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We were now living together,and her time sucking her brother's cocks has dwindled.I myself don’t mind if she has sex with them but they had told her that they needed to move on. She was rather sad when they said they needed to find a girl of their own.

Since her brothers were the only guys she has had sex with she had fond memories and had learned alot from them.Claire tells me things they had done when they were younger and to tell you the truth I like hearing it. I wish I would have joined them in their sexual adventures throughout her younger years, but I didn't.

At that time I didn’t know what she was doing with them and when I did find out I left her exploring on my own. I met Dedra but that didn’t work out and eventually Claire brought me back into her life.Not only having sex with her and her brothers ,she knew that she would have to find other guys,and let them move on.

Now we are moving on looking for other people to have sex with and the internet is helping us.Just two weeks ago we contacted an older couple ,Lynne and Bill ,and had good sex with them.They are twenty years older than us and we hope to learn a lot more from them .

Claire and I have been having sex regularly since moving in together,it is fun. We are again going to have another meeting with Lynne and Bill, and are looking forward to it. This time instead of being all together we plan on Claire being alone with Bill and I with Lynne.

We both decided that we needed to work on our ability to last longer so we started to practice stopping when we got close.Instead of cumming three times a day ,I was cumming once.Claire would stop when I told her I was close.We would talk for a bit and then I would finger and suck on her pussy until she was close. We both hope that it will help us last longer and when that day comes we will enjoy it.

Lynne and Bill were coming to our home this evening and we were both quite anxious to have sex with them again. Claire bought some new lingerie and braided her long hair and shaved both of our cubic hair. She looked so hot,and as the time grew closer it was hard to keep our hands off one another.

It was nice to see Lynne and Bill when they arrived and had a nice supper with them. Lynne looked quite beautiful for her age,and she personally made it easier to talk to her.Claire and Bill looked quite happy as they talked and giggled with each other.The girls and I had wine while Bill drank beer until Claire got up from the table and took Bill’s hand.

Lynne watched as Claire led Bill down the hall to a bedroom,"I guess she is eager to get things started"she said taking a hold of my hand.She then gave me a kiss,"I prefer to take my time"she said,"we do have all night".

It wasn’t a kiss like Claire would give me, but more like a kiss that hinted that she wanted to get to know me better.Being that Lynne was much older we kissed for a while, each time letting me move closer.When we broke from a kiss I said"you are only the third woman I have done anything with ".

I explained that I have known Claire all my life and only had one other girl before Claire and she was a slut".I then told her " I would like to learn from you things that will make me a better lover.I also want to learn how to give you an enjoyable time with me and believed you can teach me".

Lynne gave me a warm kiss and slid her hand down on my cock finding that I was hard. She then after many more kisses stood up and said "let's go somewhere and I will teach you". She leaned against me and said "you did a nice job the first time so just relax.I was like Claire when I was her age"she said and told me just how old she was then."It wasn’t until I met Claire’s father and mother did I learn how to really enjoy sex. Please don’t tell her that though ,I don’t know how much Claire knows about them",she said as we walked to the bedroom.

Again Lynne kissed me but took my hands down to her chest," go ahead feel these '' she said."I know that you have felt better ones,but I enjoy hearing what you think of these". She then moved back, giving me more room to rub on her breasts.She then smiled and undid her shirt.

I didn't know she had no bra on until her tits were there facing me,"these are beautiful", I said to her as I fondled them. "You are beautiful too" I said to her and gave her a kiss,feeling her nipple’s growing in my hands. When Lynne sat down on the bed I helped her remove her blouse then told her again how nice her breasts were.

I then went to my knees and began kissing up and around them until she held my mouth still on a nipple.They weren't much bigger than Claire's and they sagged some from age ,but I still liked them.She liked what I was doing as well and slowly pulled my shirt up while taking deep breaths.

When I took my hands away letting her pull my shirt off ,she then laid down pulling me with her.We started kissing again but with more passion and running her hands on my hair.When we heard the bed in the other room started hitting the wall we both giggled, "maybe we should at least get naked " she said."Bill is quick to cum"she whispered,"I like to take my time and enjoy it".

I gave her another kiss and slowly moved down her body ,kissing her belly while slowly unzipping her pants.She lifted her butt and then her legs allowing me to see her naked body closer..I kept telling her how beautiful she was and that made her smile,"i'm not lying "I said to her"I like what I am seeing". Sure she was a little heavier than Claire ,but she was older and as I ran my hands up and down her body she was firm .

I sure wanted to lick her bald pussy but I didn’t want to act too eager,and slowly kissed her body, softly ran my fingers around above it. It was Lynne that finally pushed my head down between her legs leading me closer to her pussy.

As her hands ran through my hair , my tongue ran up between her moist lips. When my fingers slipped inside her she pushed up harder against my face and moaned.Each time a finger touched her g-spot she would gasp whispering "yes" .I made note to her liking the feel of me doing that so I continued rubbing her there.

I noticed how much wetter her pussy was getting the longer I licked her there. So I continued until she lifted her ass up off the bed and quietly said "yes"several times."Son of a bitch" she said when her orgasm finally slowed down"damn that was good".She then pulled me up and before giving me a kiss she whispered "I want you to fuck me now".

I stood up off the bed and took my pants off while she moved farther up on the bed.She held her arms up "fuck me with that big cock "she said reaching for it when I moved between her legs.I leaned down and kissed her ,then said "I don’t know, I might cum to quick".

She pulled me down on her and held my body tight against her and said softly" I know , you young boys usually do. I also know that you will stay hard so let's make some noise for the neighbors".

Her legs wrapped around mine,and her hands held on my ass, allowing my cock to slip easily inside her wet and juicy pussy.It felt so good sliding up and down on her with my cock in her pussy and with her kissing all over me.She was right because not more than five minutes later I was adding more juices into her already soaked pussy.

But it didn’t stop there ,she moved her legs from around me and said"roll over". When I was now down on my back she smiled and sat down on me .Her hand took hold my cock guiding it back inside her, "I like this big cock " she said ."I like the taste too"she said, scooping up some of our cum that was seeping out and on my groin. She then began sliding back and forth on my cock,smiling all while she rode me.

She was right about me staying hard ,as my cock I seemed to grow bigger each time she moved up and slammed back down on my cock.I am only 8 inches and with Bill only being 5 inches, that extra 3 inches was sure making her happy.

I never knew that a woman could squirt until she moved up and cried out loudly "I cumming".I learned about it when her hot cum was being pushed out on my body until she sat back down on me. This time when she sat down it felt like I entered her farther than before.It felt different when the head of my cock seemed to break into a new space inside her.She also seemed to like the feeling of me deeper and continued to ride me keeping it there.

For the longest time we were staring into each others eyes feeling how her muscles were pulsating against my cock."This is the best feeling that I have ever had ",and told her so."Damn Lynne " I said"you were right,don’t stop, you feel so good on me".I ran my hands up to her breasts and began playing with her hard nipples while she began fucking me faster.

When we heard the bed in the other room start bouncing against the wall Lynne laid down on me. She chuckled and said "we must have woken them up",then slowly moved down off my cock.Now laying between my legs she held my stiff cock up to her mouth and licked the head."I like this big cock "she said again taking it halfway into her mouth this time while sliding her hand up and down on it.After minutes of sucking she took my cock out of her mouth and said "give me your cum",and started rubbing it against her cheeks.

"Oh you sure are good" I said when she held my balls and began sucking on them one at a time."Bill is a lucky man" I said running my fingers through her hair,"damn you are so good at that". I then took a deep breath when she licked up and sucked on my cock again."Oh shit ,I am going to cum", I said when she took my cock deep in her mouth and jerked it faster.

When I started cumming this time she took some cum in her mouth before taking it out, letting me finish on her face.With a smile she said "this good for my complexion" and rubbed my cock all around on her face.I was starting to shake when she again sucked my cock deep in her mouth,looking into my eyes.

She licked and sucked on my cock until I began to soften ,she then got on her knees, kissing and licking up my body.She then laid on my side with her hands still rubbing on my body," I am so glad it is just me and you alone"she said."You have given me more than I expected" she said and wiped her mouth and kissed me.

She then sat up and pulled the bed sheet over us then snuggled against me, kissing on my neck."Let's rest for a bit and we can do it again later"she said then held her arm across my groin and took a deep breath.

Going to sleep never happened as Lynne kept moving her hands around on my body.When she finally rolled away from me laying on her side I rolled against her .I moved her hair and whispered in her ear "I can't sleep ether,you are so sexy".I kissed her neck and ran my hand on her breast and said "and I don’t want to sleep.This has been the best sex I have ever had and I want more ".

All I heard Lynne say was "me too", and wiggled her ass so my cock could pass along against her pussy.Her hand guided my cock into her still wet pussy and was holding on it as it entered her. It was a good thing she was holding her hand on my cock because I could only get half of it inside her,and I still wasn’t fully hard.

The position that we were in had to change after Lynne had to put it back in several times so she rolled onto her stomach.When she did that I moved over between her legs .I was again able to push my semi-hard cock all the way inside her again.

I was started getting harder and slid easily in and out of her ,watching my cock pulling cum out her pussy then back in each time.I rather liked this position on account of not only seeing her getting wetter I could see the smile on her face when she would turn her head.Lynne seemed to like it just as much because she was pushing back against me.

Everything changed when the light by the bed turned on and Claire gave me a kiss."Bill wants to suck your cock",she said "and I want to watch". She then pulled me back, removing my cock from Lynne , Bill then moved down,taking my cock deep into his mouth.I moved back farther on the bed as he got on his knees.He cupped my balls and sucked on my cock while Claire sat beside Lynne rolling her over to watch.

Now on my knees I placed my hands on his shoulder and was watching Claire sitting next to Lynne ,both smiling.Bill was taking as much of my cock as he possibly could and gagged several times taking it too far."He might last long"Lynne said to Claire"he has already came in me three times".

They kissed each other with Claire rubbing Lynne’s breasts and then they moved up to get a closer look. Claire ran her hands down onto Lynne’s pussy"I guess he had"she said, holding up her hand shining with cum.

When I started watching Claire tasting the juices and then going back sliding her fingers deeper into Lynne’s pussy, I felt my cock wanting to cum.It didn’t take as long as they thought when I held Bill’s head with him sucking the cum out of me.

He continued sucking and licking my cock until I was soft then laid down.Lynne rolled to her side kissing Bill and Claire moved to me and gave me a kiss. She then pointed to Bill's cock, "your turn "she said then moved my head down to his cock.

Being his cock was smaller I easily took it into my mouth, the taste of Claire's cum also made it nicer.His cock being small was not as much fun as sucking Claire’s brother Rick's cock but I was doing it for the girls.

Lucky Bill also didn’t last long and within minutes his warm cum was shooting into my mouth. I sucked and swallowed it all until he was empty and continued until it went limp.Claire then laid down next to Lynne with Bill next to her leaving me nowhere to lay down.So I got up and went to my bedroom, but Claire had followed me and we both hugged and kissed each other before going to sleep.

I don’t know how long I was asleep when I felt Claire rubbing on my cock and surprisingly Bill was there too holding my balls. Seeing that I was awake Claire moved up and gave me a kiss and said"I want you and Bill to fuck me now".

Well I sure couldn’t resist her request, but that will be in the next chapter

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