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She is a tall petite woman with a hot curvy figure with long brown hair. She is so proper, in fact, that I decided she must be hiding ragingly dirty side underneath. She is a eye doctor. I slip a envelope with $1,000 cash to her reciptionist for personal information on her. My appointment is her last one. I asked Alison to join me for drinks and dinner, she told me she never went out with a patient. I told her it was not a date, just a nice evening out. I asked her to meet me at The French Room for cocktails and dinner at 7.
Her black hair draped across her cheek as she leaned forward. Each time she shifted closer, something seemed on the verge of happening. I could smell her, or at least I thought I did. It made me breathe deep. Despite myself, I wanted to be grab her. I wanted to smell her again but can't find the scent of flowers warmed by body heat. The absence sent me back. I tried to continue the conversation, but she has moved across the room.

I whispered to her that my apartment was just a few blocks away. Alison is not sure what came over her because she surprised herself with her response. " Yes," She said, the word freezing me in my place. We went up in my private elevator. I flipped the light on and led her to the bedroom where I kissed her for several minutes, feeling her body all over, and grabbing at her ass with a firm grip that left her skin stinging a bit with each touch. I slipped the straps of her dress off her shoulders and dragged it down her torso, descending with it to my knees, her nipple in my mouth, then the other. It just feels so good to have a man's hands on my body again, it has been so long. Up until this point, I had only existed within the confines of her imagination. But this is now. I'm here and I'm hers. Next she feels me kissing her hip bone, and taking off her panties with my teeth as I knelt before her. " Please lick my pussy," She thought, but did not say it. She feels all her blood rushing there. She worried she would cum without me even doing it. Instead, she feels me get behind her and I turned her to face the bed. Alison hears me unbuckle my belt and take down my zipper. Why had he turned me around? She wanted to get a look at his cock that she had been missing for years. She felt it but she wanted to see it. Still, she let me lead. My hands on her shoulders, I bent her forward so that the top half of her body is resting on the bed, her feet on the ground. Alison braced for my big cock to enter her from behind. To her surprise, she feels it moving up and down gently between her ass cheeks but not inside her yet, my balls grazing her butt with each stroke. My hot breath is on the back of her neck, a sensation she has always found intensely arousing and predatory.

She feels my wet mouth now on the nape of her neck, I kiss her, ever so slowly, continuing all the way down the length of her back. Everywhere my mouth touched left her tingling with anticipation. She had to remind herself that this was not a boy, it was a man, and I'm going to take my time and do everything right. She stopped rushing this and just enjoy it. By the time I reached around to her pussy and entered her with my fingers, her body is in such a state of arousal that she is shaking like a leaf as I continue to trace her body with my lips. It took another several long minutes before she feels my tongue slide between her ass cheeks. She instinctively arched her back so that it is finally on her aching clit as I ate her out from behind. Alison's head is spinning a bit from the alcohol, she can still vividly recall the intense pleasure I'm bringing her, my fingers penetrating her from behind, moving rhythmically inside of her as she dripped with wetness, feeling sensations in areas that she had forgotten existed. Alison had never been with a man that was an artist with seduction and foreplay, my tongue now inside her as my fingers caressed her engorged clit in the most toe-curling way. In what seems like seconds, she had yielded to the most intense, crashing orgasm she had ever had. But I wasn't done.

Her upper thighs utterly soaked, she turned around abruptly to beg me to stop and let her collect herself a minute. Alison hung her limp arms around my shoulders and kissed my chest, her legs so weak from cumming that they felt like they would collapse beneath her. " Stop...John...I can't let you continue...I have not been with a man in a long time." " Stop," I breathed, sitting up abruptly. I wrapped my large hands around her neck. I'm back to my serious self, and it scared her. " You're a naughty girl wanting to be fucked...Your horny...Teasing me then stopping and saying no...I'm not finished with you yet." " Please no...stop...please...let me leave...it was mistake for me to come here." She begged. I begin stroking my cock with an urgency that she had never seen a man do before. I suddenly grabbed her forcing her to turn around and lay face down on the bed. " Tell me that again?" I growled. " You're a very bad little girl...you're very horny?" Suddenly my heavy weight forced her upper body down onto the bed and my rough, wet tongue licked the side of her face. Confusion intruded on the dreamy pleasure. Then she feels my hard cock against the back of her upper thigh. Utter shock filled her thoughts as realization of what is happening hit her. Alison struggled to get out from underneath me to no avail as my cock hit her again. She is too weak! Her mind screamed in horror as she realized she is helpless.

" John!" she pleaded in her most commanding voice. " John stop!" Another slobbery lick coated the side of her face at the same time as my cock slides over her butt cheek. " No John!" she cried helpless trying to ignore the strange aching. " I don't want this! Please!" Heat surged through her body and her nipples throbbed in rebellion to her words. A warm liquid suddenly coated the inside of her left thigh followed a split second later by my monster cock, larger than the purple vibrator she uses, spreading her pussy lips, before running up between her butt cheeks. The sensation stifled Alison's crying. Her rebellious pussy throbbing with longing and her body unconsciously arched moving her pussy into position. " No John..." she moaned into the comforter. My next thrust brought the tip of my cock into position between her swollen lips. Alison feels her pussy open willingly around the tip as her ass lifted even more, squirming with anticipation. Sensing my victory, I pushed forward. Alison groaned with pleasure as the huge head popped into her wet, aching vagina. It is bigger than the massive vibrator! A second later, I lunged forward again, my huge, impossibly hot cock pressing past where the vibrator had gone. My huge cock seems to be expanding in size, filling and stretching her vagina, but still her butt squirms wanting more.

" It's too big!" she hears herself moan as her slutty body pressed back into it. The huge cock that is stretching her formerly virgin pussy starts to slide out and an odd sense of loss mixed with the relief that I was finally obeying her. It was a brief thought, because a moment later she cries out as my huge cock lurched forward violently opening her up even more. Alison is sobbing as my cock came to rest against her cervix. The pain is so intense she thought for a second that she might pass out. Just as the intensity of the pain begins to lessen, I pull partially out, then thrust in again. The agony is only slightly more bearable this time. " John please!" she breathed, " I can't...get fucked by you!" Again I press myself inside of her to the hilt and pull back. Alison didn't know when her screams became moans, when she gave into me and reveled in what I was doing to her; time seems irrelevant. Her body responding of its own will as the pleasure builds. She feels her firm tits sliding across the comforter and found herself pushing back into me even harder than she had, overcome with the desire to be fucked. She became aware of my belly rubbing over her back, feeling the power of my body and basked in the feeling my hot cock produced inside of her. " That's it baby!" she cried out urging me on.

When my knot begins to press against her clitoris, expanding her ravaged opening wider with each stroke, the feeling is so overwhelming and intoxicating that she pushes back harder. With a powerful thrust I managed to press my knot inside. Alison cried out as her whole body exploded with pleasure and the orgasm ripping through her. She screams with wanton lust, her howl echoing mine. Torrents of hot cum fills her pussy. The intensity of the orgasm increased. Over and over her pussy detonated with a pleasure beyond her wildest imagination. In the midst of her ecstasy she feels hot cum running down the inside of both of her thighs; there is only the moment, the feeling of ecstasy. Alison woke up in a panicked, she looked to the side and saw that the door to the bedroom is still open. She tried to move and realized I was still on top and inside of her. The movement sent a wave of pleasure through her despite her abject fear. A moan escaped her lips. It is building again, still being tied to me. Tossing her hair back, Alison tried to pull herself forward and off my massive cock, but the pleasure doubled and her body arched back onto my cock craving more. She hears herself moaning as she rocks back and forth under me. Tears running down her face, she is now a slave to my massive cock still inside her. Alison knew it would be the end of her life as she had known it, but her body had to have more. The pleasure is building again and it can't be denied.

Putting her head down and taking a mouthful of comforter, Alison bites down as another massive orgasm rushes through her. She hears herself moaning and knew that despite her self-imposed gag, " I wasn't... well... ahhhh!" Alison managed as a pleasure filled spasm wracked her body. " This is the...first time...John." I raised up off of her, my cock slipping out of her. I went into the bathroom, Alison got up and dressed. She left the bedroom to go and leave. As Alison reached the front door, she feels a hand grabbing her arm. " Oh shit." She screamed. I pushed her towards the sofa, she stumbled falling onto the sofa. I knelt down pushing her dress up around her waist and ripping her panties off. Spreading her legs wide and burying my face in her pussy, I'm lapping away at her pussy. She sat there for several minutes watching in non belief, not even understanding how a I can be eating her pussy again. It had taken another five minutes for her to realize that she had to do something to stop me. Yet all the time I keep licking at her pussy lips with my long tongue and burying my face deeper inside of my cunt.

" Stop!!" She screams. " John stop it now." While she is screaming at me, she is trying to roll over onto her side to kick at me. Even with her kicking, I wouldn't back away. Then she remembered rolling onto her stomach and trying to get up. She made it to her hands and knees and started to push herself up from the floor when she feels my two hands land around her neck. I had climbed upon her back and I'm humping my cock against her like a wild animal. Alison is no longer in disbelief about what is happening to her. It is very clear that I'm having fucking her again. She is my bitch and I was going to spend my seed this very night. " Stop!!" She scream at the top of her lungs. " Stop you
motherfucker." She said crying. But these words worked no better than her kicking. My weight has pushed her head down to the floor but her ass is still high up in the air. She feels her dress laying around her shoulders. She feels my hands still gripping around her shoulders and she tried shifting her weight onto her right knee and tried to stand up. But this is not the thing to do. When she shifted her weight, she aligned her pussy with my cock. " Shittttttt!" She screamed. " Oh no!" I drove my cock deep into her pussy. The pain is overwhelming. My long cock is swelling inside her, my large cock head and shaft are very large in diameter now. It feels like a toilet plunger ramming in and out of her this time. I keep fucking her like the animal I am. Alison keeps trying to push me off of her but each time that she did my cock drove deeper inside of her.

Alison is now convinced that I'm not going to be stopped. She thinks she is beginning to settle in to be fucked again. Alison can't believe it but she is getting into this rough sex. It is good, and she feels her cum running out of her pussy. With my jerking, my cock withdrew from her pussy. " Thank you god," She thought. Now to get away. But she thought too long. I pulled her back to me with my hands on her waist and rammed my cock back into her. " OH FUCK!!" She screams. I impaled my cock in her again but this time I had shoved it up her virgin ass. This is new pain and it is really hurting her. Her head is pushed back onto the floor and she can see between her legs. The first thing that she sees were my legs. The next thing she sees is a stream of blood running down her thighs. Her ass is bleeding and yet I'm still fucking her with all of my might. She also feels something warm on her neck and the side of her face. My nails had scratched her shoulders and fresh blood is forming a pool on the floor. Then she feels something familiar. It is my cum being shot into her ass. I'm planting my seed deep inside her ass with my thrusting. " Get off you son-of-a-bitch, I'll kill you!!" But it is too late. I was already finished with her. I had fucked my bitch and planted my seed. But if I was done why wasn't the feeling of my cock gone from her ass?

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