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This has been the theme of the day so far. My mind has been wandering off to the only place it wants to go, last night with Nancy. I have to physically snap myself out of this dream state, every few minutes or so. The other consultants I share the office with must think I have Tourette’s or something. But no matter what I try, I can’t focus.

After the bath we went back to bed, made out a bit and then fell asleep spooning. She was wrapped up in my arms the whole night, it was heaven.

Because I had to go to work in the morning, there was no time for a pleasant wake-up. Both of us jumped to the sound of the alarm. I hated that thing, not only for the near heart attack, but more so because it made me break the embrace. After the alarm was dealt with, I turned to find Nancy smiling at me. We got close and kissed each other.

"Good morning."

"Yes, it is," I agreed.

"We have to get up," she said, with pouting lips and a sad expression on her face.

"I know. I think we have to do this in the same way you rip off a band aid and just get up, or we’ll be here for hours."

"I don’t think I’d mind being here for another couple of hours, but you're right," and with that she sprang up out of bed leaving me to stare at her perfect body.

"So, what are you waiting for?" she said with a disapproving look on her face.

"Just enjoying the view."

She ripped the sheets of the bed and giggled while she made her way to the bathroom. When I heard the shower come on, I got up to follow her. I opened the shower cabin and was greeted with open arms. Our wet, naked bodies intertwined, and we enjoyed our short morning together.

While lathering each other up, we were getting wet in more ways than the obvious. With her hands around my rock hard dick she said, "I wish we had time to take care of this".

"As do I, however I’m hoping you are free tonight, so we can do just that."

Smiling up at me she replied, "I think I can clear my schedule."


Getting out of the shower I grabbed a towel and started drying her off, kissing her on the wet parts before applying the towel. She did the same for me.

Last night, she had met me, after a work day spend doing busy work in front of my laptop, stuck in an office. Today however I had a meeting with some big shots and that meant suiting up. I grabbed the suit out of the closet and laid it on the bed.

"Look at you, Mr. Bond."

Doing my best Connery, I replied, "You look lovely today Miss Moneypenny."

On the way down to the lobby she said she knew a few nice restaurants close by the hotel, on the city square. We would meet in the middle at six o’clock. We exchanged phone numbers, kissed, hugged and went on our way. Just before she broke the hug she whispered into my ear, "Thank you for a fantastic night."

Those words lingered in my ears while I am staring at a spreadsheet.

"Hey, you ready?" a loud voice proclaimed.

I jump, and see one of the guys I have a meeting with.

"Yeah, I’ll be right there."

During the meeting I get my focus back. Thankfully it deals with information I had processed the previous days. We make some progress and I am on my way to impressing the hell out of the clients, when disaster strikes. Bzzz. My phone on vibrate, alerts me of an incoming message. When one of my colleagues is talking I have a look at what it says.


Two letters, one word and the rest of the meeting has gone quiet for me. For the next minutes I hear and see nothing but last night racing before my eyes. That first kiss in the elevator, her perfect breasts, her breathing while I was pleasuring her.

Health-hippies be damned, I say, "thank god for smokers."

The CEO gets up and says, "I need a smoke, take 5."

I would get up, however that might be a bit embarrassing because of the situation in my pants. I decide not to send anything back. A text conversation might start, and I’ll never be able to get anything done.

After the meeting it’s only two o’clock and from there time slows down to a crawl. Thankfully it’s Friday. If I had to work tomorrow, that would be two days in a row spend staring at my screen. An hour later I get an idea which is pure genius. Or at least I think so. I make a call and set it up.

"No problem sir," I hear at the other end of the line.

"Thank you and have a nice day."

"You to, sir."

Just before quitting time I look up a flower shop in the internet, pack up my case and head out at an almost running pace. I buy a single red rose and make my way to the square.

I stand at the edge of the massive expanse surrounded by shops, restaurants and as the main building, city hall. Staring through the crowed trying to spot her. I look at my phone, its five fifty-eight. My heart starts to beat faster in anticipation. Then, I spot beautiful woman walking toward the center. She’s wearing a summer dress, the kind with the small straps and wrapped around her neck a shawl. Her brown hair flowing through the wind. It’s her.

I move toward her and when we are a few dozen paces apart she spots me as well. Her face lights up and when we come close she throws her arms around me and merely says "hi" before kissing me.

"How was your day Mr. Bond?"

"Dreadfully long Miss Monneypenny, how about yours?"

"The same."

I give her the flower and get a kiss as a reward.

"So, you hungry? What are you in the mood for?"

I look at her and suggestively raise my eyebrow.

With a smirk on the lips she exclaims, "we’ll get to that later."

"I actually arranged something, dinner wise."

"Oh really, and what would that be?"

"It’s a surprise, follow me."

We make our way back to my hotel.

"This is not a surprise, this is your hotel. Look, I’m anxious to get to that part of the evening as well, but we need sustenance in order to fully…," I stop her from talking by putting my index finger to her lips.

"Trust me."

Agreeing, she follows me inside the hotel. I open the door to my room and I am pleasantly amazed what you can accomplish with one phone call to the concierge.

On the balcony at my request they have set up a candle lit dinner table. To the side there is the meal on a trolley heated by hotplates and next to the railing they set up a chaise lounge.

"I remember you like fish, I hope that hasn’t changed."

We stand at the edge of the room and she’s looking at all this with a surprised smile on her face.

"You are getting so lucky tonight!"

I laugh at her comment while pulling out her chair.

During the meal I explain why I didn’t answer her text message. She understands completely and tells me she debated with herself for at least an hour before sending it.

After dinner I call down to the reception to have the trolley picked up.

"Had a good meal, sir?"

"Yes, it was excellent, thank you."

I give the young man a generous tip, and my complements to the chef.

Where we’re alone we lie down on the chaise lounge and start to make out. The lovely city view is wasted on us because our universe stops just beyond what we can touch.

"I have a surprise for you to."

We look up at each other .

"I remember something about you as well, come with me."

We go inside and close the doors behind us. Inside she turns to me and says, "strip".

I eagerly comply. When I’m down to my underwear I look at her. She looks back with an approving smile on her face. Then she pulls the knot behind her neck that is holding up her dress. Like water flowing from a waterfall it falls down around her ankles. My gaze follows the dress down. On its way back up it is greeted by a very small and extremely sexy pair off panties. Red, with frills. Further up my eyes fall on her perfect breasts held together by a strapless bra. It takes a few seconds, but I remember to breathe again.

From her purse she removes a small bottle. I recognize it as massage oil.

"I remember you used to love this."

"Still do."

"Lie face down, if you please."

I lie on the bed, arms to my side. I feel her kneeling next to me."You won’t be needing this." With that, she pulls my underwear off me.She moves one leg over and straddles me. Sitting on my ass, I hear the top of the bottle coming off. The first touch is amazing. Her fingers are pressing into my flesh and all of my muscles are being attended to. Slowly she makes her way down, massaging my body. When she reaches my heels and I have oil everywhere, she gets up of the bed, and walks to the side of the bed where my head is facing. When she is in full view she takes off the bra and slowly slips her panties down her legs. The beautiful woman standing before me then the takes the bottle and squeezes out a large amount of oil onto her breasts. She rubs it all over her torso and when she’s done climbs back on to me.

The feeling of our oiled bodies gliding over one another is other worldly. Her breasts flowing from my neck down to my lower back and rising up to my ass. Our legs trying to stay in as much contact as possible.

A massage is supposed to be relaxing, but what she’s doing to me has my every nerve on end. Slowly her movements get smaller end we end up lying cheek to cheek. She whispers "Turn around".

She gets up and lets me make the turn. My dick is at full mast standing up. Straddling me, no time is wasted and I get squired with oil. She starts to massage the oil into my body. In her excitement while moving lower down my body, she bucks her hips the wrong way and my dick slips into her pussy.

"Mmmm," she exclaims biting her lip.

She gets up and says, "that will have to wait."

Continuing down she reaches my ankles. Like before she gets up from the bed puts some more oil on to her and glides forward onto me. On the way to the top she licks from the base of my dick to the top, then closes her mouth around my swollen member and takes the head in. Releasing it a second later she moves on. I feel the nipples of her breasts slowly coming up my body. Our lips meet and we kiss deeply. For the first time that night my hands touch her naked body. I never get tired of that feeling.

Her body is undulating over mine and I can feel my dick between her legs rubbing the entrance to her pussy. She glides down again, letting my dick slip through her slit and make contact with her clitoris.

When her mouth reaches my mid-section she stops. With her tongue she licks every side of my erection, paying special attention to the head. When I’m covered in saliva she takes me in. Moving up and down and using her tongue to exert extra pleasure. I realize this will not last long. While her mouth is going to town on my dick, her hands slide all over my body. It is simply wonderful.

I feel myself getting close, and tell her, "I’m cumming."

Fully expecting her to stop, she only goes faster. Her mouth is now clamped tight around my head and her tongue doing circles around it. This coupled with the slow up down movement, is what does it.

I explode in her mouth. She slows her movements and I feel her swallowing. When I’m done she slowly release my dick from her tongue filled prison.

"That was fantastic!" I wish I could say more, but my mind is a blur.

She comes back up to me and our bodies fully connect. We kiss, her hand goes down and holds my dick and she whispers, "I promised you this morning I would take care of it."

We both laugh at this.

We continue to pleasure each other and until my strength comes back to me. I say "your turn". I throw her off me and lay her on her stomach. I start to kiss her at her neck making my way down to her bottom. I pay special attention to the round curves of her back side. Licking, kissing and biting into them.

When I’m satisfied I pull her hips upward until she’s on her knees. I then lay down on my back, between her legs, and pull her pussy towards my mouth. Unlike yesterday I head straight for her pleasure zone, and start to lick her clit vigorously. Nancy props herself up on her hands and starts to breath heavily. This then turns to moaning when I insert two fingers deep into her. There is no resistance. No verbal warning is given but her body starts to shake and in between the moans there are small shrieks of pleasure. She rides out the orgasm on her hands and knees.

I get up from under her, my face covered in her cum. She’s still recovering but I give her no chance to lie down. I get behind her, line up my reinvigorated member and enter her in one thrust. Her head comes up and she utters, "OH ggggod".

Encouraged by her words I start to sway back and forth. I look to her side and see her breasts swaying in the same rhythm. I have my hands on her ribs so I can feel her breathing. When it becomes erratic I assume an orgasm is on its way. I grab a full hand of hair and slowly put her to attention. Leaning forward I kiss her neck. My assumption was correct. In between the moans I can make out the word "cumming". Her body contract and I slow my pace but thrust deeper. When the wave of pleasure subsides I speed up again.

One hand is now around her body, holding her up at the stern, while the other is on the mattress for stability. This is a hard position to maintain so I let her down, so she can support herself on her own hands. She puts her hands down but her arms buckle and she lies face down on the mattress. From there I grab her hips and speed up my motion while thrusting deep into her.

I start to feel her pussy contract around my dick and her moans become louder. This all builds up to a joined orgasm. I release deep into her with the last two waves coming after deep thrusts.

I lean forward and then fall to my side. My dick slips out of her pussy and our liquid trickles out, in between her legs. She turns and motions me on my back. Then she straddles me once again, and reinserts me into her. Leaning forward, we kiss passionately. She then rests her head beside mine and with my arms around her we revel in the afterglow.

When muscles relax, heart rates go down and breathing comes to a normal pace, she looks down on to me and says, "I can really use a nice bath Mr. Bond."

"Thy will be done Miss Moneypenny."

We soak in the warmth of the bath, both of us secure in the knowledge that tomorrow there will be no alarm and the wake-up will consist of love making.

to be continued

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