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She arrived early, she changed into her string bikini. She sat the drink down and got into the jacuzzi topless when I showed up. She tries not to make a big deal of the fact that she is topless and I was enjoying what I saw. I came over joining her in the jacuzzi. We shared some small talk, I didn’t mention that she was half-naked in front of me, she could tell I was aroused. I had a bulge growing in my shorts that she kept staring at. I could hold back no longer, and said, " I gather you are pretty comfortable with your sexuality, seeing how you’ve been sitting here talking to me with barely anything on."

" I’m not bothered by my body . . . are you?" Erica asked. With that said, I didn’t reply, I came towards her in the jacuzzi touching her breast. I look at her and begin to kiss her, deeply. She returns the affection with her tongue and then wraps her legs around me. I press up against her and begin kissing her neck and ear. Erica is very hot and wet. She can only imagine the things I can do to please her, and she is feeling extremely horny and wild. Her imagination is running wild, she has never flirted or dated with a older man.

I pick her up and lay her on the edge of the jacuzzi, with her legs dangling over into the water. I then begin to kiss her thighs working my way up and using my hands to massage her legs. I then take one leg out of the water and step back to gain access to her foot. Erica never had someone suck her toes before and she is going crazy at this point. I kiss my way back up to her thighs and then undo the strings on her bottom piece. I then kiss her pussy lips. I then move my hands under her ass and lift her to gain better access to her pussy. I bury my face in her pussy licking and sucking her and she begins to thrash around wildly, and screams her orgasm surges through her. She has never experienced an orgasm that intense.

I then said, " This is only the start." I then climb on top of her face with my 9 inch thick dick hanging there waiting to be devoured. She licks it, teasingly, running her tongue up and down the shaft. Then without warning, I push the whole thing in her mouth. As I did that, I said, " You thought I was going to be nice didn’t you. You know my reputation and you came here tonight expecting to be fucked." I continue fucking her mouth, while she is lying next to the pool, with her legs hanging over the edge. It was becoming difficult to maintain composure and enjoy this experience. I started to get rough. I continue pushing all 9 inches down her throat.

I then got off of her and tried to look as if she was enjoying this, she is kind of scared. Erica tells me coolly, " I need to get back home. I had fun and maybe we’ll see each other again sometime." She starts to walk off, I grab her and said " I wasn’t through with her." I pick her up and lay her on one of the long pool chairs. I was very horny and lust in my eyes, and said, " Did you think you could tease me and not put out. You were sitting there half-naked waiting for me to take you. Well, the time has come and you’re going to take this 9 inches wherever and whenever I want you to."

" I don’t think so. We had a little fun, but the fun is over and you better put it back in your pants. I’m going home," She said, trying to sound firm. I held her down and climbed between her legs, and teasingly rub my hard thick cock against her pussy. Erica tries to struggle and make me stop, I had her arms pinned down. Suddenly I push it all in. I hold my cock in her for what seemed like forever. She feesl the pain of my long hard thick cock pressing against her cervix wall, It is painful. Erica has never accommodated a cock that long and thick. Not to mention, my girth is stretching her pussy.

I begin to thrust in and out of her. I keep talking during all this saying things like, " You know you’re enjoying this. You know you want me to fuck you." I slam into her pussy while holding her arms down. I lift her up a little off the chair and hold on to her, slamming again and again inside her. My thrusts are hard and deep each time, making sure my entire shaft filled her all the way. I let her drop, lifting one leg, and putting it over my shoulder, leaning forward, stretching her leg far back behind her head and continue slamming into like a piston. In this position, she orgasmed twice. As much as she knew this was wrong, it feels so good.

I pull out of her and turn her over onto her stomach. I lift her ass up didn’t forewarn her that I was going to put my cock in her tight ass. I slam it right in, she screams " OMG..STOP..TAKE IT OUT," from the pain. Erica had tears streaming down her face and wanted this to be over. She is confused, she was enjoying things earlier, and now she feels, she lost control and couldn’t stop what is going on. I slam into her and then push myself all the way in and explode. I shudder as my cock is throbbing and jerking wildly deep inside her, as my cum flows filling her. The I pull out of her, " Did you enjoy, Erica." I said. She turns over, and whimpers, " You shouldn’t have done that."

Erica got up to get her suit to leave and take a shower. She feels cheap. I stop her, pressing her up against the closest wall and begin kissing her again. She is struggling, I press my body against her, she feels my hardness against her pussy again. I use my leg to separate her legs and push myself into her again. I push myself hard into her, lifting her off the ground. She is being fucked against the wall, I continue slamming into her hard and deep with every thrust pushing her against the wall. Her legs are wrapped around and we both came. I grunted as I cum inside her and she unexpectedly cums. I let her go and she retrieves her suit. She got her suit stopping and turning to look at me, " You know I now own you Erica. You will be available when and where I want you." I said. I watch her turn and walk away with a smirk on my face.

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