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India 1967


Hi, my name is Abhinav. I lived in a small town in Karanja, just below the newly developed city of Bombay. Sadly, I lived alone in my parents old home, as they both passed away due to disease and sickness. It was very hard to start a family, and I couldn't risk giving up my emotions for a certain girl,for now anyways. I guess I liked the single lifestyle, not having to worry about people.

I bought a small shop in the city and got myself a job as manager. I was the only employee however which was a drag. I started off with nothing to work with, only some donated food from the town which I decided to sell in my shop. Of course, that didn't make me any fucking money. "Stupid asshole, why the fuck did I buy this friggin place?"

But marvelously, my friend told me a trick in order to get my shop up and running. Every Saturday, I would go with my friend inside a small truck to the North-Boat Docks where the U.S would be sending in shipments to India containing foods, medicine, etc. There were lots of small and large crates which the community was to help bring into the city. I would help steal crates that were being brought into from the U.S full of foods. I would get a small share of food which I would put into my store, and sell for a low cost. Once a few residents of the small town came and saw the prices at my shop, they became interested and I began to make money from when I bought the store. The prices I had were really cheap, so I raised it so that I got paid more, and I didn't have to go every week stealing crates, we might get caught stealing so I had to keep the prices to fair.


"Namaste." I said to Verti as she brought a few cans of beans to the cashier desk at the front for purchase. Everything was going like usual, customers here and there, mostly females, but some males. Nothing new, nothing old, until...

"That would be 50 Rupees." I said to Verti. She placed the money on the counter and began to put the canned beans into a box to carry home. She turned around, about to leave, but suddenly turned back towards me.

"Um, just a curious question. Um, my friend was looking for something called condoms." Verti said. "Like, do you happen to have them for sale?"

"No I don't, but if I see them, I'll pick em out for you. I wonder how they taste...?" I said. Verti smiled and left my shop.

That Saturday when we went to "help" move crates, I talked to my friend Agash.
"Hey Agash, do some of these crates have something called condoms?" I asked. He gave me a weird look when I asked this.

"Only a few crates have them, the U.S are sending only a few at a time, and you'll be lucky to get the one with those." Agash said. He then began talking again with a smile on his face, "Why would you need condoms, you're fucking single.?"

"Wait, what's a condom?" I asked.

"It's some rubber that you put on your private part, it will prevent pregnancy if worn right, I think." He said laughing like a crazy Indian man. Wait, he was a crazy Indian man!

"Oh, I knew that." I said embarrassed.

We went to work helping move crates. I looked around at the food and crates being moved into the local storage. To find the crate with the condoms was nearly impossible. I didn't even know what I was looking for. I went up to one of the workers who knew Hindi, "Hey, the boss is looking for the condoms to send off, you seen em?" I hoped he couldn't see through my lie.

"Yeah, inside that warehouse, there will be canteens which have them." He said. I thanked him and ran towards the warehouse where we were supposed to be moving the supplies the U.S sends into it. I looked around, and just like he said, I found a canteen on top of one of the crates and took it. I looked around at the hundreds of workers opening crates and moving foods, "Glad nobody saw me," I thought.


When Verti came back into my shop a couple of days later, I told her about the condoms.

"How much are you selling them for?" She asked as she placed a few cans of beans, a bag of rice, and bottled water onto the counter for purchase.

"I'm not selling them for cash," I told her.

"What!?" She screamed. I was glad I only got a few customers into my shop, today, she was the only one in my shop. "I need them really badly." She said lowering her voice.

"I'm selling sex instead." I said.


"Just watch." I went to the back of my shop and opened the canteen taking a condom out. It was like a pink ring, made of soft rubber, and had a little tip poking out from one side. I went back to the front and showed Verti it.

"This is a condom?" She asked examining it as I handed it to her..

"Yeah, here's how you use it. Come." I grabbed Verti's hand and led her to my back room behind the counter. She was reluctant to follow at first, but then she did. She seemed amazed when she saw all the extra food I had in waiting to sell in my shop at the back.

"You've got so much food, why don't you lower your prices?" She asked.

"I might. But here." I held the rubber on my finger with my left hand, then I pulled down my pants with my right hand. Verti didn't look at first, but then she did. I then removed my underwear showing her my 5 inch erect penis. I was embarrassed at showing her my private part, and if she told someone, I would die. But I knew that she would need food from my shop when I lower my prices, and that she may not tell.

"This is how you put it on, you just need to get the penis hard, then you put it on the penis, covering it. Afterwards, you can fuck however much you want. This prevents diseases, you won't get sick much, and you can't get pregnant.

"You can't get pregnant?" Verti asked.

"You CANNOT get pregnant. I promise." I said. "Wanna help me test it? I mean, like it's just a first time test-drive."

Verti wasn't sure what to say, "Um..."

"I'll give you a free condom if you'll be my first test, okay?" I asked.

She nodded.

"Okay, pay attention to these steps." Verti watched as I took my dick with my right hand, and began to masturbate. I closed my eyes, "I need to get this hard, you can help, go on your knees and suck it a little."

Verti didn't move, but then she went on her knees on the floor, and held my penis with her hands, then placed it into her mouth very softly and began to suck it. Her warm breath and liquidy tongue wrapping around my dick was amazing, I was hot in seconds and my dick was erect.

"That's good enough," I said. Verti stopped sucking my dick and let go, then stood up. She watched as I held my cock now with my left hand, and placed the condom on my cock with my right hand. "See, now it's ready. Here, bend over that chair." I said rolling the condom completely over my cock.

Verti went towards the chair, held the back of it, and bent over slightly.

"Now, we can test it, here, let me put it in your vagina.

Verti was wearing a Salwar Kameez but with separate shirt and pants. She didn't move.

"Don't worry it's not like you're cheating on your husband. I'm wearing a condom so my skin isn't touching you. And you won't get diseases and pregnant, I'll go very slowly, it's just a test anyways." I said.

Verti didn't move for a few seconds, then she pulled her purple colored pants all they down to just above her knees. She exposed her small white underwear and I could see her thighs. She stayed bent over the chair as I approached her from behind.

"Close your eyes and pretend I'm your husband fucking you." I whispered. I held Verti's underwear and pulled it down until it got to her knees. This exposed her big brown ass and hairy pussy. My penis was still erect as I took a deep breath, then held my penis and rubbed it on Verti's pussy trying to find her hole. I rubbed my penis all over her pussy, and once I felt my penis enter a place, I let go, and slowly entered Verti's pussy.

"Ooooh," was what Verti and I moaned as I slowly entered her pussy with my covered cock. I held her ass tight and then her hips, as I slowly began to push my penis all the way into her vagina. We were both moaning as my penis made its way all the way into her pussy.

Once my 5 inches was completely inside her, I began to pull out, and in, slowly feeling the pleasures run through my body. I started off slowly, and once I thought I had stretched her pussy enough, I started to begin and fasten my pace. She was breathing heavily, "Oh, FUCK ME ABINHAV, FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME!." I was pushing in and out quicker and quicker into her tight pussy holding her hips tightly and pulling her away and bringing her towards me rapidly.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna EXPLODE!" Verti yelled. I felt her begin to groan and her pussy squeeze my dick in her pussy. Then it opened completely, and I felt liquid hit my pubic area as I continued to fuck her, not caring that she just unleashed her juices right onto me. I kept on fucking and fucking her faster and her moans became louder and louder. I began to feel my balls tighten up and I could feel my sperms ready to pour out. I shoved my dick all the way into Verti and with one final groan, "I'm CUMMMING!" I yelled as I felt the biggest orgasm of my life hit me. I felt my dick explode loads of sperm deep inside Verti's pussy, spasming until I felt nothing left. Time felt like it had stopped. I lost myself for a minute, just feeling as though I was invincible and nobody could hurt me in any way. But after that minute, I felt drained and I pulled out my cock from Verti's pussy. Verti was holding the chair with both hands very hard, and once I pulled out, she didn't moved, instead, her breathing began to slow down.

I saw that the condom actually worked, my sperm was all trapped inside this rubber, not spilling out into Verti's pussy. My condom and body was wet, as I realized that the stickiness from outside the condom was from Verti. I looked and watched as she stood up straight, pulled her underwear and pants back up to her waist, and then turn around towards me.

"That was, um, FUCKING AMAZING!" Verti said with a smile. Her face was covered with sweat and shined in the light. "My husband can't even make me orgasm, sometimes can't even fucking get hard."

"Well, you know, if you want more, you can come her anytime," I said with a smile. I took out a condom from my canteen and handed it to Verti just like I had promised. We went to the front of the store, still nobody was here, just empty. Verti paid for the things she bought and left.


She came into my shop for the first time, and began to look around my store for what I was selling. She look at the few fruits I had at the store. She held the apples into her hand, grabbed a nearby bag I put out in case they do buy these, and she placed a few apples into the bag and approached the counter.

"That will be 5 Rupees." I said to her.

She took out some money from her pocket, counted 5 rupees and handed it to me. I put the money in a small box and continued to write a few items I needed for my shop when I realized Anika was still staring at me.

"Verti told me how you and her had awesome sex." The girl said. "I was wondering if maybe we could..."

"What's your name?" I asked the woman. She was wearing a sari, and nothing else it seemed in this hot weather.

"Anika." She replied. "I'm neighbors with Verti, she said I could come her for sex and not get pregnant."
This started my second job.

Let me know if I should continue this series or not.

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