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My house wasn't safe, 'cause my dad would be home. He'd scare her right off. Man, that would suck. I wanted to fuck her bad. I'd met her just last week at a friends party, but we'd hit it off pretty quickly. She was gorgeous, and made me feel great. I seemed to have a similar effect on her, since she'd been calling me ever day since then. I'd crawl into my room, dragging the phone behind me, cuz my parents would never let me talk to some girl over the phone. I'd asked her if she'd want to meet me at the mall today after school, and she said yea, sure. We went to that one place with the big yellow M and I bought her a value meal. After a rather unsatisfying meal, I brought her out to the landfill, which was a good ten miles from the city limits. No one ever came out here, 'cept for the garbagemen, but they wouldn't care about us. We snuck on top of one of the larger piles, and settled down in a rusty lawn chair, that still had some plastic strips on it, so it wasn't too uncomfortable. I had brought a large towel along, that I spread over it.

I gently touched Jennifer's cheek with my lips, and licked my way over to her mouth. I licked her lips, savoring the flavor of her ruby red lipstick, which incidentally had an incredible strawberry flavor. I poked my tongue through her pert lips, and parted them oh-so-gently. Our tongues played with each other , and then I proceeded to lick the inside of her mouth. As we kissed, I reached up under her shirt, and started to caress her left tit. She had knows that a bra would only get in the way, so she left it at home. Her breasts were well developed, but at her age they weren't small either. Nicely firm and pert, with no sag. I played with her hard nipple, and moved over to her right breast. They were just as smooth and succulent as I had imagined them to be. I wanted to unbutton her shirt.

It had those pink little buttons, that are impossible to get undone unless you devoted your entire attention to them. I sadly broke off the kiss, and got to work. After all the buttons were undone, I slowly opened up her shirt. I had never seen such beautiful breasts in my life. Perfect half-melons, with small, light aureolas with little pink nipples sticking out from the middle of them. I bent over them. God, what a choice. I decided on the left one. First I took her nipple between my lips. I chewed on it with my teeth grinding my lips together. She started to squirm beneath me as I gently squeezed her right tit with my right hand and played with her nipple.

Slowly I sucked her left nipple into my mouth, gently rubbing it with my teeth. She loved it, making slight furry sounds under me. I played with her nipple with my tongue, running it over the hardened nub circling it with my tongue, flicking it back and forth. Slowly I released the enflamed nipple from my lips. I ran my tongue down her soft left breast, and nuzzled the beautiful valley between her tits with my face. Slowly I slid my tongue up her right breast, until it found her other nipple. I encircled it with my open mouth , and started to pull it into my mouth, making slurping sounds. I suckled on it like a little baby would, just the way instinct told me to do.

Jennifer was breathing faster now, nearing orgasm. I ran my tongue around her nipple, and then softly nibbled on it with my teeth. Her sensuous moans drove me on. I slid off my T-shirt, and threw it off onto the pile of junk. It had had it anyway. I moved down to Jennifer's cut-offs. They were quite tight, so I had to squeeze to get the top button open. I slowly slid the zipper down, making sure not to touch her white panties. She lifted her ass, so to make it easier for me to slide them down. I slowly pulled them down, first tugging on the left leg, then on the right. Slowly the rest of her wonderful panties came into sight. They were high-cut, which really turned me on. (not like I needed any more turning on.) Towards their bottom, a large wet spot became apparent. I inhaled. The heavenly smell went straight to my heart. I almost keeled over right there, out of pure lust overload. But I restrained myself. I pulled her cut-offs off entirely, so she just lay there in her undies, in all her nude glory. I still had my pants on, but that bothered neither of us. I lowered my face over her glorious chest, and returned to her right breast. I began licking the bottom of it, and slowly proceeded downhill. I moved down to her belly button, which I stuck my tongue into, digging for any bit of Jenny that I could get.

I ran my tongue all the way down to the edge of her panties. I nibbled around the material, but then I moved to the inside of her left knee. There I began to suckle the inside of her thigh, slowly progressing upwards. She spread her legs so I could get my head in position. As I licked, sucked, and kissed my way upwards, I played with her left tit some more, pulling on it just ever so slightly, making her moan ever so softly. Before I got to her panties, she spread her beautiful legs wide. A large wet-spot presented itself in front of my face. I breathed the yummily scented air for a while, before slowly extending my tongue, and touching the wet spot on her panties, making sure not to push any further in, so I made almost no contact with her open vagina. I gently licked her panties, and softly pulled them in my mouth with my lips. They were stretched away from cunt, as I attempted to bring as much soaked material as I could into my hungry mouth. I chewed on the soft cotton, trying to get out every drop of girl juice. She lifted her ass again, in an obvious gesture to me that I should remove her panties. I brought more and more material into my mouth, slowly moving down her legs, bringing the undies with me, and getting a rather full mouth. I pulled them off her right ankle first, and stuffed that corner into my mouth. Finally I got them off her left leg, and happily chewed on Jennifer's panties which were entirely in my mouth. I reached up again, and started caressing the naked girls breasts again with my left hand, while caressing her earlobe with the right. I took her panties out of my mouth, and threw them out onto the pile of junk as well, thinking she wouldn't want to have them anymore anyway. Jennifer reached down and slowly undid my pants, grabbing my cock once the zipper was down. I, being rather impatient, grabbed my pants and ripped them off. Jennifer started rubbing my cock slowly, staring at it as if it were some kind of animal. It wasn't anything special, as far as I was concerned. I had compared with my friend and mine wasn't abnormal in any respect. So I didn't know why she was looking so scared...

I kissed her again, this time our tongues didn't play, they did the lambada. I never knew that a simple kiss could instill so much passion in a human being, but it was so. I reached down behind her, and started caressing her ass cheeks. They were almost as soft as her tits, and nice and round too. She slid her hand down my back, and stuck it under my briefs. She gently scratched my butt, which made me think I'd come right there and then. I extended a finger between her ass cheeks, and searched for her nether hole. She yelped when I touched it. I slowly rubbed it, up and down, and in circles. She stopped rubbing my ass, and just laid there and enjoyed the sheer pleasure I was giving her. I poked my finger in her asshole and moved it around a bit, but without lubrication I felt that I was hurting her. Slowly I broke off the kiss, and once again moved down her perfectly shaped body. I moved my hand from her anus to the side and downwards, forcing her leg up. Once she realized what I was trying to do, she helped.

She spread her legs, and lifted them up, pulling her knees toward her shoulders. I caressed the upper bottom of her pure white thighs, as I kissed my way down to where the fuzz began. She didn't have much of it. Either she shaved, or it just hadn't all grown yet. Jennifer's clitoris was sticking out prominently between her vaginal lips. I kissed my way around her pussy, to the right, avoiding her outer lips. I licked up and down her innermost thigh, first on the right, then on the left. She must have come for the first time that day, since she suddenly gasped and shuddered lightly. I didn't let it distract me. Slowly I moved closer to her pink hot lips, so lewdly parted, showing me her deep insides. I nuzzled her outer lips, tasting the wonderful dew that had collected on the thin fuzz. I moved towards the inside, first just running my nose up and down her crack, making sure not to touch her engorged clit at the top. Then I kissed my way up and down the insides of her opened lips, finally stopping over her opened hole. It was glistening with juices. I placed my mouth over it, and sucked..

I stuck out my tongue and ran it around the opening of her cunt, not pushing in. I ran my tongue up and down her slit, moving left and right, but still not touching her clit. She was moaning quite loud now, but didn't really know what she wanted. I positioned my tongue over the opening to her inner depths again, and pushed in ever so slightly, rolling my tongue into a tube first. I jiggled and wiggled around, but couldn't get it in very deep. I moved up to her clit, but without touching it, teased poor Jennifer by running my tongue in circles around her enraged clit that was just straining to get some attention. She began to realize that that was what she wanted. Jennifer started pushing her cunt up towards my face, trying to hit me with her clit. But I wouldn't let her. I held her down by holding her hips, and continued my torturing of her clitoris. I placed my left index finger on her cunthole, and gently pushed. All her lubrication let my finger slip in easily. I pushed it in up to the hilt, and let it rest for a few seconds.

I moved it in circles, first just small ones, but gradually expanding, trying to open up her hole for what was to come. I stuck in another finger, and started to gently fuck her with my two fingers. He vagina made a very erotic slurping sound as I pulled my fingers out. Her inner lips were forced into her cunt as my fingers dove deep into her, and they tried to keep my fingers in as I moved them back. I increased my fuck speed, as I toyed with her clit, just not quite touching it. This all was driving Jennifer wild, as she bucked against my hand and mouth, trying to get the itch that was her clit satisfied. I was still playing with her tits with my right hand, pinching and squeezing her nipples every once in a while, making her yelp. Finally I thought I had made her wait long enough. Still finger fucking her pussy, I surrounded her clit with my mouth, and chomped down on it with my lips.

She screamed, and bucked so hard I almost bit my tongue. She had never come this hard, and was quite unused to the sensations she was feeling. I managed to get an extra helping of the delightful goo that came dripping out of her hole along with my fingers. I sucked what I could off my hand, and attacked her clit again, and again she came, screaming like a banshee. This time I held tight, and sucked on it with all my might. I toyed with it with my tongue, flicking it back and forth, and trying to suck it as far back into my mouth as I could. I lost count of the times she came... in fact, I'm not even sure if it was several orgasms or one huge one. Whatever it was, it was something that I could never experience as a man, and envied her for it.

I inserted my finger into her cunt again, wiggling it around, loading it up with Jennifer's cum. I pulled it back out, and slowly traced a path down her slit, to her anus. I gently played with her hole, trying to loosen up her sphincter. Slowly, slowly I pushed my finger in, constantly wriggling it about, trying to get her to relax. I returned to her clit, and while sucking it, pushed my finger as far up her tight ass as it would go. I moved it around in circles, and started to fuck her rectum with my finger as I sucked her soaked pussy. It Didn't take her long to come again, from the intense treatment she was receiving. Slowly I pulled my finger out from her splayed ass-cheeks and wiped it off on the towel. I continued to lick and suck her vagina for a bit, but no longer with the intensity that I had before.

I came up from between Jennifer's legs, and kissed her again. She reached down between my legs, and slid her hand inside my briefs. She started pulling on my cock, and then my scrotum. She lightly scratched it, until I had enough, and ripped off my underwear. We both lay there, naked, next to each other, in the warm afternoon sun. I still had my hard-on, which had not yet been satisfied. I asked her if she would like to take me in her mouth, but she didn't particularly like that idea. She'll learn some day... It was better that way anyway, since I have trouble coming twice in one sitting. But I was still horny as a bull, and wanted to fuck her like nothing else in the world. "You've done it before?," I asked her. She nodded slightly. "Good, you sure didn't act like it," I said. She didn't answer. Her legs were still in the spread position, and her hole was about as slick as anything I've ever seen. I rolled on top of her, pressing my cock against her belly. We just lay there like that for a few minutes, enjoying the warmth of each others bodies against the other.

Slowly I slid down, until my dick was resting with the tip on her clit. I toyed with it a bit, rubbing the cock-head against her slick little nubbin. I grabbed my sheath, and rubbed it up and down the length of her slit, gathering up moisture wherever it went. I attacked her clit again with my cockhead, this time rubbing the knob which was sopping with her juices and my own over the entire top of her pussy, making a mess of her blonde pubic hair. She came again, but it was more of an aftershock in comparison to what she had experienced before. Slowly I positioned my cockhead over her vaginal opening. I rubbed it up and down a little bit, making lusty wet sounds that I just love. I held it still over Jennifer's hole again. I pushed just a little bit, just until half of the head was in her cunt.

I pulled back out, and pushed in again, this time until the whole head was in. Her hole squeezed my cockhead, making hew heat seem ever hotter. Good god, she was tight. I stuck it in just a little bit, and pulled out again maybe five or six times, mostly for my pleasure. I love the feeling of my foreskin being pulled back by a tight cunt. By now she was begging me to stick it in. I pushed in as far as I'd been before, and kept pushing. It went in slowly, but finally I got the whole thing in. I just kept still, as we both stared down at our united crotches, where our bodies had joined. I started moving, using only small thrusts. I moved back only an inch or so, and pushed back all the way in. Then I pulled al the way out, and slammed back in, making her yelp. I left my cock all the way in her, and laid down on her, grinding my crotch into her clit, making her purr like a leopard.

I pulled back out, and started pumping Jennifer with a steady rhythm. I slapped against her splayed cunt-lips with increasing vigor as I felt my orgasm beginning to build. She got into the rhythm, and began humping back against me as my balls slapped against her soft ass cheeks. I leaned down and suckled on her left nipple some more, drawing her entire breast into my mouth, releasing it, and drawing it back in. I'm not usually one to be able to hold his load back, so I felt it coming soon. I fucked her hard and fast, and she liked it.

She was breathing in short, fast pants, rolling her eyes back in a kind of drunkenness that only sex can induce. I couldn't think of anything else but my dick sliding in and out of her sopping wet, hot, hot, hole. She wrapped her legs around my ass, and pulled me even deeper into her womb as she raised her smooth ass to give me a better penetration angle. I slammed my hips hard against her groin. Suddenly I could hold it back no longer, and I felt the first gush of semen charge through my penis, flowing deep into Jennifer's vagina. Again my dick contracted, and shot more thick cream far into her cunt. Several more times I went off, until I could no more. I collapsed on top of Jennifer in a happy stupor. Slowly my dick shrinked, and slipped out of her pussy with a very erotic sloshing sound. I slid down her sweaty hot body, and attacked her cunt with my tongue, paying no attention to not trying to hit her clit.

I licked up and down, in her hole, trying to get every last drop of our sex juices. I nibbled on her clit, and on her pussy lips, nuzzled them with my nose and chin, and went back to her clit. I gently blew on it, and suddenly bit. Hard, but not hard enough to get blood flowing. Jennifer shrieked as she came, with one of the most intense orgasms I've ever witnessed. She shuddered a few more times as the aftershocks hit, as I looked up at her beautiful face.

I crawled back up to her, pressing my naked body into hers. I was still aroused, but my cock didn't feel like coming back to life. We lay there for a while, just enjoying what makes humans human. The sun had started to go down, and I realized that I ought to be home before my mom comes home from work. Dad will think I was out panhandling or something, but mom wouldn't even accept that as an excuse. I slowly pulled myself off Jennifer, and put my underwear and pants back on. My shirt was lying off in the junk somewhere, and I sure as hell didn't want to go get it. I helped Jennifer into her cut-offs, no underwear this time, and arranged her shirt back on her torso, trying to make it look as fresh as possible. We clambered down the hill of trash, and ran hand in hand out of the landfill, towards the city. We kissed a final good-bye as our ways parted.

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