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Christian believer in CO and the use of MMJ. I am full on SATIVA enthiusiast! It was the first time i have been able to get up and do things and also not be in constant agonizing pain. It was the first time I have felt human and like myself in over 10 years. I used to be a huge political activist and did a lot in the 2008 Ron Paul campaigne til I fell very ill with chronic Lyme Disease. I still have an incredible sense of humor and passion for life. Even tho I can't get any CO. Either God will take me home or I intend to continue to educate the importance of Cannabis and it's healing qualities and help others. I declare, we have unjust laws and therefore they do not apply to God's children. I was an organizer of the 2008 Primary recount in which I saw first hand the corruption of our voting system. Luckily my films always got sent right out to Beverly Harris, the creator of HBO'S film "Hacking Democracy." Guess what, the voting system is rigged! I have learned sooooo much more of the absolutely corruption our own institutions that are supposed to be for our benefit and protection that instead are harming it's own people.
I have a MMJ card only I didn't have the resources to register it. No money.
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