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I will join her during her time off to enjoy the hotel, the indoor swimming pool and sauna. We have a busy life and we should not miss the opportunity to relax together in a nice hotel with good facilities.

When she booked the hotel my wife was already excited about the sauna. After a hour you feel relaxed, all dirty stuff has left your body and you sleep well. First thing we do after arrival at the hotel is changing clothes and going to the swimming pool. It is Sunday-afternoon and quiet at the swimming pool. In fact we have the swimming pool for the two of us. After swimming a few lanes my wife asks in a kind of naughty way, if it is not time to go to the sauna. We will be the only two persons… I am not shy or feel ashamed, but if there are many people in a sauna I feel less relax to be naked completely than with less people. My preference is to wear at least a towel, but sometimes I would be the only one wearing a towel and so I do not either. But now, only me and my wife would be perfect.

After taking a shower I enter the sauna where my wife is already lying completely naked. She has a beautiful body: nothing too big, nothing too small, nice figure. Black eyes, dark brown hair and her skin has a light brown taint. She lays with her legs towards the door of the sauna on the higher level of the sauna. She smiles when I enter the sauna and immediately look between her legs. She has shaven her pussy just this morning, so it is very smooth. I can see her inner labia exposing beyond her outer ones. The water from the shower or the first transpiration drops are already showing up at her mons veneris. Within a few seconds my dick has been filled with blood and is fully in erection. I have an uncut dick, but when it is in erection I do not like the view, so I push back my foreskin and a dark red, shiny cockhead is showing up.

I sit down at the lower level of the sauna. Just in opposite direction to my wife, so I look directly into her pussy and she sees my full erected dick. During the first eight minutes round we are still a little bit afraid that someone else will enter the sauna as well, so we start talking about the relaxed feeling, but at the end also start to flirt and talk about having sex in the sauna. This would be our first opportunity to have sex after visiting the more crowded sauna’s.

After our first eight minutes round we have a cooling down shower and lay down on a stretcher for a few minutes before entering the sauna again. My erection has gone by the cold shower, but I feel a kind of excitement awaiting our second round.

We heat the sauna by pouring some water of the hot stones. We take our same positions, but my wife has her legs even more spread than the first round. Her outer and inner labia are spread open by her position. I see her clitoris, her urethral opening and vaginal opening. She slowly moves her hand towards her pussy and she moves two fingers from her clitoris to her vaginal opening.

"I am always getting horny from the sauna. The heath feels really great. I can feel that my inner labia are getting swollen", she says while she continues the slow rubbing of her pussy.

My dick is in full erection again. Looking how she moves her fingers through her pussy that is getting wet, turns me on. I love the view of her shaven mons veneris and outer lips. This is for me the first turn on when seeing her naked. Just lying my face against her warm pussy excites me. Opening her outer labia and pushing my tongue between her inner labia, over her clitoris towards her vaginal opening are even more exciting. The view and taste of her pussy can turn me on that much that it mostly takes just a few times to push my foreskin up and down before I ejaculate.

Her inner labia get swollen by the heath and touching herself. These labia are getting larger than the outer ones now. Her edges are brown and irregular. I love to suck these one by one.

I want to rise up and push my face between her legs, but she says me not to. She wants to masturbate together in the sauna, because we will have a better view on the door and will be able to put on a towel when someone suddenly enters the sauna. Kind of disappointed, but also understanding, I sit down and start watching her moving her fingers faster and faster from her clitoris towards her vaginal opening. Instead of two fingers she uses her full hand now and rubs with more force. She starts to moan softly which excites me even more. This is the point that I start to masturbate as well. In fact this is the first time that I jerk off in front of my wife. She gave me hand jobs, but I never did a hand job myself while being together with her in the same room.

I start to pull my foreskin up and down. Because it feels better when my palm touches my cockhead, I spit into my hand now and then. I start slowly but with force, but when my wife starts to speed up her rubbing and starts to moan louder, I also speed up my movements.

We are both lying on the wooden couches, heads are now more backwards against the walls, our hands playing with ourselves. I have my eyes closed and I assume my wife also. But her moaning, the sounds of rubbing and jerking and the fact that it seems we have the same kind of rhythm now, excites us both. Kind of surprised I hear myself also starting to make noises of pleasure, of the great feeling. I jerk off the fastest I can: going up and down, but also kind of milking my dick like milking a cow… I just can hear my wife has a very wet pussy now by the sounds of her hand between her legs.

"Oh, yes….", my wife says when she has her orgasm and stops her movements.
Almost at the same time my cum shoots out of my dick. Because I hold my dick in the direction of my body, I have cum over my belly and chest, but also in my face. A few drops of cum on my forehead, a few on my nose and a big drop of cum on my lips.

I get up to pick up a towel to clean my face, but my wife says to come closer to her. She takes my head between her hands and pushes her mouth against mine to kiss me. With her tongue she takes the cum from my lips and swallows it. There after she licks the other drops of cum from my face. Because her hands are holding my head, I can smell her pussy juices on her right hand. I turn my face towards her right hand and start to lick her hand and suck her fingers. I just love to taste her pussy juices.

The second eight minutes round has ended, so we have our cold shower and few minutes break again before we enter the sauna for our third and last round.

Lying down in the same positions again we feel good by our orgasms but the horniness has not gone away. We are still alone in the sauna and it does not look like someone else will join us. After 1 – 2 minutes my wife comes down to the lower level as well. She crawls into my direction and she ends above of me. Her face in front of my face. Her breasts touching my chest. Her knees next to mine. Her pussy above my (again) erected dick. Our legs against each other. She kisses me and then sits down: my dick slides gently into her pussy. She starts to move her body up and down. We are fucking in the sauna…

She speeds her movements and my dick disappears completely into her pussy. When she moves down, it feels best, because my cockhead is feeling the warmth of her pussy the best. My body starts to tingle. By cock is bouncing. She starts to moan again. Somewhat louder than when she was playing with her pussy. I also start to moan. We lose control and do not know where we are. In fact we do not care where we are. We have one of our best sex-experiences ever. It is so intense and that excited. It looks like we feel everything twice as good and sensitive as our previous fucks. We both scream from pleasure when we both have an orgasm at the same time. I can feel the contractions of her pussy around my dick. Her juices flowing into my crouch. My cum has filled up her pussy. When she gets up there are some drops of cum flowing out of her again. We both get up to have a shower and leave the sauna.

"Oh boy….", my wife says when opening the sauna door.
"Oops…", I say when I see what she sees.

There is a naked, black lady of 45 – 50 years sitting in front of the door on the table where the clean towels are ready to use. She has a beautiful body. She was able to watch through the glass of the sauna door. She smiles and takes her hand back from her pussy. Her pussy shows swollen labia. Her pussy and her fingers are wet.

"I love to see people enjoying each other that much", she says. "Thanks for your show. I really enjoyed it. I had a good time as you can see", see says while spreading her legs even more to show us or let us know, what we already thought she had been doing…. My wife and I both smile a little bit ashamed.

We both take a shower, put on our clothes and leave the sauna. Upon leaving the sauna the lady asks my wife if she could have some fun with me. My wife smiles and answers that she prefers not to share me.

Giving each other a wink the lady, my wife and I say goodbye (for at least today)…

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