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Now I know why. No one can really see us. All they can see is me just sitting on your lap. They can’t see your hand up my skirt. Your fingers are rubbing my pussy on top of my panties, getting them wet.

It’s just a game. You’re trying to get me to break my straight face and see how long I can hold out. You still hold the record since last time we hung out and I was blowing you from under the pinball game in that other bar. I still think it wasn’t fair. When I got you to cry out, "Yes" you got to pretend you were yelling at the game. I spent a long time hidden underneath that game, sucking your dick. It shouldn’t have counted. I should have won.

I can’t take much more. My ass is beginning to grind slowly against your cock. My breath is getting faster and I start to arch my back against you. Your fingers are rubbing deeper and faster against my hot, steamy pussy. My panties are almost soaked.

Then you move your lips to my neck, lightly kissing it, your breath hot against it. You ask me if I give. No fair. I breathe out "Uncle" and slide off your lap. I walk straight towards the back hall, one quick glance back to make sure your right behind me.

You meet me in the ladies room. This one has a small lounge area behind the door with a small sofa and strategically placed plants to hide you pretty good. I stand in front of the sofa, my arms crossed. You cheated. You know that if you kiss or suck on my neck, I melt. Chuckling at my pout, you sit on the couch and point to your lap.

Giving you a small smile, I hike up my skirt and straddle your lap, facing you. Your hands slide up my legs, sliding my skirt up further… all the way to my waist. Your hands cup my ass cheeks and I start to kiss you, my tongue rubbing slowly against yours.

Your fingers slip down my ass and between my legs. As you fingers reach my cunt again, I arch my back and pull down my top and bra, thrusting my tits in your face. Your lips surround one of my nipples and pull it into your mouth with your tongue. When I feel your teeth bite down softly, I begin to moan, my pussy grinding against your fingers, which have slipped past my thong panties, and are now making circles inside my soft, wet hole.

I lean forward take your mouth back, kissing you urgently. I run my hands down your chest and past your stomach to the top of your pants. I can feel your rod is rock hard. As I’m about to unbutton your jeans, someone behind me clears their throat. I break the kiss and let out a loud frustrated groan. I climb off your lap and pull down my shirt and skirt. I turn and breathe in a shocked sound. It’s one of my oldest friends, Candy. I give her a squealing hug. After introducing you, we head back to our table for another drink.

At some point in the night she asks me if you’re my boyfriend. I tell her no, just "really" good friends. I can see her flirting with you, and I notice that you seem to like the way she looks. She does resemble Alyssa Milano a little. She’s a little taller than me. Her breasts are only about a 28 B cup, but she is a little more slender than me. She has long, light brown hair, brown eyes and very tan.

Somehow we wind up driving back to my place in my car and Candy is now in your lap. I glance over and see you guys kissing. Seeing me out of the corner of my eye, your hand reaches over to my lap and you begin to caress the inside of my upper thigh while Candy is still kissing you. Luckily, we make it to my place before I run off the road. Right when we get to the door, Candy realizes she forgot her purse back at the bar. You don’t want to go back, but she’s kind-of freaking out. I agree to drive her back and you’re going to wait for us back inside my house.

During the drive, Candy mentions how much she was turned on watching our little couch show in the bathroom. We talk about you and how we both want to fuck you and maybe we can have a little fun we when get back. I tell her that I’m sure you would be fine with it, since you are the lustiest man I’ve ever met.

Candy and I get back and we can’t find you in the living room. I peak into the bedroom and I guess we were longer than we thought because you fell asleep on top of my bed. Waving Candy into my room we start to try to wake you.

Then I decide to get you back for cheating on the game earlier tonight. With Candy’s help, we strip off your clothes quietly. Then Candy takes off her top and undoes her bra. Using her bra she ties one of your hands to a bedpost. Giggling softly, I also take off my top and bra and tie your other hand to the other post, still not waking you. While looking at your unbound legs, I slip off my skirt and pull off my pink thong and tie one of your feet to the post at the foot of the bed. Candy undresses too and does the same with her panties.

Both of us crawl on the bed, on either side of you, now all 3 of us are naked. We smile at each other and we both start kissing and licking your chest. Our hands are rubbing your body all over. As we both start to kiss down towards your dick, I notice it’s hard. Looking up, I see you are awake and watching us, your eyes hard. Candy looks up too when she sees that I have stopped.

You look up at your tied hands and we wait for you to yell at us to let you go. Looking back at us, you just say it’s not fair… two against one, but we can hear the desire in your voice. Giggling at you, we go back to kissing your body, both of our long hair is tickling your chest and stomach as we lay down next to your body, one of us on each side.

You lay there helpless, watching our hair, copper red and honey brown, mingle across your bare body, feeling both of our lips and hot tongues rake down your body. Our hands are moving and caressing all your body, almost like worshiping you. Our bare breasts are sliding on your body; you feel our hard nipples tickling your skin. We both smile when we hear your tortured moan.

My hand grabs your throbbing cock and I rise up and bend over you on my knees, giving you a view of my bare ass. I kiss the head of your stiff cock and then after licking the pad of my thumb, I rub my thumb across the head of your fat cock in slow, light circles, while my hand is wrapped around the shaft. My thumb gets wetter with a little of your cum and I bring my thumb up to Candy’s lips so she can taste you. She sucks my thumb slightly and when I take my thumb away, she licks her lips. I lean your cock towards her and we both watch as she opens her mouth, sliding your throbbing stick in her mouth, her lips pressing tightly as you slide further into her mouth.

Your hips try to rise off the bed, trying to go deeper in her mouth. You start to strain against the bras holding you down, wanting to touch us. I slide down to the foot of the bed and slide in between your legs. I lightly run my fingernails up both of your thighs, and lean in, tracing my tongue over your balls, while Candy is still sliding her mouth up and down on your dick. You’re starting to writhe around on the bed, breathing hard and fast.

I slide one of your balls in my wet mouth, my tongue caressing them. Taking a quick peak up at you, I can see you’re still looking down, watching us pleasure you with our mouths; your eyes are hard with lust. You are almost dying with want to touch us.

I remove your balls from my mouth and call to Candy. Candy slides your shiny, wet prick out of her mouth and sits up and looks at me. I rise up and lean forward, with my hands on the outside your legs, slowly sliding up your body, my breasts rubbing slowly up and down up against your stiff cock.

Looking right into your eyes, I ask you "Uncle?" You give me a husky yes and ask for us to untie you.

Looking back at Candy we decide to rock, paper, scissors to see who gets to fuck your cock. I win and straddle your waist and slowly raising your stiff cock, which is still wet from Candy’s hot mouth, off your stomach and place the head right between the lips of my already juicy hot pussy, but not bringing you in yet. Just hovering right at the opening so you can feel how hot I am for you. Candy turns towards the foot of the bed and leans over to untie your feet. Now you have a view of her ass bent over and you can see her pussy between her legs, very moist from playing.

My pussy feels so wet and hot on your dick and I begin to slide myself down on it, slowly slipping down inch by inch. Once your feet are free, you bend your knees up and after planting your feet flat on the bed; you lift your hips up hard and ram the rest of your cock deep inside me. After I let out a shocked but pleasurable cry, I begin to rock back and forth, enjoying how full your rigid meat feels inside me. I hear you moan something that sounded like "Yes, fucking ride me baby".

Mean while, as Candy crawls up towards you, your eyes are watching her breasts sway a little as she moves. When she gets up next to your head, she kneels and reaches up and starts to untie your hands. You suddenly break free and grab her by the hips. You lift her up and position her to straddle over your face, and bring her hips down until her trimmed little cunt is right over your mouth.

As I continue to slide up and down on your big dick, you slide your hot tongue in between Candy’s pussy lips licking up and down. Candy lets out a loud sensual moan and spreads her legs wider and tilts her pussy more into your mouth. Your tongue goes further inside her juicy hole and begins to flick back and forth and up and down her clit.

I become very hot knowing your mouth is pleasuring her and lean back a little and really begin to grind my pussy harder and faster on your cock. I’m so wet now; the base of your shaft is soaked. When I have a good rhythm, I reach back and lightly massage your balls in my hand. Your legs spread for me and now I’m cupping them and caressing them. I can hear you moan against Candy’s wet pussy. This drives her crazy and she starts to move her pussy in circles against your tongue. She is also dripping wet.

Your hands now move in between her legs to cover the fur on the outside of her pussy and your thumb slips in and begins to rub fast against her swollen clitty while your tongue darts in and out of her hot hole. You are using the same pace that I am doing on your throbbing cock. Candy suddenly begins to shiver against your mouth and you hold her hips still and feel her cum with your tongue still flicking inside her.

After Candy moves off your face and lays down next to us, you now reach down to me and guide my hips back and forth, now pumping your hips up against me. Now you want to cum. You are driving your cock even deeper inside my soft hot pussy. Wanting to make me scream, I feel you slip your thumb inside my pussy and rub my clitty too as I ride you faster and harder. Then you stop my hips and just cum so hard and deep inside me, you growl. I stay on top of you for a minute and then slide off and lay down too.

Then I get up and pad across the room in my bare feet, walking into the bathroom. I come back with a wet towel to clean you off, but I stop and watch Candy licking your meat clean. Dropping the towel, I join her and our tongues work hard over your cock and nuts, until you are clean. Candy and I snuggle up against you….drifting off to sleep against you..... you and your big smile.

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