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High y'all!
I'm a native Texan who moved to AZ in 1982. I'm getting ready to move back, since my husband passed away four years ago and I took him back for a service and burial there, plus my only family is there too. Might have to put that off if Texas lawmakers don't pull their heads out.... I live in "the country" here in the AZ desert, with our 9 year old Sheltie female, Jazz. I also rescued a Pomchi about a year ago. The vet estimated him to be 2 years old now. He's a real sweetie, a breakout master and a runner. But he always comes home wiggling all over and very happy. My Jazzie hates him. :-)
I came here to look into what are some of the best strains I can get for pain. I'm normally an easy going person, very friendly and open. But, I've changed since my back has gotten so bad. I don't like the current me.
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