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I closed my teeth on her clit and that was the final straw. With a mighty convulsion that lifted Barb’s back entirely off the bed, her legs clamped on either side of my head as she gushed her juices all over my hand. I could feel them running down my arm. Then she collapsed into a heap on my bed and just lay there limp and trembling from head to toe, her eyes rolled up into the back of her head. Her chest heaving as she gasped for breath.

After a few moments Barb’s breathing settled down and she rolled her head to face me still kneeling between her legs at the side of the bed. She smiled that smile again and said… "Oh Jim! That was… Oh My GOD!.. Awesome!" She then reached out with both hands beckoning me to her. I stood up and she pulled herself fully on the bed to rest her head on my pillows. I climbed on the bed and lay down next to her as she ran her right hand through the hair on my chest. Smiling, she leaned in and locked those soft luscious lips on mine and again, took my breath away. Parting to allow us to breath she whispered, "Thank you.." and looked questioningly deep into my eyes as she bit her lower lip. God what a sexy look on any woman to be sure but on Barbra it just sent a jolt of electricity through my body and made my nerves tingle with excitement.

"You’re welcome, but it really was my pleasure.. I love to please. There’s more if you’re interested.." I added teasingly, pretty sure she was still wanting more.

" Hahaha Yes Please! Oh god yes!.." She said as she pulled me towards her and locked her lips on mine once more, her hands running over my back and grasping at my ass. The feel of her soft yet hungry lips and her hot ravenous tongue along with the feel of those beautifully manicured hands and nails digging into the flesh of my ass just spurred me into a higher gear. My own desire intensifying from a burning ember to an open and growing flame. My left hand palming then gently squeezing her right breast as my thumb and forefinger pinch and roll her hardened nipple. Barbra moaned into our kiss. My hand ventures further down across her abdomen only my fingertips grazing tantalizingly barely in contact with her skin. More moans and the muscles of her abdomen quiver as goose bumps rise in the wake of my fingers. My rigid cock pressing into her left thigh. As my left hand nears the downy soft pubic hair just above her feminine treasure She opens her right leg in an unspoken invitation… nudging me with her hands still on my ass to hallowed space between her legs. Placing my hands on either sides of her chest I rise up on my arms and position myself between her open legs parting our kiss. The smoldering intensity in her eyes, that longing anticipation that I found more exciting than I could remember with any woman I’d ever been with before. I shivered with my own anticipation as I hovered, my manhood inches from her waiting, wanton, willing sex.

"Are you sure?" I asked hesitantly, almost a whisper.. praying silently that she would not say no. my heart racing, my pulse pounding in my ears. Barb looked up at me in the dim light of the table side lamp, I could see her eyes, so deep and brown yet glistening in the low light. Such intensity. Her lips trembling slightly still parted from our last kiss. She nodded ever so slightly and reached down with her right hand and gently took my cock and rubbed it on the moist lips of her pussy, then guided the head to the gates of heaven. I leaned in and pushed slowly into her, not wanting to hurry this magical union. Oh so slowly, little by little letting her get used to the invasion into her inner being. Barb’s eyes fluttered and her neck arched as her head pressed back deep into the pillow. Her beautiful hands, fingers spread, nails digging into my sides at my hips. Both of us moaning at the intense pleasure of flesh on flesh, heat on heat, sex on sex. As I neared being completely inside of her Barb bucked her hips and slammed her pelvis into my own and we were skin to skin. I stopped and leaned down to her and kissed her breasts, each in turn, then raised up and kissed her still up turned neck, trailing my tongue up to her chin and then her bottom lip. I pulled it into my teeth and clamped down gently but firmly. At this Barb gasped then moaned much more loudly and dug her fingers into my sides. Her nails broke the skin on my flanks, the pain causing me to gasp and moan.

Releasing her lower lip but having my own captured by her, now my lip was holding me face to face as she lowered her hips back to the bed and I lowered myself with them. Barb released my lips and kissed me.. her eyes wide open and searching my own as if looking for clues.

I began slowly to pull out, and out, and out until only the head of my cock remained tantalizingly at the entrance of her grasping lips. I heard her whimper. An actual sad, almost frightened whimper. But the whimper turned into a long drawn out moan as I began pushing back in almost as slowly as I had withdrawn. In and in and In until our bodies were again pressed skin to skin.

"Again?" I murmured almost teasingly.

"Oh fuck yes!" Barb gasped with a distracted voice. Her hands now running up and down my sides, fingernails trailing along my back. I picked up the pace a little more with each stroke in and out. Her gasps each time I plunged inwards, and slow moans as I withdrew coming faster as I increased the tempo. She began to match me thrusting up with her hips as I pushed in with mine. Before long we were moving at the rate of a normal heartbeat, soon after moving at the rate of our own heartbeats, the wet smacking sound of our bodies slapping together at the end of each stroke. Barb raised her legs up, feet trailing along the outer sides of my calves then my thighs to cross and lock her ankles behind my back. Our lusty race nearing the finish line, my balls were tingling and I could feel my climax building as if it were an electrical charge creeping up the backs of my legs from behind my knees to my groin, to my balls. I could feel my cock stiffening and possibly swelling as I neared my peak. Likewise I could feel Barb’s inner walls clasping and gripping and her breath was ragged and uneven. The grunts and moans we both made had merged into one long gurgle of lust and anguish and longing until finally the waves of our excitement crested over the top. Barb’s back arched off of the bed pressing her pelvis and her sex into me as if to push me off the bed. Her nails dug into my back, again breaking the skin. I got tunnel vision as I began shooting pulse after pulse deep inside of her. It felt as if her very core was sucking on my cock, drawing out every single drop I had to give. My own back arched and then the lights dimmed and I collapsed atop of her, my face coming to rest in the crook of her neck. My chest flattening her breasts and pinning her to the bed with my dead weight. Barb’s legs still squeezing and twitching even as they were still locked behind my back.

Some time later, I couldn’t even tell how long it had been but I became aware. I felt my cock softening and then slipping out of Barb’s still twitching very wet pussy. I heard a contented sigh as she stroked her fingers , one along my back and the other hand through the hair on my head. She was kissing my neck and murmuring thank you over and over.

I pushed myself up on my arms again and repositioned myself beside her. Me on my right side, my left leg still draped over her left leg. My breath still coming in gasps as my heart raced. I could feel the tingling heralding the approach of the aftershock, the second cumming as it were. Beginning near my toes, the crawling tingling sensation working its way up the backs of my legs to my knees, shooting up to my crotch and my balls. Suddenly my entire body seized up and twitched and convulsed. All the intensity of an orgasm but with no ejaculation and not lasting nearly as long. It’s like my body hit the reset switch and now my breathing began to slow down even if my heart was still racing. When I finally came back down to earth I realized that I’d not warned Barbra about my aftershocks. Glancing over I saw that she indeed was shocked herself, her jaw hanging open and wonder in her eyes. I smiled and explained to her about my intense orgasms, how I get tunnel vision and sometimes even pass out, and about the aftershocks that follow. "Wow" is all she could say about that as she shook her head in wonder and studied me with those big brown eyes. I reached out and caressed the side of her face with my left hand and studied it in the dim light. That soft genuine contented smile was so angelic and heartwarming . God I hoped this was the beginning of something and not just a one time thing. Then Searching my own eyes I noticed Barb’s were tearing up again, that angelic smile trembling on the verge of crying, yet still trying to smile all the same.

"Barb? What is it? " I asked genuinely concerned. I absolutely hated to see a girl or a woman cry.

"It’s just that I’m so happy." She sniffs and gives a short sad laugh. "It’s just been so long since I’ve felt like this, like I’m wanted, that someone finds me attractive or sexy even." And the tears flowed over her eyes as she wiped at them with her hand as if ashamed.

I took her hand in mine and brought it to my lips and gently kissed her fingers as I squeezed it reassuringly in a firm grip. Then still holding her hand I reached over and used the back of my fingers to wipe away her tears from her cheek. "I don’t know why you have been neglected or not appreciated, but that’s over. You deserve more. You deserve to be spoiled and praised and worshiped even." No one should ever feel unloved or unappreciated. "

Barbra went on to tell me about her life, telling me how she had gotten to this moment. She told me about her being married too young to a guy she thought was her prince charming only to find out he was just a boy with a bully complex. How her parents had disapproved of him even after he got her pregnant. He was not happy about the pregnancy and would abuse her, locking her in a closet during the day. Hitting her, cursing and kicking when he got drunk or stoned. She lost the baby in a miscarriage after he kicked her down the stairs of their apartment when she was 7 months along. It would have been a baby girl. She divorced him and her parents took her back in. She married a second time and was soon pregnant again. Life was better until she found out he was cheating on her and spending her paychecks on another woman and drugs. She divorced him and vowed to remain single and raise her son on her own. Her parents took her back in. Years later her father passed away and shortly thereafter her mother passed away leaving their home to her in a trust. She continued to raise her son on her own but money was tight and she eventually was wooed by her current husband. Drinking and partying hard at first it seemed only natural to get married. He had a good job and made plenty of money and helped pay the bills. Life was good for a few years. Until they both got off the drugs and most of the alcohol, she quit, he didn’t. His job led to him traveling around the country and being gone weeks or months at a time. He spent less and less time at home and when he was home he was verbally abusive and distant. No intimacy, rejection. She suspected he was cheating on her multiple times, and eventually found out for certain that he was. She had a friend of a friend who happened to live in one of the cities he was working at out of state. They relayed his comings and goings and the company that he kept, the company that shared his apartment . She had confronted him on it and he didn’t deny it. In fact he told her it was her fault and he was only taking care of his needs. The beginning of the end. That was three months before I met her online at Nightfriends. She said technically she was still married but her marriage was over.

Throughout that afternoon, after our first carnal tryst, we lay on my bed and held one another, me listening and comforting, she talking and crying and spilling her heart and hurt out. In the end she had stopped shaking and shivering, a change came over her as she melted into my embrace and snuggled as close as two lovers can possibly hold one another. When she finished telling me all that we lay there looking deeply into one another’s eyes. The softness was back, and something else.. a curiosity in her eyes, perhaps a little timid but definitely curiosity. Her smile was growing again too, still shy but growing in boldness with each soft sensual kiss we shared, each time we touched one another’s face or body. If it hadn’t been for the fact that both of our bladders were screaming to be emptied we probably would have laid there for hours just looking, touching and kissing. But the spell was broken. I let Barb get the first shot at it.. ladies first after all. I soon followed and was gladly relieved. Whew! As I walked back into the bedroom I found Barb sitting with her legs crossed Indian style on my bed braiding her long long red hair. Dark red, almost brunette with fiery highlights. She twisted it and braided it into a thick French braid tying the very end of it off with a hair band. The difference in appearance was striking. It’s always amazed me how a change in hair style can make a woman look so totally different. But Barb’s big soft brown eyes were still there, glistening now with something different, still dewy but not so much from tears. Her smile was definitely more confident as well, in fact I would later learn to recognize that mischief in her face by that tell tale impish smile. She had a plan, I just didn’t know it yet.

"Barb… I, um.. I never thought to, uh.. " I stammered as an awful thought exploded into my brain like a cold hand grabbing my nuts and squeezing. " Uh.. Protection! I didn’t use a condom…"

She looked at me with an amused smile and laughed. "Don’t worry.. all I have is the box it came in." and there was that smile again.

"The box it came in? " I asked confused.

" I had a hysterectomy years ago after my son was born. I can’t get pregnant again, ever." She was still smiling but I detected a little sadness there as well. It was there in her eyes, a touch of regret perhaps.

" Okay, but what if I had a disease or something, you could still get something nasty".. I offered.

"Are you clean?" she asked.

"Yes but I can’t prove it unless you call my doctor or something."

She looked at me and smiled again, a genuine smile, eyes and all and said. "I trust you. I probably should have said something before we started anything but my mind was not on practical matters at the time"

"Yeah.. tell me about it.. I honestly didn’t plan on bringing you here or taking you to my bed today." I smiled sheepishly still wondering what twist the fates had in store for me today or was this them just toying with me.

"I honestly didn’t know that I would be going anywhere or doing anything with you today either." She looked down at her feet and fidgeted a bit before looking up at me and asking. "Jim, do you regret what we did?"

"I don’t think regret is the word I’d use, no. But I do wonder if this is going to be a problem for you, I mean you’re married.." I spoke softly, studying her face closely. For just a moment she frowned then raised her chin defiantly.

"Yes, I’m married but in name only. I’ve already filed for divorce from Jes, He’s got his lawyer and I’ve got mine. Our marriage has been through for over a year now, since I found out about his keeping a mistress in his apartment in Indianapolis." She looked down and rubbed one hand along the other arm then went on more softly. "My lawyer suggested that I be very careful about any activities before the divorce is finalized. My house and savings are safe in a trust that he can’t touch but he can still make things difficult if he got wind of my going outside the marriage."

"Kind of the pot calling the kettle black huh? I mean he’s shacked up with another woman but YOU were the one to cheat?" I pitched in.

"Yeah, my lawyer said it should take the judge twenty minutes to finalize it when it finally goes to court. Still though I’ve got to be discrete.. about anything." She said looking up at me with eyes that were both pleading and hopeful.

"Don’t worry about me Barb, I’m not the kind of guy to go bragging about things. What happened between you and I is our business only. " I smiled and reached out and took one of her beautiful hands in my own and raised it to my lips to kiss, never taking my eyes off of hers. I could see her eyes glistening as they welled with tears and that smile brightened to almost blinding intensity again. She gripped my hand in hers then lowered her chin, her eyes looking up through her lashes and eyebrows, that brilliant smile taking on a mischievous tilt. Sucking in her bottom lip to bite it before purring out…

" You know, the day is still young. I can see that you’re still happy to see me. You’ve made me feel so special and wanted today that I feel like I should show you somehow how happy you’ve made me. Maybe it’s just been so long or maybe I’m just greedy, but I’m not ready for this afternoon to stop yet." With this last bit she tilted her head to one side and raised a lone eyebrow questioningly.

" Well I don’t know Barb, what did you have in mind?" I asked mimicking her raised eyebrow with one of my own. With that she said "Why don’t you just lie back and get comfortable and let me show some appreciation." Unfolding her legs as she got up on her hands and knees and licked her lips with a hungry smile.

From my vantage point laying on my back, my head propped up on my pillow I got such a wonderful, no HOT sexy view of this wanton lady. Her long red hair now braided hanging down one side of her face, her pendulous ample breasts tantalizingly swaying from side to side as she knee walked up my side to be closer to my face. She every so lightly drew her fingertips of her left hand along the skin of my left inner thigh just barely skirting my balls and my cock that was standing straight up. Upwards the fingers, those beautiful nude colored nails drawing goose bumps in their wake, across my lower abdomen, then to my belly button. There she spread her fingers out and her hand made full contact then flexed as if to grab a hold in my flesh. Barb’s right hand was mimicking the light touch of her fingertips on my left arm all the way up to my shoulder, where it too spread and gripped my shoulder. Leaning down she softly brushed my lips, one, two, three times then her tongue softly brushed the divide in my lips as if knocking on the door. My own lips parted and my tongue greeted hers eagerly and the dance began anew. I reached up with my hands to hold the sides of her face only to have her take my wrists and press my hands back down to the bed. Breaking our kiss she looked into my eyes and said.

" Just lay still, let me do this for you." And then leaned in to kiss me again briefly on the lips but then down my chin and along my jaw. Moving on to my ear and my neck eliciting a low moan from me and the intense charge I was getting from her touch. Down my neck and across my collar bone, more chills. Barb’s lips alternated with her tongue as she kissed and licked her way down my chest to my nipples, first the right one, then the left. She drifted to my side as she skirted my abdomen and kissed my ribs along my sides to my left hip. Pausing there she raised up on her knees and repositioned herself to straddle my legs putting her hands on my hips she knelt down and kissed my belly button and trailed achingly slowly down to my pubic hair above my cock, which she rubbed with her chin brushing it side to side as if wiping her chin off with a napkin. Once past the hair she nudged the side of my cock with her cheek, brushing it to one side only to put the other cheek on it and push it back the other way. "Oh GOD Barb you’re killing me!" I groaned my hands grasping the covers of my bed. She just giggled and blew me a kiss still with that sparkle in her eyes.

She then kissed the base of my cock and kept kissing all the way up one side to the head then circled it with her tongue and kissed all the way down the other side back to the base. From there she went further down to suck first one ball into her mouth and swirl it around then letting it slip out so that she could draw in the other for the same treatment. I was squirming and in ecstasy. " Oh Barb.." I gasped.

One long slow lick from my balls to the tip of the head of my cock and suddenly she engulfed it in her mouth swirling her tongue around and around the head. With a popping sound she pulled her mouth off while sucking at it, and stood up on her knees once more smiling down at me. Moving forward up my body she positioned her crotch over mine and pressed the lips of her wet pussy on the underside of my cock pressing it into my abdomen. She then slid forward slowly grinding my shaft with her sex her red pubic hair brushing at the hair on my stomach. The braid of her long red hair hanging down painting back and forth on my chest teasing my nipples. The pressure of her body pressed against mine was rubbing her clit onto my cock and I could feel her legs stiffen with each little jolt of excitement. Finally she paused and drew a little further towards my face, leaning down to kiss me with a long hungry intensity. Withdrawing a few inches she again bit her bottom lip and I felt her reach back under herself with her hand and grasp my cock, guiding it to the entrance of her pussy. She slid back slowly engulfing me a little at a time, until we were again completely and totally joined flesh to flesh as deep as I was able to go inside that wonderful wet glove. With that Barb paused and smiled such a contented smile. Then she reached down and took my hands in hers and lifted them up to her breasts that were hanging there so prettily. I took the unspoken direction and began kneading and squeezing them, pinching her nipples with my fingers and rolling them.

Barb began a slow dance on my cock, rocking forward and back with little swivels at either end of the stroke. She also alternated with rising and lowering herself on my shaft, twitching her hips side to side. Her hands holding my forearms as if to keep my hands on her breasts. Her eyes a study of concentration staring into my own watching my every reaction and emotion. Her lips constantly changing, from opening or small gasps to pulling tight for that million watt smile to biting her lower lip. Pausing all motion from time to time to catch her breath I think, it was one of those pauses that Barb looked down at me and got this look in her eye and a devilish grin that I would come to love later, She whipped her head around a couple of times and got her braid to fall down her back. Barb looked down at me and bit her lower lip again and tilted her head back, back, back as if she were looking at the ceiling then began slowly moving her head side to side as if shaking her head no. It was then I felt and realized what she was doing. Her long hair was braided all but the very end where it feathered out like an artists paint brush. That brush was now painting and tickling my balls and inner thighs. Tantalizingly light like a stroke of a feather, over and over as she shook her head from side to side. I let out a long slow groan from deep in my chest and I both felt and heard Barb giggle like a little girl delighted in the response she got from her mischief. Then she too groaned as I pinched and pulled her nipples at the same time as if to pull her to my chest with her own breasts. That broke her spell and she wrinkled her nose and grinned menacingly as if to say she could play that game too. Instead of grabbing anything or squeezing or pulling she just leaned forward a bit and began riding me up and down faster and faster. Oh my god it was heaven. By then we were both nearing climax again, her face as well as my own I’m sure begin to lose focus as our bodies became lost in our building excitement. Faster and faster, I began meeting her stokes down with upwards thrusts of my own. Our bodies beginning to slap wetly together each time we met. Then suddenly her rising and falling stopped completely as her back arched so far backwards I thought she would fall off my cock. That could never happen though, her hands had a death grip on my wrists, her pussy’s inner walls had their own grip on my cock, gripping and pulsing. My own climax launching me down that long dark tunnel, the light going dim as the fireworks began exploding behind my eyes, my thrusts stilled by Barb’s abrupt stop but my cock was pumping of its own, shot after shot deep inside Barb.

I don’t remember Barb collapsing onto my chest or her rolling off of me to lay beside me with one leg draped over mine and her arm across my chest with her face buried in my neck. I felt a rope across my throat as I began to regain my senses. The rope of course was Barb’s braided hair. Still breathing heavily I heard Barb ask in my ear. "How was that?" as she continued to match my own panting and gasping. My heart still thundering in my ears. "That… was.. freakin fantastic!" I managed to speak between breaths. That’s when I felt that familiar tingle in my toes as if my feet had fallen asleep.. the blood and electricity climbing up my legs to my knees, up my thighs to my balls.. and the convulsions started again, my entire body tensing up and my breathing stopping for the duration. What seemed like minutes was only a few seconds but holy shit what a ride. Barb lay there watching and holding me feeling my aftershocks and being amused by it all.

"Well.. I guess you really did like it!" she purred in my ear when I finally recovered. "You do that every time you have a climax"? she asked in amazement.

"No, only during sex, or after I guess. But never when I masturbate. " I said with a little embarrassment. "I guess it’s just not as good unless I’m with someone"

"Oh yes! It’s DEFINITELY better with someone else! I’ve gotten so sick of my vibrator I don’t even bother with it unless I’m just so horny I can’t stand it anymore." She admitted.

"Um… Not to be presumptuous or anything.. uh.. I mean if you feel like it or .. I mean.. I’d be willing to help out any needs you might have.." I stammered sheepishly…such a suave debonair Cassenova I am..

Barb lay there quietly stroking the side of my face with the backs of her fingers. The silence lingered on for more heartbeats than I thought I had left in my body.. I felt foolish as if I had stepped out of bounds or something, until…

" Jim… I was trying to figure out a way to ask you if you might want to do this again sometime.. and not sound like a slut or something.." another pause.. heart beat, heart beat, "I would love to be with you again. You are so gentle, so.. so.. wonderful. I wish I could take you home with me tonight."

" Too early?" I asked, remembering what she’d said about her lawyer’s suggestion at discretion. "We can make time as we can until you are able to be open about it. " Instead of speaking a response she leaned in and kissed my neck and pulled my face down to meet hers and kissed my lips with another long passionate if gentle kiss.

"Barb?" I spoke after we broke the kiss and cuddled again. " Let’s go get something to eat, I’m starving. "

Laughing I added "I’d rather stay right here and keep doing this all night but we can’t do that, at least I can feed you and be with you a while longer. " She agreed and we both got up and used the bathroom, cleaned up a bit and went searching for our scattered clothes to redress. She took her car and I took mine and went to Frische’s for a late dinner. We had been so wrapped up with one another it was getting late in the evening by this time. We ordered and talked about mutual friends online and little bits of gossip about them in real life. We ate and before too long it was time to part. I held her close standing beside her car in the parking lot under the street lamp. Looking deep into one another’s eyes, searching for and finding a wonder and desire. We kissed one more time, a long soft sensual kiss, tongues dancing and twirling slowly not wanting to part. Alas, we broke the kiss and hugged one last time before We got in our cars and drove away. Barb to the other side of town to her house and me back to my apartment. I was floating on cloud nine.

Back at my apartment I settled onto my couch and turned on the TV. Not really paying any attention to what was on but rather just leaning back and closing my eyes and reliving the events of the day. I could smell Barbra’s perfume faintly on the couch, it reminded me of lilacs or lavender. What a wonderful scent, I could grow to love that. And Barbra… WOW! I really hope this is the beginning of something…

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