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Tears were now in her eyes, there was also a pause. She thought about the holiday
in Spain she had booked for them both.
"Jane we have both tried, but I find it hard now." He did not want to say it, but before he could
even think about it, Jane asked bluntly "Is there someone else?"
"Well, to be honest, Jane, myself and Maureen, I did want to tell you but..."
"And how long has this been going on?"
"About six months, I think, I am very very..sor.."
"You bastard, you have been saying you were going to guitar lessons, but you were ...."
She banged the phone hard and cried ,everything that came her way was thrown in all
directions, be it a vase, be it an unwashed coffee mug, or even a cushion. Until her eyes
came to a framed picture of her and Graham. She smashed her fist hard on it. The glass
shattered. Her hand started to bleed.
This thirty one year old cried like a child, no friends, and now, no lover. She looked
in the mirror. Her blonde hair was a complete mess. She tried to hide her bleeding hand behind
her back. She convinced herself she was ugly. It had to be that, what else could it be she
thought? Okay fair enough, she was'nt fat, she had a good figure. She then started to think
that she was'nt ugly after all, it must be her personality. Friends lasted for short durations then
ebbed away, boyfriends did not last much either, but it lasted with Graham the longest, for
almost two years, then bang.
She woke up in the morning, huddled on the settee, hugging the very cushion she
threw last night, her hand hurt a bit, but stopped bleeding. She found the dried blood
revolting. She quickly ran to the bathroom , washed and nursed it. She did not even look
in the mirror, she stripped off completely and was about to shower when the doorbell rang.
It was the postman, wanting a signature no doubt. She did not bother covering up. She
simply said "Morning"
"Oh sorry, it was just a signed....oh my gg." The middle aged man could not believe his eyes.
"Thank you" she said matter of factly, unperturbed.
She then shut the door and smiled. Why did she do that she thought? Your ego you little cow,
she said to herself. The man's look told here she was not ugly. She looked at herself in the
mirror now, she now admired her naked body. She was on a high, and was going to get
ready, cancel that holiday for a start then take it from there.
She explained to the young girl at the travel agent why she had to cancel the
holiday, there was no way she could go.
"I am very sorry madam, but our policy states cancelled holidays are not refundable
unless there is a bereavement or illness."
Tears were about to swell in her eyes, she muffled out a very faint "Please".
The young girl held her hand, and whispered to her to perhaps go with a friend?
She lifted her handbag, nodded and left. What friend you stupid little cow? She thought
as she walked in the street.
She phoned her parents that evening to let them know. But that conversation was not
worth the call. They both indireclty blamed her. They said Graham was the nicest of all her
boyfriends, and she can't keep doing this. She argued like hell with them, until she slammed
the phone hard,again. Twice in 24 hours. She did not tell them that she was going to offer
them both a holiday in Spain. She wondered what it would be like going on her own. Maybe it
would do her good, get away from this crap. She had booked her leave already at work, her
passport was ready, she had shopped too. A tear left one of her beautiful blue eyes. It was'nt
until she felt it on her cheek she realised she was crying again. She wiped her cheek and got
up. She cooked, ate ,watched TV, cleaned and dusted, but completely naked.
When she arrived in Spain, she loved the sunshine almost instantly. Her hotel was
secluded, yet within reach of the town, easy access to shops and restaurants. That was
useless, because for the nine days she stayed in her hotel room. Room service for all
her meals. A young man brought her meal last night, she tried to find him a tip, but apologised
because she had no change. The young man, smiled and said it was okay, and said she was
so beautiful anyway. She smiled and said "Thank you". Okay she thought, my looks are okay,
it must be my crap personality then. She masturbated for a while, then she not could stop. It
occurred to her, that she was so horny.She got up, put on a thong, bra, sandals and a very floral looking dress.
When she was at the bar, sipping her gin and tonic, she wondered how she looked. She saw some group of females, and smiled at them, none of them smiled back. Fine, fuck off you bunch of young cows then. She turned back to the bar and got herself an orange juice, and then she noticed two men on her right. She secretly checked them out. Yes, they were good looking. She noticed the group of females looking at them too, smiling and giggling.
" Hi, I am Sanje"
She turned to see a bronzed hand at her, she shook it and said "Hi".
"And this is Vijour"
She said hi again, her legs were like jelly now. Not out of nastiness, but just to look away for a
while, she looked at the group of females, who were not smiling or giggling.
"And your name is..?"
"Oh sorry, I am Jane, Jane, sorry I am not quite with it !" She laughed, they did too.
She chatted with them for ages, almost two hours, now sitting , several orange juices, gin
and tonics. They were both intelligent.
Then Vijour asked, rather, coyly, "So which one of us is goodlooking?"
"Oh now that would be telling !" She eyed them both. And then, jokingly or not jokingly she
said "I like you both". Both their mouths dropped. Then Sanje, told her she was such a sexy woman. Too sexy almost.
When they got to her room, Sanje locked the door. That made her scared. They did
nothing, they both stood on either side of her, breathing deeply. They are waiting for approval
she thought. She kicked off her sandals, and slipped her dress over her head and off. She had
only her thong and bra on. She went over to Sanje, looked up to him and moaned "please". She
ripped open his shirt, buttons flying and frantically kissed him ,her hands all over his chest, then on his back.
"Take it off,.... please" she whispered, she then turned to Vijour, who was now breathing so
deeply, she could feel his heart thud. She kissed him on his already bare chest, she was now
sandwiched , she did not know when her bra and thong came off, or who took them off.
She faced Sanje again, who sucked her nipples, she kissed his head, as Vijour was
on his knees kissing her ass. As she looked down she saw Vijour rubbing his cock.
It was thick, and uncircumcised, It looked beautiful she thought. She had Sanje's cock in her
hand, it was longer, but thinner. Both men had thick pubes, which she loved. She once went
to a male strip show on a hen night, but hated the stripper's huge but shaved cock.
For ages they foreplayed with her hungry body, she relished them too. Vijour lifted her up now, and put her lying on her back on the coffee table. Sanje, pushed both her knees apart and took long up and down licks on her pussy.She now started to moan softly. Vijour straddled her face and offered his cock to her mouth. She admired it, she had never had uncircumcised cock, so she played with its foreskin, pulling it back and forth, then took it in her mouth. She relished on its musky taste.Vijour moaned and lifted his head up as she ran her hands up and down his hairy stomach , felt his hard ass cheeks and done magic with her tongue and mouth. She was gobbling his cock as if her livelihood depended on it. Vijour was in total ecstacy now, holding her head. Her own orgasm was well overdue now with Sanje snogging her flowing pussy. She felt Vijour tense and knew he was about to come, but she could not get him to take his cock out of her mouth. Vijour sensed this and moved his cock out of her mouth, and Sanje's tongue work made her cry out with a a whimpering orgasm. She looked at Vijour’s cock. "Fuck everything and everyone" she sobbed loudly. She frantically took his cock in her mouth and sucked it hard. Vijour lifted his hands in the air and groaned. Sanje wasted no time. She felt his cock enter her, and gave a stifled moan. She felt Vijour tense again, she wanted to take his cock out, but she physically could'nt. She then felt thick hot salty fluid flood in her mouth, at the same
time she felt hot fluid pump deep into her pussy. Vijour withdrew his cock out, she gasped for
air and gulped, and then realised she had swallowed Vijour’s come. And Sanje had come in her pussy. Its too late now. She looked at them both, she started to masturbate.
"No, ..don’t go yet" she told them. They both knelt beside her and sucked her nipples until she rubbed herself to another orgasm. They both lifted her, and she hugged them both, and cried. Sanje, the taller one kissed her on the head. Vijour kissed her shoulders and back.
Her worry was how to tell them she desperately did not want them to go, and was also worried about having had unprotected sex. She wanted to shower, wash it all off. As she went to get towels, Sanje said that was electric and the best sex he has had, Vijour nodded. But then, Vijour reluctantly asked if she done this a lot, because she was a very sexed woman, and he enjoyed it all ,but was worried. She told them that she broke up with her boyfriend and fell out with her parents over it. She was normally not this sexed. But could not stop herself, even now talking to them, she felt she had not had enough and wanted more. They were both single, thank goodness. Could they stay longer? She pleaded. She did not want to sound as if she was begging, but could easily have done it if required. They both nodded, Vijour reluctantly. Jane noticed this and went over to him.
"Look, I am really so sorry, I am not normally like this I assure you , I am no slag, its just been hell, it so …." She could not find the right word, when Vijour put his arms around her "Its okay baby, its okay, its just I don’t like sharing a woman, but for you I will make an exception! "
"How many days are you here" Sanje asked her.
"Tomorrow, then I fly back day after tomorrow" she said with regret, she should have done this the first day she arrived . She forcefully told them not to talk about her to others. Not to show off to others about her,like men do. Not to kiss and tell. They agreed.
She knelt down, and ran her hands on Vijour’s thighs and kissed them. She then wasted no time and started to suck him. She heard Sanje come over behind her and felt him tap his rigid cock on her shoulder. She sucked him too. It occurred to her that she had not sucked Sanje, and now had a detailed look at his uncircumcised cock too. Come to think of it, she had not been fucked by Vijour.
She pointed at Sanje and asked if he could watch but keep himself ready and amused. She grabbed Vijour’s hand and took him to the bed. Vijour lifted her up and kissed her so romantically she felt the emotional side of sex, he put her on the bed.
"Please Vijour…..please make me feel good…..please…fast and hard…we have less time"
Vijour climbed on top of her and fucked her with ferocious passion. As he pounded her, she reached down his back and groped his ass. Then she came again. Vijour then rolled over, and lay on his back, she immediately understood and got on top of him. Jane turned to Sanje and waved him over. As she straddled on Vijour’s fat cock grinding him, Sanje rubbed her face with his cock. She snogged his pubes, and hairy balls. She loved that.
As she was on top of Vijour, she wandered where Sanje went to, she then felt a finger on her anus.
"No, please, not there, okay"
Sanje said sorry and stopped. She then felt his tongue on her anus. Now that was out of this world for her, as she was getting fucked and her anus getting licked ,this caused no delay in another orgasm. She was in total heat now, no limits.
"Sanje, can you get some oil from the bathroom please" she winked at him.
When Sanje came back, both men wondered what she had in mind, maybe some massage or something .
"Try again, but be very slow and gentle, okay, you get one shot at this, if you do it too fast you blow it" she ordered. She liked to feel in control of this whole activity.
As she lay on top of Vijour kissing him , she looked at his face and thought how ruggedly handsome he was. Vijour caressed her body, as Sanje, massaged her ass cheeks and in between them, relaxing them as much as possible. She now lifted herself off Vijours cock, and was kissing his hairy chest, as Vijour played with her tits and nipples. Her ass was now in the air. And that was perfect for Sanje, who now inserted a finger in her anus, always retracted it to massage and relax the surrounding area. Then two fingers, again back and forth. She thought, this is going to be it. She never had anal sex before, but if she ever will, it will be with this guy, he is going real s-l-o-w and she is getting foreplay too. She then felt three fingers. She climbed onto Vijour again, Sanje’s cock was long but thinner. "Do it now, or never".
In a few moments she had never felt so filled. She hardly moved as she was crammed with cock. The subtle vibrations of both of them felt strange. Then as she felt more relaxed, the thrusting fom Vijour below became more meaningful, Sanje too was now fucking her ass as opposed to just being in it. As she lifted her head in ecstacy, Vijour groped her tits and pinched her nipples, and she instantly had a thundering orgasm. The men, also started to get frantic, until Sanje shot a load inside her anal walls. Vijour started to thrust faster from below her, she whispered to him, "come on Vijour, give me it baby, give me it really fuck me……please"
Vijour shot his load in her pussy, and cried out, he then kissed Jane’s face allover. She laughed and smiled. She gave them both a convincing "thank you" and clapped her hands. She continued to clap her hands and stood up on the bed. "A standing ovation" she laughed. They both kissed her beautiful legs. She heard them say "shower", and she was carried into the bathroom. The trio showered, rubbed soap on each other, laughed and giggled. They both dried her first, then dried themselves.
"I will never forget you guys, ….never"
"You are an angel" said Vijour, kissing her on her forehead.
"But above all, you have a fantastic personality" said Sanje.
She looked at him, kissed him, and hugged him tightly. They were all naked as she hugged and kissed them, but there was no lust, just human and humane longing.
They both promised to see her tomorrow evening after work. They again, of their own accord ,promised not to talk to others about her, at all. She was a jewel, to keep and admire, not show off to others. That would risk them losing it. She felt so flattered.
She phoned her parents to tell them that she was in Spain having a holiday, and was well. They both were very apologetic. They said they loved her no matter what she done in her life. All this seemed to make her stronger. She felt invigorated. During the rest of the day, she went out to town and shopped. She was looking forward to going back home tomorrow, she felt so released. She knew she had to work on a few things about herself, and she would do it. She knew she would never meet men like Vijour and Sanje again. But at least she did here, two of them ! She would go back and start all over again, go for promotions where possible and find a nice man too.
In the meantime, her last evening in Spain, she had as much sex as was possible within a hotel. It was better than any workout in a gym. She lost count the number of times she came that evening, also how many times they came, but near the end they could only do it one at a time for the other to get a rest. But each time they came, she let them come on top of her body, in her mouth or pussy. Anal was not done again, her choice and they complied. Her most erotic moment was when she was sucking Vijour whilst getting doggy style from Sanje, and they both came together, Vijour on her face and Sanje having pulled out and came all over her ass and bare back. She still masturbates thinking about that moment after she got home. Sanje’s come shot with such ferociousness when it hit between her ass cheeks. Although not actually done, she masturbates a lot thinking of them both coming on her as they stand and she is lying getting their come on her tits and neck.
For a while when she got back home she know she could carry on with life without any men, she loved masturbating, especially with here two vibrators, one was shorter and fat ,and the other one longer but thinner, which she sometimes tries in her anus. They fucked her body, not her personality. Definitely not.

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