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Then she started waking toward me.

Samantha asked, "Can you help me move my picnic table so that I can mow under it. I’ll let you look down my blouse. I’m not wearing a bra."

I had a confused look on my face. She had never talked to me like that before. She was a fine looking woman though.

Then Samantha said, "I saw you looking at my clothesline. You seemed very interested in my black lacy bra and my thong panties."

I looked over at her clothesline and said, "They look pretty and very sexy."

She said, "They look even better when I’m in them…and I look even better out of them. For instance, I’m not wearing a bra. When I lean over in this top you can see both of my firm breasts, areolas and pierced nipples, clear down to my pierced belly button. I’m not wearing any panties either. That way, in these tight stretch pants you should be able to see them tucked nicely into my pussy lips giving you the best camel toe that you have ever see before. If you look closely you should be able to see my piercings down there too. Well, a couple of them anyway. You would need me to remove my pants and spread my legs really wide to see the rest of them."

I asked, "What has gotten into you today?"

She replied, "Not you. Not yet anyway. But I’m hoping that you want too. Shell we start with the picnic table or just go straight to me with my legs spread?"

I replied, "Look Samantha, I really want to get into your pants. You seem to want me in there too. So would it be all right if we took it a little slower? I want to look down your blouse, so lets move that picnic table."

Samantha giggled and walked in front of me, twitching her ass in an exaggerated way. I smiled and then she turned to face me on the other side of the table.

She asked, "Are you ready? I’m about to lean over and my blouse will balloon out perfectly for you. I know because I’ve practiced it in front of a mirror."

Then she leaned over as she grabbed a hold of the picnic table top. Her shoulders were back and that neckline did exactly what she said that it would. I got to look at both of her firm B-cup breasts. They were completely tanned with no tan line. Her nipples were hard and there were two silver posts sticking through them. Her areolas were just the perfect size and color. Her tummy was flat and there was her pierced belly button. It had a silver bell dangling. Her top also allowed me to see how her tight stretch pants had molded themselves around her pussy. I could not see her camel toe but I was sure that it was there for me to see later.

After a few minutes we moved the picnic table and I watched her push and pull her lawn mower to cut the grass. She put the lawn mower away and then she lifted her arms up high over her head to pull the garage door down. That was when I got to see her camel toe. It was worth the wait. The pink fabric was tucked in quite far and I did see two small balls poking at the material along the sides of her pussy.

I asked, "Can we go inside to talk some more, over a drink?"

Samantha said, "It’ll have to be at your place. I drank up all of my booze."

I smiled at her and she added, "Hey I like to drink a bottle of wine when I take a long bubble bath. I lit several candles and put on some soft music. Then I drink and I play with myself while I think about letting you fuck me. I think about you a lot these days. Your wife…"

I snapped, "Ex-wife."

She continued, "Your ex-wife used to tell me what a great lover you were. Especially after I told her how shitty a lover my last boyfriend was. She loved to rub it in. If you hadn’t gotten rid of her I might have. What a bitch."

I smiled at her, placed my arm around her waist and headed her toward my house. I said, "I’ve got lots of booze but my bed hasn’t been made or my sheets cleaned in a few months."

Samantha said, "If everything goes as I expect it too…I’ll have to wash them twice and hang them up next to my blouse and pants."

I asked, "What is it that you expect?"

Samantha said, "To stay naked for the entire weekend and to have you ravish me constantly. When I go home Monday morning I want to feel used and abused. I want to need a douche, an enema, and to take a nice long bubble bath before I go to work. The owner doesn’t want his waitresses to smell like sex unless he was the one to make us smell like that."

I said, "It sounds like my weekend is going to be busy."

I handed her a glass of wine and watched her sip it. Then I reached down and grabbed her blouse at the bottom. Then I started pulling it up. She put her drink down and raised her arms up over her head.

There she was topless in a tight pair of pink stretch pants. Her breasts were magnificent and I loved her pierced nipples. At least she didn’t have any in her face, other then in her ear lobes that is.

So she sat there and we talked about our ex’s. Samantha liked sex, she really liked sex, all kinds of sex. She liked anal, she didn’t mind being tied up and handcuffed, and she liked sex in public with the chance of getting caught. Samantha was the perfect woman. We had lived next door to one another for about five years but we had our own lives and hardly ever talked before.

After her third glass of wine I said, "The next glass will cost you your pants."

Samantha stood up and waited for me to remove then like I had her blouse. I stepped in, hooked my thumbs into her waistband, and started pushing them down. I had to move my thumbs around because they fit her curves like a glove and that woman certainly had curves. I got them over her hips, over her fanny, and then I knelt down and put my face inches from her crotch. That camel toe smelled delicious. I lowered her pants and I watched as her bald pussy came into view and as the material pulled away from her pussy folds. I pushed them to her ankles without even looking away from her pussy. Those two silver posts were nice to look at. I helped her step out of her pants and then I asked her to sit and spread.

She laughed and said, "I paid for a glass of wine and I want my glass of wine. If you want me to sit and spread it’ll cost you another glass."

I got up and brought her two glasses of wine. In fact I brought in bigger glasses than the one that I took out. In essence she got three or four times her original one.

Samantha held them both and then she sat and spread for me. Her pussy was moist and her outer lips opened like the pedals on a flower. Inside she had two more piercings in her inner lips and another one in her clit. She had a dozen piercings and they were all filled with silver.

Her clit was larger than I had normally seen and she said that having it pierced made her super horny all of the time. Her hole was open and there was a small puddle forming. I decided to give it a kiss. The kiss was nice and the smell and taste were fantastic. That led to me French kissing her pussy. She loved it and so did I.

She drank both glasses of wine as quickly as she could and then grabbed my arm and said, "Stick it in me. Stick it in me now, right here on the couch."

I undressed and slipped my hard cock into her steaming hot pussy. She cried out and then she humped up at me. This woman wanted it and she wanted it bad. I was sorry that I had made her wait so long for it. She was having her third orgasm while I was filling her pussy with my cum for the first time.

That was the start of a beautiful relationship that got us through the next thirty years as husband and wife.

Our first weekend together was everything that Samantha thought that it would be. As for me it was much more than I had ever thought about. We had sex in every room in my house. I got to cum in her mouth, in her pussy, and in her ass. I got a hand job and I got to fuck her tits. She let me tie her up, spank her, and even piss on her. There was nothing that Samantha wouldn’t do or try.

The End
I’m Not Wearing A Bra

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