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I am a domestic violence survivor diagnosed with Complex PTSD, I have multiple herniated discs, osteoarthritis, DDD, lesions on my brain from severe migraines since I was 4 or 5. I have had many chances to die with their chemical combinations. What I went through emotionally,mentally, physically was traumatic in itself. I thought I'll start feeling better soon and I would get worse! I was raped during that time by my husband of 3 years! The ramifications for getting caught with cannabis is too much. So, I took the slow route to becoming an alcoholic because it was "legal". It took a short stay in an amazing rehab to be safe. My health was absolutely in jeopardy!! The stress that has come with watching parents pass away from a disease that could have been prevented with the availability of a substance known to have multiple cures and applications!! The abuse that I have endured my entire life!! I never abused their damn pills but I get accused of seeking a high when all I want is relief?!?!!!! I NEVER had an addiction until I was 35 and it was alcohol!!! I had been around it all of my life!! Never had a problem!! Then SHTF and I'm in constant pain and I am terrified of Dr's. I hate saying it over and over and they sit there looking at you like you don't know what the hell you feel in your own body!! Come on!! No, thanks!! I was granted authority over my own body by God. Not a governement!! When a government encourages the murder of thousands of babies but not the safe application of a plant While they poison our food too!! We have a major humanitarian crisis on our hands and nobody wants to see it coming!! It's already here!! They've been injecting us with cancer with the nifty vaccination movement!! Scare them so they'll go willingly like sheep to the slaughter!! Wide is the gate that leads to destruction and too many people are on that path! Peace & Love to everyone spreading knowledge about the cure!!
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