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His hand sweeps across her lovely, caramel-toned, rounded hip and continues on towards its target. With a little thrill she notices just how closely Alphonse is watching her response. How she loves an attentive lover and this man is solely focused on her pleasure. His brown eyes study her face, as though drinking her in. He lies mere millimetres away, their faces almost touching. As his adventurous hand begins it's delicate probing of her pussy, Izetta can't help herself, she closes her eyes and lets out a kitten-cry. She follows her outburst with whispered, encouraging words.

"Don't stop"

Fleetingly, Izetta parts her lashes to view her lover's stubbly visage. Having found her sopping, intimate folds, his eyes are slitted and heavy with desire. Entwined, Izetta breathes into his parted mouth. Every dexterous stroke of his fingers between her thighs, stokes the passion at her core. Izetta writhes, his ministrations rob her of conscious thought. No longer is she able to find his lips with hers, though she longs to allow him to feel her fever. Instead, Izetta moans and rasps. A wanton to the desire he has unleashed with a mere touch.

The space between them, though minuscule, is too much. She mews with pent-up frustrations, wishing for the moment when he will enter her. She reaches between them and grasps his cock, wrapping her fingers around his throbbing head. He bucks into her hand, as swollen as stone, as ready as granite. She shifts. Aching. When will it end?

Sensing her quiet desperation, Alphonse pulls her bodily atop him. As she straddles his impressive frame she runs her appreciative fingers over the fine down of his dark body hair. His massive chest expands beneath her touch. He is not vain but her fingers burn him. He swells beneath her gaze. She bends her head to kiss him. She rubs his shaft using her wet centre, coating his cock in her slickness. The darkness in his eyes pleases her and she knows they will have to join bodies soon. Leaning back on his thick thighs as though horse-riding, Izetta thinks about grasping his cock and taking him into her mouth. She doesn't. The thought passes. She is unable to wait.

Alfonse is an intense man, he demands of her, greedily eliciting responses. Now, he pulls her towards his delectable lips. If she is honest, at this moment, Izetta finds no hardship in being led. She nibbles his lower lip, feeling his need strengthening beneath her. Alfonse redoubles his efforts, gasping her close. Rasping, his broad arms encircle her shoulders in an entreaty, 'Fuck Me' his eyes implore, within them the golden flecks are burning.

She shuffles her hips, ensuring when she slides home, she is in control. He's so strong, crafty, and needful that her upper-hand lasts only a few, short strokes. Beneath her, his great body musters it's energies. He holds her gaze intently as his pole rubs within her, taking amazing aim. His thrusts remain shallow. She keens for a full stroke, one that will allow her to feel the exquisite pleasure he promises in those impossibly lustful, golden-brown eyes.

He controls their fucking with dexterous strength. Izetta can feel his expert cock as it excites her most intimate of places. Within seconds her world shatters, splintering into exotic darkness that turns her limbs to molten liquid.

She pants, her beautiful skin growing sticky from exertion. Alfonse kisses her lips, their bodies still joined and thrusting. She enjoys the uninhibited, messy intimacy of it. Her face is buried in his neck. He rasps and pumps. She twists her hips towards him and rides the gesture, struggling to maintain control.

The way they play astounds Alfonse. His passion is steadily mounting, his moment sure to come. It's what she gives to him, in these unstructured seductions, that pleases him the most. Her body responds to him like no other. His touch rouses her to fire and she so clearly revels in it. The simplicity of lust. Gracefully, her beautiful body bucks and writhes, now and in their moments of exquisitely pleasurable foreplay.

The honesty and intensity of her responses stuns him. There is no hint of manipulation. Her piercing, green gaze has the power to hold him and speak directly to his burgeoning love. Izetta is more alive in these moments than he has ever seen her. 'Glorious' Alfonse thinks. He feels her pussy tighten around his ample cock and grits his teeth. He fears their fun will end.

Alfonse lets his thighs relax. Honourably, he lets her take her turn at directing their love-making. Above him Izetta continues to ride. She plies at his barrel chest, kneading his flesh in her ardour. Izetta's head has been thrown back, exposing her sun-kissed neck. Now, she meets his gaze and his thumb starts it's cheeky journey. He releases his hand from cupping her buttocks and his thick digit glides between them. Each eager thrust of Izetta's hips brings her throbbing nub in contact with his hand. She bites her lips, folding them into her mouth to hold back a scream. Moments later, unable to stop herself, Izetta releases a guttural moan.

"Ooh GOD"

His eyelids are heavy with lust as he watches her take her pleasure. Her pussy quivers, her inner walls milk his member. He can't take the strain. Awash with the sounds of her release, he claims his own, spurting his seed into her slick passage and it sets of his Minx once more. She half-squeals half-moans and writhes.

In the afterglow Izetta lies where it ended, crumpled onto his body, her breasts pushed flat against him. All legs are akimbo. Struggling to catch her breath, Izetta slides off his broad frame, to his right side. Alfonse provides a broad arm as her pillow, her flaccid arm rests across his chest.

"We ought to go". Her voice is still a pant between breaths.

Alfonse' eyes are closed. A moment passes. He turns his head and trains his unusual gold-flecked gaze on her.

"I love you", he says simply, kissing her warmly on her parted lips.

Izetta can only gape at him. She tries to gather her wits. In silence she moves to sprawl next to him, removing herself from his heat. She wills her breath back to it's normal.


"Sshhh. We can't."

She rolls, planting a firm kiss on his full, lush lips.

"We'll talk about this. Later".

Izetta gets up and begins to dress. Alfonse eyes her back in disbelief before he too sits up from the pallet and starts to assemble his clothes.

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