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Currently seeking employment in the new and budding Cannabis Industry here in Oregon. I have over twenty years experience in customer service and am a twenty year member of the Cannabis Culture. I prefer Sativa-heavy hybrids or straight Sativa on the weekends and couch-locker Indicas mixed with a high-CBD for night-time pain relief.

Did you know that in order for the federal government to make something illegal, Cannabis, for example, that a constitutional amendment must be passed? An example would be alcohol in the 20's... An amendment was passed making it illegal and prohibited, then another amendment had to be passed to strike down that amendment. This was never done with any other plant or drug, thus robbing the people of due process of law.

Cannabis became "illegal" in 1937 when the Marihuana Tax Act was passed, which required tax stamps on all cannabis grown, processed and sold - no stamps were ever printed (on purpose), so all possession of the plant, even hemp, became an offense.

The voters of Oregon made a decision to legalize freedom in 2015. A choice that will echo throughout the country as we slowly begin taking it back from the political dynasties that have held power for half a century.

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