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With each step, I became more excited yet apprehensive. Sir always surprises me. He has grown as a Dominant in the last few months exploring more interests and fetishes with me. Each time we meet, he challenges me a little bit more.. My mind wonders what He will explore with me today and I smile at my curiosity. I am naive of how the day will unfold. I arrive at His door and knock. I can hear Him on the other side of the door walking to answer. I take a deep breath as the door opens. Then, there He is and I draw a deeper breath amazed at my love and devotion to Him. My Sir is quite handsome with a beautiful wide smile and dark kind loving eyes. We embrace and kiss. He asks me how I am and motions for me to take a seat. We typically chit chat but usually it is me chattering on and on about what is going on in my life. He is reserved as we talk, occasionally asking me to tell Him more about what I am thinking or feeling. He silently sits studying me and I can feel His intense gaze.

Sir, pats His lap and I slide over onto it. He holds me in His arms, kisses me and whispers in my ear to undress and stand before Him naked. I do as He asks and feel a wetness develop between my legs at the sound of His whisper. As my clothes come off so does the invisible yet heavy opaque mask I wear everyday. I stand before Him naked and transparent. He has my collar in His hands and I look into His eyes while falling to my knees. As I place my hands behind my back and bow, He slips the thick well broken in strip of leather around my neck tightly buckling it in place. He rests His hands on my back. The firm pressure conveys to me I am His. I continue to kneel in reverence. He tells me to rise which I do and stand "at ease" before Him. He gently caresses His fingertips across my shoulder and my skin reacts, my nipples harden as His fingers graze over my breasts and travel down to my clit. He feels my wetness and smiles. He instructs me to follow Him and I trot happily behind Him as He leads me to the bedroom.

He informs me today's scene is going to be different than any other scene I have experienced before. I swallow in excitement and apprehension wondering what He has in mind. He tells me to get on the bed so He may put my restraints on me. He works quickly as He tightly buckles each restraint into place. He guides me off the bed and bends me over it. He secures the handcuffs onto my wrist restraints and further secures my out stretched arms causing me to rise to the balls of my feet. He ties the rope off onto the headboard. He secures my tip-toed feet to the spreader bar. Next, He blindfolds me and I giggle. Blindfold? This IS new! as I think of a vanilla couple using a blindfold to "kinkify" their boring night of scheduled Wednesday sex. Lastly, He places headphones over my ears and Sir tells me to say my Safe Word. I ask, "What?" He repeats, "I want to hear you practice your Safe Word." I quickly but in a bewildered tone say, "um, mushroom?" He repeats, "mushroom" and cups the earphones over my ears and white noise rushes into my brain. At this point, I was erotically charged with my body only aware of His presence in the room.

His hands explore my moist pussy and tickle my clit as the pleasure washes over me---I groan. He fingers me, massaging my G-spot and rubs my pussy lips together and repeatedly flicking my clit. Because of the sensory deprivation, the pleasure is magnified. The spark of an orgasm is growing and growing and almost instinctively---He stops.

Minutes seem to pass and I hunger for His touch again but only hear the rushing white noise and cannot see what He is doing. Finally, His hand rubs my ass and I begin to moan as my sexual desire is fed. Suddenly, the pleasure is replaced with a sharp sting as the whip makes contact with my skin. A series of strikes each biting intensely into my flesh. I feel the blood rushing to the impacted areas. The pain sears into my shocked brain, I cry out, shifting my feet and weight in a vain attempt to avoid the whip. He rubs my ass soothing it only to replace the comfort with the thudding impact of the paddle. Its blunt force causing blood vessels to break. As suddenly as He introduced the pain, He switches and proceeds to spread my pussy lips apart massaging my clit while several of His fingers roughly pump in and out of my hole. My body is confused but reacts as its Maestro directs...releasing endorphons to lessen my suffering and floods my brain with dopamine heightening the sensations of pleasure.

I let go.....I submit and surrender to my Masters folly. He alternates between pleasure and pain but nothing is predictable....when I expect pain, I am rewarded with pleasure and when I expect delivery of pleasure, I experience the slicing and cutting bite of the whip or trauma of the paddle. He had my mind spinning, spinning, spinning into sub space........oh.....I arrive at the edge....then the bliss of subspace over takes me....sub space... where the pleasure and pain become one...one sensation....I crave the pain for the sheer pleasure of it and the pleasure stimulation causes uncomfortable sensitivity......my mind disoriented to time, space and the confused reactions of my body. I descend deeper into subspace and begin to float among the white noise convinced Sir tied me to the bed solely to keep me from flying out the window. Where I am? Who am I? Oh, yeah...I am in my Master lair and I am His toy....I could live in the moment forever.

My body and mind meld no longer caring if pain or pleasure are given for it no longer matters....all that matters is my Masters sadistic delight and satisfaction. I am His instrument He plays carrying me to places within myself that I never realized were there. My body betrays me by orgasming.......releasing the tension He built. I am not present to enjoy the climax.....the orgasm becomes just another one of my bodily functions as my heart beats and blood pumps with no thought involved.

Abruptly, SILENCE. He removes my headphones. I hear my breathing but cannot move. I feel drool covering my face but do not care and even if I did there was no way I had the strength to wipe it off. He removes the blindfold and my pupils do not acknowledge the sudden light. I lay exhausted in the twilight of awareness. The deadening quiet is interrupted by the clink and clang of the metal D rings as my restraints are removed. He lifts me onto the bed, covering me with a blanket checking me from head to toe for injuries. I am oblivious to all His aftercare.....I am somewhere else....I am frozen deep inside myself....exhausted. He led me to this abyss...He achieved what He set out to do and only one thing is completely clear and understood. He owns me.

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