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I say her name and there isn't a response. I look under the duvet and see that she is gently stroking her hairy pussy, whilst squeezing her breasts ever so slightly. I mean well what a sight to see. I continue to watch her elegantly play with herself. Whislt watching, she starts to talk in her sleep, 'stretch my pussy baby, fuck my little hairy pussy like you've never fucked it before.' Slightly shocked and extremely turned on, I start wondering if she's thinking about me, wondering if it is my dick that she is enjoying in her sleep. After thinking about it for sometime I fell asleep and when I had woken up, she was right in front of me smiling, with her leg on top of me and she started to kiss me. Shortly after, I asked her about her dream, and I told her what she was doing, she simply replied, 'my dream was perfect and its going to come true tonight, you'll see baby. Now eat my pussy before we get up for work.'

My wife was constantly doing this, maintaining her pleasure and her pleasure only, god knows how long it had been since I had been inside her; but I thought to myself that will be coming true tonight. Anyways her pleasure to me was always more important and I loved seeing her moan.

We both had showered together and not once did she touch my dick, it was simply hands on her and make sure she is satisfied. After showering we dried off and moisturised and then I laid down on the bed and watched her get changed.

There was this rule that, if she is wearing a skirt to work, then no underwear is to to be worn, with or without tights, and she never wore a bra to work anyway, she was always adamant about it. She put on her white blouse and tucked it into her black skirt which was just a little bit longer than her ass. She then after went and got the heels she was wearing to work and put them on, in front of my face, knowing that if she bent over just a little bit her ass would be on display.

Our lives were busy, but we ensured that we both always made time for eachother. At breakfast she told me that if I'm back before her, then she will be getting a delivery of her toys, which were specifically meant to be in our bedroom before she got back. I told her that I may be finishing later and that she should change the delivery time. She said 'nope, baby I want them today', whilst lifting her skirt and turning around. She had asked me to eat her ass and put in her princess plug.

Throughout the course of the day, I kept on dewelling on what she was thinking about in her dream and why she was so adamant about her toys. She sent me some pictures of her ass whilst at work, which made me so turned on.

I walked into the house and saw that her heels were on the floor by the door and I asked if she was home, I heard some moaning coming from our bedroom and I crept towards it, maybe she was just playing with her new toys.

As I looked through the door, to my amazement she was on the bed with her legs spread open and having her pussy eaten whilst sucking on another mans dick. They all saw me and continued, my wife said whilst gasping for air, 'hey baby, do you like my new toys? Two big strong black men, with massive dicks all for me' and grinned.

I couldn't breath, but I was so turned on and jealous. Is that what her dream was about? I snapped out of the thought I was in and watched her. I watched her as they both made her into their possession and made love to her in front of me. Stretching both her holes, making her into their slut, fucking her hard, whilst spanking a choking her. She never looked more pleased and satisfied with life. She then gasped, 'baby, come suck on my toes, while these to men fuck me and cum inside me'. I froze, the thought of her getting cummed inside of, made me ache but she was loving it and if she needed it, she could have it I guess.

I went over to suck her toes, and knelt down and started to suck on them. One of the guys, slapped her across the breasts when she refused to turn over. It seemed that the more she refused the harder she was getting fucked. The other guy chuckled and then said to her 'You're having my a baby, you little whore', she grinned and replied, 'I wouldn't have it any other way sir,' whilst looking at me.

He was going to fill my wife up. What the fuck. He was hers, and I couldn't do anything about it.

She came. Squirted everywhere. They just didn't stop, they made her ache. She was their whore. Their, bitch and no longer mine.

One of them came on her face and she smiled as she received his load, licking her lips as if she had not eaten in several says. Whilst the other said to her 'I'm cumming inside you, you're having my baby.'

She then sat up and made sure they're dicks were all clean whilst looking at me. One of the guys demanded her to shave her pussy for tomorrow, and said to her it belongs to him and what he says goes.

They left, after both slapping her face and ass. My wife looked so exhausted. She looked as if she had been working for hours upon end.

After finally coming round she sat up, covered in cum and said to me 'I love you baby, and Im going to shower'. She gave me a kiss and then left.

I sighed and went to go clean up myself. I changed the sheets etc and got into bed. She strutted back into the room and looked at me. Her pussy, was cleanly shaven. The pussy that had been hairy for me, since the age of 18 had been shaven. She lifted the duvet and laid down on top of me and just said 'baby, I'm having his baby, I'm their whore and will be from now on. I love you and you're still my husband, but I need be their whore and I want it.' She kissed me and then fell asleep.

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