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She couldn’t stop the smile that spread across her face as she felt sudden freedom at what she was about to experience.

It seemed like an eternity as she fell towards her death, but right before she hit the ground her wings spread prideful and wide as she took off in to the night sky.

She felt the relief she been denied all night. She felt safe and relax as the winds encased her in their embrace. She flapped her wings a few more times to ensure her safety.

She had always loved flying. Every time she had a hard day she would take the time out and fly to calm herself down. It seemed like all her troubles fell away as soon as she left those two awful leeches. She didn’t have to worry about all the horrible things they would do to her just for kicks. She didn’t have to worry about being a sex slave for two vampires that didn’t have shot else to do but kill innocents and fuck. She gasped shocked at the reality of the hellhole her lover must be in. She must find Lola, she had just let her lover and best friend be a fuck toy.

With new determination in mind she headed north in hopes of tracking down the one person able to help her find Lola.


Soaring through the starry night sky she was a thing of beauty, her smooth mocha colored skin, her green eyes which were odd for a person of her complexion and her long eye lashes made her eyes stand out even more. Her full lips and oval face and pixie like nose made her a very unique beauty that just didn’t know it. She was really a sight to behold when she let out her beautiful white and silver wings.

She was truly a work of art. The people below marveled at her as she flew, she usually slowed down the pace for the on lookers, but she was on a mission.

As she got closer to her location, the beautiful clouds parted for her as she was about to land.

The ever-lasting green grass felt wonderful beneath her feet as she landed. She continued her journey as she headed towards the very large cabin. She really didn’t want to meet this person unexpected, but she had no other choice. She had to find her Lola.

When she walked up to the house she was instantly stopped by two guards at the door. "What business do you have with the High Priestess girl?"

"I am no girl and my business with the Priestess is none of your concern, so please step out of the way."
"No can do, girl. There have been numerous of threats on her life. So unless you want us to throw your ass off this property say what business you have with the Priestess then we will see. Clear."

Carmen just stood looking at the big man for a few moments. They both look pretty determined so she had no other choice but to cave in and tell them her business.

"A dear lover of mine has been kidnap and sold as a sex slave. The reason I know this is because I was sold as a sex slave as well but managed to escape, now I am looking for my friend and lover with the Priestess’s help, so could you please tell her that I am here."

"Alright, what’s the name?"


With that the guard closed his eyes for a few moments and slightly lifted his head upwards. After only a few seconds he set his eyes back on Carmen. "Alright you may go in now, she is excited about meeting you."

‘Thank you, now would you please excuse me."

As the men stepped aside the large wooden French doors opened up on their own as she went in.

The second she stepped over the threshold she was surrounded by coldness. Everything was about this place was so cold, but yet so beautiful. She was starting to regret coming here in the first place to ask for help. Just from the feel of the place she wanted to turn back and find Lola on her own. She was about to leave until she heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

"Oh my you are a unique beauty aren’t ya?" she turned around to face the sweet voice.

Standing in front of her was a very dark skinned woman with bright blue hair. She was tall around 6’2" with dark blue eyes that matched her blue hair.

"I understand that you are looking for a friend and lover is that correct?"

"Yes, yes it is. Can you help me or not?"

"I most certainly can, but for a price."

"Oh here we go I knew this wouldn’t be easy as pie."

"Oh dear child you have an unruly mouth on you, you should have stayed with the vampire and learned some manners."
"Look lady I can’t believe you have the nerve to say that to me especially when I was abducted by a fucking monster that likes to rape children and kill for the simple fun of killing. Vampires are sick god-awful creatures, but anyways what is it that you would from me?"

"Such a disrespectful child thinks she knows everything." The woman said under her breath. "I want you to spread your wings and give me three feathers from each one. Is that easy enough for you?"

Carmen stood there and contemplated for a few moments. Although she was a part of the angel family, she was on the lower side of the family. They just viewed her as a human with wings, nothing more, but she still felt possessive of her wings like all angels did. Then again she really wanted to find Lola.

On that note she spread her wings with prideful grace, and plucked three feathers from each wing. She almost wanted to cry, at the feeling of loosing the feathers, but she had to think about Lola. Once the plucking was done Carmen handed over the feathers.

"Thank you. Now come, follow me."


Christian sat in his study, while Dominico ramble on to some asshole on the phone at the agency. Dominico’s conversation faded into the background as his thoughts drifted to Lola. Every time his thoughts went to her a strong feeling of warmth and an aching need to touch her, claim her, almost overpowered him.

He felt this way since they first met. He seemed to do nothing but think about her all the time. He liked the way she felt when he carried her, so soft and delicate, like a cuddly little bunny rabbit. He liked that her eyes got so big every time she heard something shocking; he liked the way she slept, so cute and innocent even with her horns sticking out.

He would watch her as she curled up into a fetal position to get warm. Sometimes he was tempted to pick her up and put her in the bed alongside him to keep her warm, but decided against it because of Dom, maybe now he can finally get his woman.

"Why can’t resist yourself at the sight of the succubus Christian? Is her essence to much for you?"

"How many times are we going to have this conversation, that woman is not to much for me, she’s just a handful at times, and stop reading my mind brother."

"I can’t help it you are thinking too loudly about the woman I love. It’s ok cause you’re my brother, but hear this brother I will not tolerate this for long. Have your servants pack her and bring her to my home."
"Pack what up I brought her here naked."

"Well have someone get some clothes for her as we leave."

"Fine whatever, brother make sure you keep that woman happy."

Dominico huffed and walked out the door.


Dominico walked out his brother’s office very frustrated because of what the old seer woman said would come to pass. Christian would mate with the same woman that he loved. They would love the same woman and conflict would follow, but in the end everything would be settled.

He had no idea what the woman was talking about. He and Christian never shared women and they wouldn’t want to start now. The only reason she was with Christian was because he could trust his brother while he took care of a situation he could not get out of. ‘Fucking council’ he cursed to himself

Not only did they hold up his time on the night he was going to get Lola, but now, they called him in again for some bullshit.

He almost wanted to cry at how hard he had been working for these assholes for the last fifteen years. He was so fucking tired of their bullshit and their messes that they didn’t want to clean up. He had just got off of the phone with one of the council members ordering him to go to a young covenant of vampires that gotten out of hand.

He walked outside into the large compound looking for the biggest tree he could find when he did he drove his right fist into it, the effect caused the tree to break in half. He did it a second time to let off some steam but it didn’t work.

Still pissed off he got into his slick black Mercedes Benz SL, and drove off. He hoped the covenant he was going to exterminate were on their A game, because he was extremely pissed right now.


Christian came down t the kitchen when he smelled the sweet aromas of fresh cooked swine. His sister was standing at the stove making breakfast.

"Hey there brother what are you up too? Are you hungry?"
"I am sure am, what all are you cooking, my little sissy?" He asked as he walked up to his sister and ruffled her hair a bit.

"Well I am making your favorites bacon, Belgian waffles, hash browns, sausages, and omelet’s stuffed with steak bits."

"Mmmm sounds good." He said taking a seat at the big table.

His sister turned from the stove with a helping of hash browns on his plate. "So how’s the little succubus doing, is she still bitchy?" She asked turning back to cooking

"Well she became less bitchy when she found out that her brother sold her to be a sex slave, now she refuses to move from the fetal position she’s in."

"Well it’s completely understandable. You took her from the comforts of her home. Bought her to a strange place that she not familiar with, and on top of that she comes to find out her brother was the responsible party for the things that happened to her. I would be upset too if I was her, did she have any friends or a sister she would miss?"

"How should I know? Dom just told me to grab her and get out while he took care business with the council and her brother."

"The council must be really hounding on him huh? It seems like they are calling left and right to clean up a lot of messes. I bet he’s feeling real lousy right now."

"Huh? Why do you say that?’

"Because I have known Dom since he was introduced to us a fifty five years ago. I have grown close to him as if he was my actual brother, and to see him not be able to be with the woman he loves must be hard on him. Know what I am saying?" She turned around to look at her brother.

He had a strange look in his eyes, which she had never seen before. He sat there just taking small bites of his hash browns, while he played with the rest.

"How many waffles are you going to eat, five?"

"Don’t know maybe." He said releasing a sigh.

She turned from the stove to put five big waffles on his plate. She reached over for the maple syrup, and poured it all over his waffles. "She’s your mate isn’t she?"

"What, no, no, no what are you talking about sis?"

"I can see the look in your eyes when I mention Dom and her together. I felt your emotions run wild the first night you bought her here."

"You don’t-"
"And don’t tell me I don’t know what I am talking about, I know perfectly well what I am talking about, I have known you all our lives, you and your wolf have strong feelings for that girl, but you refuse to act on it and you are holding your wolf back. I don’t know if it is because of our different fathers, but I claimed my mate as soon I had the chance."

"Why did you have to bring my father into this? Just because we have different fathers and different origins doesn’t have anything to do with this situation."

"It has everything to do with every situation you are in brother. Everything you do has the pack asking about you. They already sensed that your different, but they never questioned your existence because you are the Alpha. Have you ever thought for one minute what the pack reactions will be when they found out that Lucifer’s your father?"

"I think about it everyday of my life. That’s why I keep everything in check, even my wolf cause I am scared that my father’s will spill from me, and people will act differently towards me. And besides I cannot betray Dom like that, after all he has done for me, I can’t just up and take his woman from him like that. Hell he was the one who told me who my father was."

"Well I am telling you this as your sister, you and your wolf are falling for that girl, and you refuse to see it , or you just don’t know it yet and pretty soon Dom or no Dom you will act on your feelings in a brash way that will bring out the spawn of Satan in you. You are keeping your Satanic side away from your wolf, but in the end I think your wolf will latch on to your Satanic side and bring out the worse in you if you don’t face your problems soon enough."

"Yeah whatever you say sis, but anyways I am going to be really bust this afternoon with reports from the agency and all I was wondering is can give Lola some clothes to wear?"

"Alright, fine, but eat all your food so you can be a big strong man.: she said pinching his cheek.


"I can’t help it you are such a cutie pie big brother."

"Ok let me hurry up and leave before you start pinching my other cheek."

Christian got up from the table taking his food with him. He was thinking about his situation for a minute, he felt his wolf roaming around inside of him. He could tell his wolf was very aggravated with the whole thing, but he decided to put his wolf in its cage once again.

Lola cried so much that she couldn’t cry any more. Her older brother sold her to be a sex slave to a fucking vampire, and a vampire younger than her at that. Now she lay in the wolf’s bed, still naked with only a blanket wrapped around her.

She sat up when there was a knock on the door. "May I please come in little succubus?" She heard a familiar voice ask. "Umm yeah, sure." Christian’s sister came in with bags in her hands.

"Bought you something, darling." She said giving her the bags. Lola took a look inside to see clothes and a sweater. She couldn’t help the smile that came to her face when she saw the garments.

"Thanks you really didn’t have to do this you know, I mean you are my kidnappers sister."

"You are right I didn’t have to, my brother should have, but since he is busy with other things that are important. So I delivered this myself. Now I didn’t know exactly what size you were so I assumed you were a small, so I got everything in that size."

"Well thanks anyway." Lola took a pair of black yoga pants out the bag and put them on her cold legs. Next she put on a plain black tank top, then the gray sweater to keep her warm. Taking a deep breath she sat back down on the bed. It was then that she noticed not only did the woman not leave she was standing watching her.

"Do you have anything else to give me, or you want me to do something?"

"No why did you ask?"

"Because you are just standing there looking at me."

"Hmm, well the reason why I am just standing here is because I am observing what’s got my brother acting so differently."

"What do you mean?"

"What I mean is that his emotions have been confused ever since he bought you here. He has you in his room, but yet has not spent more than two minutes in here with you."

"Maybe because he doesn’t want my pheromones making him do things he doesn’t want, maybe the fact that I am a succubus has him scared that I will drained his energy."

"Hahahahaha oh you cute little succubus you couldn’t drain his energy from him if you were a succubus times infinity." The woman said cackling with such humor. "But I will say this, you have sparked something in my brother that doesn’t involve pheromones. Although you have been here only a short while, I can tell the effects you are having on him, well him and Dom of course."
"You think your brother likes me?" Lola said

"No he doesn’t like you, he’s falling in love with you, and he is doing it in such a very short time and the bad thing is neither of you know it."

"You lie, I don’t believe you. How can someone fall for someone they only met two nights ago? The whole love thing is bullshit. Especially at first sight."

"Yeah the whole love at first sight thing does sounds like complete bull shit right? Well at least I thought so at first until I meet my mate. But who am I kidding you are a half-breed succubus."

Lola jaw dropped open she was too shocked to even respond to this woman’s banter. Why would she believe that her brother might be in love with her? The only contact they had with each other was when he kidnapped her and brought here in the first place.

"Well I see I did my job here and informed you, now I guess I should head off. See you later honey, and think about what I said." And with that the woman got up and left Lola alone in the room again.

"Well at least I have clothes now," she said to no one. She let out another sigh and lay back down on the big bed.


Dominico shimmered himself into an empty dark shadowed corner of an old ancient Victorian house. The council got the situation wrong again, these were more like a nest than a covenant, well it didn’t matter anyways they are all going to be dead within the hour, maybe less.

There were thirty vampires total. Some were a part of the nest and some were just friends. He eased his down a hallway filled with dirt and grime and headed to where the vampires were.

"Oh yeah baby, fuck me just like that, c’mon, c’mon, oh god you feel so fucking good," were the words he heard as he crept closer to his mark. The room with the fuck buddies was the first one he stopped at.

"WHAT THE FUCK?!?" once the woman’s orgasm subsided, her gaze caught sight Dominico standing in the door way. Her lover on top of her turned around to see him standing there as well. He gave them a chance to get their tactics correct, in order to give a good fight. In a blink in an eye both vampires were dressed and ready for action. Dominico was pretty sure that the love birds already sent out a mental alarm alert, alerting their other nest members what was about to go down.
Thee big male vampire attacked first. Dominico let the man get in a few good licks before he finally decided he got tired of this man’s butterfly blows he took the man’s head in his hands and ripped it off his shoulders.

The woman let out an ear-piercing scream as she saw her lover get decapitated as the rest of the body fell to the ground. He felt someone hit from behind with a heavy object.

He turned around too see a very young vampire standing there with bent up golf club in his hands. Dominico grabbed the young man by his neck and dragged him towards the floor. The young man was struggling for dear life as he sensed that something was wrong.

The woman jumped on Dominico’s back trying to choke him, but her attempt proved futile. He threw the woman off his back out the window with effortless grace with his right hand, while his left was choking the vampire’s windpipe closed but he wasn’t done there.

With just an easy slip, his hand grabbed the man’s throat and ripped it out with ease. The sound of moving about in the far distance caught his attention. He looked up to see five more vampires appeare behind him.

They all charged him at once he thought it was so hilarious as they all kicked and punched at him. Their attack attempts weren’t even good enough to be called pitiful. So he let then get in a few good licks before he had enough of this despicable attempt at a gang fight, he curled up into a ball then, in an instant his human form was gone.

He turned into his demonic form of a beautiful fallen angel, the vampires backed up in a frightened state. They all stood frozen as Dominico grabbed the nearest vampire to him around the neck and ripping his body in half like a piece of paper.

When all they decided not to take their chances they ran, but they didn’t get very far. He felt himself heating up and the adrenalin kick in as he let loose a blaze of fire killing three more vampires. He purposely left the last one alive for questions.

He walked toward the survivor as he ran off. Although he was a vampire he wasn’t quick enough and Dominico was standing right in front of him. He grabbed the man by his hair and pulled him towards the wall.

"Where are the others hiding?"

"I …..I…I… don’t.. know please… don’t kill me, the rest left after once you showed up."

"Where did they go weakling?"

"Underground, they went underground once you killed our leader. Me and the other four killed stayed here, we were the fighters and foot soldiers."
"Hmm soldiers, you don’t even have the skills to be called a shitty fighter little lone a foot solider. You are laughable at best."

"I know but please let me go. I won’t cause anymore trouble just please have mercy sir."

"Mercy?!? You think you need mercy after you dragged me away from my woman. I couldn’t lie between her legs like I wanted too because of this fucking nest causing troubles bothering those who don’t deserve it. It’s to late for mercy for you."

The moment Dominico said that, the vampire got a warming sensation at the bottom of his feet that got hotter as it trailed all the way up to his brain. In fact the sensation got so hot he felt like his insides were burning and they were. The vampire was set fire from the inside out. Dominico couldn’t help the overwhelming feeling he had when he heard the vampire screams of agony.

He watched his handy work as the flames died down from an fiery orange to a claming blue. He knew he was up shit creek when he got back to the council and told them about the other vampires escaping, but he didn’t give two shits. He was so done working for those bigoted assholes that he wanted to be fired.

With a happy sigh, he spread his black wings and headed towards the sky. He would have drove back to the compound or just shimmered back but he needed the flight to clear his head before going back to Lola.


Carmen looked at the huge flat screen TV on the wall, as the woman next to her explained things to her. "Ahhhh it appears your friend is at the McLennan pack in the alphas bedroom no less, that is interesting."

"Do you know how I can get there?"

"Ohh so anxious are we what’s the big rush dear?"

"I would like to be with my friend please that’s the big rush."

The woman gave huff "very well then, the compound is located west of here. Once you leave, fly towards west for 20 miles make, a right keep going until you get to the blue lake. Once you get there you might need to take a rest break. Once you are rested you keep going until you get to riverfront road, and ribbon oak way, you will see a huge mansion, you are there. Is there anything else I need to tell you fussy pants?"


With no other words Carmen spread her wings and headed west to retrieve her lover.

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