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I arrived on the Friday night but most new guests arrived on the Saturday. On the Saturday night there was a meet and greet party given by the resort as there were quite a few singles booked in for the week. At the party I met a guy who attracted me.

During discussions he mentioned he had seen me riding a golf cart earlier in the day and asked as ther is no golf course where had I been.

I explained that there was a beach about two kilometres up a track which was part of the resort facilities. It was also a clothing optional beach and as I enjoy that I had, spent a few hours up there and it was possible to hire a cart for the day to do so.

He commented I have never been to one – maybe you could show me.

I said if you are game then I am.

We spent quite a time together at the party and became quite good friends. We had a few drinks and some time on the dance floor and I considered he may be a good thing for a week – somebody I could spend some time with rather than alone. There were quite a few activities available at or near the resort and going alone is not much fun. Having looked over the crowd he was probably the most suitable guy for me as far as age was concerned – most were older couples or much older single men – sugardaddy types. There were a few groups of girls – mainly friends but they were teens and looking for a wild time, by the looks of things and I thought if I don’t make a claim to him – they will.

The next day we met and went to the beach – it was quite amusing as when we got to the beach there were a few people already there and bare. He was a bit embarrassed at having to bare it all. He was a bit reluctant and as I stripped bare I said look I have seen it all many times- I won’t be embarrassed. He said I will.

I said have you got something the others haven’t?

He laughed and said I will probably if I expose myself.
I said it won’t happen – for some reason guys don’t get erections at nudist beaches unless they play with it. Go on – you won’t have a problem.

Then he dropped his swimmers and I must say I was impressed. He had a beautiful cock – perfect for what I may have in mind.

I pretended to take no notice of him, lay out my towel and said – I am going in for a swim why don’t you join me – you will enjoy it. He was a bit reluctant so I took his hand and said come on – nobody will even notice you – except me.

We swam for a while and he did say it was a new sensation for him and far better than he imagined. The surf was great.

I said and even better in the raw. He sort of blushed and smiled that knowing smile.

We spent some time on the beach chatting and reading and I learned a bit about him as he did me. We were both unattached and have had affairs and had no plans to settle for a while. I never revealed my reasons for never wanting to marry etc – I could not remain faithful to any one person for any length of time.
We went back to the resort for lunch and I said I would be having a siesta after lunch as it looked like there would be another party tonight and I wanted to be fresh. I said I will meet you in the bar for a drink before dibber and see what happens afterwards.

He said I could not think of a better plan, and I had what I believe was an even better one and it included him.

During dinner and the dancing afterwards I used my female charms to make sure he did not need to look any further for somebody to share his week with. He said I have something to tell you when I kept referring to the rest of the week and my plans included "us". He said I have my brother and his girlfriend coming up for the weekend and we had planned to spend some time together. I am sure you will be welcome if you feel so inclined.

I said time will tell – lets enjoy ourselves and cross that bridge when we come to it.

He soon found out what plans I had for him and as the evening was drawing to a close. I suggested we go to my room for a drink before bed. What I didn’t say was I had planned it to be us in my bed. I had seen that morning something he has that I wanted to try.

When the last dance was announced at about mid-night we danced and I cuddled into him – I said I have not enjoyed myself as much for ages and the night is young. There was no sign of the teenagers – I had no idea where they had gone.

He was quite agreeable to coming up to my room – I had a balcony and we could sit and sip champagne in the balmy air for a while I suggested.

When we got to the room – I excused myself – went to the bathroom and took everything off and just put on the bathrobe. When I came out I could tell from the look I got he was very happy. I suggested that as there were two robes in the room – he may feel like doing the same. He was a bit reticent but agreed and went to change. When he came back he had obviously showered and he too wore a robe.

We talked a little and said what a good day we had had together and he laughed and said I am glad I didn’t disgrace myself.

When the champagnes was empty I said will you do something for me.

He said for sure – probably thinking I wanted him to open another bottle.

I stood up and said – Kiss me.

Oh god he said - that’s one thing I won’t refuse and he stood and we kissed ----and this time he did disgrace himself – I could feel him erect beneath the loose gown and then it forced the gown apart and made its appearance – He became very embarrassed and I said – don’t let it worry you – it’s flattering to me. I have no problems with it that way.
I let the gown slip off my shoulders and stood naked in his arms. Then I did the same to him and now both gowns were on the floor and we were both naked and kissing and I could feel his hardness and knew I wanted to make sure it wasn’t going to be wasted.
I said thank heavens it’s still warm I wouldn’t want to waste that and gently guided him to the bed as we kissed.

As he lay there I kissed him in ways guys like to be kissed – ear lobes and cheeks then I slid down to his nipples and kissed them and began to move further down- he said ‘are you sure’.
I said never more positive – shut up and enjoy.

I had his penis in my mouth in a second and he moaned as I covered his cock head and rubbed my tongue around the rim and gently put my fingers around his shaft and gently stroked him as I liked and sucked him. I fondled his balls with my other hand and again he made murmuring sounds to show me he was enjoying every moment of my attention to him. Then I slid my hands up his body and gently rubbed his nipples – many men don’t realize they can be as erotic to them as they are to women.
Oh god he said – go gently – I am about to disgrace myself.

I bit his cock to kill the feeling – I didn’t want him cumming yet.

Shit – he said as it hurt him a bit and he soon lost the urge to ejaculate.

I said don’t worry you will impress me with that later – I want this to last a while longer and then moved up and said – is it possible you can return the favor and spread my legs over his body and offered my vagina to him to lick.

Can we change places he said – I can do it better down there.

I lay on the bed and he swapped places with me and began to give me. a great oral servicing.

I said now this is not the first time you have done that. You are no novice.

No he said – I have had some experience and I have never had a complaint.

I said and there won’t be any from me either – you are good.

After he had dried me out and aroused the little bud I rely upon to bring me to the exquisite pleasures of orgasm. We both realized sex was the next thing on the menu.

He asked – are you ready as he began to position himself between my legs.

Never more so I said – ever since I saw your beautiful penis at the beach this morning – I have thought about it a few times since – and now I am to get my wish.
I lifted my legs and spread them for him. He took his cock in his hand and guided it toward my waiting vagina and put the head of it just between my lips and looked at me and said ready.
Never more so, I said – let’s fuck.
His cock was perfect for me – about 8 inches long and quite thick – circumcised and it looked beautiful as he pressed it between my lips and I watched as the beautiful red helmet then the shaft entered my body and I could not only see the erotic penetration but feel the firmness and the pressure as it slowly spread the walls of my tight vagina and slid gently into me until there was no more to take in. He was right up me and it felt awesome – I could feel the tip of it deep inside me.

When he was right up inside me – he lay down and said – you are perfect – you have the tightest pussy I can ever remember. It feels awesome.

I have been told many many times how tight I am – I have had more sex than I can remember and it is evidently a feature of having sex with me in that I am tight and after so many cocks in there I am still firm and tight.
We began to fuck – long and slow – gently and lovingly. He said are you happy with it this way – I want this to last. I can’t remember enjoying being with a woman like this before.

I said keep it going for as long as you like – if I cum don’t worry if I am enjoying it I can cum twice before the guy if he can last. I hope I can do the same for you.

We fucked for the best part of 20 minutes and I enjoyed every moment – he was good. During our time together we talked of people had slept with and some of the more interesting experiences. He had a few affairs and making love was not a new experience. It seems like me he started young and has had a lot of experience. The first time I came he let me enjoy my time and he made no effort to bring himself off. He just kept himself inside me in a way that enhanced my orgasm – he was good.

Then we fucked a while longer and he noticed that I was making the moves of a girl who was about o have another orgasm and he said – I would like to cum with you, is that OK.

I looked into his eyes and mouthed the word Yes.

He lifted his speed and force and within a minute I began to grunt with each stroke and he began grunting at the same time as he cock spewed cum into me. FFFFFUUUUCCCCKKKK…… I said FFFUUUCCCKKKK………. MMMMEEEE………HHAARRRDDD. We were both in the throes of enjoying a mutually agreeable orgasm – we were both cumming together and he had me by the nipples squeezing them as he pumped his cock into me and filled me with his warm wonderful semen – I could feel the difference in the friction of his cock inside me after he had unloaded his full load into me – it was awesome.

My heart was beating and he lowered himself down onto my body and I could see the veins in his neck pumping and I knew his heart was racing as mine was and we were both out of breath. Our bodies slid together over each other as we were both covered in sweat. It was a magnificent orgasm for both of us.
After he softened and slipped out of me – I said I need a pee and he got off me and I walked o the bathroom and as I went he said – not only do you fuck well – you have a beautiful ass.
I felt flattered.

That night we made love four times and each time was as good as the one before or better.
I said you certainly have had a good tutor.

He said the same one as you evidently – I haven’t made love to a woman as good as you for a long while – and she was married.

We lay together and finally went to sleep. When I woke the next morning the doors were open and the sun shining in – he had already woken and had a glass of orange juice ready for me. He was standing there naked at the end of my bed and looked beautiful – by the look of him he had also showered.
I said you haven’t wasted any time.

He said I wasn’t sure what you had in mind when we woke so I am ready for anything.
I said I want to remember last night for a while – and this is day two we have five more to go.
He didn’t say anything.

For the next couple of days we were inseparable – it was breakfast – beach (nude one) and then lunch. After lunch it was siesta (and sometimes sex) and dinner and dancing afterwards and then bed and more sex – we sucked and fucked our way through two or three hours every night. The both of us were made for fucking – we had sex in every imaginable position and we giggled and grunted through it every time. Our sex was something special – we both loved it and neither of us got tired of it – we would fuck three and four times then have a rest, and more often than not get into it again. I had not cum so many times since I was teenager and took on three or four boys in a day. At the end of four days my guess was he had come a bucket full.

On the Thursday night after we had been in bed for an hour or so he said I want to tell you something.
I wondered what was coming next – he seemed more serious than I had ever seen him. Shit I thought he doesn’t want me to marry him – oh fuck.

Then he said tomorrow things are going to change – I sat there waiting for the big announcement.
My brother is coming up for the weekend. How would you feel about me spending time with him? I would have to tell him about us.

I said providing you spend time with me over night I can’t see a problem – is there something I should know.

When I made the arrangements for the week he felt it would be good for the two of us to spend some time together. There are a couple of family problems and we were going to try and sort them out between us – it may take some time.

I said so long as it doesn’t stop us sleeping together I can put up with the days on my own – that’s how I saw things before I came here – you were an unexpected delight and a treasure I didn’t bargain on. I came here for R&R and got S&F – suck and fuck. I am not complaining just don’t leave me in the lurch.
He said fine – just leave it to me - I will organize for all of us to have dinner together Friday evening and we can sort things out – believe me I don’t want that pussy to get cold or go begging for it in some other place.
Friday came – things were a bit tense and then the brother arrived – unexpectedly with a girl – that wasn’t in the plan I learned.

Dinner was fairly sober affair with the two brothers talking and his girl friend Jane and I making small talk. It was difficult as there were a few years between us and we didn’t have a lot in common. The question" How did you meet Jack" was easy – here- and we have had some good times together already.
Let’s hope we can all have a good time she said and winked at me.

Lying on the beach the next day Jane and I were talking about some of the experiences we have had. When I mentioned a relationship I have had with another girl she asked me – Are you Bi. I smiled and said "just a bit".

Then she said I have never kissed another girl – what is it like. I leaned across and kissed her full on the lips and slipped my tongue into her mouth. She hesitated for a moment then responded. Being naked it was easy to touch her nipples and that began the next story. A bi sexual and very interesting week of sex – this time teaching the brothers how to enjoy bisexual relationships. The boys being brothers were a bit concerned when we expected them to have oral sex together – incest was mentioned and I said you only worry about incest when pregnancy is possible – go for it. Watching them take their brothers semen in their mouth was hilarious – but that’s all in the next story.

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