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..and I knew that I had barely scratched the surface of what lie behind those doors. I planned to create some of the more uplifting kinds of sexual scenerios in the coming times, but right now I was enthralled by the extremely nasty adventures that I had experienced so far, and craved much more.

There were many childhood memories floating around in my libido...intensely erotic memories...and I planned to exploit them expertly later. There would be much more time to experiment.

I had decided to videotape myself during this voyage just out of curiousity, to observe my body during a travel session.

I carefully setup the video camera and turned it on, and after lying in a comfortable position I began the sequence.


I noticed that each time I reached the hallway lately I had become more and more sexually aroused and this seemed to make the adventures even more intense than before. I would have to build in a special damper for that soon...otherwise I would be ejaculating upon entry into the hallway.

I walked about a hundred yards with the cart following closely behind, and ran across a section that looked promising. I had been traveling much further in the past but never knew just when the right door would catch my attention.

The door that finally caught my eye was titled: 'warden...women's penal facility'. There were many more nearby involving prisons, with about every variation possible.
I could be a prisoner with a male warden...or a prisoner with a female warden...or I could be a warden myself of a women's or men's prison.

I had no desire whatever to become a prisoner again so soon after my recent ordeal so I opened the door and looked inside. There were pictures of the facility on the walls. It appeared to be fairly modern in design, and there were pictures of the cellblocks, and hundreds of female prisoners and a view of the large cafeteria area.

I stated my time limit: 'three hours'...I had been playing it safe, more or less, selecting short periods of time...just as a precaution.

I closed the door and once it was sealed I stood for a moment, while the other door at the end of the room opened slowly.

I walked into my office and at once knew every detail of the setup. I closed the door behind me and looked out of my large window overlooking the women's cellblocks. On the other side of the room was another window looking out onto the large prison grounds.


I am the warden of a special prison complex in central South America, and my prisoners are of a unique category owing to the nature of their crimes. The prisoners here are all attractive females...and have been given the option of serving three months here doing filthy porn videos...or serving ten years in the government prisons...an unpleasant alternative at best.

The government prisons are overcrowded...and mismanaged, and corrupt...and women who serve time there are unavoidably damaged physically and mentally for life...if they are fortunate enough to survive the ordeal at all.

The women who come here have committed less serious crimes, but crimes that are particularly distasteful against innocent members of the population...the weak and the elderly, and the vulnerable. They are offered a full pardon after three months if they agree to sign themselves over to usage in the porn industry during that time.

The videos made here are considered to be the filthiest in the world...but the women know they will not be harmed physically, and will be well taken care of in all respects, as pertains to medical care and nutritional needs, housing etc..

Needless to say these videos are also the most in demand on the world market...and huge sums of money are involved from these sales.

Customers who buy these videos are also given the opportunity to design their own stories within certain perameters.


No form of the more terrible kinds of videos are made here...ones involving torture or serious harm to anyone...this is strictly prohibited...and the production of these videos is closely monitored by the trained staff to insure that nothing of this nature happens here. Any violators are punished accordingly.

The videos are merely sexual lust and filth of all sorts including beastiality...the kinds of fantasies that many have in the back of their minds...but are afraid to verbalize. Many of these women are prostitutes, at the outset...and so most of these activities would not be foreign to them.

Some of the pretty women are professionals, however, who have done shameful harm to the helpless and elderly...and have chosen this course to avoid something much more severe in the form of punishment.

Just about all of the women offered this alternative accept it.

I run the prison according to strict standards...which allow the women to return to society after they have performed as directed in the hot video productions, and the only real harm done them is to their pride...which they put in jeopardy by their unsavory and distasteful crimes in the first place.

If they refuse to do what they are instructed to do during production sessions...they are returned to the regular prison system, and sent to one of the national facilities. This never happens, however, and the women always give in to common sense and resign themselves to enjoy their video chores, and the pleasure that is available to them if they want to enjoy it.

Of course the women know that they will have to suck cock and be the object of gangbangs...among other things...but three months of this...(under the influence of aphrodisiacs) will turn out to be a blessing in disguise compared to what their fate would have been otherwise.

They are also given the alternative of certain drugs that essentually remove their sense of disgust, so that they are basically oblivious to what they are required to do, and are not subject to the challenges to their basic moral imperatives...and many of the women choose this...and are taken off the drugs before leaving the prison unharmed.

Others choose to just do it without all that, and possibly enjoy their own kind of release from their sexual tensions.

After interviewing the newest prisoners who have arrived during the past twenty four hours...I give them over to my capable staff for disposition, and assignment to the many video production studios in the prison.

After selecting a few of the more attractive and arrogant of the new inductees...my staff has invited me to a session which is being held in one of the large male employee toilets. The bathroom has twenty toilet stalls, and special restraint fixtures are installed in the room to facilitate usage of the female prisoners during production.


I arrive and take my seat in the spectators section...a comfortable grouping of enclosed cubicles in a carpeted area near the center of the action enclosed by metal railings. I and others of my staff often view the sessions, and there are also military or political figures who visit the prison to enjoy hot sexual release or perhaps participate if so desired. All of the video production areas have these cubicles so that the sessions might be enjoyed anyplace in the prison.

Today there are ten viewers...including myself...and each of them undoubtedly in great agitation for the coming filth. There are ten cubicles with one way glass panels on the doors,...so that the viewer may sit comfortably in the small room, with the door closed, to look out at the action a few feet away...and masterbate, if so desired, to the ongoing video production.


They may also have an attractive prisoner sucking their cock during the activities...so that they might release their spunk into an accomodating mouth during the show when they reach climax. The cubicles are designed for this need if requested.

I, my staff, or visiting VIP's are also welcome to participate in the nasty fun if inclined to do so.


If the prisoners refuse to perform any sexual duty requested...they are immediately returned to the countrywide prison system. They know this and no one ever refuses.

There is a farm facility at the prison, with horse stalls and a kennel for the large dogs used during production. One's imagination can make use of these items of information...and the conclusions would probably be very accurate. The women are required to be used in this respect in very interesting and creative ways.

In today's production scene three of the large German Shepards are to be used, and are allowed to drink from the toilet stalls in this and other staff bathrooms...so that their long tongues will most certainly be tainted by residue from toilet usage. One's imagination might be tempted to run wild...but time will reveal the contents of today's script.

A pretty and shapely brunette is brought in...and she is requested to take off all of her clothes as she stands before the cubicles. The woman looks defiantly at her invisible audience and strips off, having her prison attire placed nearby. Jumpsuit, bra, panties, and shoes and socks.

Then she is requested to drink a shot glass of spanish fly...a well known aphrodisiac...used by farmers on their livestock for many years.

She downs the clear liquid and is requested to kneel doggie style into the special fixture in front of the spectator's area.

Soon she is strapped in tightly kneeling in the doggie position, her legs spread so that all of her rear equipment is exposed. Soon she begins to breathe more heavily. The drug is beginning to take effect and before long she is writhing in pleasure, her hips moving around in response to the powerful sex drug.

She is moaning lightly, and gazes at the cubicles a few feet away in the audience area. She can't see the occupants, of course, but knows they are ogling her obscenely, possibly jacking off by now. They are taking in all of the action, and she knows that they are beginning to be aroused by what they see.

There are several professional video cameras mounted around each staging area, and all is recorded for editing and distribution worldwide.

The woman is perspiring slightly now as she wiggles around in the fixture...and a clear juice can be seen running down her leg on either side from her wet cunt.

Three naked males enter and surround her face, each stroking their dripping peckers. One of them holds her head and rubs his pisshole over her face. He slides his hard pork in her mouth and begins to fuck it, bulging out her cheeks on each side as he moans in satisfaction.

He jerks forward, and holding her head, pumps a heavy load of cum into her mouth, forcing her to swallow it as it squirts in. The hot semen dribbles from her lips as she gulps, and soon his limp dick hangs by her face as she stares at the opaque windows of the cubicles.

The other two men take their turn, porking her open suckhole, and as they do one of the large German Shepherd dogs comes over, after drinking out of a toilet bowl, and begins to lap at her dripping cunt. His long tongue delves in deeply, and he scoops out a large amount of smelly vaginal juice and eats it.

The woman, driven into a suck frenzy swallows two more loads of hot scum from the two greatful males, and when they leave, the dog goes around to her face and begins to clean off the semen.

The dog's long swampy tongue licks the woman's face off, and she tries to move her head away, but the animal is very insistant, and soon he is licking up her nose and into her mouth. She gags briefly, but the dog continues his work and laps his tongue deep into her oral opening, eating saliva and cum.

He laps into her mouth rapidly for a full thirty seconds, cleaning the back of her throat, as the woman kneels there in shock, her mouth fully open, seemingly unable to stop it.

She gulps dog saliva and cum involuntarily...and gags, not believing what is happening to her.


Two other dogs have just finished drinking from the toilet bowls and they come over sniffing her rear. Soon the two animals are lapping out her sopping vagina and anus, swallowing cream that has accumulated. One of the dogs slides it's long tongue up her open asshole, while the other laps deep inside her cunt, cleaning out the fragrant inner juice.

Soon the two dogs at the rear finish their meal, and come around to the front and begin to lap at the woman's face, as the other animal goes back behind her again and begins to eat more accumulated drainage.

The two dogs begin licking her face rapidly, and their tongues find her mouth and force it open delving deeply inside. The long swampy dog tongues lap inside her open oral cavity,tasting of toilet water, cunt juice and feces, and she holds her mouth open for them...apparently unable to close it. Her eyes bulge out and she gags as she swallows more cum and dog saliva.

Then the animals jump up on her shoulders in front, and their long, hard peckers soon find her open mouth. The dogs have been well trained, and she merely kneels there unresisting, as they each service her oral cavity while she looks blankly at the cubicles. They each squirt thick loads of dog wad down her throat, and despite her gagging, she swallows it all.

She is in a frenzy now, ...unable to fully comprehend what she is doing.

When the whole spectacle is over the woman kneels there in a trance of shame, dog cum and saliva dribbling from her lips to a large puddle on the floor.

The inhabitants of the cubicles have done what they're going to do by now, and the doors open and the smiling men leave the room. Female prisoners emerge first, from four of the cubicles, semen dripping from their faces, and scamper away, followed by the satisfied visitors.

The woman is then taken by male nurses to the showers where she can clean herself, and then back to her cell.

The next day this female prisoner must watch the whole disgusting video while she is sucking several cocks.

Having availed myself of the intensely nasty activities, I returned to my quarters for a nap.


I awoke in my bed at home, feeling quite rested, and got up and shut off the video camera...I decided to wait until later to view the video, it might be interesting, and I would take time to analyze it thoroughly.

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