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Every few months the company held a conference to let the middle managers from all the divisions, five in all, that were scattered across the country, get together to share ideas for increases in production. I was assigned to the home office in Washington, DC and the conferences were coordinated by the Human Resources department out of the home office. I found that a woman named Dianna out of our HR department was responsible for selecting the conference site which rotated to a city near each company division. She also made the hotel reservations, reserved the conference rooms at each city’s big hotel, and was of course at each conference to make sure that everything ran smoothly, a very efficient woman.
Being new to the company, I had never actually met Dianna until at my first conference someone pointed her out to me. She looked about thirty-five years old, maybe five and a half feet tall, stylish dark hair and dark eyes, and an attractive face, but with the strictly-business suit she was wearing I could tell nothing about her figure. She was unapproachable, I was told, unless you had a question directly related to the conference arrangements.
During the course of the conference I introduced myself to her, and had the distinct impression that what I had been told about her unapproachability was exactly right. I made a point of smiling and saying hello to her each time I happened to pass by her, and eventually my greeting was always returned, more warmly, I thought, than it was to the other guys, but probably, I realized, just my imagination.
Near the end of the conference I noticed her alone one evening in the hotel’s restaurant. She had finished her meal and seemed to be enjoying a glass of wine. I quickly ordered a glass of wine from the bar, then made believe that I was just strolling through the restaurant. I acted surprised to see her at a table, stopped and asked if I could sit and finish my wine while she finished hers. There was a long hesitation before she answered, and I was sure she was going to turn me down by saying that actually she was leaving, or some such excuse, and was surprised when she said ok. We sat for about a half hour, talking about inconsequential things, until I decided not to push it for that night, and said I was going to head for my room, watch a little tv, and would call it a day. She said she had some things she needed to check on, so we parted ways. I didn’t see her for the rest of the conference, except for a quick hello once or twice.
A few months later at the next conference I saw her in the restaurant again, and again I asked if I could sit with her, and this time she answered yes a little more quickly. Again we talked about general topics, and once more I was the one to make my excuses and finally leave. At the next conference I saw her before she had her meal, and she invited me to sit and have my dinner also. This time the jacket of her severe suit was opened and I could see the general shape of her breasts. Looks good, I thought, but I still played it cool, figuring that at the next conference she might feel comfortable enough with me that I might try and see just how further interested she might be.
Well, as fate might have it, when I got back from that conference, I got a good job offer from another company in another city and I accepted the job. I figured that would be the last I ever saw of Dianna. But as fate would have it again, my new company soon sent me on business to Washington, so while I was there I found Dianna’s work number, called her and invited her to dinner at a local seafood restaurant that night. Probably no way, but I’ll give it a shot, I thought, and was pleasantly surprised when she accepted.
The restaurant was only about half a block from my hotel, and as luck would have it, I got to the door at the same time as Dianna. We laughed at the coincidence, and as the hostess led us to our table I put my arm around Dianna’s waist. She moved close to me as we walked, then we slid into opposite sides of the booth. She was wearing a suit just a little less severe than what I had seen her in before, and as we settled in she took off her jacket, and I again admired what I could see of the shape of her breasts. I thought she caught me looking, though, because when next I looked at her face she had more of a little smile. We had some wine with our meal, and before dessert was served she excused herself to use the restroom. When she returned, instead of sliding into her side of the table, she slid in next to me. I looked down at her and could swear she had a top button of her blouse unbuttoned because I could see the beginnings of her breasts down to the top of her bra. We finished our dessert, and I briefly thought about ordering more wine, but decided instead to go for broke.
"I have a nice bottle of wine back at the hotel," I said. "If you’re interested…"
She looked at me, and paused while my heart almost stopped, then said softly "Ok".
I paid the bill, put my arm around her waist and we walked the half block back to the hotel. Once in the room, I closed the door, and before she could move away from me, I put my hand under her chin, raised her head, and kissed her softly. She returned the kiss, and at the end I moved back, and told her to make herself comfortable while I got the wine. She moved to one of the chairs, and when I turned back around and handed her the wine, she had gotten out of her jacket, and I could tell for sure that there was yet another button on her blouse undone and I could easily see the top of her bra.
"You know," she said, "I’m paid well for the job I do, but those company conferences just kill my social life. I have to be so careful around all those guys, and if I were to have anything to do with anyone of them, even if only rumors, I could lose this good job. Because I have to act distant and all business with everyone I meet, I haven’t had a date in probably six months."
"Well, you certainly have a reputation for being all business," I replied, "but wouldn’t you call this a date?"
She smiled and said "Oh yes, and you were one of the few guys I would even consider dating. Some of those men were so crude, and some were convinced they were God’s gift to women, but you were just a nice guy."
"You know what they say about nice guys, don’t you?" I answered.
Dianna took another sip of her wine and stood up to face me. "I don’t think you’ll finish last," she said with a look in her dark eyes that said there was another meaning to her words. Her thigh was up against my knee, and I put my wine glass down, reached up and undid one more button on her blouse. She reached down and undid the rest of the buttons, pulled the blouse from her skirt, shrugged it off, and tossed it to the side. She was giving me a little grin and a sexy "What’s next?" look in her eyes.
I could feel myself starting to get hard as I looked at the milky swell of her breasts above her bra. My tongue seemed thick, but looking up at her I managed to say "And take that bra off, too."
"Oh," she said, "orders, huh?" and just stood there looking at me for four or five beats. "But you know, sometimes I like orders," she finally said as she reached around for the clasp of the bra. She slid it off her shoulders and it was soon on the floor with the blouse. She stood there with a direct gaze at me and slowly I let my eyes drift down from hers, down past her throat, past her shoulders, past the milky skin I had seen above her bra, and finally to her breasts. They were medium size, with just a tiny bit of droop, and nipples about the size of quarters. I could see that they were aroused, pointing out toward me, and I wanted so much to nuzzle them. My cock knew that too, it was straining mightily to get out of my pants. "And take your panties off, too," I directed her. Without taking her eyes off me, she reached up under her skirt and wiggled her panties down off her legs and tossed them aside too.
I wasn’t really believing all this was going on, here was Miss Unapproachable business woman willingly taking her clothes off in front of me. Knowing that she had an uncovered pussy under that skirt made my cock strain even harder, and it seemed to be all I could do to keep it from tearing through my pants. Dianna walked toward me, between my legs as I sat there, and at last I took those soft breasts in my hands and brought one of those hard nipples to my lips. When I bit at it gently her eyes closed, her head tilted back, and a soft moan came from her open mouth. I brought one hand down to the edge of her skirt, up inside along her thigh, and when I brushed along the lips of her pussy, she gave a louder moan and pushed against my hand. My finger pushed a little into her, just past her pussy lips, and I could feel that she was moist. I rubbed up and down inside her lips while I sucked on her hard nipples. She was pushing back and forth against my hand, and all at once my finger pushed all the way into her pussy. She let out a deeper moan and as she started to really ride my finger. She was so wet by now that I easily slipped another finger into her. My thumb was up against her clit, rubbing back and forth as she rode my fingers. Her rhythm suddenly changed to three or four deep strokes against my fingers, grunting loudly each time, then with one hard stroke she drove her pussy down on my fingers as hard as she could go, threw her head back, shuddered, and moaned, "OhGod, ohGod, ohGod, ohGod."
She collapsed against me, and I gently let her down onto her knees, her head in my lap and my hard cock straining in my pants where her cheek lay against it. In a few moments she opened her eyes and grinned at me. "Oh, that was good," she said. "It’s been so long for me that it didn’t take long, did it?" As she talked she rubbed her cheek against my cock, then rubbed along the outline of my cock with her hand.
She looked in my eyes then as she unzipped my pants, reached in and pulled my cock free of my pants. She gazed at it for a moment or two, as though she was admiring the length and hardness of it. She squeezed it gently and stroked it softly, before she bent her head over it. I felt the warmth and wetness as she took it in her mouth, but after a couple of strokes up and down she took her mouth off of it. She held it in her hand and stroked it slowly as she looked at it as if she was hypnotized. I sat there with my legs spread and a rock hard cock sticking up out of my pants as Dianna stroked me before taking it in her mouth again. She moved her hand up and down along it in rhythm with her mouth, and it wasn’t long before I could feel the cum rising in me.
"If you don’t let up I’m going to cum," I warned her. She hesitated only for a second before she continued, even a little faster and harder than before, and in a few moments I knew I had passed the point of stopping. A few seconds later, my cock erupted in Dianna’s mouth and I could see her swallow the first few spurts before she took it out of her mouth. She continued to stroke it as the next few spurts gushed over her face, the she moved so that her chest and nipples were soon coated with my liquid. As my gush slowed down she put my softening cock back in her mouth and milked the last few drops from it. She moved away from me then, wiped some of my cum from her face and licked it off her fingers.
"I’ve wanted to do that," she said, "since the first time I saw you."
"Ok," I replied, "and now something I’ve wanted to do since the first time I saw you."
I stood up and pulled Dianna to her feet and pushed her backwards onto the bed. She lay just on the edge with her feet on the floor and I quickly dropped to my knees, pushed her skirt up to her waist, and for the first time I saw her pussy. It was shaved except for a tuft above her lips, and the edges glistened with her moisture. I gently rubbed my thumb across the lips, then up to her clit and heard her sigh as she lay back and opened herself to me. I bent over her pussy and teased her clit with my tongue before I ran it all along her lips and pushed inside. I then slipped two fingers up into her and continued to run my tongue all along her lips then up to her clit. She was pushing against me and gasping as I lapped against her clit. I worked her harder with my fingers in her sopping pussy, and as she started to moan that she was cumming, I pushed my thumb against her asshole. She bucked so hard against my mouth and hand that my thumb actually went a little into her, and in a second her orgasm hit her and she gave a guttural moan before collapsing on the bed.
I stroked her with my tongue just a little more as she came down from her orgasm, then stood up and peeled off the rest of my clothes. My cock was standing out hard again, and as she lay there with her legs spread, she was so inviting that I bent over and slipped my cock up into her pussy. She was so wet that I slid into her easily right up to my balls. I wasn’t really ready to seriously fuck her yet, but I wanted to see what she felt like.
"Ummm," she said, as I stroked her slowly, savoring the feeling of her pussy along my cock.
I slid out of her then, and moved up onto the bed. I held my cock, wet with her juices, up to her mouth and in a moment she had all of my cock swallowed.
"Ahhh," I said, "that’s the same cock that was just buried in your pussy and you’re sucking it so good."
"Mmmm", she said around my meat as her head bobbed up and down. She took her mouth off it, held it in her hand and said "I want it back in my pussy again." She moved around to her hands and knees with her ass in the air. I moved behind her and she was so wet by now that my hard cock easily slid all the way up into her in one stroke. I reached around her, grabbed her titties, and began to stroke her hard. She rocked up against me and matched me stroke for stroke. Her ass cheeks ground against me each time I buried myself in her, and as I looked down I could see her pussy lips wrapped around my wet cock. We were in our own fuck rhythm, rocking against each other, deriving our pleasure each from the other.
After a few more moments, I reached across her, grabbed a bed pillow, slipped it under her hips and pushed her down on it. I lay on her with my hard cock still buried in her cunt and started stroking it into her again. She was breathing hard and I could tell she was close to another orgasm, but I didn’t want either of us to come again just yet. Her ass cheeks against my stomach felt so good that I pushed into her and just wiggled around on them. That action drove her clit around on the pillow and her moans became louder.
I pulled out of her and started to move her onto her back, but before I could do that she dove for my wet cock and sucked it down again. She stroked it with her mouth and a hand, getting me even harder than I already was. Then she wiggled back around, lay on her back and put the pillow under her hips, raising her pussy up to me. She took my cock, put it against her pussy, then pushed up hard into me, burying me into her. I grabbed her legs and pushed them way up along her shoulders and started moving slowly, savoring every second of that delicious feeling.
Dianna’s eyes were closed, but she was breathing hard through her mouth as my cock moved in and out of her. I gradually increased my pace, and since the pillow under her pushed her pussy up high, I buried myself hard against her on each stroke. "Uhh," she grunted each time I drove into her, "Uh, Uh, Uh." I was driving harder now, almost slamming myself into her, as though I was trying to punish her cunt. She was gasping and grunting, on the verge of another orgasm, and I could feel the cum rising up in me. "Ahhhh!" she finally screamed as her head thrashed from side to side on the pillow, and watching her contorted face and her titties bouncing around, I drove into her. My cum spurted into her pussy on the deep stroke, and as I backed out and slammed into her again another hard spurt of cum emptied into her. I don’t know how many times I did that, I felt the cum would never stop.
I finally weakened, though, and let my self down on top of her. I could feel her cunt milking my softening cock, then as I rolled off of her, she scrambled around and took my cock in her mouth, stroking me deeply and getting the final drops of my fluid. When she released me and moved back up to me, she nuzzled into my arms and said, "I can’t remember ever having sex that good, you’re so talented and I’m going to want more, you know."
"Well, maybe not right now," I replied as I took one of her breasts in my hand and massaged it softly. "But soon," I added, "very soon." Dianna nuzzled me more and sort of cooed, closing her eyes. She sighed as I stroked her nipple, and I told her that her breasts were so beautiful that she should never wear a bra.
"In my job I have to," she said, "but from now on for you I won’t."
"This has all been so wonderful," she continued, "but now I have to get back to reality." She sat up and swung her feet off the bed and headed to the bathroom. "I have an early conference in the morning," she said over her shoulder, "so I had better get going."
In a few minutes she was back out, walking naked through my room, except for the rumpled skirt which was still bunched up around her waist. She looked so good and I couldn’t imagine that this was the same woman who was so stand-offish when I first met her just a few months ago.
"I have a business dinner that I just have to go to tomorrow night or else I’d be right back here with you," she said as she picked her scattered clothes up off the floor. "But I’ll be thinking of all this every minute until we can get together again."
"I was sort of hoping for tomorrow night," I complained, "but I understand about business dinners, and I know you have to be there."
Soon I walked her back to her car which was parked at the restaurant. We exchanged telephone numbers, I leaned through her window and gave her a goodbye kiss, and watched her drive off. I walked slowly back to my motel room reliving every second of this sexual adventure, and still not really believing what my good fortune had brought me.
Little did I know about the surprises that lay ahead for me…

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