’s lips kiss her on her shoulder. She felt Sue’s hand meander, playing with her. Whilst her other hand, whose arm Anita’s head rested on, stroked her naked breast. Sue was still half asleep and acting out a brief fantasy with Miss Stephens.

Anita led there slowly, waking, nipples erect, as her sausage continued to grow with Sue’s gentle touch. She was sore and empty after a day of pleasure, so she decided to repay and pleasure Sue instead. She slid around, rotating to face Sue, waking Sue a little, and slid her leg between Sue’s thighs.

"Shhhh Sue, it’s ok, it’s still early." She whispered, kissing her. Sue’s head now nestled on her arm and that hand’s fingers stroked her shoulder and back, tracing light lines across her with her fingers. Her other hand teased her inner thigh, Sue’s legs spread a little. She teased her tender shaven bonnet down towards a damp pleasure purse, her finger slipping in.

"Mmmm Anita," Sue whispered, Anita, kissing her nose then her lips. She was warm and tasted of sleep. Anita slid down whilst teasing her palace entrance with her fingers. She sucked and nibbled Sue’s nipples, kissed her stomach. Planting kisses as she trailed to her bonnet where her tongue licked her trimmed track of hair. She teased her way down her route mapping hairline, guiding her tongue further down to Sue's palace lips.

Sue was enjoying her early morning wake-up call rolling onto her back and widened her legs to allow Anita to settle in-between. Her tongue continued to tease her pleasure trigger, tasting Sue's fresh wetness.

Bob stirred again as the predawn light defined the bedroom. He heard the moaning alongside him and opened an eye to see Anita's head between Sue's thighs. He lifted his head to watch Sue's hand guide Anita's head and her other holding Anita's hand to her breast. Bob didn't need further encouragement for his shaft to ask for some satisfaction. Not wanting to disturb the women, his hand stroking his hard shaft.

Bob saw Sue’s eyes closed while she focused on the pleasures being feasted upon her. Anita’s eyes closed in focus on her tongues’ endeavours. Bob in his wildest dreams had never envisaged watching another woman pleasure his wife, but here they were, with Sue softly moaning.

Anita opened her eyes to see Bob watching goggle-eyed and playing with his stiff shaft under the bedsheet. Not wanting him to perform solo, she walked her knees up the bed raising her bum cheeks in the air, arching her back she waggled her bum invitingly to Bob.

Bob noticed the change in profile and the cheeky waggle of Anita’s peachy rear. With her mouth hidden under Sue’s bonnet, and nose resting above, he saw her raise her eyebrows as a hint of an invitation. Slipping off the bed, he sought the bottle of lube on the bedside cabinet.

Anita shivered as Bob kissed and licked around her rear entrance. He drizzled lube along her peach valley and slid a finger along and teased it into her winking star ringed flower. He slowly delved his finger in and out, adding a second finger, both of them enjoying the anticipation of the pleasure to come.

Bob drizzled lube onto his stiff shaft, setting the bottle to one side. Withdrawing his fingers, he slipped his shaft into Anita, easing in, pulling back then easing deeper in. This was the first time he had entered her without a condom, and the contact was far more sensuous. Bob held Anita’s hips as he slowly impregnated her, looking over her shining lubed peach cheeks to see her hair flowing over Sue’s thighs. His eyes drifted upwards, to see Sue gripping Anita’s hands to her ample breasts and her eyes closed in bliss.

Anita moaned with the pleasure of both giving and receiving, "Mmmm."

This broke Sue's spell, opening her eyes to watch Anita licking her out. She was surprised to see Bob behind, obviously now inside her. Sue could feel Anita tensing with excitement and she felt her wetness increase, knowing that once more she was part of an erotically coupled threesome. She had a grandstand view of what she now knew Bob and Anita had done that first day, and it excited her. Anita's tongue inside her and hands on her breasts gave evidence that Anita was also enjoying being the filling in the sandwich.

Bob slid slowly in and out of Anita’s tight velvet tunnel, the lube intensifying the experience as his naked shaft eased in and out. He caught Sue’s eyes watching him, her gorgeous body laid out before him, tensing and arching. Whilst Anita played her like a human instrument, blowing and sucking at her pussy whilst squeezing and tweaking her boobs with her hands.

Sue licked her lips and mouthed to Bob, "I love you. Fuck her, Bob, fuck her." She smiled, her mouth open, anticipating the building orgasm inside her. Anita was now sucking and licking furiously feeling Sue’s body tensing knowing what was coming. Bob shocked at seeing Sue’s approval and encouragement, increased his thrusts into Anita, Sue rewarding him by grinning as Anita doubled her efforts on her in unison.

Sue’s body spasmed flooded by a wave of orgasms and screamed, "Fuuuuuckkk Yeeessss," As she thrust herself into Anita’s face.

Bob saw the resulting climax of Anita's tongue pleasuring his wife and then felt Anita's climax as her velvet tunnel crushed onto his thrusting shaft. Knowing the two women were now enjoying the fruits of their bodies, he released his climax to flow out into Anita.

Bob remained locked into Anita as she squeezed the last drops out of him. Anita relaxed her love tunnel’s hold on Bob. Sliding up between Sue’s thighs, leaving a trail of kisses to kiss her passionately on her lips as Sue wrapped her legs around her. Bob's deflating shaft now released, flopped free. He could see his cum leaking from Anita and her leaking cum from her limp shaft. He leaned in and ran his tongue up her peach valley to tease her star ringed flower, tasting himself. His hand held onto Anita's shaft, gently milking the last of her juices free.

Anita and Sue rolled side on, pecking kisses, allowing Bob to slide up behind Anita to spoon her, whilst kissing her neck and leaning across to kiss Sue.

Anita had had group sex before, but it was always more aggressive, fraught with sexual power struggles. This had been different, more spontaneous and relaxed. Whilst she started this holiday in a failed relationship, was this ‘Menage et trios’ actually the solution to her loneliness?

Bob pulled the bedsheet over them and the three of them calmed and fell back asleep.

Bob’s phone alarm woke him, so he & Anita rose early having a light breakfast. Jam and toast with a couple of cups of tea, they slipped out trying not to wake Sue. Outside waiting was a nice crisp, chilly summer morning, promising warmth later. They went to the same surf school they had used before and sorted out their gear.

Today they had timed the tide perfect as it was on its way in, creating much larger waves than when they had their lesson the other day. Emerging out onto the beach, Anita was full of trepidation. Bob felt braver having surfed the previous day in similar waves. Being early the beach was empty, occupied by a few dog walkers and joggers, but in the waves held more surfers, taking advantage of the tide.

Whilst Bob was encouraging Anita out into the larger waves, back in the apartment Sue was returning to bed. Feeling lonely, she had gotten up, having heard the two leave earlier. Dressed only in her bedtime baggy T-shirt, she was now returning to bed with a cup of tea and her latest romantic storybook loaded onto her phone, just some free download trash.

She still felt weary from so many orgasms the previous day. She had never had or wanted so much sex. She could only count the previous occasions she had multiple orgasms on one hand. Yesterday was apocalyptic in comparison, feeling she had lived her own fantasy romance story. What more could a woman want? She had finally achieved her childhood dream of the love of a beautiful woman and kept her beloved man.

She quietly tried to read her 'Janet and John' style of girl meets boy romance, but felt it sanitized and just wouldn't do today. Her mind drifted back to the early hours of the morning. To be woken in such a way trumped any of her romantic novels. She replayed the previous day through, including her discovery of Anita and her own passion and desire. Her loins awoke and teased her with a desire to repeat the highlights. Eyes closed, her hands drifted down, between her thighs, to her inner self for a little 'Sue' time alone.

Normally, if she had been in that frame of mind, this would have been enough. But now, after this awakening, the means for even greater satisfaction were available. She got up and rummaged through the detritus of the previous evenings passion, finding what she wanted to sample. She then hunted through their discarded shopping bags from the previous day finding an additional toy to sample.

Wrappers cast aside, and batteries inserted. She visited the bathroom and with some sanitising hand fluid cleaned her chosen toys, dried and covered them in lube. Stood in her baggy T-shirt she tried to insert the butt plug Bob had been humiliated by and her first few attempts at insertion had her in giggles. How on earth did Bob get this inside him? When she was about to give up, she spread her legs by cocking her leg onto the toilet seat and it popped in, far further in than before.

It felt strange at first, with her standing in the bathroom. She could feel it up inside her, thankful that it was only a small training plug, but it felt like a Soyuz space rocket. Heaven knows what a big one feels like? She enjoyed walking with it inside her, at first walking bow-legged like a cowboy, until she felt ready to walk normally. All kinds of fireworks were exploding and firing off inside her at each step, making her way back to the bed. Once led back down, she pulled the sheet over her as a security blanket and slipped both hands down to her thighs. Closing her eyes, she tried to drift back to Sue's 'happy place,' meeting Miss Stephens on the way.

Sue’s hands were soon augmenting her fantasy as they sought her erogenous zones. Holding her charged, freshly lubed, new blue silicone toy, she traced her middle finger’s familiar path down to her pleasure button. She teased herself using its soft length, passing it along her soft lips, feeling the soft texture.

Her spare hand palmed her boobs, teasing her fingernail over her aureoles, and tweaked her nipples to offset her pleasure. Her loins were now aching for more as her wetness broke through onto her toy. Her usual tingles of pleasure weren’t enough. Dare she switch it on? Her boob hand slid under the sheet to the blunt end of her toy, just one click, to bring it to its lowest setting first. She held her breath in anticipation, a low buzz and a light vibration built up through her hands.

Sue first massaged her bonnet with her toy. As she acclimatising to this unfamiliar sensation, she ran her toy over the edge to greet her waiting wetness. She shivered with the fireworks that grew inside her as she slid the silicone along her petal lips. Changing her hold on the toy, she inserted the rounded blunt end between her waiting petals and worked it along with her wetness, teasing her pleasure button first, then moving on to her inner entrance.

The vibrator slipped in easier than Sue expected, its shaped head sending vibrations through into her inner core. Her instincts thrust her hips up, highlighting the butt plug filling her insides, causing Sue to squeal. This was new, feeling her back door full whilst she was knocking on the front, but she liked it.

Her fingers slid her toy deeper in. She reached to try the next notch on the volume switch but her nails slipped and she felt 3 notches accidentally click by, as a wave of fireworks replicating a supernova flowed over her. Feeling an orgasm build and wanting to experience both toys to the maximum, she hunted for the remote on the bedside cabinet.

She worked her silicone toy further in, feeling far bigger than it looked. This was like lighting the blue touch paper on your big boomer firework, but being unable to stand back at a safe distance. With one hand on what felt like the space shuttle in her front door and the other on her remote for Soyuz at the back door. Sue stole herself a deep breath, closed her eyes and clicked the button on the butt plug remote.

She felt her insides pulse with pleasure before hearing any buzzing sound. She thrust her hips to clamp her inner muscles around the two invasive vibrating rockets. Wave after wave of orgasm rushed over her as she engaged various muscle groups inside her pelvis, sampling multiple pleasures of self-pleasuring with these toys.

Finally, in one huge spasm of climax, she screamed out loud, "Fuuuuck." Yanking the shuttle out and casting it aside. She hunted frantically for the remote, lost in the sheet, as one last orgasm curled her into a tight foetal position. `Click’, the button brought stillness to the bed. Sue exhaled with relief. She had lost count of orgasms and was exhausted. Only now realising how loud she had been moaning now the room was silent.

Lying still for a while, she realised she needed the loo. Grabbing the shuttle, she rushed to the loo. Squatting over the toilet seat, she cautiously pulled the butt plug out and dropped it into the sink with its partner. Thankful that she hadn’t messed herself, she sat and relieved herself. Sitting there she relaxed, exhausted but also in the satisfaction of enjoying the little bit of Sue time her toys had brought her.

Bob and Anita returned to the apartment later, glowing not just from the physical exertions of surfing, but also the exhilarating cold water and excitement. Anita was pulling her wheelie suitcase with her remaining effects from her holiday apartment, leaving it empty.

They found Sue dressed, feet up on the sofa, dozing in front of daytime TV. A cold cup of coffee on the table and her phone still in her hand, slumped by her side. She had cleaned the apartment, leaving empty drawers and cupboards open for Anita to use. Bob jumped in the shower whilst Anita unpacked, leaving Sue to sleep.

To Be Continued *******

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