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According to the leading proficients from the site https://writemypapers4me.net/blog/controversial-topics/ - interesting controversial topics, “When a person places the proper value on freedom, there is nothing under the sun that he will not do to acquire that freedom”. - Malcolm X.

Yes, being free and see all the black Americans free was one of the biggest desires of Malcolm X. He believed that any means were good for achieving freedom.

Perhaps, such belief is the main reason why some people feel rather critical about this Civil Rights Movement activist. However, one thing remains obvious – Malcolm X wanted to see black people in the United States happy.

You have a chance to express your attitude to this person and his ideas when writing an essay on Malcolm X. By the way, do you have any good ideas on how to complete this task? Have you come up with some creative approaches to writing your essay on Malcolm X?

Some students think that retelling his biography, inserting a couple of quotations will be enough for papers on Malcolm X. We do not think so, and if you agree, we can help you make a creative essay on Malcolm X.

We suggest you to make your essay on Malcolm X in the form of an interview and ask the most disturbing questions.

Here are several examples of questions you can ask and answer in your essay on Malcolm X.

Why have you changed your surname into X? What does it mean?

What do you think about Dr. Martin Luther King and his approaches to gaining rights and freedoms for black Americans?

What has changed after your trip to Mecca?

Questions like that will help to cover the most important events in your essay on Malcolm X and express your opinion about this person and his ideas. Do not forget that your paper on Malcolm X can be backed up with his quotations, speeches, etc.

Essays in French Literature: a Simple Guide to Writing

French literature is an amazing world of exciting novels, beautiful poems, incredible fiction, and many other fascinating works of French authors. And this amazing world is going to be the main topic of your next written assignment. We also recommend you to read the article "How to Write a Video Game Review" - view details.

We are not surprised that you are here looking for some tips and ideas for writing your essay in French literature. It is really not that easy to make up your mind on a particular author or work.

Well, in this article, you will find several hints on how to pick a good topic for your French literature essay. Right now, let us give you recommendations for preparing a perfect essay in French literature.

Do not select authors or works of French literature that you do not actually understand. You know, works of some French authors are quite complicated. Thus, better do not choose them as the basis of your essay in French literature.

Your essay in French literature, like any other paper of this kind, should include quotations. It would be great to insert quotations in French.

Finally, we can pass to our hints for selecting the right topic for your essay in French literature. Before you get down to work, think over the following aspects.

French literature history

What we mean is that you should define a certain period in the history of French literature. Then, choose an author within that period and write about him/her in the essay in French literature. Here are some examples for you:

18 th century: Voltaire, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and some others ;

19 th century: Victor Hugo, Stendhal, Emile Zola, and others;

20th century: Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus, Jean Genet, etc.


What do you like most: poems, novels, or fiction? A certain genre should also influence your choice of a topic for essays in French literature.

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