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High y'all!
Haven't updated this in a long time. So, what's new? I freakin' turned 62!! Don't like that one little bit. I got into the ancestry thing, and people in my family never make it to 80. So, I figure I have to start making up on some time. Oh hey! It's July 4th as I write this, so Happy 4th everyone. I hope you and your animals made it through with no problems. When last I posted, I was living in AZ planning to move back to Texas. Well, I'm still in AZ. I finally started finding homes for my husband's numerous hobby paraphernalia. It's taking longer than expected, but I just keep diggin' at it. I've lost people I loved, especially my uncle who was 9 years younger than me. I have a beautiful great-great niece! I'll be posting a photo of her soon. She will be a year old the end of this month. Her mom got lucky in that she f'ed up and was on probation for some things, but couldn't afford probation, so she turned herself in and said she would rather do the time and get it behind her. She was pregnant when she went in, but was lucky enough to be accepted in a program in Texas that allowed her to stay in something like a halfway house, and kept our Avery with her to allow them bonding time. She got out, and was doing really good with a job, and putting away money to get her (and the sperm donor) a place to live. He loves her and the baby with almost his whole heart. That baby is always smiling and usually happy, until the dreaded bedtime. Oy vey! Unfortunately my niece is f''n up again, (like getting drunk before going to work, because she knew all the alcohol would be gone when she got home. But, what cha gonna do? Her mom has a revolving door reservation in the Texas system, and unless something drastic happens it looks like my niece will open her own credit account there. OK.....so sorry about the downer post. I think it's time to make some brownies!
That sounds much better than chicken. And pouring Bailey's over them is like a bit o heaven!
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