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She’d been a beautiful teenage girl, beautiful coed, and beautiful young woman; and she wanted to experience all life had to offer. She was never shy, always adventurous. And if you wanted to call her a tramp or slut you could go ahead: Angie knew sex was a healthy, normal human function to be enjoyed to the fullest. Angie didn’t live by your rules, she lived by hers.

Angie is now my girlfriend, and loves to share with me the stories of her sexual adventures to turn me on. Here’s one of my favorites:

Angie was in her late thirties, and she was in the ripe fruit of womanhood. Men turned to watch her walk by rather than the scantily clad coeds of the day.

Brad was now 27. A fine healthy young man.

Angie never had trouble with men fulfilling any fantasy she desired, but Brad was her favorite. She had introduced Brad to so many new things in his life, and she wanted to introduce him to another: she wanted Brad to dominate & humiliate her. He was a natural at so many things, but this was different. Could he do it?

She had experienced a taste of this before, and she found it delicious. An old boyfriend would hogtie her and clip clothespins on her body, or tie her to a tree and leave for a few hours, or make her press her head down on the floor and lift her dress for his poker buddies to see. One night he left her tied up, naked, in the back of his pickup truck which was parked on the wrong side of town; luckily no-one looked in the truck that night!

Brad was used to hearing from Angie every three or four years, and by now he knew that when he saw her, there would be something new and exciting soon. So when the phone rang…

"Brad?" said Angie.

"Hey Angie" Brad replied.

"Brad, I’ll be in town this weekend" Angie continued, "If you’re available I’ll wire you some money, and I’ll email you a list of some things you need to buy". Brad was doing OK in his job and had money, but Angie was extremely well off: her many men had treated her well over the years and she always let them spend their money while she saved hers.

"OK" said Brad, not really knowing what to expect, but knowing it would be fun. Anything with Angie was fun. He was always available for Angie.

"Brad?" she said before she hung up, "I’m looking forward to seeing you, when you get the list, you’ll know what I want…" click.

Later that day Brad went down to the western union office, Angie had wired his over a thousand dollars. "Must be a pretty long list" he thought. When he checked his email, his mind reeled when he saw what she wanted: ropes, handcuffs, clothespins, dildos, candles, gag ball, ring gag… the list went on and on, he was going to buy everything in the adult toy store. And then he was to expect a crate from a shipping company.

A couple of days later Brad dutifully collected all of the items on the list (much to the delight of the adult toy store owner) and by the time he got home that night, the crate was on his front porch. The crate was too big to get through the door so he eagerly opened it on the porch. Inside were several large devices made of wood, once he got them out, he knew what they were: stocks. Stocks like the pilgrims used, stocks that you put your head and arms through and get locked in the town square. And another set of stocks with two holes, about the size of Angie’s ankles, spread very far apart .

He knew want Angie wanted. It thrilled him, and he would add his special spin to her fantasy. He assembled the stocks in his spare bedroom, and waited for Angie to arrive.

When he saw the rental car pull into the driveway, he knew what to do. He opened the door and waited for Angie to come in.

The door swung open and Angie started to speak, "Brad? Are you hemmmpppphhh". He words were stopped by a rubber ball being forced between her teeth, she could feel the gag-ball being buckled around the back of her head. She felt her arms being pulled behind her and the sting of cold steel as the handcuffs were snapped on her wrists. She felt some rope around her wrists and still heard nothing, she started to panic. "This is too much, too soon, let me go!" she tried to say as she struggled, kicking off her shoes.

All Brad heard was "Sskkktttsssssn, uuuuuunnnggg, UUUUUNNNGG!" as he tied a rope to the handcuffs and looped the other end over a hook he had put in his living room ceiling. As he pulled Angie’s arms up behind her, high enough to be uncomfortable, he finally let Angie see him. She relaxed a little, but still looked at Brad with a worried brow. Brad disappeared into the kitchen without saying a word.

When he emerged, he had a large glistening knife in his hand. He moved quickly towards Angie, her eyes wide with fear.

"You won’t be needing these" Brad said as he began to cut off Angie’s blouse and bra. Her perfect breasts leapt out, jiggling and cool in the evening air, but happy to be free. Her small nipples hardened. He liked what he saw: Angie, topless, gag-balled, tied to his living room ceiling wearing only a pair of sexy tight jeans. "You will be needing this" he said as he wrapped a blindfold around her eyes"

"Nice" he said, "nice looking fuck-pig" he continued, letting Angie know he was going to play his role to the fullest. The words should have stung Angie, but they didn’t, they turned her on. She knew she was in for a wild ride.

Brad loosened Angie’s tight jeans and yanked them down around her ankles, exposing her magnificent butt, uncovered except for the thin strings of her thong. Brad dug through Angie’s purse and drew out her bright red lipstick as Angie hung uncomfortably from the ceiling.

"Ill just write a few instructions before I go" he said.

"Go?" Angie thought, "GO!?" She felt Brad pressing the opened lipstick against her skin. He was writing something on her back, "What is he writing?" she thought. Brad must have read her mind as he began reading his work to himself, chuckling.

"Let’s see" he said "’Fuck-pig’, ‘Fuck here’" Brad wrote with the lipstick as Angie felt him drawing a line towards her rectum. She gasped as the words sunk in, she gasped again as Brad produced a fine tip magic marker and began to read aloud what he was writing on her ribs "Suck control: grab and twist hard for better sucking" as he drew a line to her left breast. He wrote on her right ribs "Volume control: slap to increase volume" and drew a line to her right breast. Again reading aloud as he wrote.

Happy with his work, Brad reached over and removed the gag-ball from her mouth, but before she could speak, he shoved the ring-gag in it’s place. Angie was glad because she could breathe easier through the ring-gag, but uncomfortable still: the ring gag was huge, almost a big around as a beer can.

"Have fun" was all Brad said as he walked out the front door, leaving it open for all the world to see. Anyone who drove or walked by would see a beautiful woman, arms behind her, marvelous tits hanging, butt exposed. Hopefully they would investigate and follow instructions.

Angie heard talking through the door, she didn’t know Brad was talking to a group of men he had invited over. These were men that hung out in his neighborhood, drinking beer on the sidewalk. She tried to look around the blindfold as she heard footsteps on the porch, lots of footsteps…

"Well, lookie here" one of the men said as he entered the living room, "he wasn’t kidding".

"Let’s not waste any time" another said, " he said he’d be back in a couple of hours"

Angie felt her arms being untied from the ceiling. She also felt her hair being pulled, yanking her head back as she was lowered to the floor on her belly. "Here ya go" she heard as she smelled the sweat of an unwashed man near here. She felt her head being held hard, then she felt a penis on her tongue as one man forced his hard member through the gag-ring in into her mouth. He tried to push her head onto his penis, but the angle wasn’t right. He must have been sitting on the floor in front of her.

"Grab those sofa cushions and put them on the floor" she heard a third voice say, "Lay her on her back on those cushions, with her head hanging off, I’ll show you how.." Angie was roughly rolled over and put on the cushions, within seconds she felt the weight of a man on her, but not the normal way. This man was laying on her with his head on her belly and his crotch over her face, her arms were pinned behind her. She could smell his sweaty balls, then she felt him push his throbbing penis into her mouth.

She tried to shake her head to get free, she tried to push back with her tongue, but whoever this was held her head tight and kept pushing. She tried to kick but her jeans were still wrapped around her ankles.

"Aaack, hru-aaack, Hruuuu-aaaack’ Angie gagged as the penis pushed the back of her throat, but he didn’t stop there. He kept pushing, hard, until she felt her throat open to accept him. She felt his hot dick deep in her throat, she smelled his sweaty balls on her nose as he drove his penis all the way in. Then he started humping. He started hunching her face. He was fucking her throat like it was a pussy and there was nothing she could do!

He fucked deeper and deeper, she felt his balls against her nose with each stroke. He fucked her throat harder and harder, until she felt him swell even bigger, it felt like her throat would rip open and she heard him groan and felt him jerk as he pumped his load straight into her belly. She could feel each spurt in her throat, she could feel his semen in her stomach. When he rolled off, her blindfold came off with him. She saw the eight men looking hungrily at her.

"Ready for more sweetie?" she heard another one say as she was smothered by the smelly, sweaty crotch of another man. She tried to struggle but it was no use: the gag-ring held her mouth open, the handcuffs and her weight held her arms and hands, and the man pushed his dick right where he wanted it. Hard. He hunched her face like the other man had, but his balls were looser, and they slapped her eyes and nose with each stroke. He too fucked her face like it was a pussy and dumped his load directly into her belly.

Two more jumped on and did the same horrid thing, fucking her face and cumming in her throat, slamming her into submission. She was beat. She’d do whatever they wanted now. And they knew it.

She was a fuck pig.

They flipped her over and she felt them unlock the handcuffs. She also felt them pouring some kind of oil all over her ass. She didn’t care, she was theirs, she was their fuck pig.

"Lift your ass up" was the order she heard, and she obeyed. She felt the man grab her hips as he rubbed his dick against her tight sphincter. She didn’t try to resist even thought she wasn’t ready, she just groaned loudly with her raw throat when he jammed his hot rod into her anus. He didn’t give her a chance to relax her asshole, he just started fucking hard right away. Angie grunted with each new thrust. The men laughed and cheered her grunts. He was deep in her ass, "A good ass fucking is what this fuck pig needs" she thought, "A good ‘up-to-the-balls’ ass fuck.".

While she was focused on the ass-banging she was getting , she didn’t notice the man kneeling in front of her until he grabbed her hair. He forced her head over his dick, and pushed her head down on it until her lips were buried in his crotch hair and balls. He moved her head back and forth on his dick, he held her head hard as he used her throat to jack himself off. "Face fucked and ass-fucked" she thought, "What a good fuck pig I am" as she felt them both tremble and jerk as the man behind her drove impossibly deeper into her bowels as the one in front tried to meet him inside of her while they spurted hot cum into her body from both ends.

The last two men picked Angie up and hung her across the back of the sofa, while standing on either side, one fucked her ass while the other fucked her throat. She felt them pull out without cumming and saw that they were trying to trade places! "Even this fuck pig doesn’t want her ass-juice in her mouth" she thought as she tried to scramble off of the back of the sofa. It was too late, they had her. She tasted her ass for the first time as the man pushed his dirty dick into her mouth. The men laughed at the look on her face when It was covered with cum as she tried to suck that dirty dick clean. She didn’t even notice the man dumping his load into her ass.

"OK Boys" she heard a man say "one more round!, everybody line up to ass fuck this bitch, but pull out and cum in her mouth!" Angie’s heart sank. She stayed on the floor, on her hands and knees, as her asshole was ravaged; then her mouth was soiled, eight more times.

When they were done, they must have been instructed on what to do. They pushed her roughly into the shower and rinsed her off, then they took her into the spare bedroom, placed her head and arms through the top of the stocks, and latched her ankles though the bottom stocks, then they were gone.

It seemed like hours before she heard Brads voice. She stood there, locked in the stocks, trying to sleep. She must have dozed off.

"Did you get what you wanted" she heard Brad say. She hadn’t heard him come in.

"More than I wanted" she replied, smiling.

"Now I’ll get what I need" Brad said as she felt his hard penis slide into her pussy, only then did she realist that her pussy hadn’t been touched.

He’d told the men to save that for him…

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