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When I think back it all started that night.....

I started to guffaw loudly at the crudeness of the story Nikki had just told me, I stopped laughing just as she said "..and I never saw those panties again"!, taking a moment to collect myself and refill our glasses I looked at Nikki, she sat across the table from me dressed in a cocktail dress that barely managed to hide her enormous breasts, her washboard stomach and long legs were also shown off very well by the cocktail dress and high heels she was wearing. Her face was done up with a tasteful amount of makeup to really show off her brilliant green eyes. But as ever my eyes were drawn down to her enormous bust which was currently seemingly presented on the table for me to look at. Shaking my head slightly I took a look at the time and realised it was late, I stood up fairly steadily and started to collect bottles of wine and glasses we had gone through, taking my hint Nikki stood and prepared to go, she said "thanks for a great night Callum, I really enjoyed myself" with that she turned and swept out the room regal as a queen. As she walked my eyes stayed glued to the way her ass was swinging, turning at the door she caught me staring and winked. Of course at this point if either of us had noticed her mobile phone left on the table the next week might have gone entirely different.

After she left I turned and looked in the mirror, I saw a 6 foot 4 man with a well muscled chest and strong arms. I went to a fitness trainer every week to keep myself fit. I was a high ranking solicitor for a major company and as such I pulled in a hefty wage, Nikki was my PA who was increasingly catching my eye as the weeks passed. Thinking of Nikki made my cock grow in my pants until my trousers tented. Sighing I went and sat down on my computer making sure the door was closed behind me.

I brought up a new site I found where there were hundreds of videos of masters using and abusing their slaves. I flicked to a particular favourite of mine that included piss play, bondage, skull fucking and culminated in the slave girl puking all over herself.

Clicking on the video I took out my cock and started jacking it, I began to moan Nikki's name louder and louder as the video and I came close to our climaxes. However I heard a little moan behind me and there stood Nikki. One hand had obviously pulled one of her huge breasts out of her dress and was roughly kneading it and pinching the nipple, the other hand had 4 fingers buried up her clean shaven cunt. With my body not responding my hand continued to jack my cock and after mere moments I was spitting huge wads of cum everywhere, luckily none of them landed on me or Nikki but the floor was coated.

Nikki seemed to come to her senses at this point and paled with fear, she promptly turned and fled all the way back up to her flat two floors above mine. I wanted to get up and follow her but the amount if alcohol in my body said no, instead I stumbled into bed. Waking up the next morning was a mistake. My head was pounding and I could barely move. I had brushed off the events of last night as a dream, I was sure I would never have something like that happen to me. The day passed quickly and I woke the next morning feeling normal. I got up, showered, jerked off and went to work. However Nikki was not there, without my PA the work piled up and eventually I got up and decided to take my weeks worth of annual leave starting tomorrow. As the day finally drew to a close I wondered what had happened to Nikki, after asking around I discovered that she had decided to take a week of leave as well.

I quickly walked home and climbed the stairs to my apartment, turning my key in the lock I found out that the door was already open, slightly suspicious now I slowly opened the door and what I found shocked me.

There in the middle of my living room knelt Nikki, she had applied plenty of make-up, easily enough to make her look like a common whore, she wore nothing but a tiny thong that barely covered her pussy lips. She was knelt with her hands behind her back and her chest thrust out to display her breasts. Her head was pointed down. Around her neck was a steel collar with a heavy padlock clamping it in place. On the table in front of her was a note and the spare pair of keys that I had given her when we first befriended each other. On the key ring was a small silver key, the same silver as the padlock attached to Nikki's Coller. On the note it read in clear handwriting 'hello sir, may I have the honour of being your personal sex slave'?

Chapter 2 - Two lives change

I stood staring aghast at the woman knelt on my floor, shaking my head to clear it I say "Nikki what the hell is going on", she does not reply although when I say her name she jerks a little. I quickly realise she is not going to respond to her name and with some trepidation in my voice say "so, slave would you care to explain to me what the hell is going on"?. Nikki tilted her head up and looked at me, but avoided direct eye contact, she said "well sir, after seeing you watching that video last night...I...well, I want you to make me your live in slave. I want to serve you wholeheartedly 24/7. I want you to use and abuse me as you wish and punish me when I am bad". As she finishes her sentence I feel a small smile creeping across my face, I ask "are you sure this is what you want slave"? Nikki does not respond except by just nodding her head in a determined manner. I put my briefcase down and say "well the first thing that you are going to do slave is too come over here and undress me as sexily as you can, then we are going to address the issue of you entering my home without permission, I think you may need some punishment for that".

Slave stood and walked over to me, starting at my tie she undid it from around my neck whilst planting kisses along my neck, moving onto the shirt she began to unbutton it, whilst doing this she was pressed against me and rubbing her hands over my chest. As the shirt fell off she bent her head down and licked at my nipples, finally lowering herself down to her knees she undid my pants, my this point my cock was rock hard and sprang out as soon as the pants came undone. Slave bent forward and started sucking on the head of the cock through my boxers, thus soaking the material in her saliva. Finally she had got my trousers off and pulled down my boxers, my full 7 inch cock sprang out to greet her.

Slave simple kneels on the floor in front of me and waits, deciding to take the initiative I grab the back of her head by her hair and force her face onto my cock, she gets half of its full length in at first and slowly manages to choke down more, all the while massaging my cock with her throat muscles. When she tries to bring her hands up to help her put my cock in her mouth I slap one of her large breasts causing it to bounce and jiggle. She gets the message and drops her hands to her sides. I then begin to throat fuck her and she gags, with saliva pouring out of her mouth and coating my balls and her tits. Suddenly I feel warm slop sliding past my cock. I pull out of her mouth and she vomits a huge pile of vomit onto her chest and then rest on my tiled floor. I scream at her "you dirty fucking whore". I force her to lick up all the puke on the floor and then go back to fucking her throat.And at long last after making Slave's throat very sore from the roughness of my treatment I cum, however at the last moment I pull out and spray my cum all over her face and into her hair. I say "you will leave that cum on your face as punishment for being such a filthy animal". As you turn to walk away and begin planning for the next few days you see a glint of love, lust and need in the Slaves eyes.

Chapter 3 - laying down the ground rules

On the first day of my weeks leave, I was awoken in a very pleasant way, as my mid drifted towards conciousness, I felt a mouth wrap around my cock and take the majority of my length in one go, lifting my head and looking down I saw slave kneeling at the bottom of my bed with her mouth wrapped around my stiff cock, she was going up and down on the cock slowly, while inside her mouth her throat muscles purred and her tongue lashed against the bottom of my shaft. Laying my head back down I enjoyed the feeling of the blowjob. As I rose towards my climax I started to raise my hips up every time she moved her head down. This resulted in a fucking motion, finally I spray five long streams of cum into Slave's mouth, she manages to swallow all of it without trouble. Slave quickly reverts to a kneeling pose next to my bed as I sit up. I roughly grab her by the hair and hiss in her face "when did I order you to do that slut"? Slave simply looked at me with fear of failing her master in her eyes. Grabbing Slave by the hair you roughly pull her to the bathroom where a large steel tub is resting (I had gotten it up from the basement yesterday). I say "Get in the tub slave" Slave quickly does as you command fearful of displeasing you again. You take out your cock and begin to piss all over her, aiming the jet of piss first at her tits and then her face. Slave opens her mouth to receive the piss but I slap her tit again. This causes her to close her mouth as the piss continues to pay across her body. When the piss stream ends I command her to suck the last drops of piss from the end of my cock, I mutter "good piss-whore". I then command her to piss in the tub, and if she needs to do a shit to go in the regular toilet. I walk out into the living room and find a plate filled with bacon, eggs, and toast laid out on the table. On the floor next to the table is a dog bowl with dog food poured into it. Next to the bowl is a note with an arrow pointing to the dogbowl and the word 'scraps' written on it. I am 3/4 done with my breakfast by the time Slave enters the room. As she enters I look her up and down and think of all the things I plan to do to her today. As slave kneeled down on the floor next to me I stood and scraped the last quarter of my plate in with the dog food in her bowl. I left her with her face buried in the bowl of food as I went to prepare for the activities of the coming day.After preparing what I needed to (which took about 20 minutes) I returned to find that slave had eaten all the food in her bowl and had washed all the dishes. She was currently knelt on the cold tile floor waiting for me.

Telling her to follow you she does and on a piece of paper on the table you have written the rules she must follow if she wants to be your slave, as well as that there is a contract that signs away all her possessions and personal freedoms. It also states the duty's that the slave owner hold to the slave, whereupon they have to keep the slave clean and healthy and meet their basic human rights.

The rules on the contract are as follows

Rule one - You will call me sir at all times
Rule two - you will never look me in the eye unless I give you express permission
Rule three - you will always be naked at home and will wear what I give you to wear when we go out
Rule four - You will only touch yourself with express permission
Rule five - you will not pray

Slave quickly reads through the contract and signs her name at the bottom. I the realise I now own this woman. With a grin I start forward.....

Chapter 4 - fun with mud

Waking up in the morning felt great now I decided, after the first day, I ensured slave knew that now it had to be a regular thing, with her waking me up in the morning with a Blowjob and having breakfast on the table ready. As well as that improvement to the schedule the whore learned the morning piss routine, she would get into the tub, which was now filled with a mixture of 3 days of piss from both of us, I would piss on her which would then drain into the tub, she would then piss and wait for herself to dry before coming out and joining me for her dog food and scraps. Today however we would be having an outing. "Ok slut as soon as you have eaten go and wear the clothes I have laid out on the bed for you, then kneel by the front door. Going downstairs to the apartment cellar I grabbed a spade went back upstairs. Stepping through the door I was greeted by the sight of my slave wearing pale lime coloured panties and matching bra (about two sizes too small). Throwing her a long coat to hide herself in on the walk to the car, we walked down the steps to the small carpark, I gestured at the boot of the car and slave took off her coat and climbed in without a word of protest. Ensuring I had the spade and a copy of the slave contract with me I set off for my allotment.

Seeying my allotment for the first time in a few months was unpleasant to say the least, I had recieved the letter from the water company that informed me of the burst pipe but seeying my whole allotment turned into a quagmire was something different entirely. Sighing I turned and pushed ska e I to the mud, she fell with a shriek and with a splash landed in a muddy groove, her lime under where was instantly turned brown from the mud. Wading in and not minding one bit due to my high Wellington boots I grabbed Slave by the hair and dunked her face I to a pile if mud. Pulling it back up by wrenching on her hair I slapped her card around the face. Then I quickly dunked her head again. Walking back to the small bank j heard spluttering and wretching as my slave vomited and tried to choke up the muddy water she had inhaled. Grabbing the spade I I once again stalked back to my slave and cruelly ripped her bra and panties off. "Now dig I commanded, make a hole deep enough and wide enough for you to stand in with your head just above the level if the water. Slave started digging as soon as I finished my sentence, whilst she dug I walked in a circle around her occasionally reaching out and slapping her tits or arse.

The sun was beginning to go down by the time she had finished, slave stood in the hole awaiting my inspection, her head was the only thing above the water. I inspected every inch of the hole she had dug and was very pleased with it, not that I would let it show. "Bah a fat old lady could have done better than you, taking out my cock I pissed all over her face, then getting down I my knees I throat fucked her mouth by grabbing hold if her hair and ramming my cock down her throat until she puked and her mouth was sore. Leaving her standing there with the puke floating on the surface of the water all around her I went off and pitched the tent I had brought with me. After pitching it, I went over to her too see her face with silent tears streaming down her face. I said "you will hold the alert position until morning slave" with that I walked back to my tent.

Whilst to her it seemed I left her alone most of the night I was watching her carefully, checking for the moment she might be in any danger. Finally near 3:00 am she was so delirious I had enough, I went into the water and hoisted her out, carrying her bridal style I set her down and gently washed the mud from her body, then, I carried her into my tent and snuggled down with her. I whispered "I love you Nikki" I then fell asleep, but she had been asleep the moment her head hit the pillow.

Chapter 5 - a new life

I woke feeling extremely refreshed and decided as today was the second last day of my week's leave I would have to do something special to the slave, I lay in bed thinking about it whilst I heard Slave in the kitchen making something that smelled very good. The noises soon faded and Slave crawled on all fours into the room, she then went under the covers and took my morning wood into her mouth. The warm wetness and skilled tongue of my Slave soon had be blasting loads down her mouth. Getting up she immediately crawled to the bathroom and got into the iron tub. Taking my stream of hot piss with a contented sigh she let her own stream go, by this time the tub was about halfway full, which meant every time slave got in she was bathing in our combined piss.

After having a nice breakfast of pancakes and bacon, I watched the whore eat her dog food and enjoyed the sight immensely. After waiting for the whore to wash up the dishes I told her "follow me slave, I have something special planned for today for you". Slave immediately followed me into the living room where I grabbed her hair and bent her over the coffee table presenting her pussy and ass at a good height for my cock if I crouched a little bit. I took off my PJ pants and jammed my cock into Slaves pussy. The lubricant I used was the piss she had been bathing in as well as some of her own juices from her excitement this morning. I hooked my fingers into either side of her mouth and rammed as hard and forcefully as I could, I heard squeaking noises as her huge breasts rubbed along the glass of the table. Feeling her pussy muscles begin to tighten, I told her, "you will not cum until I do slut". I could feel her moaning as my own excitement built. At last I sprayed my load inside her pussy, almost immediately I felt her pussy contracting as she orgasmed. Looking at some of my cum oozing out of her pussy gave me an idea, scooping some of it up in my fingers I spread her ass cheeks and smeared it all over her little puckered ass. Reaching my fingers around in front of her I commanded "Spit" she did and I rubbed her spit into my still hard cock. Finally the time had come to truly take my slave as my own by taking her anal virginity. I placed my cock at her ass and pushed, I could feel slave trying to make her ass open up to welcome me and even with her help it took a long time to get my cock buried half way up the hilt in her ass. By this point we were both sweating and moaning, I began to slowly withdraw my cock and then ram it back in her. She grunted like a pig each time I did this, as time went on my thrusts became faster and harder, her grunting became louder and more guttural. Once again hooking my fingers in her mouth I really started to go to town on her ass. After cumming in her pussy it was taking me an awfully long time to cum again. And that is how a full 20 minutes later I finally shot my load in her ass. By this point both our bodies were literally dripping sweat and we were both exhausted. I had forced what felt like a hundred cums from Nikki. (In reality it was only about 40). Her ass and pussy were so sensitive to the touch that just withdrawing my cock caused her a huge amount of pain. Staggering slightly I once again picked Slave up bridal style and carried her to my bed, where we both lay down tangled together with my hands gently massaging her enormous rack.


After three whole weeks of Nikki being my slave I felt we had settled into a good routine, even with work now getting in the way we still had plenty of time to fuck and I was free to abuse her as much as I liked. However all this changed one day when I came home. Slave had only done a half day because she felt terribly ill, when I got home I saw Slave sitting numbly on the sofa holding something in her hand. I was immediately suspicious as Slave was normally naked nearly as soon as she set foot through the door. Walking over to her, I looked down at her hand and saw a pregnancy test. It read positive. Slave looked up at me and said "I am so sorry sir, I don't know when it happened and..." at this she burst into tears. "And well sir, I love you. I know you don't feel that way about me, so..oh what am I going to do". Whilst I wanted to sit down and feel stunned about this newest revelation I knew I had to say something. Taking Nikki by the shoulders I pulled her to her feet. All the while she was babbling about how she would have to leave and find some other means to support her and the baby. Taking her face in my hands I kissed her. Not a rough master to slave kiss, or a quick peck on the cheek. This was a kiss that was onl shared between two people bound together emotionally. I said "Nikki, not only are you going to keep the baby but you are going to stay here and raise that baby. I love you Nikki".

Chapter 6 - the life we know

Waking up to the sound of my slave retching into a bowl was becoming a far more common occurrence these days, after finding out she was pregnant I had offered to release Nikki from her contract and take her as my girlfriend, but she had politely declined and said she wanted to remain as my slave. Of course knowing she carried my child inside her had made me begin allowing Slave to sleep in the bed with me instead if on the cold tiles, as well as being more comfortable for her if have me greater access to her tight ass and huge swollen tits. The sound of puke splattering into the bowl brought me back from my thought. Slave rolled back over in the bed and looked at me grinning weakly, I got out of bed and walked around to her side, I picked up the bowl if puke and poured some other my cock. I then straddled Nikki and fucked her huge tits causing them to jiggle around. Whilst fucking them I brutally pinched her nipples squirting milk everywhere.

I then took the rest if the puke and poured it I to the cast iron tub that still contained all the piss we had peed I. There, since Nikki had begun to get morning sickness I would start the day by adding her nights puke to the tub, then I would help he'd in and out. Hearing a shuffling noise I turned to see the sight if my Slavs with a huge distended belly, and her unsupported tits swaying freely shuffld into the bathroom. With a sigh of pleasure I helped ease her into the tub and she leg loose her own stream if piss just as I did mine. Leaving her to soak for a few minutes I went and made breakfast then took if to he'd in the tub. Nikki quickly wolfed down the food and stood, as was our habit nowadays, since I could no longer use her pussy I grabbed her by the hair and plunged her face into the contents of the tub. Raising her face again, I left her bent over with her face inches from the mess of puke and piss in the tub. I walked around behind her and spanked her huge ass until it had turned bright red. Then roughly pulling her ass cheeks apart I plunged in to her ass, which had become a lot easier to enter in the last few months. I gripped into her hips as I pounded her, her tits swaying like heavy bags of sand beneath her, her ass clenching around my cock. Eventually I sprayed my load in her ass, she felt thus and begin contracting her ass muscles to milk my cock for every drop.

After having finished with her ass, I stuffed my cock in her mouth and throat fucked her, causing her to gag and vomit. The vomit from the throat fucking coincided with another bout of morning sickness and puke sprayed everywhere, even coming out of her nose. I helped slave out the tub and together we took a shower, I washed soap suds all across her big swollen belly and vast expanses if tit flesh. Stepping out if the shower we chose to stand baked in our little balcony in the hot summer sun waiting to dry off. If anyone saw our baked body's, well what did we care. For we were happy.

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