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We had talked about our fantasies during sex. One that would always come up would be mainly of her getting fucked by some other guys. I would always press her to tell me who she thinks would like to fuck her or who she would like to fuck. I got her to the point that she would tell me who she feels that really checks her out and would like to probably fuck her. But this was all talk and we really never did anything until this trip to Vegas.

This was our first trip to Las Vegas. It was a Saturday night. We went to the Mirage to watch the De La Hoya vs Hopkins fight closed circuit on a big screen, De La Hoya lost. We sat at a table with about five other people. One guy caught our eye. He was alone and very friendly with everybody. His name was Rob and he said he lived in and Vegas and worked and an asian restaurant at Cesar?s. He knew the waiter and he was buying everyone shots. My wife mentioned that he was good looking and I can tell she was attracted to him. This comment instantly aroused me. To know she liked him really excited me. The night went on and we were all having a great time just getting to know each other. On many occasions I noticed my wife checking him out and Rob checking her out as my wife was wearing a black halter top with an open back, the kind you know she is not wearing a bra, tight white very short shorts and high heals, she really looked sexy.

My wife Lucy mentioned that she thinks he might be gay since he was so pretty. This just affirmed to me that she indeed had a thing for him. As the night went on we all were getting pretty buzzed, including my wife. Rob and I took a walk to the bathroom and while we were at the urinals, I said, ?Hey Rob, my wife hopes that you are not gay.? Rob replied, ?Why, does she want to have a threesome?? I said I think that she might! He asked me if I would be down for it. I said I was if he was! So he said what do you want to do. I said just hang out with us after the fight and see what happens. I was so aroused, anxious, so excited that I could hardly contain myself. After the fight we walked down to a little lounge call the Revolution. There Rob, Lucy and I had a few drinks. During this whole time Lucy and Rob were hitting it off. They were laughing and giggling the whole time. Lucy knew that I was ok with everything. I would disappear for long whiles so that they can get acquointed alone. I would kind of spy on them and Lucy saw me a couple of times and she just smiled. They started dancing, I would keep buying them drinks. I got up to dance with them and sandwiched Lucy between us, and I pushed Lucy?s hand toward his crotch. They both just giggled and Lucy did not seem to mind.

We were all pretty fucked up by now so I said let?s get going. So we went out to catch a cab. The line was so long and we were anxious to get to our room. A limo guy ask us if we wanted a ride, no waiting I said lets go. Lucy sat bitch and I noticed Rob had his hand on her thigh, I thought ?cool.? As soon as we got to our room we all took a turn going to the bathroom. We then walked towards the bed. I walked behind Lucy and untied her halter top and she was facing Rob, he helped take her top off. I then sat down. Rob and her continued to talk and giggle as Rob held her waist and she put her arms around him. Rob then took his shirt off and dropped his pants. They then sat on the bed talking and giggling. They then started kissing and Rob started grabbing Lucy?s breast and sucking her nipples. Rob then started taking Lucy?s shorts off. I still can picture seeing her in her black g-string. Rob was feeling her all up. He then removed her g-string and started licking her pussy. I can still remember his sloppy slurping sounds. Rob then took his boxers off. He was clean shaven and bigger and thicker then me. Rob sat up against the bed rest as Lucy began to kiss and lick his chest. Then Lucy proceeded to start sucking his dick. I couldn?t believe it. I was in extacy. I could not believe I was watching my wife actually sucking someone elses dick! Lucy continued to rub Rob?s dick head with her thumb as they talked. During this whole time I had not been a part of any of this. Lucy would just catch my eye every so often and just smile as if to say if everything was ok, and my eyes and smile would assure that everything was indeed alright! I finally got close to Rob and handed him a condom as I wanted to see him start fucking Lucy. Rob then got up and said that now he wanted to see some good fucking, meaning he wanted to watch me start fucking Lucy. So I got undressed and got on Lucy, placed the condom on and started to fuck Lucy while Rob was right next to us. As I fucked Lucy, I asked her if everything was alright, and she said as long as I thought everything was alright, she was alright. Since Rob was kind of sitting up right next to her since she had just been sucking his dick, I told her to go ahead and suck his dick while I was fucking her which she went ahead and did. So picture this, I was fucking my wife Lucy, missionary position while she was sucking Rob?s dick. I kind of wanted to kiss her and even suck Rob?s dick, but Lucy I did not dare want to show that side of me to my wife. I told Rob that I wanted him to come on Lucy?s face and mouth, Lucy said for Rob to come on her chest. I was hoping he would come hoping to get a little splash on my face and maybe even lick some of his come off of Lucy?s mouth or face, but Rob never came. After a while I finally came. We all relaxed and started dressing up. Rob and I got dressed as I told Lucy I was going to walk him out. My real intention, was I wanted to walk him out and maybe suck his dick out in the hall way, but nothing happened. Rob just thanked us for a good time and he went on his way.
It was about 3am. Lucy was excited and wanted to continue to go out and party. She asked me to call my cousin so we can meet up. I honestly think she wanted to continue to either mess around with my cousin or his friend but they were not around so we played a couple of rounds of roolet and called it a night.
We got back to the room and had some of the greatest sex we ever had.

Since then, back home, Lucy and I relive that night many, many times while having sex. We relive each detail, the size of Rob?s dick, how his precome tasted, how much thicker and longer it was then mine, how Rob licked and finger fucked her and how much Lucy enjoyed the experience with me!
Since then, we have not had another threesome, but Lucy has messed around with my permission and sucked one other guys dick, but without me.

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