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Smart simple outfit , nice top, short skirt ,no point in wearing a bra or panties they only have to come off and half the time the jerks rip them thinking 25 or 30 bucks covers the cost of a BJ in their car in the parking lot by Lake Michigan and my new fucking nickers,so it’s easier if I just don’t wear them .

It was getting late ,Friday afternoon was soon going to be Friday evening , I was hungry and had nothing to drink, so I decided to go out for an hour and see if there was anything happening down by the liquor store on Clark Street.

It took me all of five minutes to see that the street was as dead as the proverbial Dodo ,but I wondered up to the Gyro Store the Greek owned, a couple of times in the last ten days after his staff left he opened the door and I went in the back room and blew him in exchange for a bunch of food he had left over and a few cans of pop,but when I got there he was still open and his sons were behind the counter so I moved on towards the liquor store.

The creep that rides his bike around day and night bugging everyone suddenly pulled up beside me, frightening the fucking life out of me, he was laughing so I punched his arm " What the fuck was that for he said and where you going " ? I laughed and said " it was because your a prick, you scared the fuck out of me , I ‘m not going no where you got a smoke’ ?

"Going to show me your tits" he said, I looked around quick, there wasn’t one person walking on the sidewalk in either direction, so I pulled my top up and my tits were on show He went to grab them but I was too quick for him and danced away laughing. " Give me the smoke " I said and he handed me a some cheap cigarette from a crumpled pack. "Give me two I said" after, seeing the packet was half full , show me your cunt he said and I will. I lifted my skirt and stood looking at him, dropping my skirt I said give me the smokes and handed me another ciggy I tucked behind my ear for later .

As I was about to cross the road to go to the Liquor store this Merc came by, not going very fast and the guy was giving me a stare. I watched it go down a couple of blocks and the guy turned left "fuck off " I said to bike boy ,"that guys interested in either you or me and I sure as fuck hope it’s me" I said laughing.

Sure enough 30 second later back going north up Clark comes a nice blue Merc, I did the big smile and the little wave, but he kept cruising bye, going up as far as the red light he turned left. I ran across the road and a minute later back down the road comes the Merc.

I was standing by the closed cell phone shop when he pulled into the parking lot and stopped the car, the window went down so I wondered over, lent on the door and said" Hi" . He was a guy in his late 50’s I guessed , he looked nice in his golf shirt and slacks . I said " my names Sheila are you looking for anything special" ? He smiled and said " I might be, but it has to be something very special". I said "and what would that be like what would you call special", and he said " whats today Friday, I need me company for tonight and tomorrow and for Sunday" so I don’t need anyone who has to go home to her pimp or husband or kids" he said sarcastically, "and I need an obedient women, not one thats going to say no to my requests, so do you know anyone like that."I must have looked stupid I just stood there looking at him, "well do you" he said."I know someone" I said, "what does it pay " ? I was trying to stay cool but I was hardly able to contain my excitement , three fucking days, my head was spinning. "Well what do you think it would cost me" he asked, " if I could find someone like that."

I didn’t know what to say , he looked at me and said " don’t worry I will find someone ". I blurted out "wait I think she would want about $400 "and he smiled, "that sounds fair, she could double that if she was a good girl he said." I was tugging on the passenger door before he had even unlocked it, I slid into the seat and said lets go, and he was laughing.

" I live up North, but we need to go shopping " he said as we went down Clark, then suddenly he said " no offence but are are you clean, have you fucked anyone or blown anyone tonight" . "I said yeah I am clean and I have not fucked anyone for weeks and the last time I blew someone the snow was on the ground," and we were both laughing.

We drove to the Lincolnwood Mall, on the way there he said "show me what I am spending my money on " so I lifted my top and his hand came off the wheal and he gently rubbed my boob, before rolling my nipple between his finger and thumb. " Nice " he said slowly as he let go of my boob, his hand dropping to my knee.

God I liked this guy it had been for ever since someone played gently with my tits. His hand started to go up my leg and I gave a little shudder, and he laughed, "whats the matter are you cold " he said . "NO" I said laughing "your just getting very very close to my "and I stopped and he said "your what", and I said " my cunt and I don’t have any panties on".

" Good girl ready for action tonight were you " he said laughing, and I felt stupid, this guy was so nice and here I was sitting in his car I didn’t even know his name with no fucking underwear on and feeling like the whore I was ,and I didn’t want to feel like that.

"Open your legs" he said softly, his fingers began to rub up and down my cunt lips and the back of one of his fingers found my clit and he rubbed it. What the fuck is "she" doing I thought to myself, and I found myself opening and closing my knees like I was trying to fly, lol, as his finger went into my damp cunt .

We pulled into the parking lot by Lovers lane , he lent over and put the fingers he had put in my cunt against my mouth, "suck" he said " clean my fingers" and he pushed two into my mouth and I began to suck them running my tongue on the top and bottom of his fingers tasting my cunt juice for the first time in a long time.

As we walked into the store he said "try and keep your ass covered , that pussy is mine not for the world to see" and I was laughing, but the way he squeezed my arm I knew he meant it.

We were in and out of Lovers Lane in about ten minutes, I had three bags full of nighties,stockings, garter belts, corsets, the guy spent more on me that night than anyone in my life, then we went along the road to a shoe shop and he stood looking at me trying on several pairs of heels, each time I opened my legs just a little too much so he could see my cunt, and he smiled.

We had only been shopping for 30 minutes and I had now got more new clothes than I had had hot dinners in the last month, I put my shoes on the back seat I got in the car and said " will you let me keep some of those when I go home, "and he said" if your a good girl of course, what would I do with them" ?

We were driving up North and I said " I don’t know your name but you know mine" and he laughed "Johnathons my name" he said," now why don’t you pull that little skirt up, open your legs and start playing with yourself, but don’t you dare climax, if you climax without permission anytime this weekend you will loose your bonus do you understand " ?

I was giggling, as I pulled my skirt up and started gently rubbing myself , the quietness and power of the car and the darkness closing in made me feel special, I closed my eyes and I was thinking how no man had ever asked me to play with myself, all they ever wanted to do was get off as quickly as possible, and as cheaply as possible, hahahaha, but God this guy was so different , and if I had known how different I would have probably jumped out of the car even though we were doing 70 on the freeway at that very second.

continued ...

By Sheila Jones

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