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I am 100% disabled. since 1990. I have chronic pain from the 30+ broken bones, from domestic abuse. I have Chronic Anxiety and Chronic PTSD, with multiple triggers. I've been over prescribed narcotics, and turned them in many times, within a week of getting them. I have systemic neuropathy, 8+ ruptured discs, scoliosis (30o curve beg, S2 to L4), spinal cord narrowing and impingement throughout my entire spine. My jaw has been broken twice, my nose 4 times, my cheek bones once. The bones on the backs of my hands have been broken twice. All of my fingers have been broken and dislocated numerous times. All of my ribs have been broken multiple times. I have brain damage from asphyxia. I lost O2 to my brain for almost 4 minutes, from being drowned (by a human). I had an IQ of 162, since being tested in 5th grade. I'm still intelligent, I just have an incredible problem with short term memory. I've lost many memories, since 1990. It's been 32 years, and it's not getting easier. I am having such a hard time finding the correct indica strain, to help me. I've had a Caregiver, who I never really knew what they were bringing me. I'm not WEED educated. I do know that indicas work best on my nerve pain, constant muscle spasms, lost sleep, nausea from pain, anxiety and getting triggered. I don't really know if this is what you wanted for information, but I can edit. I have tried a dispensary, and it's so expensive to find out that something doesn't work. I prefer edibles, because I have COPD from broken ribs, than were taped in the 80s, and reduced the size of my rib cage. I have osteo and rheumatoid arthris. My shoulder sockets and balls are shot from being dislocated so many times. Getting them popped back in hasn't helped them either. I have calcific bursitis, from bone going into my upper arms. I've had pieces of bone that have 'chipped' off, dissolved with Ultra Sound, once. It just sent more shards into my upper arms. They feel like someone has their knuckles in a dark purple bruise 80% of the time. A thermometer has been run across my upper arms, and has been 2-3 degrees, many times. They're both swollen much of the time. I've been in an electric wheelchair for almost 10 years. 95% of the time, for the last 3 years. I have been put on anti-depressants 3 times now, for my neuropathy. Each time, I gained over 70lbs. I lost it twice. But this time, because my back and arms are so messed up, I can't dance or use my Gazelle machine, like I have done before. My shoulders dislocate easily, and the pain makes me nauseous. I can't pull myself up with my arms, they will dislocate frequently. I am tired of getting knocked out, with meds, to have them reset. Doesn't matter what they knock me out with, it wakes me up. My shoulders and hips were dislocated in 1990. My hands and feet taped together, behind my back, and hung on a hook, for 8 days. I want to FEEL like I survived all this abuse, physically. My head is screwed on straight. I haven't been in a MH unit, since I was diagnosed in 1990. I was 32 years old then. I'm proud, that at 58 years old, that I've never had drug addiction nor misused them or alcohol problems either. I need some help folks. I "live" on SSDI. what a laugh. I can either get pharmacy prescriptions almost free, that mess my body and mind up. I am struggling to be able to find a way to be able to find a way to afford Medical Marijuana.
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